Quest - Chapter 11
Friday, September 4, 2009

Now on Earth, Sara, Allan and Zoe have a sit down with the President, And then someone get's a ride.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.



AN: Sorry for the huge delay in this story line. I hit a serious wall in where I wanted the storyline to go. I'm still chipping away at it but I at least got this chapter done after nearly two months. I'm not sure when the next will be done but I'll get to it as soon as I can.


Quest-Chapter Eleven


“That's quite a story,” remarked President Blackwell as she gazed across the table in the base's main conference room.

“Faster than light travel?” General Reed nearly whispered, “I know it's remotely possible in the right circumstances...”

“It took some serious work I assure you,” Allan replied.

“Now that you have our story. What about yours? What happened to Earth after the Exodus?” Trudy asked.

“Armageddon,” replied Secretary of State, Pace, “it's still not clear who launched first, but the ground war began in China, about six months after the departure of the Exodus. The Russian Federation had a large petroleum strike in eastern Siberia. With the serious lack of resources at that time, the Alliance decided to seize the area.”

Allan grimaced, recalling the political climate at that time, “I can see why things went so badly.”

“Indeed,” General Reed replied, “When the missiles flew, China and North America took the brunt of the damage. Western Europe as well. It was a short exchange but the results were devastating. Hundreds of millions died in the initial exchange. Over three and a half billion from the fallout afterwards.”

“The human race nearly ceased to exist,” The general continued, “Blew ourselves back to nearly the stone age. Luckily, parts of the world were untouched by the weapons themselves. Southern Europe, Africa, Australia and parts of the Northeast of the former United States.”

“I saw,” Allan replied, “What happened after?”

“Well,” the general sighed, “Technological development halted. Most parts of the world were reduced to a subsistence existence. It took decades for the nuclear winter and fallout to subside. Nowhere was untouched. The only benefit was it gave the polar caps time to reform. It took nearly a century before things began to return to their pre-war state.”

“Not to say it wasn't easy,” Mr. Pace added, “There were many small wars over the few resources. The civilization we have now took nearly one hundred fifty years to build.”

“That would explain the lower level of technology we have seen,” Sara remarked.

“Yes,” President Blackwell replied, “We only have been able to return to space in the last few decades.”

“Not very far, mind you,” General Reed added, “Just last year we were able to put men back on the moon.”

Allan shook his head, “I could get you there in about thirty minutes in Free Bird or Sara Jane.”

“What of the government?” Trudy asked.

“The Republic of North America is a democracy that includes all of what was the original United States, Canada and northern Mexico. We are by far, the largest and one of the most advanced countries on the planet. Next would be the European Confederation. That covers the entire continent of Europe as one nation. Eastern Russia and large parts of what was once China are simply wilderness areas now. Except for the Siberian oil fields. They fall under the control of the World League of Nations as a trust territory,” President Blackwell replied.

“South and Central America is controlled by the Amazonian Alliance while Africa is a hodgepodge of small nations,” General Reed added.

“That hasn't changed much,” Allan commented.

“Japan is still a sovereign nation but now controls territory on the Korean peninsula as well as a large tract of what was mainland China,” Mr. Pace said.

“Each nation has it's own sovereignty, but must also answer to the World League of Nations. That body makes the primary decisions on global issues.”

“Then why were we attacked by General Reed's forces?” Sara asked.

“We are tasked with planetary defense,” Reed said in reply, “We share this with the European Confederation.” “I see,” Trudy replied, “So... this World League of Nations is the supreme governing body on Earth now?”

“For the most part,” President Blackwell replied.

“Not to slight you as our generous hosts, but perhaps it would be best if I spoke with a representative from that body as well?”

“In a way, you are,” Blackwell replied, “I am Vice President of the League and General Reed also acts as the Minister of Defense. All nations share some responsibility with taking care of the planet.”

Sara checked her watch, “Would you mind if I checked in with Quest? My husband gets nervous when I'm not around. Particularly when I'm with my father. We have a tendency to get into mischief,” Sara grinned.

“That's why we brought your mother along,” Allan smirked.

A small chuckle ran around the room.

Sara excused herself and stepped into the hallway. With a few short steps she was outside. Roseanne stood nearby as did an RNA soldier.

“Captain to Quest,” Sara said into her com.

“Go ahead, Baby,” replied Jeff's voice.

“So far so good. Rachel hasn't seen any double dealing. They're just curious and nervous.”

“What's it like down there?”

“Deadwood in the summer,” Sara replied.


“I need to get back in. I'll report back in two orbits.”

“Copy that, Sara. Love you,”

“Love you too, Husband,” Sara replied as she shut off the com unit.

“Going okay, Captain?” Roseanne asked.

“So far, Rosie. Spoke any with your counterpart?” Sara asked as she indicated the soldier.

“Name's Tom. He's from someplace called Montana. Wherever that is...”

“Dad knows. Said Boros is like Montana... Maybe we'll get a chance to see.”

“Kinda desolate around here,” Roseanne commented.

“Yeah... hopefully we can see some of the sights soon.”

“That would be shiny.”

Sara smiled and headed back inside, followed by Roseanne and Tom.


The next few hours were spent in further conversation.

After a couple of hours and another check in, the visitors were invited to dine in the officer's mess on the base.

Allan soon found himself sitting across from General Reed and one of his aids, a Major Shumlin.

Zoë and Sara were at the President's table while Trudy and Rachel sat with Mr. Pierce.

Becca, Owen and Roseanne were dining with some of the senior base personnel.

“Been a long time since I was here at Groom Lake,” Allan commented as he ate his meal.

“I would imagine so,” the general replied, giving Allan a hard look. After a moment's contemplation. The General spoke again, “So... you are really Dr. Allan Bryant?”

“Born and raised in Vermont,” Allan replied.

“From the historical records, the US/China Alliance had marked you for treason.”

Allan's face hardened, “I have heard a little something about that.”


“The last Exodus ship to leave. The Kansas. Was captained by a friend of mine. Kansas had a similar encounter with space borne debris and ended up taking over four hundred years to reach 34 Tauri. There were only five survivors in cryo. One of whom is on board Quest as we speak. She was just seventeen when she left Earth. Anyway, Captain Marsh was one of the survivors. She told me about the treason charges as she had received that communication shortly before Kansas had it's casualty.”

“I see,” General Reed replied.

“Are you looking to serve a four hundred and twenty plus year old arrest warrant from a nation that no longer exists?” Allan asked.

Reed looked surprised, “No Dr. Bryant. I assure you that is the last thing we would do. To be honest. If not for you, Mankind might have perished a couple of hundred years ago.”


The general smiled, “The air defenses at all the Blue Sun facilities saved many lives. It also saved the technological infrastructure that helped man survive. I myself graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Allan Bryant School of Engineering.”

Allan's jaw dropped.

General Reed grinned at the reaction, “The statue outside the engineering building does you no justice. The one in the Museum in Newport Vermont is much better.”

“Mu... museum?” Allan stammered.

“Oh yes,” Major Shumlin smiled, speaking for the first time, “You would be the judge but they have built a fairly accurate reproduction of your family's farm where you invented the Radion Accelerator Core Propulsion system.”

Allan worked his jaw a few times but no sound came out.

“It was built about ten years ago. An archaeological team dug up a vault under the remains of the barn there about twenty five years ago. What they found has helped the entire world rebuild it's advanced technology. We owe you a great debt, Doctor,” The Major smiled.

“I thought no one would ever find that,” Allan said after a moment.

“Why did you hide it?”

“I didn't want the Alliance to be able to follow in my footsteps. I took measures to prevent a second wave of the Exodus. It was selfish of me but at the time I thought it was for the best. I buried the entrance to the vault before I left.”

General Reed nodded in understanding, “It took a while but we have the prototype of a Radion Core engine as well as a gravity system in testing at this base as we speak. These are the first ones built in four hundred years. All from your original designs. It just took us some time to make it all work.”

“I'd like to see it if I could,” Allan asked.

“I think that can be arranged.”


Allan, Sara, Rachel and Becca were led by General Reed into a large hanger near where Free Bird and Sara Jane were parked. Inside the huge building sat a rather ungainly looking vessel. It had four small VTOL engines. One at each corner. The basic hull was a slightly streamlined oblong box. Near the aft end were the two hemispherical particle lenses of an early Radion Core powerplant. Between the spheres lay the exhausts of a pair of fairly standard fusion engines.

“Kinda looks like Uncle Monty's ship,” Sara commented.

“Does look a bit like the Walrus,” Allan agreed.

“I know the design is a bit crude...” General Reed began.

“Nonsense,” Allan interrupted, “Considering what you have told me. This is a great accomplishment.”

The General smiled, “I'm glad you think so.”

“It's shiny!” Becca exclaimed. Just like her mother, Becca loved all things mechanical, “Can we get a look inside?”

Reed looked torn. Here in the hangar was a top secret project that very few even had knowledge of.

“I'm sure we could reciprocate ,” Allan stated, “Free Bird and Sara Jane have no where near the sophistication of say, Quest.”

“A technological exchange would be welcome. Even though we are on the receiving end for the most part,” General Reed observed.

“Well, on our end, the 'Verse is still lacking some of the fauna that Earth still has. Not to mention additional genetic profiles available here,” Rachel observed.

“Good thinking, Kiddo,” Allan grinned at the teenager.

“Captain Reynolds, I must say, your crew is quite young.”

“All geniuses,” Allan stated, “Sara luckily inherited my intelligence rather than my looks.”

Sara snorted at her father's joke.

“Rachel's mother has one of the highest IQ's ever recorded in human history,” Sara began a moment later, “Becca here is the daughter of a mechanical genius and the aforementioned genius' older brother. They're cousins.”

“Amazing,” Reed said.

“All you kids grew up together,” Allan reminded his daughter, “None of the Serenity kids are stupid.”

“Serenity kids?” The general asked.

“Serenity is the name of another Firefly Transport like Sara Jane,” Allan began, “The Ship was owned by Malcolm Reynolds. His First Mate is... was my wife Zoë. Rachel's' Mother was the pilot. Her Uncle the Doctor, Becca's mother Married Simon the doctor. She was also the engineer... The kids all grew up together.”

“I... see,” the general replied.

“Can we take a look, General?” Becca asked.

Reed smiled, “I think I can let you take a peek.”


“This is fascinating,” President Blackwell said as she listened to Zoë and Trudy fill her in about more of the 'Verse's history, “So many worlds. What is the population now?”

Zoë shrugged and looked at Trudy, “Last estimate was approximately forty billion. It is difficult to get an accurate census due to the many people living in space like Zoë used to do,” the Ambassador replied.

“Last estimate, Earth just made it back over the one billion mark about three years ago. So many died after the war. It's taken nearly three hundred years to get back to where we are today.” President Blackwell sighed.

“Wars ain't been unknown in our side of the galaxy either,” Zoë remarked, “We had a pretty nasty civil war about thirty years ago. I was an infantry Corporal for the side the broke away. About two hundred years ago, a fella named Shan-Yu came to power on Shinon. Killed Billions. Alliance done killed about 30 million on a planet called Miranda just before the war I fought in. Used a gas pumped into the air processors that was supposed to make the populace meek and controllable. Made em so meek they laid down and died.”

Zoë continued as the President's face paled, “Late in the war, one of the planets called Shadow, was nuked from orbit by the Alliance. Burned it nearly to bedrock. Killed millions.”

“Goodness,” President Blackwell breathed.

“It seems, no matter where mankind goes, war and violence follows,” Trudy observed.

“I'm afraid you are right,” The President agreed.


After pointing out some quick fixes and a few broad hints about how to increase power output by Allan and Becca, General Reed escorted the group out of the main hangar.

“Impressive work,” Allan smiled, “To be honest, your prototype is nearly on a level of some of the ships currently flying in some areas. Your people have done a masterwork of engineering in translating my work.”

“Thank you, Dr. Bryant,” the general smiled.

“Please, call me Allan.”

Then you had better call me Dan,” The general replied.

Allan and Sara led the General on a tour of both Free Bird and Sara Jane. To say that he was impressed was an understatement.

“I... wow. Back when I was a younger man and a test pilot... well, flying something like this was just science fiction,” Reed said with just a touch of awe in his voice.

Allan smiled and glanced at Rachel. The teenager grinned and nodded, reading her uncle's intentions, “Care to go for a spin, Dan?”


“One lap around the planet. Be back in an hour,” Allan grinned.


“Sara, tell your Mother, I'll be right back. I'll be giving the General here a quick ride.”

Sara matched her father's smile, “Have fun, Dad.”


Allan helped Dan settle into the co-pilots seat on Free Bird. The younger man seemed slightly stunned.

With a grin Allan slipped into the pilot's seat, flipped down the holographic heads up display and began powering up the small ship.

Allan keyed up the ships com, “Quest, this is Free Bird.”

“Go ahead, Allan,” replied Melissa's voice.

“Gonna take one of the locals for a quick lap around the world. I'll be making a close approach but not docking.”

“Copy that... have fun.”

“She sounds a bit older than the rest of the crew,” Dan commented.

“By a large margin,” Allan grinned as the engines began to spool up, “Melissa is like me, from earth. She was one of the Survivors on Kansas. She was physically seventeen when she came out of cryo. Heck, she used to baby sit Sara, and Becca. She's thirty Seven now.”

The general nodded.

“Ready?” Allan asked.

“I think so,” Dan replied.

“Hang onto your brass, General,” Allan said with a wide grin.

In a puff of dust, Free Bird ascended into the air in a hover. Yawing to the left Allan aligned the ship with the heading he needed to match Quest's orbit. As soon as the landing gear had retracted, Free Bird slowly began to move across the ground. As soon as the ship was away from the buildings, the aft mounted fusion engines flared to life.

Free Bird went supersonic in less than two seconds as the arrowhead shaped craft punched nearly straight up and away from Groom Lake.

Inside, the ships gravity screens made sure that Allan's cup of coffee sitting uncovered in the cup holder didn't even slosh.

General Daniel Reed was speechless. But he had a huge grin on his face as the dark blue upper atmosphere gave way to the blackness of space, “I've got to get one of these!” he exclaimed when he finally found his voice.

“I'll see what I can do,” Allan smiled in reply.


“What did your Father do?” Zoë asked, her face cross.

“Took General Reed for a ride in Free Bird,” Sara grinned.

Zoë sighed, “I swear, that man acts more like a kid than his own age.”

President Blackwell, smiled slightly, “All men seem to be children in one form or another.”

Zoë snickered and even Sara grinned slightly.

“When can we meet the rest of your crew?” the President asked.

“We need to maintain a watch of course but I think we can set up a rotation,” Sara remarked.

“Good,” President Blackwell replied, “I do wish to meet your husband.”

Sara grinned at the mention of Jeff. Zoë matched the grin, “They're newlyweds too.”

“Mom... Jeff and I grew up together... and we've been a couple since I was fifteen.”

“And you only just got married?”

Sara nodded to the President, “Time wasn't right. Between school and building Quest... wasn't until the ship was built before we could find time for the wedding.”

“I understand... I am wondering though. How long do you plan on staying?”

“That's up to you, Madame President,” Sara replied, “I'm sure my Father would like to stay a few weeks. I don't want to overstay our welcome.”

“I'm sure something can be worked out for a longer stay. I would like to introduce Ambassador Wu to the General Assembly at the League headquarters in Montreal. I believe a formal acknowledgment of our brothers and sisters across the stars would be appropriate.”

“That would be nice,” Sara agreed.

“I'll set that up. Will you be returning to your ship, tonight?”

“I think so,” Sara replied.

“Excellent. When you come back down tomorrow, please bring your husband with you. I look forward to meeting him.”

“Certainly,” Sara replied, “Mom? Are you waiting for Dad?”

“Yep. As soon as he gets back from his joyride, we'll be along with Trudy and the Commander.”

“Okay, I'll head back with Rachel, Becca, Sherry and Rosie. Owen can ride back with you.” Sara turned, “Madame President, it has been an honor and a privilege,” Sara finished formally.

“Likewise, Captain. I wish you a safe journey.”

With a nod to the President, Sara turned and headed out to round up the rest of her crew. It looked like the next few days were going to be busy.




Friday, September 4, 2009 7:04 PM


The science of folding space rather than warp drive is correct.
Is their still a Blue Sun earth and is Allan still majority stockholder?

Saturday, September 5, 2009 2:20 AM


Fluffy and very good.. it would be great for things to go smooth, but I get the feeling someone is going to get stupid...
Worth the wait top3%..

YES Please!!! May we have another??

Saturday, September 5, 2009 2:56 PM


I agree with the others ... I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop! But you put the history of Earth-that-was into a very neat nutshell, and it's fun that Allan's original work has helped Earth-that-is get back on its feet. Now, where's the twist?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 11:43 AM


yeah things ddo seem to go a little to good, but I am not sure but i think that waht ever happens, i do not think it comes from the people we have seen just now, but maybe another partnernation of this world League


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