Quest - Chapter 7
Saturday, June 20, 2009

While chasing after the officials responsible for the attack on Serenity, a larger plot is uncovered.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.




Quest-Chapter Six


“I want his head!” Allan thundered at the man on the cortex screen.

“Dr. Bryant... I'm... I'm sure there has been some mistake...” Josiah Messier stammered.

“Since when is is it fleet policy to blow unarmed transports out of space?”

“Never,” The Deputy Prime Minister answered.

“Then please explain how the IAV Hephaestus came to fire upon Serenity without warning, nearly killing all aboard and forcing Quest to destroy said vessel?” Allan replied.

“That's another thing... thirty-two member's of the Hephaestus' crew were killed. What right did you have attacking an Alliance ship?”

“Hephaestus did not identify itself as a fleet vessel. Quest encountered an unknown ship about to destroy an unarmed transport carrying women and children. It was only after we recovered some of the ships debris, including her computer core that we found out that it was indeed a fleet ship,” Allan replied darkly.

“You... you have the core?”

“Indeed I do. It's amazing what can be found in the ships logs. Like orders from Fleet Admiral Antonio Rosales ordering the destruction of any ship attempting to rendezvous with Quest. And if possible, board and seize the ship. Please tell me that the good Admiral was acting without authority from Parliament.”

“I... I...” Messier stammered.

“I am not a man to trifle with Mr. Messier. If Admiral Rosales is not under arrest within the next four hours, I go public. I'm sure you know what that means.”

“That's extortion. I can have you arrested for inciting revolution!”

“It won't be revolution,” Allan replied flatly, “Simply a call to all the good citizens of the Alliance to question their leaders... Like they did after Miranda. Funny how many of the people nearly killed in this attack are the same people who released the Miranda wave. Once that becomes public knowledge, the call for special elections will happen overnight.”

“You wouldn't dare,” Messier growled.

“I don't bluff, Mr. Messier. While I may be retired. If I say jump, Blue Sun asks how high. As do a great many members of Parliament. Best you remember that. I'm sure you received a report on what I told Mr. Voorhees last week?”

“I did...”

“You know I can make good on that promise, don't you?”

The Deputy Prime Minister sighed in defeat, “What do you want?”

“I said it before. Rosales under arrest.”

“Can't happen. He's too politically connected. He'd be released before the Marines could put the cuffs on him.”

“There are more... permanent ways...” Allan suggested.


“All I'm asking is where he'll be and an assurance that Project Quest will be allowed to continue without hindrance.”

“The Prime Minister would never allow this...”

“Lucky for us, he had that stroke last month... leaving you in charge.”

Messier thought long and hard about that. Ever since the Prime Minister had had his stroke. The military had become much more vocal about how things were being run. Also, the Prime Minister's doctors were hard pressed to explain how a perfectly healthy, middle aged man who never had any significant medical history nearly died from a massive stroke.

No medical reason was ever found and a very through toxicological screen didn't reveal anything either.

Taking a deep breath, Messier spoke, “Deal. Rosales is getting too big for his britches anyway. I'll have his schedule to you within the hour... just don't get caught.”

“Nice doing business with you, Mr. Messier,” Allan smiled as he cut the wave.


After closing the wave, Allan headed for Quest's large docking bay. It's where Mal had been for the last few days, off and on. They had salvaged as much of Serenity as they could. Remarkably, both shuttles had been undamaged. They now rested in the corner of the huge landing bay.

Entering, Allan saw Mal in the corner, sitting on a crate, a bottle in his hand. From the look on his best friends face and his posture, Allan knew Mal was drunk.

“Hey... Allan,” Mal slurred as the older man approached.

“Had a bit to drink there, haven't you, Captain Reynolds?”

“Ain't a Captain no more. Need a ship for that. Ain't got one no more...”

“Yes you do,” Allan replied.

“I know... that new Fly you's bought for me years back... ain't Serenity though.”

“I know, Mal. Serenity was my home too. Not as long as you and Zoë but...”

“Gotta have love to keep a boat in the air... Serenity had lots o' love... look at all the kids got conceived on her.”

Allan chuckled, “Becca and Jeff at any rate.”

“Rachel was too... 'cordin ta' m' Albatross. You know... my son was born on Serenity...”

“I remember, Mal. I was there.”

Mal grinned, “Thas, right. You brought m' boy inta' the 'Verse.”

“That's right.”

“I ever thank ya' fer' that?”

“More than once, Mal.”

Mal took another swig from the bottle and stared at his boots for a minute, “I wanna kill the hundan who done this...”

“I think I can help with that.”


The next few days went quickly. Quest jumped to Deadwood for supplies and to pick up the three promised FTL cortex relays.

Mal's hangover had been epic. After a quick hop down to the surface and a good home cooked meal at Jayne's mother's place. He felt significantly better. Vera, despite the fact she was nearing eighty-five, had insisted on cooking for both Serenity and Quest's crews. Those on duty on Quest received large doggie bags of leftovers.

Stocked up, and underway again, Allan and Sara called both crews together. Including the five Alliance fleet personnel.

“After some thinking, I think I have a plan,” Allan began.

“If you are planning an assassination, I want to know,” Commander Olsen stated.

“That is exactly what I am planning, Commander,” Allan said firmly.

“Fine... I just wanted to know,” The officer replied. Almost everyone in the room was taken aback.

“Sir?” Lt. Coletti asked.

“I swore an oath to defend the Alliance from all threats external and internal, Lieutenant. Admiral Rosales is an internal threat. Let's just say I've heard... rumors that the good Admiral is coveting a much better paying job.”

“Sounds familiar doesn't it,” Allan stated.

“Yes. Reggie's father,” Zoë said.

“Been wonderin why things have been slidin back to the bad old days, last few years,” Mal noted.

“How we gonna get him?” Jayne asked.

“First, we need to head back to the core... Sara?”

“Need fuel anyway,” Quest's Captain replied. “And we need a few more people in the engineering department. Becca and Clay need help.”

“Who'd you have in mind, Sara?” Becca asked.

“Derrick Marsh for one.”

Down the table, Rachel Cobb visibly brightened while her father growled. That is until River hit him on the arm.

“She could do much worse, Zang-fu.”

“Don't mean I can't complain about it...” Jayne grumbled.

“You don't have a say in this, Uncle Jayne. This is my ship,” Sara stated.

“Aye, Cap'n.” Jayne said with a slight grin on his face.

A round of laughter went around the table.

“How are we going to get close to the Admiral?” Jeff asked.

“It seems the Admiral is a regular customer of the New London Companion House,” Inara began, “And that he has some rather... unusual tastes.”

Mal smirked at his wife, “Now how would you be knowin that, Darlin?”

“A little birdie told me... and Allison Sexton and I still keep in touch. She's house priestess now. And she still thinks she owes Allan her life after our last encounter with Niska.”

“We're not putting a Companion at risk in this, are we?” Sara asked.

“No,” Allan replied to his daughter, “But I know someone who can play the part of a companion... trained in the Admiral's particular... fetishes. And who is also well schooled as an assassin.”


Fleet Admiral Antonio Rosales landed his personal air-car on the private pad behind the grand manor house that was the home of the Companions Guild on Londinium.

A vast property, located near the coast of the Aegean Mare. The Greek revival styled building and grounds covered over fifty acres.

As he steeped from his car, the Admiral was greeted by none other than the house priestess herself.

“Good afternoon, Admiral Rosales,” Allison Sexton smiled.

The Admiral returned the smile, “Mistress Sexton. How lovely it is to see you again.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” Allison replied.

“I was happy you could accommodate me on such short notice. It has been... stressful at the Admiralty this past week. I could do with some relaxation.”

“Certainly, Admiral. However I regret to inform you that Jessica is unavailable. I however have a treat for you. Lady Marie is visiting from the training house on Shinon. She is the lead instructor in the arts you request.”

The Admiral did his best to hide his disappointment, “I am sorry to hear that Jessica is not available. Her... ministrations are most welcome.”

“I believe that Lady Marie will be just what you need. When your request was submitted, she requested you. Jessica personally recommended you.”

The Admiral smiled, “Excellent. I look forward to meeting her.”

“If you would follow me?”

“Certainly, Mistress Sexton.”

Allison led the Admiral into the house proper. After bypassing the foyer, she led him down the stairs into the basement of the grand house. After turning several corners, Allison opened a door.

The room beyond was darkly lit. A few spot lights illuminated several of the more imposing devices in the room. The Dungeon of the Londinium House was the most well equipped in the entire Guild. Not to mention, soundproof.

The Admiral's eyes widened with surprise at the woman waiting for him inside. She was petite but muscular. Her dark brown hair pulled up in a severe bun. Her lips were painted ruby red as were her long nails. She wore a simple white robe but patent leather spike heeled boots were visible on her feet.

Despite himself, the Admiral felt his trousers tighten.

After introductions were made, Allison excused herself. As she closed the door, she smiled to herself. The Huh choo-shang tza-jiao duh tzang-huo was going to have a session he would never forget.

After Allan and Inara had explained what the Admiral had done, Allison had personally placed a black mark in the client registry as well as agreed to what her former instructor and the man she considered her savior had planned. She signaled for the house staff to dispose of the Admiral's car.


After changing out of his uniform into something more appropriate and covering up with a black silk robe, Admiral Rosales took a seat across from his mistress for the evening.

“Good Evening, Antonio,” Lady Marie said in greeting. Her voice was sweet and cultured. The Admiral guessed that she was perhaps thirty-five or so. Forty at the oldest. Certainly not a young woman but most certainly stunningly beautiful. And due to her age, the Admiral was sure she was quite skilled.

“Good evening, Mistress.” Antonio replied with just the right amount of inflection in his voice.

Lady Marie poured tea as was the custom of the Companions Guild. “Since this is our first session together, I must ask you what limits you have.”

“Certainly, Mistress. I ask only that there be no visible marks on my body that can be seen with clothing. I have a very high pain tolerance. Other than that, I will do whatever my mistress desires.”

“You have a safe word?”

“Red, Mistress.”

“And if you are gagged?”

“Four grunts in short succession, Mistress.”

Marie smiled sweetly, “I see Jessica has you well trained.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Antonio replied, his eyes downcast as he had been taught.

“If you are ready, we can begin.”

“I await your commands, Mistress.”

Lady Marie stood up slowly and gracefully. With a deft movement of one hand, her robe fell to the floor. The Admiral involuntarily moaned at the sight.

Lady Marie wore thigh high black patent leather spike heeled boots, black leather panties, and a leather harness over her torso. Triangles of leather snapped to the harness hid Lady Marie's breasts. A simple black collar was around her neck and leather arm guards completed her ensemble. Antonio trembled at the thought of being able to touch his mistress.

“Stand up, drop your robe and kneel before me!” Lady Marie ordered.

The Admiral immediately complied. His robe hit the floor in a pool of silk., revealing a chest harness and leather briefs. Dropping to his knees, Antonio assumed his submissive posture.

“I've always been fascinated by the theory that the more power a man or woman has. The more they have a desire to give up their control in certain cases. Am I right, Antonio my pet?”

“Yes mistress.”

Marie smiled, “Do you trust me, pet?”

“Implicitly, Mistress.”

Lady Marie caressed the back of her pet's neck. Noting the slight twitch he gave as the concealed needle under her fake nail punctured his skin.

“Too bad for you,” lady Marie said

“Mis...tris...” Rosales whispered before falling to the floor.

Suppressing a shudder, River undid her hair from it's tight bun. She truly wished she could wash the images she had gleaned from the Admirals mind from her own brain. The only good thing she had seen was that he thought her only thirty-five instead of her actual forty-six.

What woman doesn't like to be thought of as younger then she actually is...


Admiral Rosales slowly awoke As he regained his senses, he realized that he was bound to a chair. At first, this aroused him until he opened his eyes and realized where he was.

It looked a great deal like an airlock.

It was hard to tell because of the very bright light being shined in his face.

“Go-se,” Rosales swore under his breath.

“Looks like he's awake,” said a voice Rosales didn't recognize.

“Think you're right,” said a second voice. Rosales knew that voice.


The light extinguished and the Admiral blinked to clear his vision.

Before him stood four people. Two men and two women. One man was Allan Bryant, the second was a tall man with graying hair and wearing a brown leather duster.

'The dark skinned woman standing next to Bryant must be his wife,' Rosales thought.

His eyes widened when he recognized the second woman. It was Lady Marie. Now dressed simply in a floral dress and simple boots. Her hair hung free and she wore no makeup.

“You are in a lot of trouble, Bryant,” Rosales growled.

“Oh... I don't think so, Antonio... you don't mind me calling you Antonio, do you?”

“You'll hang as a traitor for this, Bryant!”

“I seriously doubt it,” Allan replied, his voice cold, “Seeing as you'll be dead in a few minutes.”

Rosales swallowed but maintained a defiant posture, “You kill me there won't be anywhere you can't hide from the Alliance!”

“See... that's where you're a might wrong, Admiral,” Mal said as he knelt down in front of the bound man, “See, we got a get outta jail free card from the Deputy Prime Minister. Would ya' like to see it?”

Zoë stepped forward and pressed play on a portable cortex player.

“...Deal. Rosales is getting too big for his britches anyway. I'll have his schedule to you within the hour... just don't get caught...” said the Deputy Prime Minister on the recording.

“Cao...” Rosales whispered.

“Now you're getting it,” Allan growled.

“So here's the deal,” Mal began, “You can tell us who your cronies are in this little plan you have to institute a military government and I'll be nice and shoot you before we shove you out this airlock. Keep your mouth shut and I guess you'll get to see what breathing vacuum feels like,” Mal finished with a grim smile.

“Who the hell are you?” Rosales asked.

“Malcolm Reynolds. Might a heard o' me. Seems you sent a ship to attack mine. Nearly killed me if not for my pilot here,” Mal said as he indicated River.

“You're insane.”

“No... that would be me,” River smiled.

“Back to Mal's question. Who are you working with?” Allan asked.

“No one!”


“Vice Admiral Gaenor Shaffer, General Hans Browning, Defense Minister Nigel Voorhees, Col. Shan Tu Wei, Fleet Captain Richard Chan...”


“Let me introduce you formally to whom you call Lady Marie,” Allan began, “This is River Marie Cobb. Formerly River Marie Tam.”

“Tian xiaode... you're her! The Academy reader!”

“Right the first time... Pet” River smiled.

“That all of em' Tross?” Mal asked.

“The big fish,” River replied, “Interpol can get the little ones when they interrogate the others.”

Mal smiled grimly, “Looks like you won't be getting that bullet anyway.”

“No... wait!” Rosales screamed as Allan, Mal, Zoë and River stepped back out of the airlock.

Zoë reached over and closed the inner doors. Rosales muffled screams could still be heard until Mal hit the release for the outer door.

The Admiral's screams died out as the lock dumped and flung him into space. His body convulsed once and then became still. Slowly drifting away from Quest

River calculated that his body would reenter Londinium's atmosphere in three days, six hours and forty eight minutes.

Nothing would ever be found.

“Feel a little better?” Zoë asked Mal.

“A might.” Mal admitted. He then looked at Allan, “You still got that extra Firefly kicking around?”

Allan smiled, “Yep. I had the ground crews start getting her prepped. Just need a name to put on the paperwork.”

Mal took a deep breath. Part of him wanted to name the new ship Serenity. But that was too hollow now. Serenity would always be his first ship. Now that he had another, he needed to move on. Mal also thought about what his daughter had said just before it all hit the fan.

Emma wanted to follow her old man into the black. Naming it after his daughter would just be too close to what Allan had done when he named his own Firefly after Sara.

The new ship needed a name that was both a tribute his old ship and a prayer for the future.

“I'll call her... Tranquility.”




Sunday, June 21, 2009 8:06 AM


Rosales got what he deserved, although being dumped out of the airlock was probably too quick. And Mal taking Allan up on the Firefly? Good name ...

Monday, June 22, 2009 3:18 AM


DANG.. Double DANG... TOO Quick.. I like the "tied to a chair and dropped from 33,000 Ft." (fitting end to badger) Idea.. give him time to savor the error of his HunDan way of life...

Agree with Jane.. Fitting Name..

Thursday, June 25, 2009 1:55 PM


I loved the new name. Still will miss the old girl...great stuff as always!!


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