Triad - Chapter 11
Monday, April 27, 2009

The assault on the Triad's headquarters begins...


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.


This story takes place about a year after the conclusion of Heritage.


AN: One more to go....


Cast of characters:

Parents: Malcolm Reynolds 53 Inara Serra-Reynolds 45 Allan Bryant 69 Zoë Bryant 49 Kaylee Tam 42 Simon Tam 44 Jayne Cobb 53 River Cobb 37 Kids: Jefferson (Jeff) Reynolds 17 Emma Reynolds 12 Sara Bryant 16 Rebecca Tam 17 John (Jack) Tam 13 Rachel Cobb 10 Jesse Cobb 8

Triad-Chapter Eleven


“... Command to all units... Execute!”

With Zoë's voice giving the order over their earpieces, Four triggers were pulled.

River was the first to fire. The only sound was the crack of the nearly hypersonic rail gun round streaking through the air. The sentry on her side of the warehouse died in a spray of blood.

Likewise, Jayne's target was down with just as much gore.

Jimmy Buford's standard rifle barked and his man went down with a center mass shot.

Last to fire was Sara. She fired a split second after Jimmy, her borrowed rifle quietly chugging. Her target made a bit of a fuss as his left knee exploded from the high velocity eight millimeter round.

As all four sentries fell, three military spec armored cars roared down the road. Tires screeching to a halt in front of the building. First out was Lt. Sanford.

Allan kept an eye on his portable screen. The data from the life form sensor showed activity. Just as the assault team kicked in the front door of the warehouse, three men could be seen running from the rear, heading for the shuttle parked in back.

Allan pulled his trigger and Bertha roared.

The heavy, armor piercing round went through the shuttle's windscreen like it wasn't even there. The men had nearly reached the shuttle when Allan's second shot found the shuttle's fuel tank.

“Ye-Soo, Daddy!” Sara exclaimed as she shook the ringing from her ears. Pieces and parts of the shuttle were still raining down all over the industrial park. The concussion had nearly knocked them from their perch.

“Nice shot, Da-shu,” River said over the earpieces.

“I aim to please,” Allan replied.

“More like aim to blow shit up,” Jayne chuckled.

Just then, gunfire erupted from the warehouse and several of Lt. Sanford's team went down.

Zoë, Mal, Israel, Captain Vincent, Jacob and Lucy were pinned down behind their armored car as the hail of bullets increased.

Allan shifted his aim. Beside him, So did Sara. The loading dock doors opened and ten armed men exited, trying to flank the officers assaulting the building. Unknown to them, they were in the center of Allan and Sara's sights.

Father and daughter fired simultaneously. And one man fell with a chest wound and another's chest disappeared from the impact of Allan's big rifle.

It was over in seconds and ten men lay dead or dying. Allan looked over at Sara, “You okay?”

“Shiny. Hundan's were trying to shoot my Mother.”

Allan nodded, “Sniper One to Sara Jane. Officers down. Need armed medical.”

“On the way, Allan,” Bobbie's voice replied over the earpieces. Fifteen miles away, Sara Jane rose into the air, followed by Serenity.

Gunfire was sporadic now. The assault team had forced their way into the building. Additional officers were arriving in their patrol vehicles.

“Snipers, move in,” Zoë ordered.

Allan set down his rifle and moved quickly to the ladder to the ground. Sara put her hand on his shoulder, “Where are going?”

“You heard your Mother...”

“Then I'm going with you.”


“Either we both go or no one goes. You're not as fast as you used to be Dad. Need someone to watch your back.”

Allan nodded once and slid down the ladder. At the bottom, he grabbed his tactical vest. The one that said Sheriff on it. Seconds later, Sara slid down behind him and donned her own vest.

“Back door. Need to check on the ones taken out when I blew the shuttle.”

“Lead the way, Dad.”

Allan keyed his com, “Sniper One and One 'A' moving to the rear.”

“Copy, Baby,” Zoë replied, “Take care of our girl.”

“More like she's taking care of me,” Allan replied.


Using the building for cover, Allan and Sara carefully made their way closer to the rear of the warehouse. The area was lit from the lingering fire consuming the remains of the large shuttle that Allan had destroyed.

Pistols out and ready, He and Sara advanced the thirty yards to the wreckage.

Inside the building, shouting and screams could be heard. Two men lay on the ground. Alive but severely injured from the blast. One had been thrown against the building.

“Where's the third?” Sara asked.

“Keep an eye out,” Allan ordered as he knelt to check one of the injured men. Sara glanced around carefully, more yelling could be heard from inside the building. Eyes dazzled by the lingering fire, Sara didn't see the arm snake out and grab her until it was too late.


Allan whipped around, and then froze. A rather battered middle aged Asian man stood with one arm around Sara's neck and his free hand holding a gun to her head.

The man was using Sara as a shield and was slowly backing away. “Drop the gun, girl.”

Sara looked at her father and he nodded. Sara's pistol clattered to the concrete

“Don't move.” Allan warned.

“I think I'll be leaving,” The man replied. “She will ensure that I do.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Allan saw movement and the flash of steel. He actually grinned and adjusted his aim slightly. “If I were you, I'd set that gun down nice and easy and let her go. If not, you will die.”

“I have a hostage.”

“You do,” Allan replied calmly, “However you forgot one thing. I can still see your head. And I can put a bullet between your eyes.”

“I doubt it. No one is that good.”

“He is,” Sara whispered.

The man was becoming nervous as he slowly backed away, still holding Sara. Allan's gun tracked unerringly.

“If you shoot me, there's a chance I'll flinch and pull the trigger anyway,” the man hissed.

“That pistol is double action. First trigger pull takes twice the effort. I can see from here that the hammer isn't back. And besides, I can shoot you through the eye socket and at this range, the bullet will sever your brain stem. No nerve impulses, no trigger pull.”

The man was clearly frightened now, “I'll shoot her... I mean it!”

And if you do, there won't be enough left of you to identify unless we use DNA,” Allan growled.

“I'm warning you... stay back!”

Zoë rounded the corner and skidded to a stop, Lucy beside her. Two more pistols aimed at the man holding Sara.

“Drop the gun, Mister,” Zoë ordered. Her voice was eerily calm. If the man knew Zoë at all he should have been very afraid.

In the background, the sound of an approaching ship could be heard. Sara Jane was arriving.

The man was so intent at staring down Allan, Zoë and Lucy, he didn't notice a slight black clad figure move up behind him. A figure that moved on silent feet and carried a meter long katana.

And he never would notice anything else again as his head separated from his shoulders, landing with a wet thud on the ground as his body joined it.

“Eww! Aunt River!” Sara exclaimed as blood splashed on her.

River just grinned.

Before Sara could do anything else, Zoë rushed forward and pulled Sara into her arms, “What in the gorram hell were you doing?” The words were directed at Allan.

“Not Dad's fault, Mom. Came up in my blind spot.” Sara stated. The one lingering symptom remaining from Sara's injuries received eighteen months before when she had been kidnapped, was a blind spot in her peripheral vision on the right side. By sheer luck the now dead man had grabbed her on that side. If he'd been on the left, Sara would have seen him.

Allan just looked at River, “Took you long enough.”

“Had to make it dramatic,” she replied.

Allan reached out and pulled River into a hug and grinned, “You and you last second sword work.”

“It's my specialty,” River replied before she broke Allan's hug and hugged her niece.

“Thanks, Aunt River,” Sara whispered.

“Welcome, Little one.”

“Little one? I'm taller than you are!” Sara exclaimed.

River just giggled and tousled Sara's hair. Then she turned, “Jayne's coming.”

A second later, Jayne jogged around the corner, “Building's secure. Got 'bout twenty folks inside, were headed fer the slave markets.”

“Okay, Jayne,” Zoë replied, switching back from mom mode to cop mode, “Get em' checked out. How many we got down on our side?”

“Three of the Feds are wounded. Nothin real bad,” Jayne looked down slightly, “Jacob took a hit. Leg. Reckon he'll be okay but off his feet for a while.”

“Let's get this mess cleaned up. Them that survived medical treatment and our own patched up. Still lots to do,” Zoë ordered.


After all was said and done, Zoë had been appalled. After being treated for his injuries from the shuttle explosion, the so called 'Mountain Master' of the Triad turned out to be the junior member of the City council, Samuel Chan.

In an effort to avoid more severe punishment, he had admitted to everything. His confession was shown to the other Triad members in custody and they in turn began spilling their guts.

The corruption went very far. The slaves found in the warehouse were scheduled to be picked up by the ship that Serenity shot down. Several law enforcement officials in Capital City were implicated as well as a few prominent local businessmen in New Edmonton.

According to Captain Vincent, his unit would be able to make arrests all over Boros and even off world. The trials would take months to prepare and nearly half of the accused were looking at a minimum, life sentences on the federal charges. On local charges, more than a few of the defendants were facing a noose.

It looked like it was over. However the aftermath looked to be almost as much trouble as the fight itself.

Over the last week, and a half nine local young men had been killed. And another twenty arrested. Their families were beyond angry at how this could have happened.

Zoë spent the next three days detailing what the Triad had done and how many they had killed and tried to kill. The situation made the cortex news waves all over the 'Verse.

After a a couple of days worth of news conferences and dealing with distraught parents, Zoë wanted to crawl under a rock.

With the immediate threat contained, Bobbie, Israel and Olivia headed back to Londinium. The older kids returned to school and tried to get back to normal.

Four days after the assault on the warehouse, Allan walked into the police department and found Zoë screaming at one her officers.

Allan winced as he heard a few of the more choice words coming through the closed door to Zoë's office.

“What did he do?” Allan asked.

Lucy Lee stepped up next to Allan, “Wrecked a patrol car. Wasn't even his fault.” She replied, worriedly.

Allan nodded once and walked directly to his wife's office and wrenched the door open. Mid-tirade, Zoë stopped yelling. She just glared at her husband.

“You, me, lunch, now,” Allan stated.



The young officer cringed and stepped back. Lucy reached through the open door and yanked him into the squad room.

Zoë stared daggers at Allan, breathing heavily. Suddenly her shoulders dropped and Allan stepped forward and pulled her into a hug. Zoë stood shaking in his arms. Lucy quietly closed the door.

“Calmed down now?” Allan asked quietly.

“Gettin there...” Zoë whispered back.

“I think you need a vacation.”

“You think?” Zoë replied sarcastically, “Damn right I do but I can't...”

“Yes you can,” Allan replied.

“The case...”

“Is being handled by the sheriff's department and the Feds. Jayne can handle the rest of the paperwork. Besides, Jacob looks much more heroic doing cortex interviews standing on crutches.”

Zoë chuckled slightly at that. Then frowned, “Sara's in school...”

“In case, you forgot, her holiday break starts tomorrow. Christmas is in three days.”


“Zoë. You have been under an immense amount of stress the last few weeks. Hell, we haven't had the most stress free time the last couple of years as is. This stress is going to burn you out. Your yelling at Jason proves it.”

Zoë shuddered and nodded, “Don't know why you put up with me.”

“Maybe cause you're so good in bed?” Allan grinned.

Zoë smacked him on the arm and cracked a grin, “Figures, your mind would go for the gutter.”

“That's why you married me.”


After a few quick waves, Zoë exited her office and stepped into the squad room, Allan following. She looked over to where Jason Briggs was writing his accident report. Zoë crossed the room to stand in front of the young man.


“Y... yes chief?”

Zoë smiled, “Sorry I was yellin at you. Know it wasn't your fault. Just glad you ain't hurt.”

“Thanks, Chief,” he replied, obviously relieved.

Zoë turned to the rest of the office, “Got a couple of announcements,” Zoë began, “Seems some folks around here are thinkin with all the go-se happin o' late... I'm a might stressed,” Zoë looked at her husband as she said the last part.

“That said,” She continued, “That would be right. As of this moment, I'm on vacation till the new year. While I'm gone, Lucy's in charge.”

There were nods around the room.

Zoë spoke again, “You all have done a spectacular job under tryin circumstances. I appreciate it. Also I got a couple of other announcements. As of today, we're hirin five more full time officers and have openings for another ten part time. Go-se like what's happened around here in the last few weeks ain't happinin again. Not on my watch.”

A round of cheers went around the room. Zoë smiled and tossed a box to Lucy. She opened it and gasped, “Boss?”

“As of today, Sargent Lee is now Captain Lee,” Zoë stated, “Lucy, you can hand your stripes over to Jason since he's now Sargent.” The young man's eyes bugged out.

“Where's Mike?” Zoë asked.

“Right here, Chief,” Mike Skinner replied as he walked into the office through the back door. Zoë tossed him another box.

“Congratulations, Lieutenant.”


Zoë grinned, “Now that I've left this fine department in such good hands... I'll be leaving on my vacation. See you all in two weeks. In the meantime, Jason, you can use my patrol car. But I want it back in one piece, dong-ma?”

“Yes, ma'am,” the new sergeant nodded

With that, Zoë grabbed Allan's hand and dragged him through the doors leading to the rear parking lot and Allan's motorcycle.

Still standing in shock, Mike Skinner just looked around the room, “What did I miss?”

His response was a barrage of wadded up paper.


Allan was cruising down the road on his ancient Harley Davidson with Zoë behind him clinging tightly. She was actually laughing for a change. She usually hated riding as a passenger on the contraption as she called it.

Due to Boros' two year orbit, while the calender said it was three days before Christmas, the weather was mid summer. As he rode, Allan spotted something in his rear view mirror.

A hover bike ridden by a certain teenager with long curly hair like her mothers.

Sara pulled up next to her parents as they cruised down the road. Sara looked quite surprised, “How did you ever get Mom on that thing?” Sara yelled over.

“Her idea,” Allan yelled back. He felt Zoë squeeze him a bit tighter.

“Sara?” Zoë yelled.

“Yeah, Mom?”

“Race you to the house!”

Sara was so shocked at what her mother had yelled, Allan got the jump on her as he twisted the throttle on the old Harley.

A mile down the road, Jimmy Buford sat in his patrol car, watching the traffic radar display. Two small blips suddenly accelerated towards him. With a predatory grin, he engaged the drive control on his vehicle.

Roaring by at over ninety miles per hour, a hover bike and a very familiar antique Harley Davidson went by in a blur.

With a sigh, Jimmy took his car back out of gear and settled in to monitor traffic again.

No way in hell was he going to pull over the Bryant's. Even laid up with his own gunshot wound, His father, the Sheriff, would shoot him...




Tuesday, April 28, 2009 2:14 AM


Brilliant chapter. Absolutely brilliant. But I forsee trouble with Jimmy using Zoe's car ... the Triad are not going to slide into history quite that easily. Still, hopefully there'll be some Christmas fluff before anything too bad goes down again.


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