Rebirth - Chapter 3
Sunday, May 31, 2009

The crew retrieves Lenore from Mr. Universe's complex and later, Mal comes to an important decision.


Fan fiction. Done for fun, not profit.


The Plot Bunnies are beating on me again. After watching the final episode of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, I had a weird idea for a Firefly/Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles crossover fic. No Rayne this time either. Set shortly after the BDM. Ignores the upcoming movie and travels in a wholly new direction with many continuity errors from the movies and TV Show. I am not as knowledgeable of the T:TSCC universe as I am with the Firefly/Serenity 'Verse. Please don't throw things.


AN: I'll be taking Cameron in new directions. With her hanging out with River, she will develop more of her human side. Although skewed slightly due to River's condition. I also see her becoming an integral part of the crew in later chapters. Also some fun will ensue as well due to her being essentially River's twin.




Chapter Three


“Anything, Albatross?” Mal asked as he stood in his customary position next to the pilot's console.

“Radar and sensors cannot detect anything in the immediate vicinity. However, sensors cannot penetrate the ion cloud surrounding the moon.”

Mal nodded in acknowledgment, “Take us in.”

Carefully, River flew Serenity into the crackling energy field that surrounded the former com station.

After a few slight bumps, Serenity emerged into the clear, “What a mess,” Zoë muttered from the co-pilot's seat. Everywhere there were chunks of broken ships. The aftermath of the battle between the majority of the Alliance rimward fleet and the Reavers.

“Can you find us a way through?” The Captain asked his pilot.

“Easily. There is significantly less debris over the southern pole. We will however be forced to fly in the atmosphere for a longer period,” River stated.

Mal grunted, “How's that hurt us for fuel?”

“Still within minimum reserves,” River replied.

“Good enough,” Mal said as he heard a noise behind him. Turning, he Saw Cameron enter the bridge, “What do you think?”

Cameron had a look of wonder on her face. Over the last few days due to the contact with other people, she had become even more human in her responses. She was still a bit strange but the Captain thought that might be from hanging around with River so much. It was strange. Mal had slipped into calling Cameron a she fairly quickly.

“I have never seen another world before.”

“This ain't much of one,” Mal replied, “Only terriformed enough to build the com station. Ion cloud was a screw up by the terriforming company.”

River shot her 'sister' a quick grin as the ship began to descend into the moon's atmosphere. Soon Serenity was traveling at high altitude and headed for the com complex.

It took nearly half an hour until the main structure came into view. Mal's face had hardened along with Zoë's as they flew closer. The gouges in the steel and concrete landing strip were still there from Serenity's crash, a year and a half previous.

After landing. The crew plus Cameron gathered in the cargo bay.

“Zoë, I want you here on the ship with Kaylee, Inara and the Doc. Jayne, River, Cameron and I'll head in to get Lenore.”

“Cameron needs a gun,” River stated as she checked her own pistol.

“I ain't givin no killer robot a gun,” Jayne grumbled.

Mal had to chuckle as River and Cameron gave the mercenary identical eye rolls.

Shaking her head in amusement, Zoë retrieved a pistol and gun belt from the bay armaments locker. With a slight smile, Cameron took it from the first mate and buckled it around her waist after loading the gun. A strange contrast against the flowery dress the cyborg was wearing.

Jayne was carrying Vera and Mal only had his pistol. The didn't expect to find anything but smashed equipment but you never knew with the crew of Serenity.


“Anything River?” Mal asked as the quartet picked their way through the wreckage that was the hangar at the bottom of the complex.

“I cannot feel any minds, Captain,” River replied, suppressing a shudder, “But the memories are problematic.”

“Not wrong there, Moonbrain,” Jayne mumbled.

“Why do you call River, Moonbrain?” Cameron asked.

“Cause she's crazy,” Jayne snorted.

“She is a surgically altered telepath who cannot tune out the mental emissions from other humans. River is also a high level genius. A combination to make almost any normal human... unstable. It is not her fault.”

“Can we leave the philosophical discussions till we're back on the boat?” Mal asked as he picked his way through the rubble that littered the floor.

“There appears to have been a battle here,” Cameron commented.

“You got a off switch?” Jayne grumbled.

“Jayne! Bi-zuie!” Mal ordered.

The big man grumbled.

Casting their eyes about it was easy to spot the blood stains on the concrete. River began to shiver.


“I'm okay, Captain... bad memories.”

“Lets get this done.”


Since the power generators were still operating, the elevator still functioned. After a short ride they found themselves in Mr. Universe's wrecked command center.

“Alliance hundan's really did a number in here,” Jayne commented.

“That they did,” Mal replied, “There it is.”

In the corner, sitting on the floor, covered in dust sat Lenore, the love bot. Cameron examined the robot closely, “What is this unit's function?”

“Sex,” Jayne leered.

“I don't understand...”

“A love bot is sometimes used by people who want physical release but do not want the complications of a relationship with a real partner,” River said, hiding a grin.

Cameron tilted her head, “Thank you for explaining.”

“I heard they're programed to do damn near anything when it comes to sex,” Jayne grinned.

“Is that all they do?” Cameron asked, a look of disappointment on her face.

“Some are programed for domestic chores as well,” River stated.

“Love bots are not self aware?”

“Far from it, “ Mal said as he reached around behind Lenore's head, searching for her power switch. With a click, Lenore powered up.

“Hello,” Lenore said in her mechanical voice. A stiff wave followed, “Where is Mr. Universe?”

Mal and Jayne shared a look, “He ain't here right now,” Mal said after a moment.

“Very well,” Lenore replied.

“He sent us to retrieve you for him,” Mal added.

“Wonderful. Please lead the way.”


Back on the ship, Kaylee, River and an observing Cameron commandeered the Infirmary to work on Lenore.

First, they had cleaned the robot up. Lenore had been tossed into a corner by Alliance techs after the battle and needed a little sprucing up.

Now clad only in a sheet, the Love Bot was inert again as Kaylee looked at diagnostic diagrams over the cortex. Trying to figure out how to reprogram Lenore. A small power cable led from the bot's foot to an outlet in the corner. Lenore had run out of power on her walk back to Serenity and Cameron had carried the Love Bot the rest of the way back to the ship.

“Highly inefficient design,” Cameron observed, “Physical strength is only one point one times human norm for a woman of Lenore's height and weight... if she were human.”

“Love bot's ain't like you, Cam,” Kaylee replied, “They's just supposed to take care o' their owners fer sexin. Not be a body guard.”

“I have all the necessary programming and components to indulge in intercourse. And I can also take on the role of protector. I would be much more efficient.”

River giggled and Kaylee's jaw dropped, “You.. you mean you got all the right... girl parts?”


Kaylee thought she was going to faint while River was laughing so hard she could barely breathe. Even Cameron cracked a slight smile.

“All terminators of my basic designation are female. A decision by Skynet to better infiltrate the human camps. Using sex to get close to our targets,” Cameron continued.

“So... can you... you know... orgasm?” Kaylee asked, wide eyed.

“Much better than that piece of junk on the table,” Cameron grinned.

“Wuo-de-ma,” Kaylee whispered.

“My... girl parts are much more realistic than Lenore's since I actually have living tissue and not a synthetic polymer as an outer sheath.”

“Damn,” Kaylee whispered before turning her attention back to Lenore.

“How we comin, Kaylee?” The Captain asked as he entered the infirmary.

“I got Lenore's power packs rechargin. The firewalls in her software are keepin me from doin anything to her baseline program. Mr. Universe was good.”

“Well... keep at it. We need Lenore reset back to factory standard before we put her in the box for delivery,” Mal ordered before turning on his heel and exiting.

“May I be of any assistance, Kaylee?” Cameron asked.

“You can give it a try,” the mechanic shrugged.

Cameron walked to where Kaylee was standing, looking at the streams of code running on the cortex screen. A small jumper cable ran from the back of Lenore's head to the terminal.

Cameron tilted her head slightly as her visual sensors read the data on the screen. After a moment, a small smiled flickered across her face, “Piece of cake.”


“Damn... this is good!” Jayne exclaimed as he scooped another fork full into his mouth.

“It sure is,” Zoë agreed, “Who cooked?”

“I did,” Cameron stated as she sat at the table next to River.

Jayne's jaw dropped and he stared at Cameron. She stared right back. Deciding it was better to keep eating than say anything further, Jayne resumed stuffing his face.

Looks of surprise flashed around the table as Cameron scooped a small portion onto a plate and began eating herself.

Upon noticing the looks she was getting from the others she smiled, “My epidermal layers require periodic nourishment. I process foodstuffs to nourish the cells. It also helps me blend in.”

“How... how often do you need to eat?” Simon asked after a moment.

“At a minimum once a week to maintain optimal performance.”

“Can you... taste?” Inara asked.

“Yes. I do find food enjoyable.”

River giggled. Cameron winked and looked at her twin, “And you need to eat more.”

River pouted and then took a large mouthful. Simon's jaw dropped, “How did you do that?”

“What?” Cameron asked.

“Get her to eat.”

“She knows I can beat her up,” Cameron grinned.

Faces paled around the table and Cameron rolled her eyes, “Don't you people know a joke when you hear one?”


It was well after midnight, ships time. Mal couldn't sleep. He and Inara had argued again. It seemed like one step forward and two back. After making a turn around the ship. Doing his best to ignore the noises coming from Simon and Kaylee's bunk. The Captain found himself on the bridge.

“Up awful late, ain't ya, Albatross?” Mal said as entered the bridge.

“River is asleep,” Cameron replied.

“Cao!” Mal exclaimed. “Here I thought I was getting better at telling you two apart.”

“I am striving to appear more like River,” the cyborg replied.

Mal rubbed his face and settled into the co-pilots seat, “You ain't been touching anything have you?”

“As agreed, Captain. I am only accessing the cortex for educational purposes... I won't steal your ship.”

“Good... long as we got that settled. How... how goes the learning?”

“The data available is highly propagandized. Earth history as depicted does not match with my own memories. Also the actions of the Alliance government are not beneficent to all citizens. The level of wealth between the core and rim worlds is quite large. ”

“That there, is the real truth of the matter.”

“I read some things about the Unification War. You and Zoë served as Independents... correct?”

“That we did.”

Cameron swiveled the seat to face Mal, “Can you tell me about it?. The historical texts are very biased.”

“Since I can't sleep anyway, I guess I can fill in some of the gaps for you,” Mal replied.

Three hours later, Cameron had a much better picture of the current government. The Captain had also filled her in about more current issues like Miranda and what the Alliance and Blue Sun had done to River.

With that information, Cameron began to formulate a protection plan for River. Cameron had taken this crew as her new surrogate family. Something John Henry had programmed into her new chip was the need and want of family. As well as the true capability to love and care for others.

It was different now. Before, she was 'Tin Miss'. A reprogrammed terminator. Now she was a person. While born from Coltan and titanium with hydraulic fluid running through her rather than blood. Cameron considered herself a person. River accepted her like that as did Kaylee.

The Captain was warming to the idea as was Zoë and Inara. Simon was still on the fence and Jayne was distrustful. No matter. Soon the crew would accept her as one of their own.

And Heaven help anyone who ever tried to harm Cameron's new family.


Mal stumbled into the galley, cursing under his breath and searching for coffee. He had finally been able to get to sleep a little after three. His conversation with Cameron had been... enlightening to say the least.

He probably figured it was a good thing Cameron didn't sleep because any real person who had been through what she had would probably be crazier than River.

Real person... that was a thought. The more time he spent with the cyborg, the more he realized that Cameron was a person. Like River had been saying. Not born of flesh but of fire. And like Cameron had said herself. If he had seen Cameron walking down the street, he wouldn't have taken a second look at her... other than the fact that she was River's twin.

With sleep deprived clumsy fingers, Mal got the coffee machine brewing the dark liquid that sort of looked like coffee. It had been months since they had been able to afford the real stuff.

Mal leaned against the counter and crossed his arms. That had been the gist of his argument with Inara the night before. While this was a highly paying legitimate job, Mal was not one to sit around after. He had mentioned in passing that Fanty and Mingo had waved, inquiring if Mal was interested in a job. Inara had been trying to Steer Mal away from the less than legal jobs. Hence the argument.

Cameron walked into the galley, “Good morning, Captain.”

“Morning, Cameron,” Mal replied as he poured himself a mug of the faux coffee.

“Would you like for me to start breakfast for the crew?” Cameron inquired.

Mal suddenly grinned. Cameron was a damn fine cook. The food she had prepared so far was good tasting even though it was mostly protein. Mal came to a decision.

“Cameron... how would you like a job?”


“Since you seem to do so well in the kitchen. And with your... other skills. I think you could be a real resource around here.”

“What would my duties be?”

“Cook, an extra gun hand when we need one. Maybe have you sit watch while we sleep since you don't...”

“What would be my compensation?”



“Oh...” Mal grinned, “Ten percent after ships expenses. Same as River.”

“That would be a satisfactory arrangement,” Cameron smiled.

Mal held out his hand and after half a second, Cameron shook it, “Welcome to the crew.”

Cameron smiled, “Thank you, Captain. I do have one question.”

What's that?”

“I require a small advance on my salary.”

Mal's face fell, “Why?”

“I require clothing. River's wardrobe is not very large and with the two of us sharing. It is becoming problematic. Also, these... dresses are not my preferred style.”

Mal chuckled slightly, “What is your style?”

“More like Zoë.”

“I reckon we can handle something like that once we get to Belepheron.”

“Thank you.”

River bounced into the room, “Morning, Captain.”

“Mornin, Albatross” Mal replied as he sat at the table.

River shot the Captain a grin when she noticed Cameron busying herself with the breakfast preparations, “Good choice,” she said before beginning to assist Cameron.

Mal glared at the physic over the top of his mug, “No peekin, little one.”

“It is hard to ignore your smugness this morning, “ River replied with a grin.

“Smug... Now I'll have you know...”

“You bein Smug again, Sir?” Zoë asked as she strode into the room, heading for the coffee machine.

Mal just sputtered and then drank some more coffee.

A moment later, Jayne stumbled in, intent on coffee as well.

Giggling from the other direction announced Kaylee and Simon's entry. The couple slid into their usual seats, “Mornin, Cap'n, Zoë.”

“Mornin, Kaylee, Doc.” Zoë replied. Mal just grunted.

Last to arrive was Inara. She shot Mal a venomous glare and sat next to Zoë instead of in her usual spot next to the Captain. Zoë rolled her eyes and added her own glare at the Captain to Inara's.

“Mornin, Inara,” Mal said.

“Good Morning,” She replied, flatly. Mal's face fell.

Zoë turned to Inara, “He step in it again?”

“Yes,” Inara replied.

“I did not... I...” Mal sputtered before deciding discretion was the better course.

Inara shot Zoë a small grin.

“You lettin, tin britches cook again?” Jayne grumped.

Mal glared at the mercenary, “Yep. Got an announcement to that fact. I done hired Cameron on as crew this mornin.”

Zoë looked at the Captain but her expression showed that she wasn't opposed to the idea.

Jayne looked shocked, “You payin it?”

“I'm paying her,” Mal corrected, “Always wanted to hire a cook and with her other skills, Cameron's right handy to have around.”

“So... you're gonna cut into our shares by payin another hand?” Jayne asked, clearly upset.

“That's my decision, Jayne. That's why I'm Captain.”

“How much?” the big man growled.

“Same as you.”

“What's Cameron gonna be doin, Cap'n?” Kaylee asked.

“Cameron's gonna be the cook, extra gun and as soon as River gets her up to speed on the systems, standing the overnight watch since she don't sleep.”

Jayne grumbled but didn't say anything further. Not having to take an overnight watch when they were closer to civilization would be a bonus. Deep in the black like they were, Mal didn't post a watch but once they got in closer to a system, he'd post a watch.

“That seems fair,” Inara commented.

“What's a machine need money for anyway?” Jayne whined.

“I require my own clothing and weapons,” Cameron stated as she continued to cook, “River's wardrobe is rather sparse. Splitting it between us is causing a problem.”

Mal turned to his first mate, “Zoë?”

“Sounds like a good idea, Sir,” Zoë replied after a moment's consideration, “The not standing overnight watches is a nice bonus to the good cookin. Long as you think we can trust her.”

That was the sticking point in Mal's mind. As a machine, River couldn't read Cameron. Then again, if the cyborg was going to kill them in their sleep, she could have done it well before now.

“We had a long chat last night. I'm willing to take the risk.”

“Well I think it's shiny,” Kaylee smiled, “Maybe I can train Cameron up on some of Serenity's workins too?”

“That's up to her, Kaylee but I don't see any harm in it.”

Jayne was still grumbling in his seat. River threw a biscuit at him.


“Ape man needs to be nice.”

Cameron spoke up, “I need to inform you all of something. My baseline programming lies in protecting any family of John Conner. Since Simon and River are his descendants. That includes them. It also extends to whomever they consider friends and family. At the moment, that is everyone in this room.”

“Even Jayne,” River giggled.

Cameron smiled at her twin, “Even Jayne. That said. I will protect all of you with my... life. If that were to become necessary. But also remember, if someone internally should become a threat. I will eliminate such threat. I will follow the Captain and Zoe's orders as long as the orders do not conflict with my directives. In that case, I will default to protecting River and Simon first.”

“What do you consider a threat?” Simon asked.

“Imminent threat of loss of life or liberty due to treachery. I know humans get mad at each other. I won't kill the Captain if he punches Simon like River has told me has occurred in the past.”

Mal shared a look with Zoë who nodded. Mal looked at Cameron, “I can live with that.”




Sunday, May 31, 2009 7:43 AM


BRILLIANT! I love Cameron's character and how she is learning and such. The conversation about orgams definately had me laughing so hard!

Wicked job...I can't wait to read more!

Monday, June 1, 2009 2:37 AM


The Kaylee/Cameron convo was definitely one to read and enjoy! I can see Cameron trying to adjust Lenore's programming, though. And the last little bit of conversation about Cameron not killing the Cap if he hits Simon? Well, I for one am glad about that ...

Thursday, November 5, 2009 2:34 PM


Gotta say...Cameron's handling Jayne's behaviour well. Then again, if she put up with Derek's constant stream of vitriol over her being a reprogrammed killing machine for the time he and the Connors were teamed up? Should be a breeze ;)


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