Obedience Vs. Sacrifice
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Part 57- Thanks to all who have been patient with me on this fanfic. Cat seeks help...


Based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon --------------------------------------------

She moved in the darkness each step seemed like it was planned out, almost automatic. Her eyes took in the area around her, the faintest of light giving her enough to which to see the shadows which surrounded, eerie whispers echoing as she walked.

It felt like the tunnel she had been in earlier in her adventure minus the form of River telling her she could not die. Sadly, maybe at that moment, she really needed someone there to encourage her that the thing she was about to do was the right decision. Someone that she knew was braver and who she she trusted.

From the darkness, Mal appeared, his brown coat wrapped around him. Into his arms, she fell and drew in the scent of him. He pulled her close and held her a minute, before letting her go. “You okay, boa bei?”

“No. No, I'm not.” She wiped the tears that had welled up in her eyes.

“You know I'll do anything for you.” He stood there, his brown hair slightly messy and blue eyes looking at her with that sense of protection she had learned to appreciate. “All you have to do is ask.” “Not this time.”

“And why's that?” He reached to touch her, but she moved away.

“Because you're not real, even though I wish with all my heart you were because then I wouldn't have to do what I know could cost both our lives.”

“I'm standing before you, ain't I?” He spun so she could see all of him and she smiled.

“Yes, my love, you are, but because you're a composite of my memories, and I needed you.” She watched as her mind's version of Mal faded away. “I always need you.”

Walking again, Cat continued toward what appeared to be a very big and nasty looking door. It was where she had to go, even though it wasn't her smartest idea.

“You know I won't kill you.” A voice behind her stated and as she turned, Ski stood a few feet away.

“You can, if need be.” She stated, but her husband shook his head.

“Not killing you to protect your captain or his crew.” He moved toward her, this image not a memory, but his mind reaching out to hers.

“I know, husband. They're not your people.”

“Ain't that, Babe. I just ain't sacrificing anything else that I care about for the greater good. I'm sick of losing.”

“You know I'm staying with him, if we make it out of here.”

“That's what you said.”

“And I figure you're going off to do what you do best.”

“Ain't planning on staying around to hear you fuckin' him, if that's what you mean.”

“That would be the general idea.”

“Still can get ya back when I need ya. Eventually, ya might get bored and we all know he's gonna age a lot faster than you are. I'll be around after he goes.”

“Not until he goes. You understand.” She looked at him, her eyes staring into his and he nodded.

“Yes, Babe, but I ain't saving him. That's your lot.”

“Not sure I'm ready for this.”

“Don't know anyone ready to face their dark side and ask it to help, but if anyone can do it, you can.”

“You're just sayin' that.”

“Yup.” He smiled at her and she turned as he faded. “Go get 'im, Cat.”

She stood smiling at Ski's last statement and reflecting on the two images that had found their way to her subconscious, the place where not only was she now, but was also the prison her beast was kept in, the very one Cat was here to talk to. Her heart longed for Mal, the man that had taught her how to be human, how to be loved, and show that love in return. It also craved the strength of Ski, the one who had taught her to live with her dark side and to remember that it above all gave her strength to do the impossible. Each, in their own way, was a part of her life, the life she had made outside the Academy. The life that should have been impossible for her to have.

Cat stopped before the door and touched the dark handle as a thought struck her. It wasn't her lack of obedience that made the Academy turn to Falcon, making a better program without her flaws. It was the fact that she had learned what sacrifice was, what it meant to give one's life for a greater purpose. Cat had become what they despised, someone with something not only to live for, but was also willing enough to die for.

Taking in a deep breath, Cat wrenched the handle and prepared herself to ask a favor of the only one she knew could help her. It was time to commune with the beast.

* * * *

"Why are you here?" her darker side hissed at her, long claws dragging across the stone walls she had learned to block it with, reinforced by the serum she had been given earlier.

"I need your help." The human side of Cat stood, shaking, knowing she would have to trust something that for her whole life was untrustworthy.

"That's rich." The monster cackled."You lock me inside your head in this prison refusing me the light of day. My only outlet is maybe a few hours in the night in your dreams. And, you come to me in my place looking for help."

"I can't do it alone." She looked at the glowing green eyes as they seemed to look even more maniacal.

"And what do I get if I help you? A few minutes to strut my stuff, save your precious captain...only to be put back here in this pit to rot." It moved and raised its head into the air sniffing. "He's out there, isn't he? The one who hurt us, made us that your problem?"

"In a way."

"Well, that I don't mind helping you with." The monster moved toward her, but with the mental strength she had learned to harness, she blocked its way to the door. "Thought you needed me."

"I do, but not to kill him, at least not yet."

"What do you mean? Not yet?"

"If you kill him, he will release his minions and destroy those I love."

"So?" It growled at her a moment. "Without them, you're nothing and without you, I'm free."

"To do what? Become exactly what Falcon is already. Trapped in some facility keeping company with freaks like him because he never developed the guts to be human. You are no better than a' Reaver. They just decided to give you a brain." Cat moved away from the door to sit in an iron chair that seemed to appear from no where. The path was clear, but her beast stood looking at her and then the door.

"You're freeing me."

"I can't do anything more. Even if I say yes to him, he'll kill them and I don't want to hear them scream when he does."

"Coward." The monster stated as it moved to take the knob in its clawed hand.

"Am I?" she whispered as her eyes looked up matching the glow of the monster's. "Or are you?" Cat pulled herself up and moved so she was face to face, fangs dipping from her mouth mirroring the beast;s. "Out there is a door, a large metal door that I can't open, but you can. Out there is a man that loves us, and is willing to sacrifice everything to save that which he thinks is savable, and out there is someone who I trust completely.....he's been thrown into this mess and doesn't deserve to be."

"The latter will make it out."

"Maybe his life will, but trust me, Ski won't." Her fingers brushed against the tags around her neck and then saw they were also laced around the beast's. "I know that you are a blood thirsty monster, that's what they made you to be, but I also know that we're part of each other and if I can change, damn it ,so can you."

"I will always craved blood."

"I know, but trust me, if I know Mal and we save him, you'll be needed again. He seems to always land himself into trouble." She smiled at that thought. "Besides, we still got to hunt down Zeus. Makes sure no more of us are created."

"We are one of a kind." The beast stood in front of her. "I can't control myself from the blood lust once it's upon me. You know that."

"And I can't open the door without your strength."

"I guess we will have to trust each other." Green eyes seemed to twinkle at the thought.

"That's something I never thought I'd hear you say." Cat put her hand out as the beast's clawed one touch hers.

"Ain't thought I'd do this either. After all, I'm suppose to be the ultimate predator."

"Many predators are great lovers of their own. It's time to protect them. Protect what is mine." "Mine." The monster whispered as it turned to open the door standing now alone. With gorgeous green eyes sparkling, and in a voice that shadowed Cat's and her dark side, not all beast, but not quite all human, it repeated the word louder, fangs glistening. "MINE." ===========================================

*Not that I must say it, but I love it when you comment. Hee hee!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009 9:50 PM


Ooh, great dialogue! And I love that Cat's conjuration of Mal has him slightly mussed, but in his browncoat. It's such a part of him even when he isn't wearing it. And she finally admitted that if they survive she's going to stay with Mal - yay! But now the monster/Cat is going to wreak hell on the bad guys ... update soon!

Thursday, April 2, 2009 5:06 AM


Talk about a walk on the wild side, I love how Cat bargains with the beast within but still wants to protect those she loves. I especially liked how she made sure Ski knew she would stay with Mal and any future between them would only be when they both outlived Mal. Just hope that is a long gorram time from now! Ali D :~)
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