Relics - Chapter 18
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last chapter of this arc. Angelique gets her punishment. A ship reaches it's destination and people get to say goodbye to their loved ones. Oh Yeah... River has her baby too...


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own ’em. (Except for Allan and the kids. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


This story takes place nine years after Serenity (BDM) and has the established couples of Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Zoë/Allan and Jayne/River. Takes place five years post “The Bash”


AN: Last story in this arc.


Thanks again to Woonsocket and Chris for the Beta work




Chapter Eighteen


Allan showed no emotion on his face while he waited for the verdict to be read. Sitting in the gallery behind the prosecution table, flanked by Zoë and Inara, he instead looked over at the woman who, in her quest for vengeance, had caused the deaths of over one hundred people. Allan had nearly been one of her victims. Twice.

To her credit, Angelique stood proudly before the court next to her public defender. Since the Guild had crashed her accounts, she hadn't been able to afford any other legal aid.

The judge looked over at the forewoman of the jury. “Have you reached a verdict?”

“We have, your Honor,” she replied as she handed the small slip of paper to the Bailiff.

Taking the paper from the man, the judge read it and nodded. He looked at the plaintiff.

“Miss Angelique. Are you ready to receive judgment?”

The former companion nodded, “Yes, your Honor.”

The Judge looked at her gravely. “This court finds you guilty of all charges. Due to your cooperation, I hereby commute the death sentence and instead, sentence you to one hundred years each, for each of your victims. To be served on the penal moon. Your sentence is to be served consecutively and without chance for parole. Officers, take her into custody. Court is adjourned.”

With the sound of the Judge's gavel, Angelique nearly collapsed. The court officers had to practically drag her from the courtroom.

Allan stood and shook hands with the prosecutor before turning to leave. Outside, he was mobbed by reporters from all over the core. Surrounded by Oso, Fred, Marion and Israel, Allan, Inara and Zoë moved through the press of bodies and entered a waiting limousine.

Slumping back in the seat, Allan rubbed his eyes. He fished his new glasses out of his jacket pocket and slid them on. The poison that had gone through his system had affected his eyes slightly. While it was correctable by laser surgery he needed to heal for at least a year before it was attempted.

He had four and a half months to go. In the meantime, he could live with wearing glasses.

“You okay, Baby?” Zoë asked him.

“I'm just glad that's over.”

“Me too,” Zoë agreed.

“The Guild as well,” Inara commented. “This has been a huge black eye for them.”

Allan nodded in agreement as the limo pulled from the curb and merged with the heavy New London traffic.

“Spaceport, Boss?” Israel asked from the front seat.

Allan nodded. “Spaceport.”


Allan smiled as the limo pulled up in front of Serenity. Stepping outside into the sunshine, he looked around with satisfaction. Time for a reunion of sorts and the end of a very long journey.

Allan didn't sit in the co-pilot's seat as was his custom. Instead, he stood behind the chair to lend moral support to the woman who sat there. Mal stepped beside Allan and placed his hand on the woman's shoulder...

“All yours, Sylvia. Take us up.”

Sylvia smiled and looked over her shoulder to where Melissa held her two week old son, Derrick Pierce, Jr. Derrick was a happy baby and made noises in his adopted big sister's arms.

Turning back to the controls, the former Captain of the Kansas smoothly lifted Serenity into the air. In the pilot's seat sat Vonda Harrell. River was nearing her due date and could no longer fit behind the controls. Instead, she stood behind Vonda while holding Vonda's five day old daughter who she had named Meghan.

Needless to say, Simon had been rather busy delivering babies the last few weeks. Annie had delivered her son, Kyle, two weeks before Sylvia and River, was due any day now. He vowed that he was done delivering babies after River, stating that if he had wanted to become an Obstetrician, he would have gone to school for it.

As Serenity broke atmo, their destination became visible. Escorted by a pair of gunships, Serenity approached the massive ship just being eased into her new orbit around Londinium.

After over four hundred years, Kansas had finally reached her destination.

The tugs did their final maneuvers and Kansas was stable in her orbit. Throughout the trip to the core, engineers had repaired systems all over the ship and had even patched all the hull breaches. Work would continue over the next year or so to get the massive vessel truly space worthy again. Once her new engines were fitted, Kansas would become a traveling museum.

And Sylvia Marsh would be her Captain again.

With ease, Sylvia maneuvered Serenity into Kansas' main docking bay. As soon as the bay re-pressurized, the crew who had been repairing the ship marched into the massive space.

After shutting down, the crew and guests of Serenity made their way to the cargo bay. With a smile on his face, Allan opened the ramp.

As the ramp clanged to the deck, a bosun sounded two notes on his pipe in the old naval tradition, “Captain on deck!”

The assembled personnel came to attention.

Sylvia was trying to hold back tears. It wasn't good form to cry in front of her crew.

Her crew. Sylvia had a crew again. She had a ship again. Ghosts and all.

Derrick in her arms, Sylvia descended the ramp, followed by Allan, Zoë and Sara. Richard Farnsworth, the Prime Minister along with Admiral Shen greeted her. Sylvia tried to come to attention which was hard to do with an infant in her arms. The Admiral just grinned.

“I think we can dispense with the formalities, Captain.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Richard, how are you?” Allan said as he stepped up behind Sylvia.

“I am well. And Zoë, you are as lovely as ever.”

“Ahem,” said a small voice.

“And you too, Sara,” the Prime Minister smiled.

“Thanks,” Sara replied, beaming.

“Is everything set?” Allan asked.

“It is,” Admiral Shen replied.


“My god,” Sylvia whispered as she and the other Kansas survivors led the procession into the starboard pasture on the farm ship.

There were at least a thousand people waiting, seated in chairs set up in front of a small stage. Members of Parliament, Government officials, the who's who of the Alliance. Off to one side in the huge space lay several thousand flag draped coffins...

This was a funeral.

A graves registry team had identified each body recovered from Kansas. Four coffins were set apart from the others. Next to each was a large photo of the individual within, taken from the ships data bank.

A fifth photo stood next to the separated coffins. It was a photo of Derrick Pierce. Kansas' chief engineer and the father of Sylvia's child.

On the stage stood representatives from every major religious group. Catholic and Christian shepherds, a Buddhist Monk, A Rabbi, a Muslim Cleric and even a Shinto Priest. The entire crowd came to their feet as the group entered. The company of soldiers detailed as the honor guard came to attention.

The front row of coffins belonged to the crew. Sylvia walked along the line of sealed metal coffins and paused next to the two at the end of the line.

Inside lay the remains belonging to Chief Navigator, Manfred Ditz, and First Officer, George Tashima. Their photo's smiled at their Captain.

Tears ran down Sylvia's face. She stepped up and laid a hand on George's coffin. Looked at the child in her arms and smiled through her tears, “Thank you, George... I forgive you.”

They slowly made their way forward to the four coffins set aside. The bodies of Melissa's parents, Annie's husband and Vonda's fiancé. As the women said their goodbyes, Sylvia stood in front of the photo of Derrick. She kissed her fingers and laid them on the lips of her lovers photo.

Looking down at her son, Sylvia whispered, “This is your Daddy.”

A few steps behind, Allan too, had trouble keeping tears at bay. He knew the entire command crew of Kansas and considered them friends.

He paused by the coffin containing George Tashima as well. Looking at the photo and imagining him like that and not as the body he had seen on the bridge that day, months ago.

“Thanks, George.”

After some personal time, they all filed onto the stage and took their seats. Even Mal, with his distaste for religion was quiet and reserved. Holding Jeff in his lap while Inara wiped tears away. Kaylee was sobbing, while holding Becca and even Jayne looked a bit misty eyed, even though he would deny it to his dying day. River and Zoë were also moved by the solemness of the occasion. A single tear ran down the cheek of each woman.

The gathered religious representatives spoke in turn, the order picked at random. Afterwards, The Prime Minister spoke. Richard touched on how brave the ships complement was. And how they faced certain death with dignity. Every word and image from the ceremony was carried live on the cortex.

Throughout the observance, River had been shifting uncomfortably. Her pregnancy had been trying these last few months due to her small stature.

“Riv? You okay?” Jayne asked.

“Umm, not really.”

“What's wrong?”

“Membranes have ruptured.”


“My water just broke.”


The dignitaries had all left except for Richard. Who, surprisingly waited outside Serenity's infirmary like everyone else. If someone had told him ten years ago that Mal wold be sitting on the sofa next to the Alliance Prime Minister while they awaited the birth of his pilot's child... he would have called them fengle.

The tears of earlier in the day had turned to hopeful anticipation when River had gone into labor.

Simon had chided his sister for not telling him about her contractions sooner. As they all waited, Inara and Kaylee had gone to make sandwiches. It was approaching nine at night, ship's time. Simon hadn't wanted to undock with Kansas until the baby was born.

Zoë looked around and didn't spot her husband anywhere. Excusing herself, she walked out into the cargo bay. Not finding him there, she followed a hunch and exited Serenity into Kansas' huge docking bay. She smiled when she saw her husband a hundred meters away, slowly walking around the outside of one of Kansas' shuttles. Shuttles that looked just like Allan's old ship, Free Bird.

“An old friend?” Zoë asked as she walked up to her husband.

Allan smiled at her and patted the landing gear of the small ship, “Might say that. I drew up the basic design for these in high school.”

“Always had your eyes on the stars?”

Allan nodded, “Yeah.”

Zoë snuggled up next to Allan and he put his arm around her shoulders. “Am I an uncle yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Sara asleep?”

“She's napping with Becca. They both want to see the baby as soon as she's born.”

“Cant blame them. So do I.”

“Then you better get your pi-gu back inside.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” Allan grinned.

“I wonder if they'll let me have one of these,” Allan said with a smirk on his face as he pointed at the line of fifteen identical shuttles, “You know... for sentimental reasons.”

Zoë giggled and kissed him as they strolled across the decking heading back to Serenity.


“I can't!”

“Yes you can, Mei-mei. Just a little more,” Simon replied, encouraging his sister.

Another contraction wracked her small frame. River screamed and pushed.

And into the world came River and Jayne's daughter. The newborn started crying as soon as she was in her uncles hands.

Simon expertly tied off the cord and smiled at his ashen faced brother-in-law, “Jayne, do you want to cut the cord?”

Jayne could only nod as he reached out with trembling hands and cut the cord. The Alliance navy nurse attached to Kansas took the infant from Simon and began cleaning her up.

Wrapped in a blanket, the woman handed River her daughter. Jayne wiped the sweat from his wife's brow.

“Look at what we made,” the big man gushed.

River grinned through her exhaustion, holding her daughter for the first time. A face with wide blue eyes topped by a shock of dark hair looked back at them. River thought she was going to melt with the joy she felt at that moment.

Everything she had endured. The Academy, Reavers, being insane... All led to this moment.

“Has your eyes,” She whispered to Jayne.

“Got your nose,” Jayne replied, a huge grin splitting his face.

“Congratulations, Mei-mei,” Simon smiled.

“Thank you, Ge-ge.”

“Will you require anything more from me, Dr. Tam?” the nurse asked.

“No. Thank you for your assistance, Lieutenant.”

“My pleasure. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Cobb.”

River smiled at the woman, and Jayne nodded. His eyes never leaving his daughters face.

“Have you picked out a name yet?” Simon asked.

“We have,” River replied.


The door to the infirmary opened and Jayne followed the nurse out of the room, a tiny bundle in his massive arms.

“Everybody, come meet Rachel Radiant Reagan Cobb.”

Jayne was mobbed by the crew.

“She's so cute...”

“Got your eyes...”

“That's River's nose for sure...”

“Prettier than you are, that's for sure,” Mal commented. Receiving an elbow from Inara for his trouble.

“Reagan I can understand,” Allan asked, “But Radiant?”

“My Ma's first name. She don't like it much so she uses her middle name... Veronica.”

“I see,” Allan smiled. He stuck his head inside the infirmary where River was recovering, “How ya' doing kiddo?”

“I am well, Da-shu.”

“Can we leave yet, Simon?”

“Yes. We can leave now. Home to Boros?”

“Not quite. Already talked to Mal. Stopping on Osiris first. I figure Gabe and Regan need to meet their newest grandchild.”

“I think so, too,” Simon smiled.


“Kansas, this is Serenity. Ready to depart.”

“Stand by Serenity,” replied the voice on the com.,”Depressurizing bay now.”

Visible through the bridge windows in the bay observation gallery, Allan could see Admiral Shin and the Prime Minister waving. Red lights flashed and the the air began to evacuate the bay. Allan heard the familiar pops from Serenity's hull as the bay approached vacuum.

“Serenity, outer door is open and the gravity is off. Depart at your discretion.”

“Copy, Kansas,” Allan replied as he gently eased the Firefly out of the bay.

As soon as he was clear, Allan engaged the engines and slowly pulled away from Kansas. He grinned at Sylvia in the co-pilots seat.

“Want to fly her for a while?”

“That's okay. You can do it.”

Allan nodded. “It seems fitting you know.”

“What does?”

“River giving birth. After all that's happened on Kansas, a birth seemed appropriate.”

Sylvia smiled slightly, “You're right.”

“Go, see to Derrick. I got this.”

“Thanks, Allan.”

As Sylvia left the bridge, Allan glanced at the clock. It was just after midnight.

“What a day,” Allan said out loud.

“Can say that again, Husband,” Zoë said as she entered the bridge.

Allan smiled. “Sara finally go to sleep?”

“Took a while. Kept wanting to see Rachel again.”

“I can understand that.”

Zoë sat in her husbands lap, “Sylvia going to be okay?”

“Yeah. I think she will be.”

“So she's really taking the job to be Captain o' the Kansas again?”

“Yeah. Once she's off maternity leave. Another eight months or so. It's going to be a civilian crew. She's resigning her commission. Admiral Shen said something about bankrupting the fleet paymaster if he had to shell out four hundred years worth of back pay...” Allan finished with a grin.

“So, she'll be the Captain of a museum?”

“Yup.” Allan replied.

“What about Vonda, Annie and Melissa?”

“Taken care of,” Allan smiled. “I got Vonda a piloting job. Seems Gabriel Tam needs a shuttle pilot to fly him between the house and the winery he bought in New Nampa on Osiris.”

Zoë kissed Allan and smiled.” Keeping them in the family, huh?”

“Yup. Also it will give Reagan a baby to dote on since Rachel won't be around much.”

“Thought of everything haven't you?”

“I am a genius,” Allan grinned.

“So you keep telling me. What about the others?”

“Jacob put in a good word. Soon as we get back to Boros, Annie has a job waiting at the county prosecutors office as a paralegal.”

“And Melissa?”

“She needs a year of high school to get her up to the current education standards. Then, due to her semi-celebrity status as a Kansas survivor, she has a fully paid scholarship to Cambridge on Londinium. That way she can be near Sylvia.”

“Yep, genius,” Zoë smiled.

“You know what the real proof of my intelligence is?”

“What's that?”

“I married you.”


The End

AN: This arc is done. I think I will take a short break to recharge and then I'll be jumping back in with both feet again. I have an idea for a post Heritage story line that will feature the kids more prominently.

Thanks again for reading.

Brian Gladden


Wednesday, March 11, 2009 12:10 PM


Well flown!

Friday, March 13, 2009 3:54 AM


You made me cry. Now that doesn't happen very often over stories (not that I admit) but the funeral was so well written I had tears.

Well done, and I'm looking forward to whatever else your brain comes up with!


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