Heritage - Chapter 11
Thursday, October 23, 2008

Allan and Zoe find out their daughter is missing. We find out a little more about the kidnappers motives and the girls wake up in captivity.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.

This story is set fifteen years into the future from my current storyline “Big Blue”.


Cast of characters:

Parents: Malcolm Reynolds 51 Inara Serra-Reynolds 44 Allan Bryant 68 Zoë Bryant 48 Simon Tam 43 Kaylee Tam 40 Jayne Cobb 52 River Cobb 36 Kids: Jefferson (Jeff) Reynolds 15 Emma Reynolds 10 Sara Bryant 14 Rebecca Tam 15 John (Jack) Tam 11 Rachel Cobb 8 Jesse Cobb 6 -

Heritage-Chapter Eleven


Oso sat at his desk in the main security office of Blue Sun. Just a few yards down the hall from Allan's office. He looked up from the paperwork he was working on when he heard the chime of an incoming wave.

“Ora Tangaroa,” he replied, hitting the accept button.

“Oso... the girls are gone,” Said the face of Andy Baer as soon as the call connected.

“Andy? What? Who's gone?”

“Sara and Bridgett. Right off the street in front of the restaurant.”

Oso felt his heart drop to the bottom of his shoes. His mind going into overdrive.

“It's worse,” said Andy, “Marion and another team member are dead.”

“Tah mah de,” Oso whispered.

“Audra found them...”

“Son of a... tell Audra I'm sorry,” Oso said. He knew all about Audra and Marion's relationship.

“We want in,” Andy said simply.

Oso nodded, “Got some things to do here on this end. Cops there?”

“Just now.”

“I'll send Fred to coordinate.”

“Keep us in the loop Oso,”

“I will,” Oso replied. 'That is if the Boss or Zoë doesn't shoot me first.' He thought, 'How am I going to tell them?'

Within minutes, Oso had sent his wife to the scene, Alerted the rest of the protection teams, and contacted the lead investigator at Scotland Yard.

Now came the hard part. Telling Allan that his daughter had been kidnapped.

Steeling himself, Oso left his office and crossed the hall to the executive offices. Allan's assistant saw the expression on his face.

“What's wrong Oso?” Edwyna Butterfil asked.

“I need to talk to the Boss... Now”

“He's in with the admiral.”

“I don't care Eddie. Now.”

Reluctantly, Edwyna knocked on the door to Allan's office.

“Excuse me Admiral,” Allan said as he rose from his desk. Walking quickly across the room Allan opened the door, “What is it Eddie?”

“I'm sorry Allan, Oso needs to speak with you... it's urgent.”

Allan frowned but nodded. He hated being interrupted during a meeting, “Show him in.”

Allan walked back to his desk. Oso entered behind his boss. Eddie hovered by the open door.

“What is is Oso?” Allan asked. Upon seeing the expression on his chief of security's face, Allan's knees grew weak.

“Boss... Allan, Someone snatched Sara and Bridgett.”

Allan collapsed into his chair, his face pale, “What?”

Oso straightened himself and continued, “Person's unknown kidnapped Sara and Bridgett in front of Alisha's restaurant. Marion and Shiloh were murdered. The third guard is missing.”

“Kidnapped...” Allan whispered. His brain refusing to function.

“Sir. This is all my fault. I accept full responsibility. You will have my resignation within the hour.” Oso stated formally.

Allan blinked, “What? No. No fuckin way Oso! I need you more than ever right now!”

Allan's face was red now. He grabbed the coffee mug on his desk and hurled it across the room, shattering against the bookcase.

Throughout the exchange, Admiral Ming sat in silence. As Allan tried to regain his composure, the Admiral spoke softly.

“Dr. Bryant, You have my sympathies. I have a teen aged daughter myself... If there's anything the Alliance Fleet can do to help. Call me personally.”

“Thank... Thank you Admiral,” Allan replied.

The Admiral nodded and took his leave. Allan looked back to Oso. The big man looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here.

“Okay Oso. Start again from the top.”


“Chief inspector?”

“What is it Sargent?”

“There is an urgent wave for Chief Bryant.”

“She'll take it in my Office,” Replied the Investigator as he led Zoë into his office at Scotland Yard. After her tour, Zoë and the Chief Inspector had gone to lunch in the headquarters cafeteria.

Zoë sat in front of the cortex screen. She hit the accept button. As Zoë answered the wave, an officer handed the Inspector a note. Reading it, the inspector looked at Zoë.

“Say that again baby?” Zoë said to her husband.

“Sara and Bridgett have been kidnapped,” Allan said. His face livid over the wave screen.

Zoë's face went blank. Taking a deep breath, Zoë continued, “Do we know...”

“Nothing yet. Looks to be for ransom. If they wanted the girls for something... else. They would have taken an easier target.”

“Security?” Zoë asked.

Allan's face clouded, “Dead. Marion and Shiloh anyway. No sign of the new guy, Wing.”

“Wuo de ma... Marion?”

Allan nodded, “Oso and I are heading for Alisha's right now.”

“I'll meet you there,” Zoë replied. Her face hard. It had been a long time since she had had to bury her feelings like this. She needed to though. Otherwise she would shoot something. She also needed to keep control for Allan's sake. Her husband was no coward. Far from it but She knew he would have trouble keeping his emotions under control.

“Chief Bryant?” The inspector asked. He had head the entire exchange. It matched with the information he had been given.

“I need to get to the scene.” Zoë said flatly.

“Of course. I'll bring you there myself.”

Outside in the hall, Olivia Little answered her com. After getting the message, she swore under her breath. Someone had just made a huge mistake. She just hoped the two girls survived it.


Allan and Zoë arrived at the scene almost simultaneously. The couple hugged for a moment. Both doing their best to remain strong for one another.

Still on the sidewalk, lay the covered bodies of Shiloh Rogers and Marion Vorrasi. The New London Police Forensics team doing their work. This was about as high a profile case as it got. Each team member triple checked their work.

Durin Haymer arrived shortly after. He had been at a meeting across town at the Blue Sun factory in the city's suburbs. The three parents were led inside the restaurant where a command post had been set up. Durin was beside himself with grief.

In the corner, Reggie was doing his best to console his crying wife. Alisha had been in the upstairs office when the event took place. Zoë went to her sister and gave her a hug. Allan shook his head and prayed that the stress didn't put Alisha into early labor. She was only eight and a half months pregnant.

After seeing to her sister, Zoë moved back to Allan's side. Holding hands for a moment, Zoë looked in her husband's eyes. Allan saw the resolve there. He knew Zoë was in the mindset she used when working. The dispassionate professional soldier that Zoë would always be. Allan did his best to draw from that strength, drawing on his own reserves. The ones Allan used so long ago when he was a paramedic.

“What do we know?” Zoë asked the lead detective.

“And you are?” the woman asked.

“Zoë Bryant, Sara is my daughter.”

“Ma'am, We'll keep you updated best we can but right now...”

“Don't pull that go-se on me missy. I'm a cop too. Now tell me what's going on,” Zoë spat at the woman as she pulled out her badge.

The detective opened and closed her mouth a few times. The situation was settled when the chief inspector approached.

“Chief Bryant is to be fully briefed on the situation detective.”

The woman gulped, “Yes sir.”

The detective took a deep breath and began, “Witnesses report seeing the girls exit their vehicle, the primary body guards beside them. A third held back. As the they approached the front of the restaurant, the third guard, drew his weapon and shot the other two point blank in the head while the girls were pulled into a waiting hover van. A bulletin has been put out for the van and all ships in port for a five hundred kilometer radius have been landlocked. Only being released for departure after inspection.”

“What about private pads?” Allan asked.

“Traffic control is watching for any other launches. All ships inside the perimeter are being challenged to land at the main port for inspection.”

Allan nodded. His mind pouring over what little he knew about Rafe Wing. How did someone like that come to the top of the list of guards who would be considered for VIP work.

Oso was doing his best to avoid his boss for the moment. As soon as he head that Rafe Wing was a suspect, Oso's unease doubled. He had picked Wing for the assignment. Briefed him personally. If he ever got his hands on that man, he would rip his arms off and stuff them down his throat.

Fred patted her husband's shoulder and made her way to Allan's side, “Orders Boss?”

Allan stood blankly for a moment and then surprisingly, pulled Fred into a hug, “Take Wing's life apart. I want to know about his kindergarten report cards. And tell Oso he's still family... Just like you are Fred. They hit us where we're weak. Not his fault.” he whispered in her ear.

Biting back a tear, Fred nodded. Pulling away, Allan continued.

“Wave Serenity. I want everyone here.”

“You got it Boss.”


Just as The girls were exiting the armored SUV on Londonium, Serenity had just broken atmo on Shinon, heading back to Londonium. River piloted the ship through the black, her daughter Rachel in the co-pilots seat.

Suddenly the eight year old screamed, “Sara!”

River was out of her seat in a flash, “What's wrong baby?”

Rachel was crying, “Sara's gone Momma.”

River's pulse rate jumped, “What do you mean Rachel?”

“I felt her fear... then nothing...” she sobbed.

“Show me baby girl,” River ordered as she opened her mind to her daughter.

The images were jumbled at first but soon she saw just what Rachel had seen, Sara being grabbed off a street and then nothing. Again, River was amazed at how powerful a reader her daughter was. Much more than she was herself.

“We'll find her baby,” River said as she moved back to the pilots chair. The pilot keyed the com to the engine room, “Kaylee?”

“Momma's in the galley Aunt River,” Becca replied, “What do you need?”

“Full burn, right now Becca.”

“You got it.”

Serenity lurched slightly as the burn engaged. Soon the ship was howling through space. River recalculated their ETA. They would be on Londonium in less than twenty hours.

“Tross? What the hell's goin on?” Mal said as he entered the bridge, “Why are we at full burn?”

“Problem on Londonium. Something happened to Sara. Rachel saw it.”

Mal glanced at the little girl sobbing in the co-pilots seat. His face hardened.

“How long?”

Nineteen hours twenty seven minutes,” River said.

“We close enough to wave Allan?”

“In two hours.”

“Keep me posted, I'll send Jayne up for short stub.”

“Thank you Capn'”


Joseph Wing kept a close eye on the rear view of the Hover van. They were already well outside the city limits of New London. His Cousin Rafe, kept a close eye on the two girls in the rear. Still out from the tranquilizer shots they had been given.

“How come we got two brats?” Joe asked Rafe.

“The redhead's the daughter of the number two guy at Blue Sun. She'll bring as much as Bryant's kid.”

“I only set the cell up to hold one.”

“Just throw in another air mattress,” Rafe grumbled.

“What about rations?”

“Do em' some good to know what it's like to be hungry like real people.”

Joseph snorted at the last. He had been born into wealth and prosperity on Persephone but his stupid uncle had to go and piss off the Companions Guild and get arrested. The family blew most of their wealth trying to get Uncle Atherton out of prison. Both through legal and illegal methods. All that had done was squander the rest of the families money. The two young men had been forced to actually find jobs. Rafe first as a cop and later a Security guard at Blue Sun and Joseph as a pilot on a passenger liner.

The two men longed for the wealth they knew as teenagers. With Uncle Atherton now out of prison and living in relative squalor and their own father's, Atherton's older brothers, in prison for attempting to break their baby brother out. The once proud Wing family was a mere shell of what it had been.

All that was left was the family space yacht. Mostly stripped of it's lavish furnishings to pay for fuel and maintenance. Now the vessel was their ticket back to wealth and power.

Parked in a meadow surrounded by forest just outside the five hundred kilometer no fly zone. They still had another hour of driving before reaching the small ship.

An hour after dark, the van pulled up to the sleek ship. The two men carried the girls inside to the ships small cargo bay. Inside was a twelve foot by twelve foot, eight foot high metal box. It had a single door. Inside was a small cot, toilet and sink. Three cases of protein bars were piled in the corner. Joseph threw in another mattress for Bridgett to sleep on.

Inside the box, the two men stripped Sara and Bridgett down to their underwear. Plain surgical scrubs were left on the bed for them to wear. There was a small light built into the ceiling. In a rare showing of compassion, Joseph threw in a few books. The girls jewelry was collected and put into a bag with their clothing. These items would be vented into the black once they were in space.

Once the door was locked, the two men headed for the ships small bridge. Soon they were airborne and headed for Persephone.


Sara awoke first. Groggily she opened her eyes. She couldn't see much in the dim light. Her drugged mind still fuzzy about what was happening.

Sara sucked in a breath as the memory of what had happened, hit her, “Marion,” She whimpered. Sara vividly recalled seeing her friend die in front of her. Tears began to flow from her eyes.

Hearing a moan, Sara peeked over the side of the cot she was laying on. Bridgett lay on the air mattress next to her on the floor, wearing only her underwear. Suddenly Sara realized she too had been stripped.

Sara shivered. It was cold where ever she was.

“Bridgett?” She said softly.

The redhead opened her eyes and let out a cry, “Sara?” she said.

“I'm here.”

Bridgett was crying as well. Sara noticed the scrubs on the cot next to her, “Here, put these on,” Sara said.

Nodding, Bridgett, put on the clothing, Sara followed suit.

“Where are we?” the redhead asked.

“I don't know,” Sara sniffled, “Maybe a ship.”

“How can you tell?”

“The air smells recycled and there's a slight vibration in the floor,” Sara replied. She could feel the throb of an engine in the bottom of her feet as they rested on the floor.

“My ring,” Bridgett said.

Sara looked at her hand. Her emergency signal ring was missing as well.

“These guys are smart.” Sara stated.

Sara worked hard to control her considerable fear. Bridgett was a socialite. Sara was a survivor. Taught from a young age how to take care of herself.

“We have to stay calm,” Sara said, “If we panic, we're done for.”

“What do you think they want?” Bridgett asked, still frightened.


“But we don't...”

“Our parents do. A whole gorram pile of it.”

Sara had to think. Unless she was with her Father, Aunt River or Uncle Simon, she was the smartest person in the room. She would figure this out somehow.

“I'm hungry.”

“Me too Bridge,” Sara replied, “but I don't... wait a sec...”

Sara crawled over to the three boxes in the corner, “Yuck! Fruity oaty bars.”

“You don't like those?” Bridgett asked.

“Not particularly, but beggars can't be choosers I guess,” Sara replied, “Here,” she said, tossing one to Bridgett. Taking one for herself, Sara grimaced as she bit into the bar.

“How long do you think we'll be here?”

“I don't know. We better ration the food. Who knows if they'll bring us more. There's three cases, thats one hundred and twenty bars. No more than six per day for each of us. Ten days of food. We'll be hungry but we won't starve.”

“I want to go home!” Bridgett cried out.

Sara pulled her friend into her arms,” I know Bridge... me too.”


“This is what we know,” Mal began. He had gathered everyone in the galley.

“Bout noon local, A Blue Sun security guard and someone else, grabbed Sara and Durin's girl Bridgett off the street in front of Alisha's restaurant. The hundan's killed Marion and another woman who works for Oso. The fella they think was in on it was a uniformed guard pulled on short notice to help out.”

There were shocked looks all around the table. Jayne swore under his breath. Mal kept a close eye on his son Jeff. He saw his son's blue eyes harden.

“Cops are lookin everywhere on Londonium. Land locked most of the ships but Londonium's so busy, anything outside five hundred clicks wasn't touched.”

“Lotta ways they could have gone,” Jayne said.

Mal nodded. Kaylee was trying not to cry. Becca wasn't as successful. Emma was sobbing in Inara's lap. Rachel was doing a good job being strong but was sniffling. Jack and Jesse did their best to emulate their big cousin Jeff.

“What are we doing Mal?” Simon asked.

“Headed for Londonium. Once we get there, we do whatever Allan says. This is his and Zoë's show. We're just the help.”

Everyone around the table nodded.

“She's awake.” Rachel suddenly said.

Mal looked at the little girl, “You can tell short stub?”

Rachel nodded, “Sara's scared but trying to be strong. Bridgett's with her.”

“Can you see where they are baby?” River asked her daughter.

“No Momma, All Sara can see is the inside of a room... Wait, she thinks it's a ship.”

Jayne smiled and River kissed Rachel on the top of her head, “I'll wave Allan.” the psychic said.

“You do that Tross.”



Thursday, October 23, 2008 9:42 PM


Excellent! And as Olivia thought, these two men have a whole 'verse of trouble heading right for them!


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