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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another publicity photo of Summer Glau's stunt double, Olivia Lyn Yojana, from the episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds.” (There is more in the comments.)



Sunday, March 1, 2009 4:17 AM


This 2002 publicity photo of Summer Glau's stunt double, Olivia Lyn Yojana, was taken during the filming of the teaser for the episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds.” A second picture of Olivia and explanation of what was being filmed and why is here:

The Firefly & Serenity Panels never have time to tell the behind-the-camera spicy stories at ComicCon and DragonCon such as this: Morena Baccarin was yelling at Nathan Fillion for taking nude pictures with his cellphone of her and Olivia. Assistant Directors Ellen Blum and Athena confiscated Nathan's phone and sent him to the passenger van until filming was done.

The next day a Fox executive came to visit, checking their investment. He got a whiff of yesterday's high jinks and didn't like the smell. To Fox, a happy workforce is not a productive workforce. Or something.

He wasn't Fox Production. He was Network. Think of a gangster. Think of a guy who tore down three perfect Malibu beach-houses to clear space for an ugly mansion. This guy lives in a different world from us. And he wanted Joss Whedon to punish somebody. Who knows why the Fox demigods do anything? Joss wouldn't cooperate with him.

Since Joss is Executive Producer, he talks while John Gotti/The Teflon Don looks on: “The film roll that got dunked in the water... It came back with some nice footage. Olivia, very convincing portrayal of River looking for bugs under every rock in the river. I would have believed you were a PhD in Marine Biology had only you been wearing horn-rimmed glasses... And clothes.” That got a laugh, except from Mr Fox. “Morena, very old haggish, I'm mean lovely, splashing around in the water.”
The Fox Mob Boss is expecting Joss to chew on Nathan Fillion. Joss only says, “Nathan, Nathan, my beamish boy-o... you responded like a true fan-boy around the girls. And no more Viagra for you during the work week. Also, get a cellphone without a camera. Or better, leave the phone home. That is all.”

After the meeting, the Fox guy in the suit said, “I'd been rougher on Fillion if I were you.”
Joss comes back with, “Nathan never repeats a mistake. Mainly because he is inventing new ones. But he learns quick. That's why I go easy.”
The Fox guy changes the subject: “You went over the top with T and A in this episode. Is this some kind of Firefly stag film?”
Joss: “I want to put your mind at ease... We'll burn the film. Whatever you want. It won't go on the DVD as an extra.”
The Fox guy circles back to Nathan. He wants him punished: “What do you think of the idea of having catering put saltpeter into Fillion's food? Calm him down, you know?”
Joss: “That is incredibly creative, Ron... Although its mostly against the Union contract and Geneva conventions and highly unethical and illegal to boot, which I have no problems with. None.”
The Fox Network guy laughed. Pure Lucifer.
Joss reasons with the guy: “But I've got practical objections to your idea. Very practical... We hired Nathan to be the charismatic bad boy. Maybe we should let him be himself rather than chemically neutering him? It's not like he's a sex offender - yet. Besides, I think it's myth about saltpeter.”

The Fox Network Executive may very well have given Joss the idea for Paxilon that day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009 1:25 PM


Why am I not at all surprised to hear about this?

I'm sure all Nathan was thinking about was that he could pester Morena and Olivia with the pictures. I get the idea that pranks and gags weren't uncommon among the cast. And I also get the impression no one stayed mad at Nathan for very long about this.

I imagine the Fox guy was just trying not to get sued by the girls for sexual harassment, and didn't know/understand the rapport and dynamic the group has.

Oh well. I've told people about this cut scene, and they've said that they wish it'd been left in, because it shows another side of Inara and we get more happy River like at the beginning of War Stories. It's too bad the scene didn't make it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 2:04 PM


A few weeks later, Morena Baccarin got revenge for Nathan Fillion taking nude pictures of her with his cellphone camera.

During the “Trash” episode, Nathan has his clothes stolen by Christina Hendricks, aka Saffron. Morena and Nathan have a scene together in the desert where he is wearing only a single white sock with a happy face on its toe. The sock is not on his foot. Everyone except Nathan knew what was coming. After the final take, Morena yanks off the sock -- Nathan shouts like he has been circumcised with a weed-whacker.

Morena said, “Payback is a bitch, ain't it, Nathan?” Then she gave surprised Nathan the sock so he could cover himself.

Afterwards she said, “I can't believe I did that without putting on surgical gloves.”

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 2:28 PM


What is the corroborative source for the above stories?
It reads more like a titillating (no pun intended) peace of urban myth.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 6:35 PM


History asks, “What is the corroborative source for the above stories?”

Nathan has told some of the “sock” story in public. There is a 3 disc collection of Firefly & Serenity Panels that was recorded by the people who did the documentary “Done the Impossible - The Fans' Tale of Firefly & Serenity”. If you bought the documentary, you got the 3 disc collection, free, until they ran out of copies. If I had to guess where Nathan told the story, it would be on disc 2, DragonCon 2004. There is a panel with just Jewel & Nathan. He said, somewhere before an audience in a mocking tone (as if he was kidding), that there was a smiley face on the toe of his sock, the only thing he was wearing. Absolutely no mention of the humiliating detail: Morena pulling on the sock. Probably gave him nightmares. Calling Dr Sigmund Freud! There's a patient who fears emasculation.

Thursday, March 5, 2009 3:11 PM


I guess that “Two” is Alan Two Tudyk. Is Wash making fun of his Captain? Is the inside story finally coming out about the practical jokes played on Firefly?

According to, Alan Tudyk threw a "We Don't Work for FOX Anymore" party after Firefly was canceled. I suppose Alan dislikes somebody at 20th Century Fox. Two is mocking the scumbag Fox decision maker, Ron in the above story. Maybe that is who Alan dislikes?

Sunday, March 8, 2009 1:58 PM


<< Oh, no! swearing in Chinese >> "Second" has revealed my secret identity is Alan (two) Tudyk! Nathan is so going to pound me into the ground for what I wrote about him. I might as well go all the way with Nathan's little secret. Emphasis on little. The man is tiny.

Sweet and shy Summer Glau, who would never hurt anyone's feelings, snickered at Nathan's size when Morena pulled off his white crew sock. The rest of us were a lot crueler. Nathan was so humiliated that day that he checked his email for Canadian pharmacies promising "More Inches!" and "This Will Seriously Boost Your Love Life!" He must have found what he was looking for because he is as ebullient as ever. But he had a self-confidence crisis lasting weeks after his nude scene in "Trash" -- if Morena would stare at him and squint, Nathan would shrivel.

And if you think I'm bitter because now Nathan is the lead character on "Castle" and I'm just a villain on Joss's... Oops! That's a spoiler. Well, you're right; I'm bitter. Where is my crappy show where I'm the hero?


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