The Bash-Chapter Three
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Allan and Zoe educate the upper class about what the real 'Verse is like and Marion has the night off. Just filling in some time before the action starts.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Allan. He's mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


This story takes place four and a half years after Serenity (BDM) and has the established couples of Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Zoë/Allan and Jayne/River. Follows after Birthday and Recollections.


A/N: Starting out slow. Please bear with me.


Thanks again Chris for the Beta.


The Bash


Chapter Three


Dinner at the Captain's table on a liner as prestigious as the Shinon Queen was indeed a high honor.

Allan and Zoë entered the main first class dining room arm in arm. Allan in an expensive navy blue suit and Zoë wearing a black, sequined cocktail dress. A steward led the couple to the raised balcony where Captain Wu waited.

“Mr. And Mrs. Bryant, I'm so glad you could join me this evening,” the Captain smiled.

“The pleasure is ours Captain,” Allan replied, matching Wu's smile. Zoë did her best to not look like a fish out of water.

Wu led them to the large table where three other couples waited. Allan pulled out Zoë's chair and then sat beside her.

The Captain took his seat at the head of the table and began the introductions, “Mr. And Mrs. Bryant, I's like to introduce you to your fellow guests,” Wu began, “To your left is Professor and Mrs. Winslow. Next to them is, Lord and Lady Hastings. To your right is Mr. and Mrs. Andreyiev.”

Allan nodded in greeting as a waiter placed glasses of champagne in front of he and Zoë. Allan smiled as his wife eyed the beverage warily. Zoë decided that she would speak as little as possible if she could help it. Allan sensed Zoë's unease.

“Mr. Bryant?” Lady Hastings asked, “What is it that you do?”

“That depends on the day,” Allan chuckled, “Businessman, engineer, pilot or my newest job... father.”

“Really.” Mr. Andreyiev said, “That's a job?”

“More like... a labor of love I must say,” Allan replied.

“How old is your child?” Lady Hastings asked.

“Sara is three and a half months,” Zoë said, speaking for the first time.

“Sara... how quaint,” Mrs. Andreyiev said quietly.

Sensing the tension, Captain Wu spoke up, “You mentioned you're a pilot?”

“Yes,” Allan replied, “I've been flying since my teens.”

“Shuttles?” Professor Winslow asked.

“Sometimes, and a few things much much older. But lately, a Firefly.”

“A Firefly?” Captain Wu asked.

“Yes, My wife is First Mate on a Firefly transport.”

“How... interesting,” Mrs. Andreyiev said snidely.

“You also mentioned engineer?” the Professor asked.

“Yes. Actually the Mr. should really be Doctor but I rarely use my title.”

“You have a PhD?” Lord Hastings asked.

“In mechanical engineering. I also have a masters in physics along with several other degrees I picked up over the years.”

“Impressive,” Professor Winslow smiled. Allan smiled back.

“And what degrees do you have dear?” Mrs. Andreyiev asked Zoë, “I mean to be a first mate you must have some kind of training.”

“Nothing official,” Zoë replied with a glare. What she really wanted to do was strangle the arrogant core, ee da tuo da bien.

“What my wife means to say is,” Allan cut in, “Is that she was born on a ship and was home schooled before she joined the military.”

“Oh,” Mrs. Andreyiev replied.

“What do you teach, Professor?” Allan asked, trying to get the conversation away from he and Zoë.

“History. I'm the department chair at Cambridge on Londonium.”

“Which means he spends all his time with his nose stuck in some book or data file,” Mrs. Winslow chuckled. The rest of the guests followed suit, including the Professor.

“I'm afraid my wife is right,” Winslow chuckled, “Speaking of history. I understand you, Mr. Bryant may have a bit of an interesting take on that yourself. That is if the news waves about you are accurate.”

“That depends,” Allan replied, “On what the reports said.”

“Oh, something about some time spent in cryogenic suspension.”

“Oh, that story,” Allan nodded, “Well, it's mostly true.”

“Indeed,” The professor smiled, “If you have time on Londonium, I would love to sit down with you. That period in history is quite fascinating.”

“Perhaps,” Allan said quickly.

“Forgive my forwardness,” Lord Hastings said, “But you spent some time in cryo? Why in the 'Verse would you do that?”

“It was the only way.”

“Only way for what?” Mr. Andreyiev asked.

“To travel from Earth.”

Allan smirked at the stunned expressions around the table. Only Professor Winslow and Zoë were unsurprised.

Finally, Capitan Wu found his voice, “You came from Earth?”

“I was born there... four hundred and fifty five years ago.”

“Four hundred fifty six, dear,” Zoë added, “Your birthday was months ago.”

“Oh... yes...” Allan replied with a grin, “One tends to lose track of such things at my age.”

Zoë looked directly at Mrs. Andreyiev and smiled a sly smile, “I have a thing for older men.”

A short snort of amusement escaped from Allan. Professor Winslow did the same. A grin appeared on Captain Wu's face.

At that moment, the main course arrived and the group began to eat. Glad for the distraction. After a few moment's Lord Hastings spoke up, “I understand that you are the new CEO of Blue Sun, Mr. Bryant.”

“I am,” Allan replied after swallowing, “I'm also the founder.”

“Of Blue Sun?” Mrs. Andreyiev asked incredulously.

“Blue Sun started out as Bryant Aerospace. I started the company out of the barn on my Grandfathers farm.”

“A farm?” Mr. Andreyiev asked with almost a disgusted look on his face.

Allan glared at the man, “Yes, a farm. I earned every copper I have. I didn't inherit it like so many other members of the upper class seem to have done. It seems that riding your parents coattails is the new sport in this day and age. To be honest, I feel there's no drive in in this society, other than for wealth and power. All without having to work for it. There's no exploratory spirit. The drive to go out and make your own way. It seems that most of the population of the core worlds are perfectly happy to sit in their expensive homes and watch the 'verse pass them by. I'm also appalled at the lack of scientific progress.”

“What do you mean, Mr. Bryant?” Captain Wu asked.

“Space travel for instance,” Allan said as he waved his fork for emphasis, “On Earth, Mankind went from sailing ships to rudimentary space travel in less than two hundred years. After nearly three hundred years, I would expect that the level of technology should be much higher.”

Allan took a bite of his dinner and continued, “Instead, technology seems to have stagnated. Every major technology in use today is just a rework of the technologies present for the exodus. The very ship we are on is powered by fusion reactors tied into a radion accelerator core engine. Technology that I invented in my Grandparents barn over four hundred years ago. To be honest, I expected faster than light communication and travel by this time.”

“What about anti-gravity and artificial gravity,” Mr. Andreyiev asked.

“If you research the patents for those technologies, you'll see my name next to Dr. Okamoto's. Nothing new about that... well other than the miniaturization, perhaps.”

“So you are saying that there have been no new technological jumps ever since the Exodus?” Professor Winslow asked.

“From what I've seen so far, there have been very few. While I was at the cutting edge of technology on Earth. I truly expected to feel like an idiot child with the current technology. That hasn't been the case.”

“That is certainly a different outlook to take,” Lord Hastings said.

“The benefit of being an outsider,” Allan replied.

The table was quiet for a moment as everyone went back to their meals. Allan smiled at Zoë, glad he had gotten his point across.

“Mrs. Bryant, your husband mentioned you were in the military at one point?” asked Lady Hastings.

“I was,” Zoë said quietly.

“Did you serve in the war?”

Zoë's face hardened, “Yes.”

“My wife doesn't like to talk about her serv...”

“It's alright dear,” Zoë smiled, “As you have enlightened these good people, now it's my turn.”

“Where did you serve Mrs. Bryant?” Professor Winslow asked.

“I started out in the twenty fifth dragoons,” Zoë said with a glance to Captain Wu, But I finished in the fifty seventh overlanders.”

“But... but the overlanders were an Independent unit,” The professor stammered.

“They were.”

“And the dragoons are an Alliance unit,” Captain Wu said quietly.

“They are,” Zoë said

“That makes you a traitor!” Lady Hastings exclaimed.

“Only to the Alliance. Not to myself. I... left after the first battle of Persephone. I couldn't stand by an' massacre civilians.”

“Browncoats perpetrated that massacre,” Professor Winslow said.

“Professor, you of all people should know that history is written by the victors,” Allan said quietly.

“Mrs. Bryant is right,” Captain Wu said, “Alliance troops committed that crime.”

“Alliance troops are too disciplined to do such things,” Lord Hastings said indignantly.

“Orders,” Zoë said, “We were ordered to shoot those civilians. On the grounds that they had 'helped' the Independents.”

“I simply cannot believe...” Lord hastings began.

“Believe it,” Captain Wu interjected. I saw many such atrocities during my time in the service. Quite often ordered by my own superiors. That's why I transferred from flying assault transports to med ships.”

“What about Shadow?” Zoë asked, “What threat were a bunch of ranchers and farmers?”

“Well... I...” Lord Hastings stammered.

“As an outsider, where do you stand on the war, Mr. Bryant. From what I gather from the news waves, you've only been here for a little over a year?” Mr. Andreyiev asked.

“Two and a half,” Allan replied, “And suffice to say, had I been where I am today, the war would have gone quite differently.”

“Why is that?”

“Because The Independents would have had the support of Blue Sun.”

“The Alliance would have arrested you as a traitor. Not to mention what your own board of directors would have done,” Lord Hastings stated.

“Perhaps. But had I been at the helm, a considerable number of other atrocities would never have occurred.”

“Such as?” Professor Winslow asked.

“Miranda for one. The Academy project for the other.”

“I admit that those two things were an abomination,” Lord Hastings said, “But the resultant political unrest after the revelation that the Miranda wave was actually true...”

“It was more than that,” Allan said, cutting the man off, “It brought to the forefront, the extent of the corruption in government.”

“Wasn't Blue Sun heavily involved in the alleged corruption?” Mrs. Andreyiev asked snidely.

“It was. As perpetrated by my predecessor,” Allan replied, “I'll have you know, he was months from overthrowing the government, before he was killed.”

“Excuse me?” Mrs. Andreyiev asked.

“John Larson was planning a coup' with the help of a few senior military officers.”

“Impossible.” Lord Hastings said.

“Believe it. What I found in his personal files sickened me,” Allan growled, “He ordered Browncoat POW's to be used as test subjects for Pax. Experimentation on unsuspecting and innocent people. Miranda was a test run. Blue Sun has the maintenance contracts for all the core worlds environmental and terriforming systems. As well as most of the border planets. How hard would it have been to start pumping Pax into the air on those worlds?”

“Emperor, John the First,” Zoë said.

“My god,” Professor Winslow whispered.

“That's just the start,” Allan said, “I'm glad Zoë shot him.”


“Zoë.. my wife.”


“I was a soldier. I do know how to handle a gun.” Zoë smirked.

“Of that I've no doubt,” Captain Wu replied, “You struck me as a courageous soldier.”

“Speaking of that Captain,” Zoë said, “I want to thank you formally for what you did after Serenity Valley.”

“Like I said before, Mrs. Bryant. It's what any decent human being would have done.”

The rest of the people at the table looked confused.

“Not many people would face court marshal for pounding the go-se out of a pair of non-coms trying to rape a prisoner,” Zoë said sincerely, “Thank you.”

“You're welcome,” Wu smiled.

The women around the table shared a look. They hadn't realized the depth of the depravity that had happened during the war. Everyones eyes had been opened this evening.

Allan's had been opened to the sheer arrogance instilled in the so called aristocracy. Zoë's had been opened to how Allan really felt about the 'Verse. Something she and her husband hadn't ever really spoken about.

The rest just had their eyes opened to how things really were.

After desert was served, Allan and Zoë excused themselves. Giving for a reason, that their babysitter needed to be relived. Not that that was far from the truth.

Marion wasn't kidding about wanting to throw up after changing Sara's diapers.


Zoë and Allan entered their suite to find Marion holding Sara and feeding her a bottle, “Hey guys,” she said quietly, “How was dinner?”

“Uncomfortable,” Allan replied as he laid his coat over a chair and loosened his tie.

“Can say that again Baby,” Zoë replied.

Sara finished her bottle and looked around for more. Spotting her mother she cried out, “Mama!”

Zoë chuckled and took Sara from Marion's arms, “Miss your Mama, baby mine?”


Allan chuckled and took his daughter from his wife, “Com'ere kiddo.”


Zoë chuckled and Marion giggled at the look on Allan's face.

Despite her cries for her mother, Sara settled down quickly in her father's arms. Allan tickled her chin with his finger and Sara smiled.

“That's my girl.”

“Looks like you're getting the hang of that, Husband,” Zoë said.

“I try,” Allan smiled, “Oh, Marion... you have the rest of the night off. We're not going anywhere.”

“Thanks, Boss.”

“And I don't want to see you back here until morning,” Allan ordered.

“Not going to happen,” Marion pouted, “Not many sly women looking for hookups on a ship like this.”

“Well at least go have some fun,” Allan said chuckling.

“I'll try,” Marion said as she left the sitting room to go change.

“You trying to get your employee laid, Baby?” Zoë asked, smiling as she sat next to Allan.

“Marion does a lot of things beyond being a body guard,” Allan replied, “I still owe her for coming to my rescue.”

“You gave her a job.”


“You got her a night with a companion...”

“Might do that again...” Allan said grinning.

“What are you planning Husband?”

“A night alone with my wife and daughter.”


“And I saw an interesting name on the passenger manifest.”

“What name is that?”

“Ohhhh, just a Companion who also owes Marion something.”

“You mean...”

“Allison Sexton is back to work and is one of the Companions working here on the Queen.”

“So, you gonna rent a male Companion to keep me sexed when you can't preform anymore?” Zoë said smiling.

“Maybe, but I doubt I'll have that problem for many, many years.”

“You think so, huh?” Zoë smiled.

“I'll be old and gray.”

“Got some gray showing already dear,” Zoë teased.

“Fine, really old and really gray.... besides, you make me feel like a teenager.”

“I do, huh?”

“You do,” Allan replied before kissing his wife.

“Soon as I put Sara down, you can prove it to me.”

“I like the sound of that,” Allan smiled.


Marion smoothed down the hem of the tight dress she was wearing. Unfortunately, all the propositions and offers to dance she had received so far were from men. As she looked around the crowded dance club, Marion sighed and took another pull from her beer.

“Care to dance?” said a feminine voice behind her.

Turning around, Marion came face to face with someone she knew, or thought she did, “Trudy?”

“Wrong twin,” Allison Sexton smiled.

Marion's jaw dropped. Gone was the broken young woman who had been raped and tortured by Niska. In front of Marion stood Alison, the Companion.

“Uh... hi.”

“Care to dance?” Alison asked again.

“Um... sure.”

Eyes still wide, Marion followed Alison onto the dance floor. Soon the two women were causing quite a stir among the males in the crowd as they gyrated together on the dance floor.

After a while, Allison whispered into Marion's ear, “Let's go back to my cabin.”

Marion took a step back, “I... I really can't.”

“And why not?”

“No offense, but I really can't afford your rates.”

“I'm off tonight.”


“So, I owe you my life,” Allison said sincerely, “This one's on the house.”

The smile Alison gave Marion nearly made the bodyguard's legs give out.

“What the hell, you only live once.”

There were a few mumbles and wolf whistles as the two women left the club arm in arm.


“Wu de tyen ah!” Marion exclaimed as she lay in a sweaty pile of sheet's and registered Companion.

“Enjoy yourself?” Allison said as she kissed Marion's forehead.

“I... wow.”

Alison giggled, “So did I. And I must say. My sister wasn't wrong about you.”

“I thought there were rules about discussing clients?” Marion asked.

“Yes, but we are sisters.”

“Ai ya, you ain't kiddin there,” Marion said grinning.

“Ready to go again?” Alison asked coyly.

“Wu de tyen ah!” Marion cried out again as Allison's hands moved down her body.


AN2: Sorry about the slow pace here for the first few chapters. This story needs some lead time before things really start to happen.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009 10:48 PM


Oh, I don't think it was slow at all. The idiots at the Captain's Table needed to be told a few home truths, and maybe they'll go away with their beliefs shaken, and be better people because of it. Not holding out much hope, of course, but you never know. And Marion gettin some lovin'? Good for her!

Thursday, January 22, 2009 4:45 AM


Good as always. I agree with Jane. Good plots have to have some building to be good.


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