New Blood - Chapter 26
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In the aftermath of the battle, Simon struggle to save Maxine's life and Jayne gets to meet River's parents.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Maxine and the rest of my OC's. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


A new story line to recharge my Muse. Set outside my “Allanverse.” Just to see what happens. Set about a year and a half post Serenity. Story line has the standard pairings of Mal/Inara, Simon/Kaylee. Also has River/Jayne. Zoë/Maxine -

Warning: This story line from here on out will include 'gasp' fem slash (Like you didn't see it coming). It won't be graphic but I know some are offended by any depiction of homosexuality. If you don't like this kind of thing... stop reading right now.

AN: On a roll this week. This (should) be the next to last chapter in this arc. What started as a storyline to recharge turned into it's own monster. -

New Blood


Chapter Twenty Six


“Cao!” Simon swore behind his mask as another bleeder erupted in Maxine's chest. Working quickly, the young doctor clamped off the ruptured artery.

“I've got it, Doctor,” said the fleet surgeon who was assisting.

“Thank you,” Simon muttered as he began to repair the damage done to Maxine by the bullet that had nearly killed her.

The round had struck the redhead just under her left arm, traversing her chest, narrowly missing Maxine's heart. Both lungs were damaged but easily repaired. What had nearly killed her was the nick in her aorta.

Continuing to work, Simon prayed he could save Maxine's life. Because that if she died, Zoë just might too.

Outside the infirmary, Zoë paced back and forth in a daze. Occasionally glancing through the windows as Simon, the fleet doctor and a nurse worked on her Ai-ren.

“Zoë... you need to sit down,” said Gunnery Sargent Williams.

“I can't loose her...” Zoë whispered.

“She's in good hands,” The Marine replied, moving up to Zoë's side and laying a supporting hand on the taller woman's shoulder, “Doc Lee in there is the best in the fleet and from what I've heard about Dr. Tam, he's no slouch either.”

“Best I ever seen,” Zoë nodded.

“That's good then.”

“Guess so...” Zoë trailed off.

“You've lost someone before... haven't you?”

Zoë nodded, “My husband... about two years back...”

“Husband?” Williams replied, surprised, “I figured you were as sly as I am.”

Zoë favored the Sargent with a look, “I've been in love, two other times in my life... one women and one man. Both of em' got killed... one by Fed troops back in the war. My husband, Wash... he was pilot here on Serenity. Reavers got him during Miranda...”

“And now you love Maxine.”

“Yep... I can't loose her.. If I loose Max... I'll loose myself... I just can't... can't do this again...”

Zoë began to sob slightly. Roberta Williams pulled Zoë into her arms and let her cry. Grateful to lend the comfort that she herself hadn't been able to receive when she had lost her love two years earlier. Another woman Gunnery Sargent, temporarily assigned to a task force chasing after fugitives. The same fugitives that she had just fought along side and now trying to save Maxine's life.

“Strange, the twists the 'Verse throws at you,” Bobbie thought as she continued to hold Zoë.


Reagan Tam nearly fainted at the sight of her now twenty year old daughter. Gone was the happy child, replaced by a young woman. A woman with haunted eyes and an aura of menace about her.

“River?” Reagan whispered as her daughter broke her hug.

“Hi, Mom,” River grinned.

Gabriel was still in shock.

“What... what's going on,” Gabriel said after a moment.

“Mr. Tam?” a young man said as he stepped forward.


“I'm Lt. Stephen Haskins. Commonwealth Marines. I was wondering if we might use your home for a short while.”

“For what?” Gabriel replied sharply.

“Sir, we just rescued twenty two former captives of the Academy that once held your daughter. Most are no more than children and they are very scared. And the ship is a bit cramped...”


“Use the main dinning room,” Reagan said quickly. Realizing what was happening.

“Thank you, Ma'am,” the Lieutenant replied.

Gabriel was still somewhat in shock. Reagan regained her senses first, “River... where is your brother?”

“Busy... Maxine was wounded in the rescue. Simon is trying to save her.”

“Who is Maxine?” Gabriel asked as Marines began to escort children all dressed in the same blue body stockings towards the house. Some had to be carried.

“My... God...” Reagan whispered.

“Maxine is part of our new family,” River said as the first of the children came by. Several other Marines fanned out along the edges of the property to provide security.

Reagan signaled to the head housekeeper who trotted over, “Mrs. Tam?”

“Get the entire staff here now. Have the cooks start making food. We have a lot of guests to feed...”

“Yes, Ma'am.” the woman replied before spotting the young woman standing next to the Tams. Her jaw dropped, “River...”

River smiled sweetly at the woman who had been almost a second mother to her growing up, “Hello Sadie.”

“Merciful Buddha!” the housekeeper cried out. She had worked for the Tam family for over twenty-five years. The housekeeper had changed Simon's diapers.

River ran forward and hugged the woman, “Missed you too.”


“Better get to work. We'll catch up later,” River said, still smiling.

Sadie nodded and moved off to the house while River turned back to her still slightly shell shocked parents, “Mom, Dad, please follow me. I'll introduce you around.”

With nods, the elder Tam's followed their daughter up the ramp into Serenity.


As the children were moved off Serenity to the Tam's house, the crew gathered in the common area. Zoë had taken up pacing back and forth in front of the infirmary while Mal and Inara sat on the Sofa. Inara nearly in shock from the stress of the day. Jayne stood guard by the door to the cargo bay. Kaylee and Jess hugged in the big recliner and Xue sat on the stairs to the upper deck. Wishing she could comfort her step mom.

Gunny Williams had passed out from the dose of painkillers she had finally let the Corpsman give her for her injured arm. She lay on the floor in the corner, using her rucksack for a pillow. Kaylee had draped a blanket over the woman.

Damien had volunteered to assist the Marines with the temporary care of the students and Josiah was napping in his dorm room.

Mal was feeling a little more confident about their position. He had received a static filled message from Admiral Harken announcing the the Alliance forces were in retreat and as soon as things were secure, he would be landing.

More troops were on the way to help secure the Tam estate as well as additional medical personnel.

The Captain looked up when he saw Jayne by the door suddenly stiffen and then head for the bay.

Inara nodded once and Mal rose to follow Jayne.

The big man paused half way across the cargo bay. River was leading an older couple into the cargo bay. Jayne instinctively knew that this was her parents. Part of him wanted to pound the go-se out of River's father for putting her through the horror she had been through.

On the other hand, without that happening, He and River would never have met. Same for Kaylee and Simon...

“Damn,” Jayne swore under his breath.

“Shoe's on the other foot, ain't it,” Mal said quietly.

“Never should a picked on the Doc so bad about meetin Kaylee's folks,” Jayne replied.

“That girl loves you Jayne. Nothin gonna change that,” Mal smiled.

“Proves one o' us is crazy then... I'm thinkin it's me.”

Mal grinned and stepped forward. He had his own opinion of Gabriel and Reagan Tam but he decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. After what the Captain had seen over the last couple of weeks, there were good folks in the core... just that they needed their eyes opened.

Mal hoped for River and Simon's sake, that the Tam's had their eyes opened.

“River, I'm guessin that this is your folks?”

“Yes, Captain,” River replied, “Mom, Dad... this is Captain Malcolm Reynolds. He has helped keep Simon and I safe.”

“The two o' you done more n' your share o' the same little one,” Mal smiled.

Reagan stepped forward first, ever the proper hostess, “Thank you Captain Reynolds. I... I never thought that this day would come.”

“No thanks needed Mrs. Tam,” Mal replied, locking his gaze with Gabriel.

The man flicked his gaze away. Mal could see the shame in those eyes. Shame at not being able to protect his daughter and letting another do that job.

“Thank you anyway, Captain,” Gabriel said formally.

Breaking the tense moment with another one, River stepped up and took Jayne's hand in her own, “Mom... Dad... this is Jayne Cobb... my Nan-peng-you.”

Jayne turned slightly red from embarrassment while Gabriel flushed red with anger, “Boyfriend! You... you.. are with this... man?” River's father sputtered.

River scowled slightly and squared her shoulders, “I love Jayne and he loves me. We have known each other for over two years and we have been together for ten months, fifteen days, four hours... Do not presume to tell me who I can or cannot love. Had enough trouble with Ge-ge about this!”

“But, River,” Reagan began, “He is old enough to be your father...”

“But he is not, Mother,” River snapped.

Regan blinked. River had only called her Mother when she was angry.

Mal spoke up, “Jayne's a decent fella once you get to know him.”

“Can fight my own battles Mal,” Jayne said quietly. He then looked directly at his girl's parents. “Mr. And Mrs. Tam... I ain't an educated man. I grew up in the rough and tumble. Never puttin down any roots. That is till I found friends here on Serenity. Now I'll admit, I didn't get 'long with River and her brother when they came on board... hell, done my best to make things rough for em'.”

Jayne took a deep breath and then continued, “Then I seen just what those hwoon-dahn's did to her at that gorram academy. Wasn't right. My Ma' raised me to never raise a hand to a woman lessen she was tryin to do somethin untoward. As time went on, specially after... Miranda. River an me got to be friends and then... well she chased my pi-gu all over the ship till I finally let her catch me.”

River smiled up at Jayne with a look of love that couldn't be denied. The big man returned that smile.

“Nice speech,” Mal said.

“Indeed,” Gabriel commented, “Captain... I'd like to see my son.”

“Doc's busy. Tryin to save my First Mate's girl.”

River tilted her head, “Almost finished... ge-ge is hopeful.”


“Girlfriend is more like it,” Jayne replied, “Zoë and Max been together few months now.”

Gabriel nodded. Relived somewhat that his son hadn't given up on his career in medicine.

“Come on. You can wait in the common room,” River said as she dropped Jayne's hand and took her parents hands and led them through the hatch.


Simon sighed as he finished the final stitches, closing up Maxine's chest. He looked over at the nurse that was also monitoring the patient's vital signs, “Pressure?”

“Ninety over sixty... up three points in the last five minutes.”

Simon nodded and leaned against the counter. Maxine was hopefully out of the woods. If her pressure held steady, Simon was confident she would recover. It wouldn't be quick. Max had a long convalescence ahead. But God willing, she would recover.

“Dr. Tam?”

“Yes Dr. Lee?”

“Why don't you go and give the good news. I'll finish up in here.”

Simon nodded and smiled slightly. Taking off his bloody apron, Simon snapped his gloves into the basin and washed his hands. Taking a deep breath, he slid the door open and stepped out into the common area.

And nearly collided with a pacing Zoë.

“Doc?” Zoë said hesitatingly.

“It went as well as could be expected. The bullet tore up her lungs slightly. The biggest issue was the nick to her aorta. Maxine is doing well at the moment.”

“And...” Zoë nearly whispered.

“As long as her blood pressure stays up, Max should come through this. It won't be easy nor quick. But I am confident, barring complications. She will recover.

“Oh thank God,” Zoë replied before nearly collapsing. Mal was at her side before she could drop. On the sofa, Kaylee smiled through the tears she had been shedding over the last few hours.

“Xue, why don't you take Zoë up to her bunk. I reckon she needs some rest,” Mal ordered.

“I'm fine, Sir.”

“Ain't a request, Zoë. We're all beat. I need someone on the ball around here.”

“Come on, Mom,” Xue said.

Zoë froze, “What did you say?”

Xue smiled, “My real Momma passed years ago. You married my Dad. That makes you my Mom.”

Zoë blinked back tears and kissed Xue on the top of her head, “Come on, Ni-zi”

As Simon closed his eyes and leaned back against the bulkhead, he felt a warm body slide next to his. He opened his eyes to find Kaylee there, “So Max is gonna be alright?”

Simon nodded, “I think so.”

Kaylee smiled and kissed her man. A moment later, Simon heard someone clear his throat.


Snapping his head around, Simon could only stare as his father walked up to him, “Da...Dad?”

“Hello, Son.”

If Simon hadn't been so tired he might have been able to come up with an appropriate response. Instead he simply slugged his father, knocking the older man to the floor.

“Simon!” Kaylee and Reagan yelled in unison.

Gabriel rubbed his jaw and picked himself off the floor, “I deserved that.”

“What the cao are you doing here?”

“We're home, Ge-ge... Serenity is parked on the back lawn of the estate,” River explained.

Simon was speechless. Kaylee began to fill him in, “Landed at your folks place. There was a battle in orbit so we couldn't break atmo. The Marines got the kids we rescued in the house.”

“What about the Alliance?” Simon asked.

“Got word a while ago,” Mal interjected, “Purple Bellies are on the run. Commonwealth seems to have won. We're safe here for a spell.”

“We should move Maxine to one of the Cruisers med facilities.”

“They got their own wounded to deal with. From what I hear, it was a near thing,” Mal replied.

“Then the hospital... Max really needs an ICU.”

“I'll make the arraignments, Son.”

“Shenme?” Simon asked.

“I'm still on the board. Capital City General is the best place for her,” Gabriel said.

Nodding, Simon slid down the wall exhausted.

“Kaylee, best get him off to bed,” Mal ordered, “I'll make sure the other Doc knows what's what.”

“Okay, Cap'n” Kaylee replied as she helped her boyfriend to his feet.

Simon stopped and looked back at his father, “Thank you.”

Gabriel shook his head, “Don't thank me yet. I haven't even begun to atone for my foolishness.”

Simon's jaw dropped in surprise then he shook his head, “Still... Thank you... Dad.”


The first thing Maxine felt was a tightness in her chest. Then her other senses began to awaken. She could smell the antiseptic of the infirmary but something didn't feel right. Even grounded, Serenity always made some noise. All Maxine could hear were some distant voices.

Not sure what was going on, she opened her eyes.

“Maxine... Boa-bei?”

“Zoë?” Max's voice cracked.

“Simon, she's awake!”

Slowly, Maxine's vision came into focus. Hovering over her was Zoë's face, “Ai-ren?”

“Welcome back,” Zoë smiled.

“I go... somewhere?”

“Very nearly.”

Regaining her voice a little more, Maxine smiled, “I feel like I got shot.”

“That's because you did,” Simon said softly as he came into the room, “How do you feel, Maxine?”

“Chest hurts.”

“You were shot in the chest. The bullet missed your armor.”

“What about... the girl I was carrying?”

“She was hit too but not badly. Has a broken arm,” Zoë answered.

“Everyone else?”

“Fine. Even the Captain avoided getting shot this time.”

“Wonders will never cease,” Simon grinned.

Maxine rolled her eyes and did her best to smile. Now that she was awake, it seemed like everything hurt. She tried to move slightly and cried out in pain.

“Don't move too much,” Simon ordered.

“Where am I?”

“The ICU at Capital City General,” Simon answered.



Despite wanting to stay awake, Maxine was swiftly losing that battle. Zoë noticed her eyelids begin to flutter.

“Get some rest, Baby. I'll be here. Xue too.”

Max smiled and nodded her head once before falling asleep.

Zoë turned to Simon, “Doc?”

“I think she'll be fine. The drug regimen I have her on will regenerate the damaged lung tissue. She'll be more awake tomorrow. What Max needs now is rest and plenty of it.”

“You're the doc, Doc,” Zoë smiled.

“Speaking of rest. You should get some too,” Simon advised, “My mother is throwing a dinner party tonight for the crew and Admiral Harken and things can run a bit late.”

“Seem strange to be home again?” Zoë asked.

“Osiris isn't home anymore... Serenity is.”

“Good answer,” Zoe smiled warmly, “How are you and your folks getting on?”

“Better,” Simon replied, “Mom just wants to pick up where we left off. Dad... well, we're at least talking.”

“It's a start, Simon... it's a start.”

“It is,” the young doctor replied.

Zoë turned to leave but paused, “Don't be too late yourself... I think I saw Kaylee diggin her layer cake dress outta storage for tonight.”

Simon moaned.

Zoë chuckled once and then kissed the tips of her fingers and laid them against Maxine's lips as she slept.

“See you later, Boa-bei,” Zoë whispered before leaving the hospital room.




Friday, August 21, 2009 2:10 AM


How do you sleep at night with such an active imagination?? As always superb writing... Rivited to this fic.. cant wait for more and more.. This is grade A browncoat crack and should be overdosed as often as possible..

Yes PLEASE!!! May we have another???

Friday, August 21, 2009 10:41 PM


So many good things, from the Tams being surprisingly accepting, through Maxine looking like she is going to recover - which is good, because I'm not sure what Zoe would had done if she hadn't, then Xue calling Zoe 'Mom'. It brings a lump to the throat.

Thursday, December 10, 2009 6:05 PM


yet another good chapter


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