Rebirth - Chapter 4
Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Serenity arrives on Belepheron and makes the delivery. The client is surprised at what he finds.


Fan fiction. Done for fun, not profit.


The Plot Bunnies are beating on me again. After watching the final episode of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, I had a weird idea for a Firefly/Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles crossover fic. No Rayne this time either. Set shortly after the BDM. Ignores the upcoming movie and travels in a wholly new direction with many continuity errors from the movies and TV Show. I am not as knowledgeable of the T:TSCC universe as I am with the Firefly/Serenity 'Verse. Please don't throw things.


AN: Still exploring this story line. I'm not sure where exactly I'm taking it yet. I might delay the next chapter to concentrate on New Blood and Quest.




Chapter Four


Mal was amazed. It seemed like every day, Cameron became more and more human in her responses. It was to the point where the cyborg acted more 'normal' than River did herself. Cameron had even taken to calling Simon, Ge-ge like River did.

During the week and a half voyage to Belepheron, Cameron had learned enough about Serenity to pilot the ship in an emergency and even do repairs. She already had excellent first aid skills, not to mention the her cooking ability.

Just as Jayne called River, 'Crazy' or 'Moonbrain'. Cameron had earned the nickname, 'Tin Britches' from the mercenary.

Jayne was also treading a bit lighter around the Tam siblings after Cameron had told everyone that if someone threatened either Tam, she would kill them.

Not that Jayne would turn either of them in anymore. Jayne had learned his lesson months ago. He tolerated Simon, more for the fact he made Kaylee happy and for his medical skills, rather then the doctor's personality. And River? Since she had 'found herself' after Miranda, Jayne had begun treating her like an annoying little sister.

“Good morning, Jayne.”

The mercenary looked up from his coffee. Unless they were in the same room it was damn hard to tell River from Cameron. Especially since River had started to eat more and had put on a couple of pounds. Not to mention, washing her hair more.

“Mornin uh... Cameron.”

“Correct,” she replied with a smile, “However, it took you one point three seconds to tell the difference.”

“Well... yeah. You an Moony are lookin more an more alike every day. Pretty soon you two are gonna need to wear a name tag or somethin.”

“Perhaps on ship, River and I should wear our hair different.”

“Might help,” Jayne admitted.

River skipped into the galley, “Morning, sis!” she said brightly. Jayne just shook his head.

“Good morning, shuang bao tai,” Cameron replied.

River smiled, “You have the pronunciation perfect. Right down to the Osiris accent.”

“Thank you, sis,” Cameron said as she began to work on breakfast.

“Mornin, all,” Kaylee yawned as she entered the galley, followed closely by Simon.

“Good morning, Ge-ge,” Cameron and River said simultaneously.

Simon's yaw dropped. Then he chuckled.

“Never thought you'd ever have two sisters, huh, Ai-ren?” Kaylee asked her boyfriend.

“River is more than enough,” Simon said with a grin as he sat down, “At least Cameron isn't a brat like River is.”

“That's because I haven't taught her all my tricks yet,” River replied.

Simon sighed in resignation. Taking pity on Simon, Kaylee kissed him.

“Better put him down, Mei-mei. You don't know where he's been,” Zoë teased as she entered.

“Oh yes I do,” Kaylee giggled.

Last to enter were the Captain and Inara. Arriving almost simultaneously from opposite directions. The only problem was that they entered from the wrong direction for their respective quarters. A detail that wasn't lost on the rest of the crew.

Inara took her usual seat while Mal headed for the coffee pot. Zoë shot the former companion a look. A look that caused Inara to blush. Zoë's eyes softened and twinkled slightly.

Kaylee noticed the exchange and did her best not to squeal with joy. It looked like two of her favorite people had gotten together at last.

As Mal sat down, Cameron placed a platter of pancakes on the table. Even made with protein based flour, they were still better then the one's Sarah Connor used to make for John.

With that thought, Cameron felt something. She didn't have a heart per say but she did have emotions. And at that moment, she missed John.

Cameron took her seat next to River.

“What's out ETA, Albatross?” The Captain asked.

“Three hours, twenty two minutes,” River replied between bites.

“Good,” Mal replied, “Hopefully out little switcheroo with Lenore and Cameron won't get noticed for a while.

“I resealed the crate manually, Captain,” Cameron replied, “I did not use a hammer to drive the nails so it would not be obvious that the crate had been opened.”

“Good,” Mal replied.

“Who's going on the meet, Sir?” Zoë asked.

“You, Jayne and myself.”

“What if it's a trap?” Jayne asked.

“Then we got our psychic pilot and her robotic twin to come rescue us,” Mal replied.

“Well that sure makes me feel better,” Jayne replied sarcastically.

The glare the Captain shot in Jayne's direction shut him up.

“Perhaps I should accompany you, Captain,” Cameron said quietly.

“And why is that?” Mal asked.

“While not psychic like River, my sensors allow me to tell when someone is lying. Also I am physically stronger and will not be harmed if there is gun play.”

Mal thought hard about that. After a few moments consideration, he nodded, “Jayne, get her a gun.”

The big man grumbled something under his breath but nodded.

“The weapon you call Paulette, the Callahan Arms semi-auto. It is the most like what I am familiar with in a handgun.”

“Fine,” Jayne huffed.

“Okay, lets finish eating and get down to business,” Mal stated before digging back into his breakfast.


Instead of landing at Durin Haymer's floating island home, Serenity had been directed by port control to land at the main docks in Pegasus City on Belepheron. This had surprised Mal as he had expected a more clandestine meeting.

As it was, he decided to keep River on the bridge with Zoë, Jayne and Cameron by his side. Inara was also on the bridge to assist River if she needed it and Both Kaylee and Simon were in the engine room with the door locked.

Mal did a double take when he saw Cameron enter the bay. She was wearing one of River's dresses and barefoot. If he didn't know the teenager was on the bridge, he would have assumed Cameron was indeed River.

Cameron shot the Captain a slight smile and stood with her hands behind her back, and a demure almost disinterested look on her face. Of course by holding her hands behind her back, no one could see the pistol held in the cyborg's right hand.

When Jayne and Zoë were ready, the Captain lowered the ramp. Waiting outside stood several uniformed men. Not the uniforms of Alliance personnel but private security. Mal tensed slightly but kept his face calm.

One of the guards stepped forward, “Captain Reynolds?”

“That would be me,” Mal replied, taking half a step forward.

The guard glanced back over his shoulder to where a rather expensive hover was parked. A moment later, the back door opened and a man about Mal's age stepped out. Mal recognized him immediately. It was Durin Haymer.

Hands clasped behind his back, Haymer strode confidently up the ramp. Stopping in front of the Captain he eyed Mal closely.

Surprisingly, Haymer half smiled and held out his hand, “Good to see you again, Captain.”

Mal was a bit taken aback but recovered quickly, “Same, I guess.”

“Come now Captain,” Haymer said, still smiling, “A former husband of my wife's is at least a colleague of mine.”

Mal looked like someone hit him with a shovel, “Shen-me?”

“We were both the victim of my Wife. Thank you, by the way. For leaving her in an easy to find place. Using the dumpster was genius.”


“May I see my cargo?”

“Uh... sure. This way,” Mal replied as he lead the rich man into the ship. Cameron nonchalantly followed, keeping her gun out of sight. Jayne stayed by the door, watching the security guards while Zoë followed the Captain.

“Here ya' go, Mr. Haymer. Just as we picked em up.”

“Excellent,” Haymer replied. “Were there any problems during transport? Some of the items are quite fragile.”

“No problems,” Mal replied, “My pilot is one o' the best. Smooth sailin all the way.”

“Good, good,” Haymer said as he glanced over the collection of crates. His eyes fell on the long crate that had contained Cameron. He looked at the Captain, “I would like to examine this one.”

Mal cleared his throat, “Sure thing. Zoë, wanna bring me a crow bar?”

Zoë nodded and retrieved the tool. Haymer glanced at Cameron, as if seeing her for the first time.


Cameron smiled, “Hello.”

“Your daughter, perhaps Captain?” Haymer asked.

“Not by blood,” Mal replied. Cameron and her twin sister are on my crew.”

“And what do you do on the ship my dear?”

“I'm the cook, Sir,” Cameron replied. A sweet smile fixed on her face.

“And your sister?”

“The pilot I was talkin about earlier,” Mal said as he began prying off the lid of the crate, “What's supposed to be in here anyway?”

“I am not one hundred percent sure. It came into my collection some years ago. Reportedly, it is supposed to be a highly advanced robot of some kind. Dating back to before the exodus.”

“Must be worth a pile o' coin,” Mal commented as he lifted the wooden top clear with Zoë's help.

“Supposedly,” Haymer replied, “But for all I know, it's a pile of machine parts.”

“Here ya' go,” Mal replied as the four sides of the crate fell away, revealing the stasis unit within.

Haymer stepped forward slowly. Almost hesitantly he undid the latches on the top of the unit. With a hiss, the top lifted away.

“What the hell is this?” Haymer thundered. His guards took a step forward.

Mal looked over the edge, feigning ignorance, “Haymer. You got me transportin people?”

Haymer reached into the crate and poked the shoulder of the nude blonde figure within. As soon as he touched the skin he relaxed slightly. He was however, still a bit upset, “It's a love bot...”

“A what?”

“Love bot. The Lenore model.”

Mal tried not to snicker, “Who the hell needs one o' those?”

“Certainly not me,” Haymer huffed, “And it's certainly not from Earth-that-was. These are only a few years old.”

“Looks like someone took you for a ride...” Mal commented.

“It certainly does, Captain.” Haymer replied sternly.

“Don't go lookin at me. What does one o' these cost anyway? Quarter of a million credits? That's more than my whole boat is worth.”

Haymer backed down slightly, “You are right, Captain. A substitution of this sort is beyond your means.”

“Glad you agree.”

“Must have been switched before we picked up the cargo,” Zoë commented.

“Hmmm, probably right,” Haymer agreed. Haymer looked around the ship with a bit more interest, “What did you use the money you got for the Lassiter for?”

Mal's expression didn't change, “Some upgrades to the ship, and the mule you see up there,” Mal finished by pointing overhead.

“One must do what they have to,” Haymer said.

“Keep flyin,” Mal agreed.


“Hate to be a spoilsport here but about the rest of our fee...” Mal trailed off.

“Yes,” Haymer replied. He snapped his fingers and the lead security guard stepped forward, pulling a bag of platinum out of a pouch on his belt.. Haymer took it from the guard, “As agreed. Twenty five thousand on delivery, making for a total of fifty.”

Mal took the offered pouch and handed it to Zoë.

“Not going to count it, Captain?” Haymer asked.

Mal smiled slightly, “Don't need too. You could have sicked the Feds on us the second we landed. You didn't. I reckon that either you don't really care we got away with your Lassiter or some of this cargo is hotter than the surface o' Murphy...”

Haymer smiled, “Bravo Captain, bravo. My reputation prevents any casual inspection of the cargo but if I were to involve the authorities, the cargo would be taken into evidence and it's true origin would have been... embarrassing in the least to someone such as I.”

“Seems you ain't as squeaky clean as you put on.”

“None of us are, Captain. That's what keeps it interesting.”

“Reckon you're right on that account. By the way. Whatever did happen to to our mutual, missus?”

“She is at my estate, under guard. Yolanda has been undergoing... treatment. She is not well.”

“Can say that again,” Zoë commented.

“If we're done here, I'd like to release my crew for some leave,” Mal said.

“Certainly, Captain. My men will unload the cargo immediately.”

“Pleasure doin business with ya' Mr. Haymer.”

“The pleasure was all mine, Captain Reynolds.”


Mal doled out the crew's cuts from their rather decent payday. Jayne had grumbled slightly when Cameron had been handed her own cut.

Mal's glare shut the mercenary up.

“Here's the deal,” Mal began, “Need to get the ship stocked up, refueled and ready to fly. Kaylee, see to the fuelin then take the doc and get the food shoppin done. Get with Cameron afore you go to see what she may need in the way of fixins for the galley.”

Mal continued, “Jayne, make sure the armory is good to go. Inara, I want you and Zoë to take River and Cameron shoppin. Girl needs clothes. And River needs proper gear for workin in. I want to be off this rock in four hours, Dong-ma?”

There were nods around the table, “What are you doin, Cap'n?” Kaylee asked.

“Stayin with the ship. This is a core world. I ain't trustin to leave the ship without someone here.”

Orders given out, the crew broke up to complete their tasks.


“I am unfamiliar with the current fashion trends,” Cameron said as she followed River, Zoë and Inara into the clothing store.

“How did you dress before?” Inara asked.

“Similar to Zoë,” Cameron replied.

“That's easy enough,” Inara smiled. Zoë had drifted off to look at a few different racks.

“May I help you?” the clerk asked as she walked over to the women.

“My... nieces need to add to their wardrobe,” Inara began. They need rugged working clothes as well as some dressier items.”

“Certainly, Please follow me.”

After a short search, Inara and River had purchased several outfits. Three were identical. River had theorized that in certain circumstances, wearing the identical clothing would be a tactical advantage. Cameron had agreed.

In the end, Cameron had picked out several pairs of stretch jeans, various tops and two jackets, both in leather. A new pair of boots and underwear. She had also selected a pair of short skirts and matching leggings. Inara had been impressed.

“For... someone of your... background, you have a keen eye for clothing, Cameron.”

“Clothing is necessary to blend in. I have developed a... knack for that.”

River picked out several pairs of jeans as well. She had copied several of Cameron's choices. The three identical outfits were dresses. Since River was known to mostly wear them. The best way for Cameron to masquerade as River was to dress like her.

After the clothing store, Zoë led the others to a gun shop.

“A gun shop, Zoë?” Inara asked.

“River and Cameron need their own guns. That way Jayne will stop whining,” Zoë replied.

After browsing for a few minutes, Cameron selected a pair of semi-automatic, ten millimeter pistols. River copied her purchases. After finding matching shoulder and hip holsters, they made their way back to Serenity. Unaware that they had been discreetly followed during the whole shopping trip.

With all the mental static of the city crowds, River hadn't sensed the mind of their shadow. The man keyed up his com unit.

“Report,” came the terse reply.

“Just a bunch of women shopping.”

“Just shopping?”

“Clothes and guns.”


“Yeah, the twins bought matching Callahan semi-autos.”

“And you are sure they are sisters?”

“Can't tell em' apart hardly. Act the same too.”

“How alike?”

“Not like they were mirror images or nothing. Got a few of the same mannerisms but that's it.”

“Very well. Return to the estate. It appears Reynolds wasn't lying.”

“On my way Mr. Haymer.”

As their shadow slipped back into the crowds of the port, Zoë closed the ramp leading into Serenity. Five minutes later, the ship lifted off, heading for space.




Wednesday, June 10, 2009 5:22 PM


So Cameron passed muster under Haymer's security's scrutiny--for now. Core worlds could be a problem, with ident scans, though!

Thursday, June 11, 2009 4:22 AM


Very good. I like how you write Cameron. Very well done. I agree with freeverse though. Gonna be an interesting day!!

Friday, June 12, 2009 4:31 AM


So what would have happened if Haymer's security had found something odd in Cameron? And Yo-Saff-Bridge undergoing treatment? Why do I feel there might be a side issue there, like maybe she makes a break for it and ends up on Serenity?

Thursday, November 5, 2009 2:45 PM


The scrutiny put to River and Cameron makes me wonder about how fall the Alliance themselves go on Core planets when it comes to keeping an eye on their citizens? Cuz much as Cameron passes for human in a number of ways, any kind of weigh scale or x-ray scanner would show Cameron Philips (or would it be Cameron Tam now? ;D)to be heavier than a young woman of her height and build should be, plus having a skeleton made out of a rare alloy...

Still...all kinds of interesting to see good ole Durran in this tale. Though I honestly got the impression that Haymer's a connoisseur and not someone to get easily screwed over re: artifact purchases.


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