Heritage - Chapter 2
Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another slice of life for the BDH's on Boros. Also we get to meet Sara, Allan and Zoe's daughter.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.

This story is set fifteen years into the future from my current storyline “Big Blue”.

Cast of characters:

Parents: Malcolm Reynolds 51 Inara Serra-Reynolds 44 Allan Bryant 68 Zoë Bryant 48 Kaylee Tam 40 Simon Tam 43 Jayne Cobb 52 River Cobb 36 Kids: Jefferson (Jeff) Reynolds 15 Emma Reynolds10 Sara Bryant 14 Rebecca Tam 15 John (Jack) Tam 11 Rachel Cobb 8 Jesse Cobb 6

Heritage-Chapter Two


After Lunch, Allan escorted Zoë back to her office. After a quick kiss, the CEO walked outside to his motorcycle and headed for the market. He still had to pick up the wine for Kaylee.

Once there, Allan made his way to the beverage aisle. Grabbing a decent vintage from Osiris, Allan checked out and put the bottles in one of the saddlebags on his Harley. Rather then head back, Allan decided he would stay in town until school was out so he could give Sara a ride home. Unlike her mother, Sara loved riding on the back of Allan's motorcycle.

Needing to waste some time before school let out, Allan headed for the local hardware store. He enjoyed the company of the people who hung out there as they were all honest real folks who loved machinery. It wasn't unusual to see Kaylee hanging out in the store on some days.


Sara Bryant was bored. Normally she liked history class but the module they were studying right now covered the time just before the exodus from Earth that was. As the teacher delivered her lecture, accented by the multi-media display playing behind her and displayed on the computer screens in each of the student desks.

After seeing yet another glaring (to her anyway) error in the text, Sara raised her hand.

“What is it Sara?” Mrs. Park asked.

“The data is wrong. The Alliance didn't wholly build the ships of the exodus. They were built by Blue Sun on a government contract. The founder of Blue Sun was the driving force behind the entire exodus,” the dark skinned girl finished.

“And you know this how, Sara?”

“My father told me,” Sara replied to the quiet giggles of her classmates. Sara shot them a venomous look.

“Sara,” The teacher replied, her calm demeanor a bit strained, “Please do not bring up the fairytale that your father founded Blue Sun and saved Humanity again in this classroom. That was just a wild story concocted by the Media when your father became the CEO of Blue Sun. Just because he shares the same name as Blue Sun's founder does not mean he is the same man.”

“But he did...” Sara started to reply.

Sara's classmates were laughing at her now.

“Bi zuie!” Mrs. Park said sharply, “Sara, please go to the principals office. We will need to discuss this further after school.”

Dejected, Sara collected her data pad and backpack and left the classroom, muttering under her breath.

Walking through the hallways. Sara took a deep breath and entered the principals outer office.

“Back again, I see miss Bryant,” Said the secretary as the girl entered.

Sara just nodded.

Sit over there, Dr. Garland is busy.

“Okay,” Sara replied, holding back tears. She didn't mind being in the office when she had done something wrong. But gorammit she was right this time.


Across the school, River felt her niece's anger and tears. Putting on her teacher's face she smiled at her last period dance class.

“That's enough for today girls. Remember to practice your positions over the weekend and I'll see you on Monday.”

River moved to her small office next to the dance studio located in the basement of the school. Donning a long skirt over her leotard, River collected her bag and headed for the office. Due to her mind reading abilities, River knew exactly why Sara was in the office.

She had never liked Soo Park's narrow mindedness. Something River detested in a fellow teacher. Especially one who taught history. She would set things straight.

River Cobb loved her job. Teaching fine art in the mornings and dance in the afternoon. River also advised the science club.

It wasn't flying in the black on Serenity every day, but with two children of her own, this was the next best thing. River still flew Serenity when she wasn't teaching. River was looking forward to the trip to the core next month. Although she would be fighting Allan for stick time on the trip.

River paused outside the office. Classes had just let out for the day and the hallways were full as the students escaped the building, anticipating the weekend. As soon as the tumultuous minds of the students left the building, River would give Soo Park a piece of her mind.

Just before River entered the office, she felt a familiar mind approach the school. Maybe she would just stand back and let Allan have a shot at Mrs. Park.


Allan pulled into the parking lot of the high school. Several hundred kids were milling about the campus. Some waiting to board the waiting large yellow hover buses. Allan smiled to himself. Over five hundred years later and kids still rode buses to and from school and the things, no mater the propulsion system, were still painted the same horrid yellow color they always had been.

Allan started walking towards the buses, hoping to intercept his daughter. Sara was usually easy to spot. Tall like her mom, Sara's skin tone set her apart as well. Most families on this part of Boros were of Asian or Caucasian ancestry. Sara being biracial with her toffee skin tone and long copper curls, stuck out.

Frowning, Allan hadn't seen her yet. A pair of familiar faces did catch his eye.

“Jeff, Becca... where's Sara?”

“In the office again uncle Allan,” Becca replied.

Allan rolled his eyes, “Any idea why?”

“Someone mentioned she caused a disturbance in history class,” Jeff Reynolds spoke up.

“Thanks kids. Best be getting on the bus. I'll bring Sara home. By the way, Uncle Monty is in town and is coming to dinner. Becca, want to tell you mom to set an extra place for him?”

“I'll do that uncle Allan,” Becca called as she and Jeff headed for the buses.

Steeling his face, Allan headed for the school office. What had that daughter of his done this time? According to his sister in law, Sara behaved very much like her mother at the same age.

Pushing through the lobby doors, Allan was intercepted by a smiling River Cobb.

“Put away the sour face da-shu,” said the thirty six year old psychic, teacher and mother of two, “Sara didn't really do anything wrong... this time.”

“Then why is she in the office?” Allan asked.

“They were studying history in the time leading up to the exodus. She pointed out several errors and omissions in the text.”

Allan relaxed, “I take it the teacher didn't like being told that the text was wrong.”

“Correct. Sara pointed out the discrepancy's as well as your role. She was ridiculed in front of the class.”

“What!” Allan exclaimed, his blood up, “Who's the teacher?”

“Mrs. Park... I don't like her.”

“Back me up?”

“Always da-shu.”

Taking a deep breath Allan strode into the office, River a step behind. Sara looked up as her father entered, obviously ticked off. The girl gulped and looked at her feet for a moment. Looking back up she saw her aunt River behind her father. River shot her a quick smile and tapped her temple. A slow smile came across the teens face. All the Serenity kids knew that aunt River was a reader.

There were two sides to that coin. They knew they if they were in the right, she would back them up. If they did wrong however. Lying about it was impossible with River around.

“I understand my daughter caused a disturbance in class today?” Allan asked.

“Uh, yes Mr. Bryant. Dr. Garland will see you in a moment. Mrs. Cobb? Is there a problem?”

“No problem, “I'll just be waiting with my niece,” River replied as she sat next to Sara.

“Fine.” The secretary said curtly. She didn't care for the strange woman who was the schools dance teacher. She always seemed to know much more about what was going on then a person should.

A moment later, Dr. Lavern Garland opened the door to her office, “Mr Bryant, Please come in.”

“Thank you Mrs. Garland.”

“Dr. Garland,” the woman said stiffly.

“Very well, if you insist on the title you perhaps had better use mine as well. I too, hold a PhD.”

“I did not know that sir. In what field?” the principle asked as she motioned Allan to a chair.

“Mechanical engineering. I also hold a masters in astrophysics.”

“Oh,” she replied obviously chastised, “Well, to business. I'm afraid Sara has been a bit of a disruptive influence in history class.”

“So I gather,” Allan replied, “Is Sara's history teacher here?”

“She can be.”

“I'd like to hear what she has to say.”

“Very well,” Dr. Garland replied. She clicked on the intercom to her secretary, “Mary? Can you have Soo Park join us?”

“Certainly Dr. Garland.

The two sat in silence until a soft knock on the door announced the history teachers arrival. The young Asian woman glanced at the gray haired man sitting across from the principal.

“Soo, this is mister... I mean Dr. Bryant. Sara's father.”

Allan shook the womans offered hand, “Mrs. Park.”

Soo, would you tell Dr. Bryant what transpired today.”

“Certainly,” the teacher replied, “Today, Sara interrupted class. She said that the history texts we are using are in error. Particularly the section relating to just before the exodus.”

“I see,” Allan replied, “Can I see the section you are referring too?”

“Of course,” the teacher replied as she handed over a data tablet.

Allan began reading the section about the exodus, the teacher made a comment about the fantasy Sara seemed to have that her father built the exodus ships.

Allan looked up from the data tablet, “Say that again?”

“Sara seems to have some delusion that You are over four hundred years old and were born on earth. I know the media came out with that story years ago when you took over Blue Sun but I hardly think...”

“It's true,” Allan cut the woman off.

“Excuse me?”

Allan took a deep breath, “I was born on January seventh 2067 at North Country Hospital in Newport Vermont. Located in the former United States on Earth.”

“That's impossible,” Dr. Garland said.

“Quite possible doctor. I founded Blue Sun in 2092. I was the driving force behind the exodus. I fought tooth and nail with the Alliance and other Earth governments to finance the project. Once underway, I was told I would not be allowed to travel on the ships myself. Many people made the trip in cryogenic suspension. I had fallen out of favor with the government and therefore was prevented from joining the exodus. Instead, I built my own ship and used it to travel here. Unfortunately, my vessel took meteor damage before my ship got up to full speed.”

“I was in cryo, I remained in that state until found in space near this planet sixteen years ago. The pilot of the ship that found me was Mrs. Cobb,” Allan finished. He had given this particular speech many a time.

“Thats... quite a story,” Dr. Garland said. Soo Park just nodded.

“And furthermore, Sara is right. The history text is wrong. John Lassiter was not in charge of the exodus project, he was my liaison with the government. Also he didn't die gloriously exploring what is now Londonium, he was put back in cryo and thawed out about thirty years ago. He was plotting to overthrow the Alliance at that time. He was shot and killed by Sara's mother.”

Allan tossed the data tablet onto the principals desk. “Also the section in there about the war for independence, particularly Serenity valley is wrong. There were Browncoat survivors. My wife was one of about three hundred and fifty. She was second in command at that time. The highest ranking Browncoat survivor was Mal Reynolds. Jeff Reynolds father.”

The two women just stared at Allan. Standing up, Allan started to leave before he turned back, “Mrs. Park, If you would like, I can give a short lecture and Q&A session to your class. It might clear up these... discrepancies.”

“Th... thank you Dr. Bryant. I think that would be most... illuminating.”

Allan turned to the principal, “I sincerely hope that next time Sara is sent to the office, it's for something she has done wrong. Not that I want her to misbehave mind you.”

“Of course Dr. Bryant.”

Leaving the office, Allan had a stern look on his face. Walking up to his daughter, he tried to keep a straight face, “And what do you have to say young lady?”

Sara looked at her shoes, “Nothing daddy... I thought, I was right...” she trailed off.

“You were kiddo, you were,” Allan smiled at his little girl, “But this doesn't mean that next time you get in trouble I'm going to come bail you out like this.”

“Yes daddy.”

“Let go home... I brought the Harley.” the grin that came across Sara's face was worth all the trouble.


Allan roared up the long driveway that led to Serenity acres. Sara laughing from her perch on the back of the motorcycle. Pulling up in front of his home, Sara got off and headed for her room.

“Don't forget you need to help aunt Kaylee with dinner kiddo,” Allan called after her.

“I won't daddy,” Sara called over her shoulder.

Shaking his head, Allan looked around the compound, the once quiet area was now filled with the sounds of playing children.

Jack Tam was sitting on Steggy's back, reading a book while Jessie Cobb chased his older sister Rachel around the yard on their bicycles. Emma Reynolds, came tearing across the yard on her bike heading for the barn. Jessie and Rachel turned to give chase, soon the children were out of sight in a cloud of dust.

Allan shook his head and made his way across the yard to the gazebo where Kaylee was getting things ready for the family dinner that night. Becca was helping her mother. Allan assumed Jeff was helping Mal in the barn.

“Hey, Kaylee... Here's the wine.”

“Thanks ge-ge,” She replied, “Just put em in the cooler over there.”

“Yes ma'am,” Allan chuckled.

“Becca tells me, miss Sara got sent to the office again.”

“She did,” Allan replied, “Seems she disputed the text the teacher was using in history class.”

“Mrs. Park,” Becca said as she started to lay out the plates.

“Oh... That shagua,” Kaylee grumbled. “Gave Rebecca a hard time last year.”

“Yeah, she seems a little closed minded for a history teacher. If the text says something... thats it, no room for any different opinions. After today, she has a slightly different opinion.”

“Tell her what for?” Kaylee grinned.

“Might say that 'Lil Kaylee.”

Kaylee smiled and motioned to Becca, “Keep settin things up baby, I gotta check on the chicken I got marinatin.”

“Need any help Kaylee?”

“I'm good Allan, thanks.”

“Okay... Oh, did Becca tell you I invited Monty?”

“Yep, good thing I laid in extra. That man eats more'n you and Jayne put together.”

“Oh... That got me... right here,” Allan chuckled as he poked himself in the stomach. Kaylee giggled and headed for the house to check the food.

The family's of Serenity Acres ate together every Friday night. It was a way to keep the old tradition of eating together from their days on the ship. In good weather they all ate outside in the gazebo. If it was raining or in winter, they would eat in whomevers house was cooking. The four family's alternated the cooking chores. Next week was Allan and Zoë's turn. Which meant, Allan and Sara would cook while Zoë supervised.

Allan walked back to his house. Just as he stepped onto the porch, Sara ran by him. She had changed from her school clothes and into her usual jeans and t-shirt.

“Going to go help Becca daddy,” she called as she ran by.

“See if Kaylee needs help in the house first,” Allan called after her.

“K daddy!” she replied changing direction and heading for the Tam house at a trot.

A grin on his lined face, Allan went inside and plopped himself down on the sofa in the living room. Picking up the remote, Allan turned on the cortex and turned to the financial news channel.

Allan was so absorbed in the news that he didn't hear the front door open.

“If I ain't got the laziest husband in the 'verse,” Zoë said from the doorway.

“What can I say, I'm an old man,” Allan grinned.

“No you ain't baby,” Zoë replied as she leaned over and planted a kiss on Allan's cheek.

“Had to bail Sara out of the principals office today.”

“What did that daughter of yours get into now?”

“Oh, she's my daughter when she's in trouble but yours when she does something right, huh?” Allan chuckled.

“I'm the police chief. Can't have a youngin getting into trouble,” Zoë replied with a smile, “What did she do this time? Hack into the schools computer again?”

“No, she called the teacher on some inaccurate information in the text they were using in history class.”

“What part of history?”

“Pre-exodus,” Allan replied.

“Well she would know about that, wouldn't she honey,” Zoë said as she sat next to her husband.

“Yep, River gave me the heads up and I rattled a few cages.”

“Good for you,” Zoë smiled.

“Damn history text said there were no Browncoat survivors at Serenity Valley,” Allan said with an exasperated tone in his voice.

Zoë's face hardened, “I assume you set em' straight about that.”

“I did.”


“I offered to give the class a lecture next week.”

“Good idea baby. Set the kids straight. I know some of em' have been teasin Sara bout stuff.”

“I know. She has it bad enough being bi-racial. You'd think after all this time, bigotry would be as extinct as the dinosaurs.”

“Ain't a perfect 'verse baby,” Zoë replied, “If she wasn't half o' you and half o' me. There wouldn't be so much of a problem. It's the mixed kids that get teased.”

“I know. Just... pisses me off.”

“I know dear. Sara's a strong girl, if anyone picks a fight with her over it, She'll kick their pi-gu. Male or female.”

“Takes after her momma in that way,” Allan grinned.

“Her daddy's been known to kick a little ass from time to time himself.”

“That's true,” Allan agreed.

“Come on upstairs, I need help getting outta this uniform.”

“Yes ma'am,” Allan grinned as Zoë led him up the stairs to the master bedroom.

Outside, little Rachel Cobb wrinkled her nose and looked up at her big cousin Sara, “Uncle Allan and aunt Zoë are doing icky stuff again.”

“God, you'd think that daddy would be too old for that,” Sara shuddered.

“Just be glad you can't hear it in you head like I can. It's worse when my momma and daddy do it,” Rachel said, “I won't need to worry about sex ed class in junior high at this rate,” the younger girl groused.

“Thank heaven for small favors short stub,” Sara agreed as the two girls dissolved into giggles.




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