Angelle in Brown part 6 "Daddy's Little Killer"
Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Angelle contacts her dad only to find things aren't good at home. Thnks everyone for your comments and for reading. AMDOBELL, thanks for your help!! :)


Angelle's mine, all the rest belongs to Mr. Whedon. -------------------------------------------------

Reconnaissance....the art of collecting info without the other party knowing you're collecting info. It can also be called spying or my personal favorite and what I was doing at the present....eavesdropping. Now, if you were to ask my father about any of my incredible hidden talents, the first he would name was my uncanny ability to pick up on any conversation involving me as its subject. I got really good when my mother was still alive.

Mal and Inara had fought for a good hour before finally ending it with her walking away to the relative safety of her shuttle and the good captain to the quiet of the bridge. Maybe it was me actually caring about how he felt or that my father had taught me to be a peacemaker, but either way, I followed behind him, slowly so he wouldn't quite know that's what I was doing.

By the time I had reached the steps, Mal was already engaged in a conversation, and since I hadn't seen anyone go into the bridge with him and everyone had been there for the fight, I assumed he had waved someone. As I listened more closely (Just to make sure he was safe, mind you) I realized that the other voice was way too familiar.

"I just wanted to let you know she had ended up with us. Figured she hadn't waved ya, yet."

"She paid you, right? Told Stix that whoever she took a ride with to pay." It was my dad alright. No one else in their right mind would call me Stix, behind my back or to my face. Consider it a father's pet name for his daughter and leave it at that.

"She did. Good kid, lot like her old man." Mal laughed, but it offended me a bit. Is that what he thought? I was just a kid. "Might prettier than you led me to believe."

"I didn't lead you to believe anything. You just figured 'cuz she was from the Bayou, she was some sort of hillbilly." My dad's chuckle could wake the dead. It was nice hearing it. "Ya seem tired, Malcolm? What's up?"

"Just trouble of mine I need to deal with."

"You know Angelle might not be part of your crew, but she's the best damn listener you'll meet. Girl's probably got more war secrets in her than all the Alliance fleet put together, especially with all these old timers fillin' her with their stories." Another chuckle...

"She don't need my trouble."

"Didn't say she did, but that never stopped Stix from caring. My girl's like a radar, and I would almost bet you she's listening in."

I smiled and decided maybe it was time to actually make my presence known. Clearing my throat, I stopped before entering the bridge, leaning my shoulder into the door jam. Mal turned to look at me. “Permission to enter the bridge, Capt. Reynolds.”

“Guess I don't got much of a choice. Your old man is listenin' in.” He looked a bit angry and I couldn't really blame him.

“You always have a choice. I'm sorry for interruptin', Tell my dad that I'll wave him when I get to Whitefall.” Backing out of the doorway, I began to head down the stairs when Mal called to me.

“Best be getting' your pi gu up here and talk to this annoyin' old man.” I heard my father's laugh and Mal let the corner of his mouth curl upward. “But, next time, let a man know when you're spyin' on him. Might say something I'll regret later.”

“Sure you haven't already?” I quipped before lookin' at the small static image of my father. “Hey there, Dad.”

“You should know better than to be spyin' on a captain on his bridge, Stix. Haven't I taught you better than that.” Now, if being corrected by your father when you were old enough to live your own life wasn't bad enough, add a very hot man, who you might just be wantin' to impress into the mix. Right here, I would have loved to tell my father to butt out, yet, even I know, I wouldn't have truly meant it and all it would do was hurt my daddy's feelings.

“Never stopped me from spyin' on you and Mama.” I snapped back and then smiled at him. “How's Betsy Lou?”

“Missin' the hell out of you. Damn Mud Mule up and died the moment you left. She's just as temperamental as you.” I laughed. Betsy always had had a mind of her own, even displaying PMS at times. We had owned her for about ten years and replaced her with another more updated model we all called Thelma, but Betsy still ran circles around her, 'specially with me at the wheel.

“Well, at least you got Thelma.”

“Just wished she had the guns that Old Bet has. Alliance scouts have been doin' a lot of patrolling 'round here lately. Gators are even getting tired of purple.”

“Any reason they'd be doin' that?”

“Not sure, though Drake says he thinks they've been following our transmissions.”

“But, Roger is suppose to be changin' the frequency on them weekly. Tell me he hasn't gone on a walkabout again.”

“Let's say, he's not been seen for awhile.” My dad's attitude was that of worry, something that I hated to see. We had kept the Bayou a relative secret for more than six years and if the Alliance stumbled on it, things could get messy.

“We're headed back to Persephone because of a mix up with Mal's Companion. I'll hop a space cruiser and head home as soon as I can. This job can wait.”

“She's not my Companion,” Mal spoke behind me with a growl. “I'll get her to the Bayou, Sam. You might need our help as well.”

“What about your cargo?” I whispered as so my dad wouldn't hear.

“The way I see it, I haven't gotten paid so it ain't real pressin'. Badger owes me one or two anyway.Besides, your dad needs help and we Browncoats always stick together.”

“You just lookin' forward to shootin' down some purple.” I grinned at him.

“Gotta feed those gators.”

“Well, I appreciate the added help. Might even get Betsy back to runnin' when you get home. Damn bitch always liked you better.”

“We girls need to stick together, Daddy. If you need me there sooner, you call.”

“Should be able to hold out. You say you got a Firefly, Malcolm?”


“Stix, make sure he comes to the North platform. The South and east were lowered to keep them no good p-bellies from landin' and you call before. We got some branches coverin' it.”

“Okay. You better stay alive, old man.” Mal muttered at him.

“You know I'm too angry to die. Made it all the way through the war with only a few bullet holes and a shot up leg. Think I can survive a little scouting gone awry. “ He grinned showing the gold tooth he had gotten when a purple had knocked out his real one with the barrel of an Alliance gun. “You take care, Malcolm... and Stix, love you, honey. Glad you're in good hands.”

“Love you, Daddy and take care. Tell the boys their girl is comin' home with reinforcements.”

“Better not. All I need is them celebrating and getting too drunk to fight. Bye now.” The image clicked off before I could tell him good bye or make a funny comment on the last statement. I gently kissed my fingers and placed them on the screen.

“Be careful, Old man.” I whispered and felt a hand on my shoulder. “He always takes more risks than he should. Just like you Browncoats.”

“Might be the very thing that keeps us livin'.”

“Why are you mad at Inara? It's her decision.” I changed the subject quickly. It kept me from worrying too much about my home and maybe now, it would be a good time to get a straight answer. “Because the man is no good and I have a bad feelin' he's wantin' revenge on us for humiliatin' him the last time. I basically stabbed a couple holes in him, after he challenged me to a duel.”

“Sounds like he's quite the idiot. Still, it's her call.” I looked at him. “No matter what any of us think may be better.”

“Can't stop tryin' to protect her.”

“Trust me, my father says the same thing about me and I still make dumb decisions, like leavin' him there without so much as thinkin' the p-bellies would attack.”

“We'll get there before there's too much trouble. Persephone won't take a minute.”

“Could always tell her that we need to get there ASAP and you can't drop her off until after. Give her time to reconsider her actions.”

“Like you said, it's her decision and it won't change none. One thing 'Nara is, she's stubborn.” He didn't so much as sigh, but I could tell he really cared about the Companion, maybe even more than I might have first realized. Was I a bit jealous? Maybe. After all, he was definitely the right man to bring home to daddy and strangely enough, wasn't I doin' just that?

“Well, then, guess if things go awry, you can swoop in and save the day.” I walked past him as we brushed against one another.

“Hey, Ange,” he spoke and I turned. Not many used the shorten version of my name, of course, most that knew me either called me Sam's girl or just Girl. It was almost nice hearing it. “You know anything 'bout fencing?”


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 5:33 PM


Sounds like things are going to get interesting. Angelle is a fascinating character and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 10:44 PM


So I can see a family reunion, and a rescue ... do we get to see the gators crunching? Maybe Atherton Wing ... And Mal is getting attached to Angelle, that's obvious. But will it be like he is with Kaylee, a brother/sister thing, or something more? Can't wait to find out!

Thursday, December 11, 2008 8:59 AM


I have an idea, why can't we just feed Atherton to the Gators? The purplebellies would be warned off about the unfriendly wildlife and leave the place alone (hope, hope) and the Gators would get a free feed. Win-win situation! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, December 1, 2011 11:47 AM


This story is so shiny!!((: I love it! And Angelle is such an awesome and interesting character, great job on her!!:D


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