Rebirth - Chapter 7
Sunday, July 5, 2009

River and Cameron practice their moves while an old enemy plots


Fan fiction. Done for fun, not profit.


The Plot Bunnies are beating on me again. After watching the final episode of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, I had a weird idea for a Firefly/Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles crossover fic. No Rayne this time either. Set shortly after the BDM. Ignores the upcoming movie and travels in a wholly new direction with many continuity errors from the movies and TV Show. I am not as knowledgeable of the T:TSCC universe as I am with the Firefly/Serenity 'Verse. Please don't throw things.






Chapter Seven


“So... they are away?”

“Left a few hours ago.”

“And the tracer is in place?”

“Placed it myself.”

“Excellent. You have done well, Elias.”

“Thank you, Mr. Wing.”

“Let me know as soon as you have a position. It's time Malcolm Reynolds and I have another chat.”

Cutting the wave, Atherton Wing settled back into his chair, absently he ran his finger down the scar on his cheek. Soon, he and Reynolds would meet again. And Inara would be his. Forever. And with no guild to protect her.

With that happy thought, Wing went back to his financial reports.


Reagan Tam stood in amazement as she watched her daughters Doppelgänger effortlessly move crates around the cargo bay. Cameron was making room so River could teach the cyborg some fighting moves.

Cameron's fighting style wasn't an actual style. She relied on her immense strength and sheer brute force.

In order to not stand out, River insisted that she teach Cameron some martial arts moves to help hide the fact that she was not human if she was ever forced to defend the ship.

In preparation, Cameron had downloaded several different fighting forms from the cortex. Now all she had to do was integrate them all together.

River was also taking this time to show off a bit to her parents. They now believed what had been done to their daughter but still needed to see the results in person.

Cameron finished moving the crates and waited for River. Reagan found a spot on the catwalk to sit and watch.

“Hi, Mom!” River said cheerily as she danced down the stairs. River was wearing her bike shorts and a loose top. Cameron was dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Cameron smiled as River approached, “I downloaded several different fighting styles last night.”

“Which ones?”

“Kung-Fu, Ju-Jitsu, Karate and Tia-Chi.”

“All good forms,” River replied, “But each has their advantages and disadvantages. The key I have found is integrating them into a cohesive whole. No one style may work in every situation.”

“Thank you for explaining. I have reset my power level to accommodate the training,” Cameron replied.

“Let's begin.”


By the time River had finished her lesson, she was sweaty, tired and very happy. The entire crew had gathered to watch the two girls spar.

River had the edge on grace and creativity while Cameron of course had the edge on power and endurance.

She was also a very fast learner.

River integrated elements of dance into her style. Being a complex computer, Cameron was able to exactly copy her double's every move.

As the pair finished, Jayne shook his head, “Damn... don't never wanna be on their bad side.”

“Reckon you're right there, Jayne,” Mal replied, “Sure are glad their on our side though...”

River smiled tiredly and grabbed a towel, wiping off the sweat. Sitting next to his wife, Gabriel was stunned. He had seen his daughter dance long ago but this... he simply didn't have words.

Simon stood off to one side, with Kaylee leaning into him. The doctor smiled slightly as he looked over at his awestruck parents.

“You need to consume at least two liters of water and one thousand calories to regain your energy from our workout,” Cameron said to River as they headed up the stairs.

River rolled her eyes.

Cameron sniffed once and grinned, “A shower wouldn't hurt either...”

With a girlish squeal, the killing machine began to run as River growled and began chasing her up the stairs.

“Hey! One o' you is gonna fall and die and I ain't cleanin it up!” Mal bellowed as the two girls ran out of sight.

Kaylee giggled and Inara cracked a smile. Gabriel Tam looked long and hard at the Captain and then sighed. Because of his own arrogance and pride, Malcolm Reynolds was more of a father to River than he was.

And Gabriel had no one to blame but himself.


“How are you feeling Mom?” Simon asked.

“I'm fine, Simon,” Reagan replied as she sat in the exam chair in Serenity's infirmary.

“I had wondered why your hair was so short when I first saw you,” Simon replied as he pulled up a stool.

“Simon... I'm so sorry...”

“Mom, please. I know you and Dad are sorry for what happened. I am too. But... after seeing what happened after I got River out. The Alliance wouldn't have stopped. You would have been in great danger. You weren't even involved and they threatened you with death. If you had helped...”

“It doesn't disguise the fact we stood by and did nothing while River was in danger. Your father and I were stupid. Blinded by our patriotism, our wealth and our position. The thing I've learned throughout this ordeal is that... family... is more important than anything else. We had forgotten that.”

“Is that why you tried to hurt yourself?” Simon asked quietly.

“Did your father tell you that?”


“I'm ashamed to admit. I did try. That's when they found the cancer. For about a week, I just didn't care. They wanted to start treatment right away and I still wanted to die. Then... one night as I lay in the hospital, I suddenly thought. You and your sister weren't dead. You were still alive somewhere and there was a chance. Small but still a chance that we might find you again. That thought gave me the hope I needed to live again. I started chemo the next morning.”

Reagan had tears in her eyes, as did Simon, “Everything happens for a reason,” the doctor choked out.

“That's true,” Reagan sniffled as a smile came across her face, “Now tell me all about Kaylee. I need to know about my future daughter-in-law.”

Simon was shocked, “I... I haven't asked her to...”

“Nonsense. I know you will ask her. And soon.”


“A little birdie told me...”

“You mean a rather bratty mind reading little sister...”

“Ge-ge is a boob,” River said as she peeked her head around the door frame.

Reagan couldn't help but chuckle, “That's the River I remember.”

“Always here. Just hidden for a long time. Still not whole yet, but getting there.”

“Oh, sweetie, I'm so...”

“I know,” River smiled as she stepped to her mother's side, “I see it in here,” she finished, tapping her temple.


“And Simon needs to make an honest woman of Kaylee.”


“Children,” Reagan said sharply, causing Simon and River to grin sheepishly, “Now you behave. I swear, you're just as bad as you used to be...”

River smiled at her mother, “We're worse.”


Mal sat on the bridge, reclining in the pilots chair, boots on the console. He heard footsteps on the stairs, “That you Cameron?”

“Yes, Captain.”

Mal didn't turn around, “You doing okay?”


“Dealin with Simon and River's folks on board.”

“Oh... thank you for explaining. It has been... interesting.”

Mal snorted softly, “Reckon that's so.”

Cameron settled into the co-pilots chair, “They are nice people. Just misguided. And they are family.”

“I guess so,” The Captain replied, “Well, I guess I'm off for bed. Call if anything pops up.”

“Certainly, Captain,” Cameron smiled in a very River like way, “Inara was just heading for bed herself a few moments ago.”

Mal shot the cyborg a dirty look, “That ain't what's been...”

“Don't lie to me, Captain,” Cameron grinned, “I can tell.”

Mal sputtered and then turned on his heel, stomping down the steps. When he was out of earshot, Cameron let out a very human like sigh. She hoped River could find someone someday. Love would help mend the psychic's tortured soul. Cameron then sighed again. Even though she didn't have one herself, she could use some soul mending too.

Settling in, Cameron activated her wireless link and began to surf the cortex like she did every night. Tonight would be a long night.


River gently set Serenity down in her assigned berth. The were scheduled to pick up several crates of luxury goods here on Santo and then move on to Rubicon before returning to Persephone.

Mal needed Inara's expertize in examining the cargo. He didn't know a bottle of cognac from a bottle of cheap rotgut. Since they were dealing with a highly reputable supplier, The Captain planned to leave Zoë and Jayne back at the ship.

“Twelve hours, Jayne. Thats how long we got before we lift again.”

“Heard ya the first time, Mal,” Jayne grumbled.

“You ain't here, you get left.”

“Yesu, Mal. I get it.”

“Just so we're clear. This is a core world. Don't get arrested. I ain't springin for bail.”

The big man just glared.

With that said, Mal pulled the mule out of the bay and into the teeming throngs of the docks. As the yellow machine pulled out of sight, Zoë turned to Jayne, “Where you off to so I can find you if I need you?”

“Miss Lacie's... over on Front street. Got me some credit on account there,” the big man leered.

“Good enough,” Zoë replied, “I gotta run into town to pick up supplies. And a few sundries for the Tam's.”

“What about Doc and the Moonbrain?”

“Core world. Simon's gotta keep a low profile. Same as River does.”

“Fine. See ya tonight, Zoë” Jayne grinned before tromping down the ramp.

Zoë sighed. At least someone would be getting some besides the Doc and Kaylee. Zoë still missed Wash something fierce. She also had a very high sex drive and Zoë, at times, found herself as sexually frustrated as their resident mercenary.

“Not betrayal,” River said as she ghosted up beside the First Mate. Cameron stood on the other side.

“I know that, Mei-mei. I ain't ready for a relationship again. But a little casual sex would do wonders for my demeanor.”

“Join the club,” River grumbled.

Zoë chuckled, “Not wrong there, lil' River. I reckon a fella ever comes by lookin to court you, he's gonna have to go through the Captain first...”

“And me,” Cameron added.

“Can't forget you, Cam,” Zoë agreed, “What are your folks doing, River?”

“Mom is bonding with Kaylee over some engine wine. Daddy and Simon are doing their best to not antagonize each other.”

“Well, keep em' on the ship. I'll be back in a few hours. I've got a com if you need me. You can keep the ramp down but someone needs to keep watch.”

“Cameron and I will handle that chore,” River replied.

“Ship's in good hands then,” Zoë smiled before heading down the ramp into the crowds.


Cameron sat casually on a crate in the cargo bay, affecting the airs of a teenage girl rather than the four hundred year old plus cyborg she actually was.

She enjoyed people watching. Not only did it keep her occupied, it allowed Cameron to scan the area for threats.

A few passing young men cast appreciative glances her way as they passed the open cargo bay ramp.

River had gone to the bridge to answer a wave from Lord Harrow, leaving Cameron on guard duty.

Kicking her feet back and forth, the cyborg noted that the same man had walked past Serenity three times in the last five minutes. Carefully she slipped her hand closer to her holstered pistol.

“Can I help you?” Cameron asked as the man she had noted walked by for the fourth time and then tentatively stepped forward.

The man was young, perhaps twenty years old. Dressed simply in a rough shirt and cargo pants tucked into boots, “Sorry to be so forward.... but you look remarkably like someone I know.”

Cameron tilted her head,” I do not recall ever meeting you before.” she noted his slightly elevated respiratory rate and nervousness.

“My mistake,” The young man said.

“No problem,” Cameron smiled while scanning for threats.

Just before the young man turned to leave he made a gesture with one hand. At the same moment, Cameron detected the the nearly inaudible pop of a suppressed rifle firing. In milliseconds, she determined that the bullet would strike her chest, center mass. Had insufficient velocity or mass to cause any damage to her internal components and that her best strategy would to play dead until all assailants were on the ship.

Cameron shut off her pain receptors and and then decided that she was angry that the bullet would now ruin her new leather jacket.

Letting out a realistic grunt as the bullet struck her, Cameron collapsed to the deck, Since she only simulated breathing, and could stop her simulated pulse, no one could play dead like Cameron.

The young man stepped forward to check Cameron. He noted the lack of significant bleeding and the location of the shot, “Right in the ticker,” he grinned.

A moment later another man joined him, “Dead?”

“No pulse, no breathin,” The younger man said.

“Good. Supposed to be a couple more left on the boat. Girl mechanic and this one's brother.”

“Easy pickings,” the young man said grinning.

“Lets go find the oth...” The mans voice cut off as his forehead exploded from the hollow point bullet fired from Cameron's pistol.

The young man froze in shock as the girl he thought dead, gracefully stood up, pointing the still smoking gun at his head.

“How...” the youth finally uttered.

“Cameron!” River called as she flew down the stairs, her own gun out and ready.

Cameron holstered her pistol and grabbed the young man by the throat, squeezing just enough to get his attention, the cyborg lifted him off the deck, “Why?”

“Don't... know... what... you're... talking... about...” he gasped out.

River slid to a stop next to her twin, cocking her head to one side. A look of fury came across her face, “Atherton Wing.”

“What's going on?” Simon called out, drawn by the gunshot.

“Close the ramp, Ge-ge,” River ordered.

Simon ran to the controls, noting the dead body on the deck and the young man Cameron was holding a foot off the deck by the neck.

“What happened,” Simon asked as the ramp closed.

“The dead one shot me. I don't like being shot,” Cameron stated, almost like she was ordering dinner at a restaurant.

The man in Cameron's grip was turning purple from lack of air.

“Atherton Wing is here on Santo,” River began as she saw what was happening in the assailant's mind, “Wants revenge on the Captain. Wants Inara. Wants to kill the crew. Dump the ship in space.”

While River spoke, Cameron's heads up display was recommending a course of action. But she left that decision to Simon and River.

“What are we going to do with him?” Simon asked his sister, knowing what she was going to say.

“The same thing the Captain would do to him,” River replied as she nodded to Cameron.

Cameron's HUD flashed the word: TERMINATE.

Using her middle finger, Cameron applied pressure to the man's spine, A loud crack was heard as she shattered the first vertebra just below the base of his skull.

She dropped the lifeless body to the deck while Simon winced.

River took over the situation, “Ge-ge, clean up the bay. Keep Mom and Dad under wraps. I'll com Zoë and then we'll try to get Jayne from the whorehouse. That is if we're not to late. Then we go after Wing to save Inara and the Captain.”

“We?” Simon asked.

“Cameron and I. You stay here, guard the ship.”

Simon looked angry, he knew what needed doing but he didn't want to see his sister in harms way. Of course with Cameron with her, it was Wing and his men who were the one's in harms way.

“I'll call Zoë. You two get ready to go,” Simon stated.


“Thank you for the fine meal, Mal,” Inara smiled as she and the Captain exited the restaurant.

“I wouldn't be a gentleman iffin' I couldn't splurge and take the woman I am tryin to court out to dinner,” Mal grinned.

“Trying to court... is that what you're calling it now?”

“Well...” Mal's words were cut off as he heard the distinctive click of a pistol cocking next to his ear.

“So, Captain... we meet again,” said a voice behind them.

“Tian xiz shou you de ren dou gai si,” Mal muttered under his breath. He felt a hand remove his gun from it's holster. Mal slowly raised his hands.

Atherton Wing walked into the Captain's sight. Inara sucked in a breath, “And Inara, lovely as ever.”

“Got some big one's, doin this in broad daylight on a core world, Ath. Feds don't take lightly to kidnappin folk off the street,” Mal said with a confidence he didn't feel.

“It is amazing how easy it is to keep the Feds away. All it takes is something you don't have... power and money.”

Before he could reply, Mal was cold cocked from behind while Atherton roughly grabbed Inara's arm, “We didn't finish last time we were together, Inara. You owe me quite a bit.”

“Atherton, the Guild will kill you for this,” Inara growled as she watched Wing's goons drag Mal to a nearby truck.

“I know all about you, Inara. You retired. Therefore you forfeit the protection of the Guild. Besides, who is going to tell them you are missing?” Wing crowed as his men tossed Mal into the back of the truck on top of the bound and unconscious bodies of Jayne and Zoë.

Inara's eyes widened in horror. It looked like Zoë had been beaten severely, “You, huh- choo-shang tza-jiao duh tzang-huo!” Inara swore.

“Inara! Such language. These heathens have tainted you my dear. But I can say with surety, I will do much more than taint you over the next few days.”

Inara spat at Atherton who then backhanded her, “For that, I will make the Captain suffer more. You see. The more you resist me, the more harm I do to your friends. I think I will start by letting my men enjoy the company of the Capitan's second.”

“You're insane,” Inara whispered.

“Perhaps... but that is your fault so deal with it. Oh... by the way, my men by this time will have killed everyone left on Serenity.”

Inara smiled slightly, “I'm not so sure about that...”




Monday, July 6, 2009 1:39 AM


"I dont like getting shot"!! YEP, someone, and I aint saying who, but his initials are Atherton Wing, Isnt going to come out of this one with bodily functions in working order Im guessing.. And about time!!!!

Your making it tooooo GORRAM hard to pick a favorite here top3%..

Monday, July 6, 2009 6:21 AM


I love River chasing Cameron like they're two proper teenagers, not a cyborg and a crazy lunatic assassin. And as for Atherton Wing ... sword, guts, anyone?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 7:41 PM


"I don't like being shot" i think that was from the series, after Cam had been shot, and i think the person responsible was killed in not to nice a way. Atherton will learn one thing, don't piss of a cyborg who's expert at killing humans, and she can do it silently too, Cam is on sexy, deadly, and ass kick chick, don't piss her off, FOX.

Thursday, November 5, 2009 3:22 PM


Well...Simon's certainly coming along, if all he does is flinch when someone gets offed less than 10 feet in front of him by having their neck snapped. And it's oddly good to see Terminator!Cameron...kinda felt like something was missing. Probably the fact that, like with some post-BDM stories I've seen with River not really using her abilities, it just seems wrong that Cameron wasn't busting a can of whoopass on various pieces of scum and villainy ;D

Still..Atherton's is SO freaking screwed it's not funny...well, not really. Well...maybe a bit.'s gonna be hilarious!


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