New Blood - Chapter 16
Friday, June 5, 2009

After landing on Kaylee's home planet, Simon asked her father a question and they find out that the Academy is still recruiting children.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Maxine. She's mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


A new story line to recharge my Muse. Set outside my “Allanverse.” Just to see what happens. Set about a year and a half post Serenity. Story line has the standard pairings of Mal/Inara, Simon/Kaylee. Also has River/Jayne. Zoë/Maxine -

Warning: This story line from here on out will include 'gasp' fem slash (Like you didn't see it coming). It won't be graphic but I know some are offended by any depiction of homosexuality. If you don't like this kind of thing... stop reading right now.

A/N: Sorry about the delay. The real world reared it's head this week.


New Blood


Chapter Sixteen


The six day transit to Meadow had led to several things aboard Serenity. Zoë and Maxine spent a significant amount of time together. There was even a very loud argument one afternoon that was followed by some other noises best left to the imagination.

River and Jayne along with Mal and Inara carried along as usual. Even River had backed off on her usual teasing of her brother since he didn't need the additional stress.

Simon was winding himself up more than River ever could.

A few hours before landing, Kaylee had gone in search of Simon who had excused himself after breakfast.

After checking the infirmary, Kaylee headed to the passenger dorms where Simon still kept most of his belongings as there was limited room in Kaylee's small bunk for both of their things.

Simon jumped when Kaylee slid the door back and giggled at her boyfriend. Simon stood in front of the bunk, wearing just his boxers while looking intently at the clothing he had laid out on the bed.

“Kaylee!” Simon squeaked, “You could knock...”

Kaylee tried to pout at Simon's expression but couldn't really. She knew he was very stressed about meeting her folks. Instead she ran a longing eye up and down Simon's body.

“Kinda like the view, Ai-ren,” Kaylee said with almost a leer.

Simon executed a very River like eye roll, “Kaylee...” the young doctor sighed.

Kaylee wrapped her arms around Simon's back and stood on her tip toes to peek over his shoulder, “Really, Bao-bei. Momma's gonna love you. Daddy will growl like a bear at first. Don't let him intimidate you none. Stand your ground and shake his hand. I'll take care o' the rest.”

Simon relaxed slightly and turned in Kaylee's grip so he could kiss her, “You amaze me more every day.”

Kaylee giggled, “Now, you wanna tell me why you're standin here in your unders?”

“I'm trying to figure out what to wear. I don't want to... offend your parents.”

“By dressin all fancy?”


Kaylee, grinned, “Only way you could do that is by showin up in your unders.”

Simon cracked a grin and then chuckled softly, “You're probably right,” he replied, suddenly realizing Kaylee was pressed against his nearly naked body. Kaylee noticed Simon's reaction too.

“Ya' know... I got a about an hour afore I have to get Serenity ready fer landin...” Kaylee purred.

“Whatever will we do with the time?” Simon grinned.

Kaylee stepped back and began to slowly unzip her coveralls, “I can conjure a few things.”

“So can I,” Simon whispered.

“Kaylee!” Mal yelled in the corridor outside, “How come somethin is bangin in the bridge atmo feed!”

“Liou coe shway duh biao-tze huh hoe-tze fuh ur-tze...” Kaylee muttered just loud enough for Simon to hear.

“And Doc... get yer paws offa' my mechanic long enough for her to fix my boat!” Mal bellowed outside the door.

Kaylee grumbled and slid the door back, “Hold your horses, Cap'n grumpy pants!” she snarled before pushing past Mal and heading for the bridge.

Mal suddenly realized Simon was standing there in just his boxers.

“Uhhh...” Mal trailed off.

“Something you need Captain?” Simon asked, nonplussed.

“I'll let you get back to... whatever,” Mal said before turning on his heel and sliding the door shut behind him.


“Thank you, Kaylee,” River said as the mechanic extracted herself from under a console on the bridge, “The noise was distracting.”

“S'okay, River. Nothin big. Just the vent fan got outta balance.”

“Didn't want to pull you away from, Ge-ge. But Captain insisted.”

“Now how did I figure that,” Kaylee grinned as she began putting her tools back into her box.

River giggled.

“How long...”

“Twenty five minutes three seconds.”

Kaylee grinned, “Thanks River. I'll be headin back to the engine room then.”

Zoë stepped onto the bridge, “We all set, River?”

The physic nodded, “We have landing clearance and I have Kaylee's parent's home loaded into the nav system.”

“There's a good spot behind my Daddy's shop... next to the barn,” Kaylee interjected.

“Sounds good to me,” Zoë agreed.

“I agree,” River replied.

Kaylee finished picking up her tools and excused herself, heading for the engine room. Zoë settled into the co-pilot's chair.

River glanced at the first mate, “You seem troubled, Zoë.”

“Hmmm? Oh, not so much really. Just thinking.”

“About you and Maxine?”


“She loves you.” River stated.

“Feelin's mutual. It's just...”

“Your argument bothered you.”

Zoë didn't speak but simply nodded. Her eyes locked on the rapidly growing planet outside.

“You are both what they used to call, Class A Personalities. Maxine is assertive in what she wants, and you know as well as anyone, you are too. You are a bit more assertive than Max, however. This will lead to the occasional argument,” River observed.

“I reckon so,” Zoë admitted.

“But the makeup sex will be worth it,” River giggled.


River gently guided Serenity through Meadow's atmosphere. She had a to dodge a few late afternoon thunderstorms but the flight was fairly smooth.

Meadow was like it's name, a green planet. The world had taken well to terriforming and boasted large oceans mixed with abundant land suitable for farming. Meadow was second only to Harvest when it came to food production. That in itself was a tremendous feat of engineering due to the fact that the planet had only been habitable for forty years.

Soon the small city of Kowlonshi came into view. One of the largest settlements on Meadow, it also held the second largest spaceport.

Angling the ship north of town, the small farm belonging to the Frye family came into view.

River eased Serenity to the ground behind the barn. Off to one side, a battered sign hung on a worn building declaring it to be the home of Frye's Repairs.

On the call that Serenity had landed, Kaylee flew through the shutdown procedures. She was nearly giddy with excitement. It had been a long time since she had been home.

In the four and a half years, Kaylee had been on the crew, she had only been home for two visits. And they had only been a quick overnight stops while waiting for cargo. Now Serenity would be staying for a few weeks.

Running down the stairs to the cargo bay, Kaylee jumped the last steps and nearly collided with her beau.

“You'd think Kaylee was excited or something,” Jayne commented with a grin. The big man considered the mechanic as sort of a little sister.

“Think you're right there, Jayne,” Maxine replied.

Kaylee wrapped her arm through Simon's and dragged the boy close to the air lock doors. She shot Mal a pleading look.

The Captain chuckled, “Relax Kaylee. We were just waitin for you,” He said as Inara hung off his own arm. In deference to Kaylee's family, Inara was dressed modestly. A simple blouse and skirt combination that Mal thought made her look as beautiful as any of her more elegant outfits.

River had forced Jayne into a clean, plain t-shirt and a new pair of cargo pants. She herself wore her favorite dark red dress and crocheted long vest. Maxine and Zoë wore matching black pants while Zoë wore a pink high collared shirt and her vest, Max opted for a red t-shirt.

Simon had finally decided on gray trousers topped with a simple white shirt. Dressy enough to be respectful but not so fancy to boast of his core upbringing.

With a grin, Mal hit the button to lower the ramp. As it dropped, four people could be seen. Thomas and Bethany Frye, Kaylee's parents. Jenny, Kaylee's older sister and a face Mal never thought he'd see again.

“Bester?” Mal said as his old mechanic came into view.

Before Mal could ask anything further, Kaylee squealed and ran forward to be hugged by her parents and sister.

Simon suddenly felt very naked standing on the ramp.

“Kay, Kay!” Thomas Frye yelled as his youngest launched herself into his massive arms.

Thomas Frye was a big man. Just an inch shorter than Jayne and nearly as broad. Graying dark hair and a wide smile under his large mustache completed the picture.

Bethany, Kaylee's mother looked like a slightly shorter and older version of her daughter. The same color hair, shot through with a few streaks of gray. She had laugh lines on her face rather than worry ones. She joined the hug followed by Jenny.

Thinner than her younger sister, Jennifer still had the same easy Frye smile. Bester looked a little uncomfortable standing off to the side.

Gone was the surfer look. While he still had his tattoos, Bester wore the garb of a working man. One who had grown up some in the time since he had been on Serenity.

Disentangling herself from her family, Kaylee stepped back with a huge grin on her face, “Momma, Daddy, Jen. I want you to meet Simon.”

With a slight hesitation, Simon began to walk down the ramp. Behind him, Jayne began to whistle 'Taps' until River smacked him.

“Mr. and Mrs. Frye... I'm glad to make your acquaintance,” Simon said as he held out his hand to Kaylee's father.

Thomas looked the young man up and down. A glint in his eye and a frown on his face. It wasn't until Beth elbowed her husband that Tom finally shook the young man's hand.

“Nice to meet you too,” He said gruffly shaking Simon's hand once.

Beth Frye smiled at the polite young man, “Welcome, Simon.”

“Thank you,” Simon replied.

“Simon, this is my sister, Jennifer. You can call her Jen or Jenny.”

“Pleased to meet you,” The older girl replied.

Kaylee motioned to River, “This here is Simon's sister, River.”

Thomas' face softened a bit. He knew from Kaylee's letters how much the young woman walking to meet them had been through. That was also why he hadn't been as harsh as he would normally have been upon meeting Simon. Any young man who had the stones to break into a government lab to break out his Mei-mei was alright in Tom Frye's book.

Mal walked up with Inara on his arm, followed by Jayne, Zoë and Maxine. Mal held out his hand, “Good to see you again, Tom.”

“You too, Mal. Looks like you got a couple of new faces since last you were here. From Kaylee's letters, I'd be guessin this is Inara?”

“I am, Mr. Frye.”

“Call me Tom.

“How you doing, Tom?” Zoë asked as she shook the big man's hand.

“Well as can be expected, Zoë. Sorry to hear about Wash. He was a good man.”

Zoë smiled slightly at the memory of the last time they had visited. Tom had gotten Wash drunk as they talked about flying. Tom had been a pilot himself in his youth.

“That he was, Tom.”

“So, who's the pretty redhead?”

“I'm Maxine Sharpe, Mr. Frye,” Max replied.

“What do you do on the ship, Maxine?”

“I'm the cook, Sir.”

Tom cocked his head slightly and grinned, “I reckon you do a bit more than that.”

“I help out on other things here and there,” Maxine smiled.

“Reckon you do.”


After the introductions, everyone had adjourned to the Frye household for refreshments. Mal had pulled Bester aside and been surprised to find out the young man he had fired so he could hire Kaylee had learned his lesson. He had gone to Tom, of all people for training and had landed work as a ship's mechanic again. Shortly after that, he had returned to Meadow and met Kaylee's sister,. Bester quit his job as a ships mechanic Jen and he had gotten engaged and Bester had begun working for his future father in law.

Before long, Beth cornered the women in the kitchen to help make dinner and left the men on the back porch with orders to not come in the house until dinner was ready. Tom had agreed only after breaking out the hard cider.

After a few sips, Tom focused his gaze on Simon, “What are your intentions towards my daughter, Simon?”

Simon choked on his cider while Jayne and Mal shared a grin. Bester chuckled as he had been on the receiving end of the same question a few months previous.

“I... uh... I... I love Kaylee, Sir...” Simon managed to sputter.


“And... If you approve that is... I mean...” Simon was still sputtering. After looking at the expressions on everyone's faces, Simon screwed up his courage and came right out with what was on his mind.

“Mr. Frye. I want to ask for Kaylee's hand in marriage. I love her with everything I have.”

Tom Frye grinned, “There... weren't so hard, was it?”

“Shen-me?” Simon whispered.

“I know my daughter, Doc. She's done flitted from boy to boy ever since she was fourteen. I even know how she landed her job on Serenity,” Tom stated as he glared at Bester, “That said. She's hooked good and proper on you boy. Any man who can snag my Kaywinnit on a permanent basis is the man I want for her... you have my permission.”

Simon sat slack jawed for a moment. Once his brain caught up he was able to sputter out a mumbled, “Thank you, Sir.”

“Drink up son. I think you need it,” Tom chuckled as he shared a grin at Mal.

Simon threw back the glass of cider.


“I was so sad to hear about Wash, Zoë,” Beth Frye said as she slid the bread into the oven, “You two were perfect for each other. I kept hopin to hear the good news from Kaylee that you two were gonna have a youngin...”

Zoë looked down at the table top and felt Maxine squeeze her hand in support, “We were tryin, the last few months...” she said after a moment.

Seeing the sadness in her eyes, Beth apologized, “I'm sorry, Zoë. That wasn't nice o' me. Draggin up bad memories like that.”

Zoë smiled, “It's okay, Beth. I got someone now to help out with stuff like that.”

Beth smiled, “You found another fella?”

“Not quite a fella,” Zoë replied with a slight smile as Maxine leaned her head on Zoë's shoulder.

“Hmm? Oh!” Beth replied.

“It isn't a problem, is it, Mrs. Frye?” Maxine asked.

“Heavens no, Dear. This family is very open minded. Long as you make each other happy, don't matter. And please, call me Beth.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Frye... Beth.”

Across the table, Zoë, Kaylee, Inara River and Jen shared a smile.


“Where did you and River grow up?” Jen asked Simon at the dinner table.

Simon politely wiped his mouth before speaking, “Capital City on Osiris,” the young doctor replied.

“Osiris you say,” Tom commented, “Isn't Callie's youngest going to some school there?”

“Jessie leaves in two days, Dear,” Beth replied.

“Who is Jessie?” Simon asked.

“My cousin's little girl,” Kaylee replied, “Course, I guess she ain't so little right now. What's she goin to school for?”

“Some school for gifted kids. Jessie is a real smart one, she is,” Beth smiled.

Simon glanced at his sister who had tensed up, “What... what is the name of this school?” the doctor asked after a moment.

“What did Callie call it... the Academy?” Beth shrugged.

River dropped her fork. The noise as the utensil hit the plate made an exclamation point to Beth's statement.

“Son of a bitch,” Mal muttered.

Kaylee looked horrified at this revelation. Mal, Inara, Zoë, Jayne and Simon looked furious. River seemed to shrink in fear. Jayne did his best to calm her.

“What's wrong?” Tom asked.

“You... you know how I told you in my letters some o' the things the 'liance did ta' River?” Kaylee, said quietly.

“Yes...” Beth replied.

“The facility that... experimented on River was fronted by a school for gifted children called the Academy.” Simon said. His voice just above a whisper.

The silence around the table was nearly deafening.

After several seconds of quiet, River's tiny voice broke the silence, “I need to speak with Jessie.”

Mal nodded, “I reckon, Me, the Doc, River and Kaylee will be speakin to her and her ma'. And right off.”

“I'll run you over, soon as we finish eating,” Tom stated.

“Jien tah-duh gway!” Beth exclaimed, “This is my niece we're talkin about. Get yer' asses in gear and head over there right now!”

“Damn straight,” Jayne replied as he slid his chair back.

Mal looked around the table, “Okay. Doc, You and Kaylee go with Tom. River, Jayne and me will follow in the Mule. Zoë, you and Maxine give Beth a hand here. Inara, I want you to go with us too. Might need your ambassadorial skills.”

There were nods around the table and everyone stood up. Kaylee looked a little pale. Simon kissed her cheek.

“Don't worry. We'll make sure she's safe.”

Kaylee smiled slightly, “I know.”

“Lets go, for it gets dark,” Mal ordered.

Ten minutes later, Tom's hover followed by the mule left a dust trail as they headed down the road towards Callie's home.

Hopefully, they could deny the Academy another victim.




Friday, June 5, 2009 10:07 AM


Always good to see something from you!! Love this story line, though I miss Allan. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009 2:41 AM


Never did think the Alliance would stop with their experiments on young people. So is Jessie going to end up there and the gang have to break her out?

Sunday, June 7, 2009 5:06 AM


Well... The possible tangents of this storyline are amazing. Love it. cant wait for the next chapter setting up the inevitable eminent violence and misbehaving. Max is a keeper no doubt.

another winner top3%..

Thursday, December 10, 2009 2:58 PM


its time to jerk a knot in some ones tail


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