Rebirth - Chapter 1
Thursday, May 21, 2009

Firefly/ Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover. - While on a cargo Run, Serenity finds out that the five hundred year old crate they picked up has something unexpected inside.


Fan fiction. Done for fun, not profit.


The Plot Bunnies are beating on me again. After watching the final episode of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, I had a weird idea for a Firefly crossover fic. No Rayne this time either. Set shortly after the BDM. Ignores the upcoming movie and travels in a wholly new direction with many continuity errors from the movies. Ain't time travel fun?.





Chapter One.


“Why, John?”

“It's the only way, Cam. I'm sorry.”

“It isn't logical.”

“Logic has nothing to do with it. I'm doing this out of love.”


“The Earth is dying. Skynet is defeated but the damage... mankind can't survive here any longer.

“Then why am I going?”

“I need someone I can trust. Weaver has built the ships, but... once humanity arrives in the new system, I don't want Metal taking over.”

Cameron's face grew stern, “I'm Metal, John.”

John gazed at Cameron's nearly nude figure, clad only in her underwear, “You... are so much more than mere metal. I need you to do this for me.”

Cameron didn't look happy, “Very well.”

“Lay down please,” John asked.

Cameron nodded and lay back on the padded table top. John made several adjustments to his equipment. After a moment, he motioned for an assistant to bring over the stasis crate.

John Connor looked down at Cameron. The spitting image of Alison. In this new altered time line, Alison hadn't been captured by Skynet and used as a template for a new model Terminator. Instead, Alison had become his wife. The mother of his daughter. A sneak attack near the end of the war had killed Alison.

A sneak attack by new Terminator models. The models that the original Cameron was based on.

After burying his wife, John had found a female Terminator of this new model, captured it and then made a copy of his departed wife. A copy of his long lost 'Sister'.

Cameron, at least in physical form had been reborn. But without a chip, she was just metal.

His men thought John had gone mad with grief over Alison's death. All he could do was obsess about this new 'project' and left the planning of the exodus to others.

A package arrived one day. Delivered by one of the new T-1000's that was under Weaver's command. The package contained a chip. Brand new and highly advanced. Next to it in the small box was a note.

“She will live again. With this she will be free.” It was signed, John Henry.

With trembling hands, John inserted the chip. Cameron was once again alive.

And more alive than she had been before. John Henry had downloaded all of Cameron's memories into this new chip. A chip that had even more capability for emotion then even the previous chip.

Cameron now could truly feel real emotions. Not just simulate them like she had been able to do before.

Shaking himself from his reverie, John and his assistant lowered the four sided box around Cameron on the table. The table top forming the floor of the container.


“Yes, Cameron?”

“Will I dream?”

“I don't know. If you do. I hope it's about me.”

A smile came across Cameron's face, “I hope so too.”

John leaned over the crate and hesitated. Damning the consequences, he leaned forward and tenderly kissed Cameron's lips as he simultaneously triggered the device that sent a signal to Cameron's chip to shut her down.

As John stood back up, a tear ran down his face, “Farewell my love.”

John's assistant lowered the cover on the stasis box. The next time it was opened, Cameron would emerge.

“Are you alright, Sir?”

John turned to his assistant, “I'll be fine, Gabe.”

The young scientist nodded, “I'll take her with me to the ark ship myself.”

John nodded, “And Sarah?”

“Jennifer is baby sitting on board now.”

“You are a good man, Dr. Tam.”

Gabriel Tam frowned, “You're not going... are you?”


“What about Sarah?”

“Raise her as your own. There's no place for me on the exodus.”

“Sarah needs her father.”

“She needs a family. Not a broken down soldier like me.”



“We'll take care of her. Do you want to say goodbye?”

“Best that I don't. She's only eighteen months old. I don't want to confuse her.”

Gabriel reached out his hand, “Godspeed, John Connor.”

“Same to you.”

Two hours later, John watched as the small Aerospace shuttle blasted off into space. Never to return again. He sighed and sat next to a grave marker on the hill overlooking the Pacific. A hilltop that, in his youth, would have been the Malibu hills.

As the sun set, John lay down on the ground, next to the grave of his wife. As he fell asleep he didn't hear the approach of metal feet.

A single gunshot echoed across the hill. John Connor. The man who became the last hope of Mankind was no more. The blood from his body mingled with the dirt over the grave.

The simple stone above read, 'Alison Young Connor. Loving Wife and Mother. 2010-2035.'



Four hundred eighty three years later...


“Albatross. What's our ETA to Di Yu?”

“Three hours, eight minutes and twelve seconds,” River replied without looking at the Nav-Sat display.

Mal tried to hide his grin. Marveling again at how much River had changed these last few months.

Miranda had been like a switch was thrown in the young girls brain. She was still a bit hard to understand and spoke in riddles a bit more than he would like, but Malcolm Reynolds had to admit. River was a true blessing to his crew.

The Captain slid into the co-pilots seat and rubbed his face. Staring out at the black.

“You shouldn't argue with her.”

Mal glanced over at the teenager, “And little psychics shouldn't be listenin to things she ought not to.”

“When you shout with your voices, you shout with your minds. Hurts.”

Mal sighed, “Sorry River. Don't mean to upset you none.”

“But you do mean to upset Inara... sometimes,” She replied.

“Don't mean to. Just seems to happen is all.”

“You're trying,” River smiled.

“Reckon we are.”

“Soon, you will be like Simon and Kaylee.”

Mal groaned, “If and I mean if. Me an 'Nara get to that point. I don't reckon we'll be rutting all over the ship like Kaylee and your brother. Caught em' in the cargo bay last night...”

River giggled, “Be thankful you didn't catch them the way I did. No sibling wants to watch their brother doing their best friend while trapped in the ceiling rewiring the ship.”

Mal chuckled, “Reckon that might be a bit... disturbing.”

“You have no idea...”

Zoë stomped onto the bridge, “We gonna be dirt side soon, Sir?”

“About three hours. You in a rush?”

“Need to see to some things...”

“Soon as we pick up the cargo. I reckon we can stay a few hours.”

“Good,” Zoë replied tersely before turning and striding off the bridge.

Mal looked after where his best friend had gone, “Thought she was getting better...”

“Minor setback. Wash was from Di Yu. She's meeting family.”

“Cao,” Mal muttered.

“That about sums it up, Captain.”


River gently lowered Serenity to the ground in the large city of Jiaxing's massive port complex. The smog was so heavy, the visibility was only a few kilometers.

“I can see why Wash wanted to get out of here,” Mal commented as the ramp lowered.

Beside him, Simon nodded, “It would be best to limit our exposure to the atmosphere. Our lungs are acclimated for filtered and purified air. This... soup is not healthy.”

“Reckon you're right on that, Doc. We'll be off to the meet. After, Zoë has a couple of errands to run.”

“Best we keep the ship closed up Cap'n,” Kaylee stated as she walked up to the two men, “This muck 'll mess up the purifiers, iffin we use the outside air too much.”

Zoë and Jayne were prepping the mule behind them. The Captain turned, “All set, Zoë?”

“Ready to go, Sir,” She replied.

Mal mounted the craft and sat next to the First Mate who was driving. Jayne lounged in the back seat, “Lets go get our cargo.”

As soon as the mule pulled out of the bay and into the busy port area, Kaylee closed the ramp.

Simon jumped slightly as Kaylee nearly leapt into his arms, “So... Dr. Tam...”

River floated down the steps from the upper deck, “Go and have sex already,” She grumped.

Kaylee giggled and Simon rolled his eyes, “Mei-mei...”

“Go be together, Simon. I will watch for the others.”

Grinning, Kaylee dragged Simon off in the direction of the doctor's bunk. River let out a loud sigh.

“What's wrong, River?” Inara asked as she descended the stairs.

“The only men on this boat are either related, a paternal figure or... Jayne.”

Inara chuckled slightly, “Feeling a bit frustrated are we?”

River nodded, “Last time we were in port long enough, the first boy who showed interest in me was threatened with bodily harm.”

“I'm sure Mal meant well...”

“It was Simon.”


“Captain thought it was quite funny. I'm not laughing.”

Inara reached out and pulled River into a one armed hug, “I understand sweetie. Someday your prince will come.”

“He better gorram hurry up.”

“River! Language,” Inara chided.

“Hanging around Jayne too much, I think.”

“That must be it,” Inara agreed with a grin, “Why don't you come up to my shuttle. We can have some tea and... girl talk.”

River smiled slightly, “I would like that.”

“Come then,” Inara said as she led the teen back up the stairs.


“This the place?” Jayne asked as Zoë pulled the mule to a stop in front of a rather well maintained warehouse.

“According to the directions it is,” Mal replied.

“Seems a bit... upscale for our usual cargo, Sir,” Zoë commented.

“Does at that. Keep an eye out. Yu said this was on the up and up, but...”

“Does seem too good to be true. Fifty thousand to haul a bunch of crates.”

“Supposed to be Earth-that-was artifacts and such. Worth a lot of coin.”

“Let's go get this done,” Jayne growled.

Zoë shot the merc a look .

“Jayne's right. Best we get a move on.,” Mal ordered.

After dismounting the mule, the trio entered the warehouse through an open overhead door. In the corner stood a small room marked 'office'.

“Can I help you folks?” Asked a voice to one side.

Mal turned to face the stranger. Zoë moved to Mal's right and Jayne to the left.

“Reckon so. I'm Captain Malcolm Reynolds. I understand there's a cargo here for me?”

The man smiled, “Ah, Captain Reynolds. I've been expecting you. I'm Josiah Cromwell. The manager here.”

Mal held out his hand and Cromwell shook it, “Pleased to meet you Mr. Cromwell. Can I take a gander at the cargo?”

“Please, follow me.”

Mal, Zoë and Jayne followed the manager towards the rear of the building. Set aside in the corner were several wooden crates in various sizes. Including one that looked a great deal like the one Tracy had been in when he had shipped himself to Mal and Zoë.

“This the cargo?” Mal asked.

“It is. Total mass is about two metric tons. Do you have a way to get it to the docks?”

“Not that large a load,” Mal replied.

“No problem, Captain I have a cargo truck I can deliver the load with.”

“Speakin o' deliverin, Mr. Cromwell. Where are we goin with this load? Yu wasn't forthcoming with that information.”

“Belepheron, Captain. The consignee is one Durin Haymer.”

Mal's face hardened, “Huh?”

“Indeed. Mr. Haymer requested you specifically for this cargo run. He also told me to tell you he harbors no hard feelings from your previous encounter.”

“That so,” Mal said coldly.

Yes. He also said to tell you that the item you... borrowed is back in it's display case after you fenced it,” Cromwell grinned.

Jayne and Zoë traded a look. Something wasn't right about this. Mal looked angry.

Cromwell held his hands up, “Please Captain. Mr Haymer is an honorable man.”

Mal glanced at Zoë and she shrugged her shoulders. Mal came to a decision, “Shiny. Have the cargo brought to slip sixty two. Say, two hours?”

“Certainly Captain,” Cromwell replied. The man reached into a coat pocket slowly and withdrew a large bag, “Twenty five thousand platinum. You'll get the balance on delivery.”

Mal took the bag from Cromwell and handed it to Zoë, “Good enough. See you then.”

“Good Day, Captain.”

Silently, the walked back to the Mule. As Zoë pulled away, she looked aver at the Captain, “Trap, Sir?”

“Might not. If Haymer wanted us for the Lassiter, I'm pretty sure that the Fed's would a been waitin for us here.”

“Awful lot o' coin for a simple haulage job,” Jayne commented.

“Not wrong, Jayne,” Mal replied, “Twenty five grand would keep us flyin near on a year. Fifty is just icing. Best we keep an eye out though.”

For the remainder of the ride back to Serenity, Mal, Jayne and Zoë remained silent, Each thinking about what may happen next.


Zoë dropped Mal and Jayne at the ship and then headed back into the city. On the seat next to her lay a small bag containing some of Wash's personal effects. The Captain had asked her if she wanted company but Zoë had refused.

Half an hour later, Cromwell and a two other men arrived with a flatbed hover mule, stacked high with the crates. As Jayne and the two men began loading the cargo, Cromwell drew Mal aside.

“Captain, I must ask you something.”

Mal fixed Cromwell with a stern look, “Ask away,” he said after a moment.

“There is another reason why Mr. Haymer wanted you to carry this cargo.”

Mal grimaced. He suddenly expected Feds to pour out of the woodwork. Cromwell saw the expression on the Captain's face.

“Nothing like that, Captain. This is repayment for your work in exposing Miranda.”

“Who's Miranda,” Mal asked, feigning ignorance.

Cromwell, smiled slightly, “Come now Captain. Mr. Haymer was at one time, a well placed Alliance officer. He knows all about what happened. He sends his condolences for the loss of your friends.”

Mal was glad Zoë was off visiting Wash's folks. She would have killed Cromwell just on principle at that moment. Mal was hard pressed to keep his hand off his gun.

“I'll pass along his condolences,” Mal replied stiffly.

“Thank you Captain. There's one more thing. Please do not open any of the crates. I know you will not pilfer anything. It's just that some of those items are over five hundred years old and haven't seen the light of day in that time. Some might be damaged.”

“So you could be shippin near anything in them crates.”

“I could but I'm not,” Cromwell replied, pulling a sheaf of paper work out of his pocket, “These papers will ensure cooperation if you are inspected by the Alliance enroute.”

“A get out of jail free card?”

“Something like that.”

Mal took the papers, “Good enough.”


Zoë returned from her errand about two hours later. A noticeable bounce in her step. Something she hadn't had in some time.

Mal closed the ramp after she pulled the mule inside, “Everything shiny?”

Zoë smiled, “Shiny, Sir.”

Mal couldn't help but smile back. He hadn't seen a real smile on Zoë's face since Wash had been killed.

“Good visit?”

Zoë nodded, “I thought Kaylee's momma was a happy woman. Wash's mother Blows her outta the water.”

Mal chuckled, “That's sayin somethin.”

Zoë nodded as she pulled the bag she had brought with her out of the mule, “Wouldn't even take his stuff. Instead, gave me some of Wash's things from the house.”

“I hope it wasn't more dinosaurs...”

Zoë grinned, “Worse. Toy spaceships and captures of him growing up.”

Mal nodded, “You good, Zoë?”

“I'm getting there sir. It helped to talk... cargo all secure?”

“All set to go,” Mal replied. He stepped to the intercom, “Albatross, get us in the air.”

Mal's reply was the sound of the engines spooling up.


Three hours later, deep in space and course set for Belepheron, nearly two weeks away. River found herself in the cargo bay. Wandering as she had a habit to do. Times like this helped her focus. Especially when her annoying brother was sexing up Kaylee... again.

Running her hands along the crates in the bay. River suddenly stopped. A solitary oblong crate sat next to the others. Something drew her to the box. Slowly she drew her hand along the rough wood.

“There another stiff in there like last time?” Jayne asked as he stomped into the bay, intending to lift weights.

“There's... something.”

“You heard the Captain. Crates ain't gonna be opened.”

River turned her head and glared at the ape man with the same boob expression she usually saved for her brother.

Jayne considered the kind of trouble that Tracy had brought down on them. Despite himself, Jayne had come to accept River's hunches. Her warning's had kept them out of trouble since she had gotten that Miranda go-se out of her head.

“Think we should open it?” Jayne asked.


“Want me to do it?”

“I'll call the Captain,” River replied as she headed for the intercom.

Five minutes later, the entire crew had gathered in the bay, “Whats the problem, Albatross? Mal asked.

“There is something wrong with this crate.”

Wrong? What kind of wrong?” Mal asked.

“Unknown, Captain.”

“I say we space it,” Jayne grumbled.

“Jayne!” Inara admonished, “There could be a priceless historical artifacts in there.”

Mal turned to his mechanic, “Kaylee? You got some kinda scanner we can use?”

“Got a couple o' things I could use Cap'n.”

“Best get them.”

With a nod, Kaylee ran off to the engine room.

“Any idea Doc?”

Simon shook his head, “None, Captain.”

A moment later, Kaylee returned with a small electronic scanner. She quickly went to work, moving the device all around the edges of the crate.

“Anything, Lil' Kaylee?”

“Strange, Cap'n. There's a slight energy signature. Real weak.”

Mal swore under his breath.

“Thinking a bomb, Sir?” Zoë asked.

“Or a tracer,” Mal replied. He looked at his pilot, “Albatross?”

“It's strange. It's almost like there's someone there... but... not.”

“Anyone in that box is gonna be five hundred years old and probably smelly,” Jayne commented.

Mal rubbed his face once and came to a decision. He reached for a nearby crowbar, “Lets at least take a look inside the crate.”

Grabbing a second crowbar, Jayne helped the captain removed the cover from the crate.

“Wuo de ma,” Jayne grunted.

“That... that looks like a very old stasis container,” Simon said as he looked inside.

“A what?” Mal asked.

“Stasis container,” Simon replied. “ Early cryo technology. Used for the preservation of a body during transport. They haven't used anything like this in centuries.”

“So... there's body in there?” Kaylee asked fearfully.

“Could be...” Simon trailed off.

Meanwhile, River had become very still. The Captain looked at her, “Tross?”

“Open it,” the girl whispered.

Zoë and Mal shared a look, “Your call, Sir.”

Mal blew out his breath between his teeth, “Doc. Give me a hand here?”

Simon stepped forward. Together, he ad the captain undid the twelve latches holding the cover shut. As the last one released, a hiss could be heard as the air pressure equalized. With a quick nod the two men lifted the cover clear.

Inara let out a startled squeak while Kaylee stood in shock. Jayne just goggled. A slow smile came across River's face.

Mal and Simon looked in the crate. Laying perfectly still was a young woman. A young woman who looked like River's twin.

“How in the hell...” Mal trailed off.

“The body is remarkably preserved,” Simon stated, fully in doctor mode. He had to think that way because the notion that a five hundred year old crate held a body that looked just like his sister was impossible.

“I don't get it,” Jayne mumbled.

Inside the crate, a small photoelectric cell had been gathering energy. As soon as it charged, the small device sent a signal, turning on a small computer chip. One hundred and twenty seconds later, the body of the woman in the crate opened her eyes.

Kaylee screamed and jumped back. Inara simply froze in her tracks.

With almost machine precision the nearly nude woman sat up in the crate, “What year is it?” she asked.

Mal, Jayne and Zoë had drawn their weapons. The girl in the box looked around quickly. Her CPU calculating possible actions. Her sensors could determine that all the people in the room were frightened. All but one.

Cameron's new programming had eliminated the underlying urge to kill humans. She was a Terminator but John Henry's new chip had removed that from her entire programming loop. What he had created was a new set of orders. Her job was to ensure that Mankind survived. But she now had free will. She could choose who to protect. Cameron was now fully sentient and self aware.

She surveyed the people around her and then smiled, “I mean you no harm.”

Mal found his voice first, “Who the hell are you?”

“My name is Cameron. I am... was, a Terminator.”

Simon moved Kaylee behind him and Zoë released the safety on her mares leg.

Cameron smoothly rose to her feet. Turning slowly, she spotted the one human in the room not frightened of her. Cameron's eyes widened as she saw the girl who had been standing behind her, “Alison?” She whispered.

“River,” the girl replied, “You look just like me.”

With fluid grace, Cameron stepped out of the crate. Seemingly unaware of her near nudity. After nearly five hundred years, her underwear was almost falling off her.

“What the hell is a Terminator?” Mal demanded, his gun still pointed in Cameron's face.

Cameron turned her head, “A Terminator is a Cyborg. Poly alloy chassis with living flesh... I am a machine.”

Jayne fired his pistol. While Mal and Zoë yelled at him and Kaylee and Inara screamed, Cameron moved so quickly that Jayne had no time to react. In one fluid motion, Cameron crushed the gun in the merc's hand while simultaneously grabbing him by the front of his shirt and lifting the big man off the deck.

“I dislike being shot,” Cameron said firmly before dropping Jayne to the deck. She turned back to the others, the bullet hole in her chest not bleeding, “Now tell me what year it is.”

“2520,” River said quietly.

“No!” Cameron wailed, “I'm too late!”

“Too late for what?” Mal demanded.

“To protect Humanity.”



AN: Like it? Love it? Hate it? Let me know. I'm guessing on the dates. I'm not a huge fan of the Terminator series but the thought of River having a Terminator twin was too hard to pass up. Imagine the asswhupping River and Cameron could unleash on the bad guys.

Cameron will be more emotional and independent in this story line thanks to her new chip.


Thursday, May 21, 2009 3:58 PM



Let's see if you can deliver without more 'deus ex machina'.

Thursday, May 21, 2009 6:35 PM


This has potential. I'll be looking for more. Have to say, I'm intrigued so far.

Friday, May 22, 2009 1:50 AM


Ok..Brian, TAM ancestry tied to John Connor. Im there ...
Lets see what else you got top 3 %!

Friday, May 22, 2009 2:26 AM


Very interesting. Not watched the Terminator progs, but I don't think that will matter. I envisage some major ass-kicking coming along!

Friday, May 22, 2009 4:02 AM


I'm excited! I can't wait to read more... this is going to get very interesting. good work.

Sunday, May 24, 2009 10:40 AM


Good plan! And it sounds as if she's a bit psychic, too...

Sunday, May 24, 2009 10:53 AM


Glad to see I'm not the only one who's dreamed up a Firefly/Sarah Connor Chronicles x-over set post-defeat of Skynet, Briglad :D

Gotta say...I seriously am wondering where you're gonna go with this story, since either we gonna see Cameron v.2 adapting to the 26th century or there's some TDE fun to come in the near future. Dunno which idea I like more, honestly ;)


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