Birthday - Chapter 5
Friday, January 2, 2009

The Big Damn Rescue begins. And Yes my muse is working overtime.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Allan. He's mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


This story takes place nearly four years after Serenity (BDM) and has the established couples of Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Zoë/Allan and Jayne/River. Follows after Big Blue.


A/N: Warning for some four letter words... Swearing if you will.

Thanks again Chris for the Beta.




Chapter Five


Mal was a bit nervous. Not about the impending fight but about the docking. River had programmed Serenity to make the approach to the docking port and even dock with Niska's skyplex. He was along for the ride.

River had been explicit in telling him that all he was to do was make sure Serenity was lined up and then shut down the engines when they made contact. Only intervening if there was a problem.

Looking out through the bridge windows, it sure as hell looked like it was going to be a collision rather than a docking. Mal's hands tightened on the yoke, wanting to do something.

Suddenly, Serenity's braking engines fired and the old Firefly slowed down.

“Thirty seconds!” Mal yelled into the com.

The hull of the station loomed larger as he felt the ships thrusters fire, lining Serenity up perfectly.

'That girl is a wonder,' Mal thought as Serenity's airlock made contact with the skyplex's docking bay.

Mal grabbed his assault rifle and ran for the cargo bay.


Adeli Niska had decided to enjoy a leisurely lunch at his desk before sending the wave to Bryant's wife. He was sure that she and Reynolds were tearing Boros apart looking for the man.

Wiping his mouth with a silk napkin, Niska turned to his cortex screen. Typing in the address, he frowned.


Niska tried again.

With the same result. Swearing something under his breath, Niska activated the internal com.

“Yes sir?” replied the voice of one of Niska's technicians.

“Why don't I have a Cortex signal?”

“I... I was about to call you sir. I think we are being jammed.”

“Jammed? Explain.”

“Very powerful, Military grade system... and it's coming from two sources.”

“Where are they?”

“Can't tell sir. The sensors are off line. All I can tell is that there are two jamming sources and one is closer than the other.”

“How close?”

“I don't know...”

“Then put men at the view ports you idiot! There could be an Alliance cruiser out there for all you know!”

“Yes sir!”

Niska decided that this particular tech would spend a little time with his employer, searching for his real self.

A moment later the general alarm began to sound.

“Čubčí syn,” Niska swore in Czech. It couldn't be Reynolds. It was too soon.... unless.

“Bryant has a beacon.” Niska said out loud.


Serenity's hull was still ringing with the impact with the docking bay. Jayne hit the control. As the ramp began to open, he and Reggie lobbed four grenades over the top of the opening door.

Shrapnel pinged off the thick ramp. As soon as it was down, sporadic gunfire erupted from the bay.

Reggie tossed out two smoke grenades and smoke billowed, obscuring vision for both sides. Reggie began spraying automatic fire into the room. Jayne following suit.

Gunfire from Niska's men stopped.

A moment later, Zoë and Mal erupted from the cargo bay onto the skyplex, weapons up and ready, Jayne and Reggie on their heels.

Alone in the cargo bay behind a barricade, Simon waited nervously.

There were six bodies in the bay. Some killed by grenades, the others shot.

The general alarm began sounding.

“Let's move!” Mal ordered as the group headed for Niska's office.


“ETA?” the captain of the IAV Hong Kong asked his helmsman.

“Twenty two minutes,” the woman replied.

“Very well.”

Captain Joshua turned to the hulking army captain standing beside him, “Better get ready Captain Tangaroa,”

“Very good sir,” Oso replied as he turned and headed for the docking bay, two decks down from the bridge.

As he ran the corridors, Oso prayed that the crew of Serenity left them something to do. Oso felt the urge to kill someone.


River and Marion crept forward slowly. They reached a corridor junction and paused. River tilted her head for a moment and then shot Marion a small smile. River drew her sword and quickly shot around the corner.

Two muted grunts were heard and then silence. Marion risked a quick glance around the corner. She was rewarded with the sight of River wiping blood off her sword with two dead gunmen at her feet.

“No challenge,” River said quietly.

“Remind me not to get on your bad side.”

“Indeed...” River began to reply but the General alarm cut her off, “Come, now is not the time for stealth. Shoot anything that moves and isn't Allan or crew.”

The two women began running, River with a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other. Marion behind her, Callahan up and ready.

Rounding a corner, they ran into a group of ten men, all armed all running towards them.

Marion could only watch in awe.

In one step, River launched herself into the air, shooting two men before knocking a third to the decking as she landed on his throat, killing him. Her sword cut a swath through a fourth and fifth man.

In a blur of motion, the remaining five men fell to River's blade. As the last man fell, River turned back to the nearly dumbstruck Marion, “Thirty meters that way, two decks up,” she pointed.

“Lead the way.”


Four gunmen cautiously approached the open ramp of Serenity. As soon as the fourth stepped onto the ramp, Simon pushed the button on the little surprise Kaylee had rigged before she left.

50,000 volts of electricity surged through the ramp plating.

When the current stopped, four men toppled to the deck.

Simon grinned, his wife was a wonder.


Allan was trying to figure out how to get his hands loose when he heard the general alarm begin to sound. A grin came across his battered face.

“You hear that Alison. Cavalry's here.”

The young woman didn't respond. Allan craned his neck to look at her. Allison was unconscious and her breathing ragged. She didn't have much time left.

Allan redoubled his efforts to escape. Even if only to try and save Alison's life.

A moment later, the door leading to Niska's office slid open and the man who's nose Allan had broken entered, a feral smile on his swarthy face.

“What, the boss too shy to finish things himself?” Allan taunted.

“Mr. Niska is indisposed. Preparing a reception for your wife. I do look forward to having her here in your place.”

“Over my dead body,” Allan snarled.

“That is the idea,” the man said as he pulled a rather large knife.

“Not going to take your time?”

“I will with the missus” the man crowed as he brought the blade to Allan's throat.

Allan closed his eyes when he felt pressure against his throat.

And it went away as he heard the sound that a cleaver makes when a butcher chops a piece of meat.

Allan cracked his one good eye open. The swarthy man lay on the floor, his head several feet away from the rest of his body.

River stood in front of Allan, a sword in her hand and her eyes running up and down his naked form.

“Now I know why Zoë keeps you around,” She grinned.

“River did you find... Oh!” Marion said from the doorway

“Um, River?”

“Yes Da-shu?”

“You mind turning me loose?”

“Sorry Allan, “ River grinned as she undid the restraints on the engineers hands.

“I got the rest of this, help her,” Allan ordered. Hissing in pain as his broken ribs protested while he bent over to undo the restraints on his ankles.

Marion and River moved to Allison's side and gently removed her from the rack. Allan undid the last of his restraints and nearly fell as he stepped to the floor.

Broken fingers and ribs screaming, Allan knelt next to Alison laying on the cold floor, “She's pretty bad. Need to get her to Simon.”

“Can't do that, Da-shu. Cut off for the moment. Need to wait for reinforcements,” River replied.

Allan suddenly realized that River wasn't alone, “You look familiar,” he said to Marion.

“Marion Vorrasi. We met at the port in Capital City.”

“Why are you here?”

“I used to work for Maj... Reggie.”

“That would explain the gun then.”

“It would.”

“Come on, we need to get her up on that table.”

River and Marion lifted Alison to the table. Marion then wandered around the room while Allan examined the injured woman further.

“Son of a... This bastard is really sick.”

“Where's everyone else, River... Where's Zoë?” Allan asked.

“Pinned down. Safe for the moment. More help will be here soon.”

“What help?”

“Oso is bringing friends to the party.”

Allan couldn't help but grin.


“Zoë! Can you get a clear shot?” Mal yelled.

“No Sir!” she yelled over the chattering gunfire.

“Reggie, Jayne?”

“Nothin!” the big man yelled back.


“Out,” replied Reggie as he snapped off a few shots around the corner.

“Ain't this a fine kettle o' fish.”

They were pinned down behind some heavy beams in the middle of a corridor less than one hundred feet from Niska's office. The bad guys were both in front and behind the crew.

Zoë stuck her head out and fired a burst from her M-4. Ducking back as bullets hit the wall above her head.

“Allan's gonna be awful miffed at me, I let you get hurt Zoë!” Mal yelled.

Before Zoë could yell a reply. A large explosion behind them knocked everyone off their feet.

“What in ruttin hell was that!” Jayne screamed.

“I think Oso's here! Man likes to make an entrance!,” grinned Reggie.

“Bout time the purple bellies showed up,” Mal said.


River had found Allan's clothes in a nearby storage closet, allowing her friend to get dressed. Allan had gently wrapped Allison in his suit jacket.

The sound of gunfire got closer and suddenly, four gunmen came into Niska's office, Marion promptly shot one as she ducked around the corner.

River shoved Allan to the floor while simultaneously handing him his pistol. Allan snapped off two shots while River got Allison off the table and under cover. More men were pouring into the office and the bullets were flying.

River began to return fire as well. The trio alternating taking shots and ducking for cover.

Marion took a hit to her armor and grunted as she fell back.

“You okay?” Allan asked.

“I'll live!”

“Keep shooting then!”

Marion growled something under her breath and started firing again.

“Son of a bitch!” Allan swore. He had run out of ammo and with his broken fingers, he couldn't reload.

Marion tossed him her pistol and Allan grinned as he resumed shooting.

They were low on ammo and in trouble when River grinned, “Bear is here.”

“Bear?” Allan said before realizing what she meant. A grenade flew in through the circular portal from the outside corridor, landing among Niska's men.

The noise was very impressive.

As were the results. The men who had been shooting at Allan, River and Marion all lay dead. Through the lingering smoke strode the imposing figure of Oso Tangaroa, appearing even larger in his body armor and tactical gear.

Behind the big man, six Alliance soldiers dressed similarly, filed into the room.



“All clear!” Oso finished.

Allan dropped his head in exhaustion and slid down the wall to the floor.

“Allan, are you okay?” Oso asked as he reached the older man's side.

“Damn, you're a sight for sore eyes, Oso,” Allan grinned.

“Been said before,” Oso chuckled.

“You got a medic with you?”

“How bad you hurt?”

“Not for me. I wasn't Niska's only plaything. Got a young woman, a Companion in here. She's hurt bad.” Alan said as he closed his good eye. Damn he felt tired.

“Medic!” Oso yelled over his shoulder.

“Get the rutting hell outta my way!” yelled a familiar voice.

Zoë elbowed her way through the members of Oso's team. Upon seeing Allan, sitting on the floor, battered and bloody with one eye swelled shut and the other closed, her heart nearly exploded.

A moment later it swelled with joy when Allan opened his one good eye and grinned.

“Hey you,” Allan said smiling when he saw Zoë.

“Hey yourself,” Zoë grinned as she dropped down next to her husband and pulled him into a hug.


“Sorry Baby.”

“S'okay Zoë...” Allan grunted.

“How bad you hurt?”

“Remember my first landing on Kelly?”

Zoë shuddered at the memory of Allan laying broken in Serenity's infirmary, “Yeah...”

“Not quite that bad.”

“When you get better I'm gonna hurt you,” Zoë grinned in relief.

“That a promise?”

“You bet it is.”

Marion looked at River and rolled her eyes.

“Looking good Sargent,” Oso said to Marion.

“Not so bad yourself L-T.”

“Got promoted... Captain.”

“Well at least you know how to throw a grenade now.”

“Very funny. I said I was sorry.”

“You blew my foot off!”

“Children... behave,” Reggie said from the doorway with Mal and Jayne standing behind him.

Medics carefully moved Alison to the sickbay on the destroyer. A few moments later, Simon arrived, escorted by four marines. Six more were guarding Serenity.

“Allan, how do you feel?” Simon asked.

“Like shit... what do you think?” Allan snapped, the twinkle in his non swollen shut eye robbing the retort of most of it's sting.

Simon chuckled, “Lets get you back to Serenity.”

“Good idea,” Allan replied. He tried to stand but found that he was suddenly too weak to do so. He had been running on pure adrenalin and his body was spent.

Oso and Jayne carefully pulled Allan to his feet. Zoë took one arm over her shoulder and Mal the other and they began to lead Allan back to the ship they all called home.


Five decks away, Niska slipped quietly into an escape pod. Activating the launch sequence, the coffin shaped carft darted away from the Skyplex. Heading down to the moon below.

He may have lost the battle but not the war. He thought to himself


As the crew returned to the ship, Mal piped up.

“Where the hell is Niska?”

“Escaped... life pod,” River said.

“Tai-kong suo-yo duh shing-chiouh doh sai-jin wuh duh pee-goo!” Mal swore.

“Not to worry Captain. I know where he is,” River smiled evilly.

“Where? I'll send a team...”

Zoë laid a hand on Oso's arm, “We'll take care of it.”

“Zoë... legally...”

“Nothin says you can't come along... supervise Niska's imminent demise, all legal like,” Mal grinned up at the big man.

“Good thinking Captain,” Oso grinned.

“Though you might like the idea.”


Translation: Čubčí syn = Son of a bitch in Czech.


Friday, January 2, 2009 5:24 AM


Nice action, especially your descriptions of River going medieval! And Zoe and Allan are back together again, which is good. And positively bad for Niska, as there is payback to be arranged ...


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