AIB 19 "Part of Something Bigger"
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Angelle finds out that sometimes being alone really sucks and maybe it's time to belong to something bigger....


Angelle's mine, but the rest belongs to Mr. Whedon. ------------------------------------------

Time...the thing which we all are a slave to and over a length of it, all wounds heal. Sadly, I didn't have that. For all of ten minutes, I paced in that room, thinking how easy it would be to just let him go and return to doing what I did best, being alone and on my own. Like I said for ten minutes, though truth be told, I cried for half that and then, thought of how stupid I was for letting him walk out, and so that ten minutes was actually maybe three.

Grabbing my revolvers from the table and my hunting knife, I tossed the long dark coat over my jeans and shirt, smiling as I saw my knee point through. When this apology thing was over, I really needed to get new jeans.

As I walked down the stairs, Lou was waiting for me, her lips curled in her trademark smile. "You going after him, aren't you?" "Can't let his ass get killed. Dad would have a fit."

"Don't think that's the reason, Swamp girl. He's a handsome devil, bit like your daddy and a bit like those gators you love so much. Loves the right people and will fight with every last ounce in him for what he believes is right."

"Ya, think that's our problem. One of us is a loner and the other..."

She tisked me before I could finish. "Stop being so tough, Angelle Marcs. You are no more a loner than your daddy. He's been moping about letting that crazy bitch, Patience go for years now. Don't be stupid and be like him. I saw the way that man looked at you and you at him. Bloody well get your ass over to his ship and tell him."

"Yes, Ma'am." I nodded, knowing one, arguing with her was stupid and two, well, she was right.

"Party's tomorrow night at seven. I'll get your invites to you somehow."

"I'll be dragging him back here, Lou. Let's just hope Mal doesn't jump the gun and go get her now." I grabbed for the door, but turned throwing a kiss to my aunt. "Love you, Lou and thanks."


"Okay, our best bet is to approach his estate at night. Zo and I will jump the fence here..." Mal sat with a few of the crew gathered round him in the cargo bay as I took my first steps up the ramp.

"Why can't we just use Angelle's plan and do the whole party thing?" Kaylee asked as Mal gave her a look, I am sure could kill at least a small dog.

"Because it's not an option anymore." He growled as I cleared my throat.

"Well, if you're not opposed to wearing those tight pants of yours and parading around looking like a set of proper type people, I might be able to convince her to still let you in." Kayle was the first to me as her arms wrapped around me. Mal just turned in his chair and glared, sexy, but I knew it wasn't meant for that. "Permission to speak to the captain."

"Speak your piece." He replied as I cast a glance around and Kaylee walked back toward her captain.


"If you got something to say, you better say it."

"Well, you see, when you took me in that swamp the night the gator attacks us and you made me feel all womanly and..."I started it as he interrupted, Kaylee giggling.

"Alright, you made your point. Outside, Ange." He grumbled as he stood up and I couldn't help, but snicker when he looked at me. "Ain't nuttin' funny about it." "Sorry." I muttered as I followed him down to the end of the ramp.

"So, what're you doing here?" His cold blue eyes seemed to melt as he looked in mine, but only for a second.

"You're right about me and I thought you should know that." I took a deep breath. "There are no excuses for what I did back there, but I want you to know that I'm sorry."

"Angelle, you were forgiven when I walked out that door, but I can't have someone on my ship or in my life that's too proud to ask for help. We're a crew here, just like your big family in the Bayou. We help each other and your problems are our problems." He ran a hand across my face. "In the last few days, I have found this beautiful and rather frustrating woman that I have considered spending the rest of my life with, but in order to do that, she's got to realize it's a partnership."

"Who is this woman? Might have to kick her ass." I smiled at him before getting serious. "I'm learning. It's easy with the swamp, but when I'm out on my own, well, I forget that I'm with you now."

"With me, huh?" He smiled leaning to touch my lips with his. "It kind of sucks when you're left out, huh?"

"Just a little. You knew I'd come back."

"Well, I was hopin'. Besides, my other plan was definitely not one of my best." “Ya, not sure how you naked would work with Wing.” I laughed and received a glare before he took my hand as we walked back into Serenity. Zoe, Kaylee, and Jayne sat laughing.

"So, you're sayin' Mal here left the whorehouse?" Jayne tossed a wild eye to Mal. "Are you gorram nuts? And why couldn't I come?"

"Because we wanted to get things done."

"Well, I would've gotten 'em done alright." He replied rather sternly. "Are you all going back tonight?"

"We could. Seems to me there are items in a top drawer needs inspectin'." Mal whispered as Jayne stood.

"I'm comin' with ya, right?"

"No, Jayne." Zoe commented, but the big merc only pouted.

"And why the hell not? I got money to pay 'em with and it ain't like I won't be close if you need me."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

"Oh, come on, Mal." Jayne grumbled as he looked to me for support.

"Well, if he's got money and promises to behave himself, I don't care, but I'm warning you, if Mal says yes, and you act up, I'm not savin' you from Lou."

"Who's Lou?" Kaylee asked.

"Angelle's Madam aunt." Zoe replied smiling at me. "She's a bit of a handful."

"Oh, I like 'em when they're handfuls." Jayne licked his lips and I shuttered at the thought of my aunt and him in the sack.

"She's old enough to be your mom." I muttered.

"Ya, but she ain't so who cares? Let me go get my stuff as long as it's okay with you, Mal."

"Go get your stuff, and don't make me regret it." Mal shook his head as the big merc took off up the stairs. I could only laugh and pray he went for someone other than Lou, though I knew once my aunt saw the big man, it would be all over. Thankfully, she wasn't into getting married. I liked Jayne and his serious obsession with guns, but I don't think I could handle callin' him Uncle.

“So, we still going ahead with the original plan then, Sir?” Zoe said as she looked to me and to Mal.

“That would be the case.”

“I get to wear my dress.” Kaylee yelled with glee.

“That's a fact. We'll swing by to get ya tomorrow. Figure Simon will want the night with ya.”

“Thanks, Cap'n.” The young mechanic smiled and kissed Mal's cheek before heading up the stairs.

“And we know that Niska is gonna find out just what happened to his men?” Zoe commented after Kaylee was out of ear shot.

“Always does.”

“Gonna be an interestin' day, Sir.” Zoe cast a look to the ramp as we turned to spy Badger and a few of his men walking up it lookin' none too pleased.

“Looks like it.” He muttered as Mal went to meet him, but I put up a hand to stop him.

“I'll handle this. After all, your problems are my problems, right?” I smiled at him and as Badger got closer, I pulled out my large and ever frightening looking revolver, pointing it at the little man's head. “Got a problem?”

“Well, now, Love, I was just comin' over to see what had Captain Reynolds here and not delivering my cargo.” He put his hand up, but the cocking of Zoe's gun stopped him. It's always nice having a sister back you up.

“He'll deliver your cargo as soon as he finishes what I hired him to do.” I growled.

“What makes you so important, Love?”

“Well, way I see it, I pay more, am better lookin', and unlike you, I actually dress myself in the morning.” I let my eyes roll across the mess of clothes he had on. “Your cargo will be delivered on time, I can assure you, but if you call me love one more time, I'm not sure you'll be around to collect.”

“Don't mess with me. You have no idea who you're dealing with.” Badger moved again, but this time, I pushed the barrel into the skin between his eyes.

“Say that again, Leprechaun. I want to see if you bleed green.” I snarled at him and Mal cleared his throat.

“Badger, I'd do what she says and move on down the way. I'll wave you when your cargo is secure. Ain't like you paid me none.”

Thankfully, the little man got smart and nodded to Mal before motioning his men to follow. I smiled at him as I let the hammer fall back to a safe place. It actually felt good to do what I did for Mal and maybe Badger would think twice about giving Serenity a hard time. Well, at least one could hope.

Jayne came running down the stairs, bag in one hand and Vera in the other. Smiling as he came, he looked to Mal, then Zoe and her Mare's leg in her hand, and then to me with my revolver. “Did I miss somethin'?”


Tuesday, February 10, 2009 11:22 AM


I do so love Angelle. She's the one woman who might be able to keep Mal's pi-gu in line and intact at the same time.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009 1:37 PM


So glad Angelle came to her sense right soon and went back to Mal. Now the whole gang is together and ready to do what needs to be done. Loved her making Badger back off and go with Zoe ready to back her up if need be, and Jayne all excited about the upcoming job (or maybe just the whorehouse). Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 1:15 PM


Good on you, Angelle! You finally figured it out, and you're right whee you're supposed to be. Now, onto the job (and Kaylee dressing up). Oh, and the last line made me smile ...


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