Into the Blue -- Chapter 18
Saturday, August 9, 2008

The crew goes on a rescue mission and a party is being planned


Into the Blue Chapter 18

Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.

This fic takes place just over two years after Serenity (BDM) and has the established couples of Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Zoë/OC and Jayne/River.

A/N: My muse is working overtime... Two chapters in less than 48 hours.

Thanks again Chris for the Beta.

Into the Blue

Chapter Eighteen – Party Planning

“What do you want for Christmas Durin?” Yolanda asked her husband, sitting on the sofa in Durin's office.

“Hmm?Oh, I don't know. Perhaps you not trying to run away again?”

Yolanda stuck out her tongue, eliciting a chuckle from Durin.

Durin returned his attention to the paperwork on his desk while Yolanda began flipping through a magazine. A moment later the cortex screen on his desk chimed with an incoming message. During reached out to accept the call without looking up.

“Good afternoon Durin,” the man on the screen said politely.

“Oh, good afternoon to you sir,” Durin replied to the Blue Sun CEO.

“Thank you Durin, I wondered if we might have a word in private.”

“I'm not sure when I can get away to Londonium Sir.”

“That's fine Durin, I meant over the wave, this is a secure line is it not?”

“It is,” Durin replied. Yolanda set down her magazine and began to listen.

“Durin, it has come to my attention you have been scanning the company data base for information regarding the company's founder. One Allan Bryant.”

“I have,” Durin replied, “You know of my hobby collecting Earth that was artifacts?”

“Ah yes, I have.”

“I was just satisfying my historical curiosity about the company's founder.”

Seemingly satisfied the CEO continued, “I have a favor to ask Durin.”

“Ask away Sir,” he replied curiously.

“You are aware of the annual Yuletide board meeting and gala?”

“Yes sir, Yolanda and I are eagerly anticipating attending this year.”

“Therein lies the problem. The normal venue we use is unavailable this year. No one else on the board, including myself I'm sad to say, has a residence large and secure enough for the gala.”

“What can I do to help sir?” Durin asked, trying not to show his excitement at what might be transpiring.

“I was wondering if you might be able to host?”

“I would be honored sir.”

“I know it's short notice. Blue Sun will provide any assistance you will need. You can contact Mr. Johnson for any support you will need. I anticipated a positive reply so I took the liberty to dispatch a tech crew to set up the ultra secure cortex links for the meetings.”

“That is fine sir, when should I expect them?”

“Tomorrow afternoon I should expect.”

“That will be fine sir.”

“Good, I will contact you later.”

“Very good sir, good day.” Durin said as he terminated the wave.

Yolanda sat on the corner of Durin's desk, her eyes locking with her husbands.

“A big party huh?,” she asked.

“Yes, a big party.”

Durin began to smile slightly, a plan forming in his brain.

“What are you thinking Peaches?” She said seductively.

“I'm thinking my dear, that I just might have need of your expertize in stealing things.”

“What are you thinking of stealing,” she replied slyly.

“The Blue Sun Corporation.”

Yolanda smiled, “You want to call Serenity or shall I?”

“You call Serenity, I have another call to make.”

A wide smile came across Yolanda's face, “Are you calling Richard?”

“I am,” came the reply.


“We all set on the plan?” Allan asked.

“I think so,” Mal replied, “I just don't like you going in alone first.”

“No worries Mal, you guys will be just outside the door.”

“Fine... I'm only the Captain.”

Jayne chuckled, “Maybe since it's Allan plannin this you might not get shot.”

“Very funny.”

Allan slowly approached the hatch to the slave ship, his carbine slung over his shoulder and colt in it's usual holster. He carried a large duffel bag filled with dirty laundry to simulate a spacer's few possessions. Out of sight of the closed hatch, Mal and Jayne hugged the wall behind Allan while Zoe and River approached from the other direction.

The Dockmaster and his few security men waited as backup around the corner. The Dockmaster hated slavers nearly as bad as Serenity's crew. Knowing his security guards were not up to the task at hand, he had agreed to Allan's plan. Especially since he and his men would be given full credit for the rescue as well as salvage rights to the ship. In exchange, Serenity would have it's fuel tanks filled with grade one fuel free of charge. As well as anything else the crew would need.

Allan risked a quick glance through the small window in the hatch. Inside he could see the captain and the other five crew members in the cargo bay, sitting on some crates. No weapon's other than side arms were visible.

Allan held up six fingers to Mal and Zoe. River nodded havin pulled the image of the layout from Allan's mind. Mal gave Allan a thumbs up and a nod. Allan rapped his knuckles on the hatch.

“Party time,” Allan mumbled to himself.

Moment's later the door into the bay opened and Allan stepped through, leaving his duffel outside.

“Here I am captain.”

“Took a bit longer than a half hour.”

“Sorry, took a bit longer than I thought it would.”

“Uh' huh,” the captain replied, “Now... just cause I maybe have hired you don't mean I trust ya yet, so best be handin over them weapons fer the moment.”

“Sure thing captain,” Allan said as he slowly removed his pistol from his holster. The captain had a grin on his face.

“You really must be a greenhorn to give up yer piece that quick.” the captain said snidely as he pulled his own pistol. The rest of the crew had drawn their weapons as well. Even the two drunk crew members Allan had seen earlier had their guns in their hands.

Allan shrugged, “No mind to me, just a pistol,” he replied, “Spose you want the rifle too?”

“That would be the notion....”

“Well here ya go,” Allan replied as he started to sling the carbine from his shoulder.

Not expecting trouble, the captain held out his hand for the gun, he was surprised however when the butt of the composite stock struck him in the nose, shattering it.

As the captain fell back holding his bloodied and broken nose, Allan dropped to his knees before the first shot passed over his head. A moment later shots rang out from the still open doorway.

Before Allan could swing the carbine back to fire, only the captain was still alive. The rest felled with precision shots fired by Mal, Zoe, River and Jayne.

Allan stood and placed the muzzle of his rifle against the captain's forehead and smiled at the bleeding man.

“You even blink wrong and your head will cease to exist, dong ma?”

The captain nodded. Mal and the rest entered the ship and stood behind Allan.

“I think you've offended my friend here,” Mal sneered.

“I think your right Sir,” Zoe agreed.

“River, Jayne, go secure the bridge,” Mal ordered.

Quickly the pair ran off while Mal walked to one of the metal boxes in the bay.

“Which ones have prisoners in them?” Mal asked.

“Not tellin you nothing!” snarled the slaver captain.

“Not the right answer,” Mal replied, “Now, for every one o' these I open without it havin someone inside, Zoe here's gonna break somthin o' yours.”

“Chu ni duh,” spat the captain

“Zoe, pinkie, left hand.”

“With pleasure sir.”

The man screamed.

“Wanna tell me now?” Mal asked.

“Screw you.”

“Same finger, right hand.”

Another scream.

“Well?,” Mal asked.

“Numbers one through forty one, odd numbers, every other box,” the slaver captain gasped.

“Smart man,” Mal said as he motioned the station security guards into the bay.

Quickly the security guards handcuffed the slaver and led him out of the ship. As soon as he was gone, the Dockmaster approached Mal.

“I put out a call to any ships here at the station with a doctor or medic to send them this way. I imagine these women will need medical attention.”

“I think you're right on that account sir,” Mal replied as he keyed his com, “Simon, clear to come in here, looks like we may have some work for you.

“On my way captain,” the young doctor replied.

Allan and Zoe made their way to the first of the numbered boxes. As Allan examined number three, Zoe opened the first box. Allan heard her gasp.

“Wo de ma,” Zoe whispered. Inside the box was a terrified fifteen or sixteen year old girl. She was naked, bound and gagged. tears were running down her face.

Allan glanced in quickly and had to turn away. His face red with anger. It was a good thing that station security had already left with the captain because if he were still in the room, Allan would have walked up to him and put a bullet in his brain.

Zoe stepped inside and removed the girls gag, the girl just let out a little whimper.

“Shhh, it's okay, we're the good guys, no one's going to hurt you anymore,” Zoë said in her most non threatening voice.

Carefully She cut the girls bonds and eased her to a sitting position.

“My name is Zoe. What's yours?”

“Karen,” the girl whispered.

“Hi Karen,” Zoë said, “There's going to be a doctor to look at you in a minute, okay?”


“Stay put, I need to see to the other girls.”

“Thank you”

“Your welcome sweetie.”

It was decided that Zoe, River and the female doctor from a neighboring ship would open the boxes to release the girls. The first box that Allan had opened had resulted in the girl nearly passing out from fright.

Allan walked over to where Mal, Jayne and the Dockmaster stood. Simon and a medic from another ship were checking the freed girls and women after they were led out of the boxes. Each wrapped in a blanket provided from the stations supplies.

“How many?” the Dockmaster asked.

“Looks to be about twenty,” Allan replied. Suddenly Allan kicked over a crate next to where he stood.

“Feel better?” Mal asked.

“No, I'd rather put lead between the eyes of that captain.” Allan snarled.

“Me too,” Jayne agreed.


After an emotionally exhausting three hours, all the young women had been freed, fed, examined for injuries and given some basic clothing donated by the shops on the station. An Alliance cruiser was en route and would be arriving in twenty hours to take the slaver captain into custody and transport the former captives. Serenity had been bumped to the top of the refueling list. The first fuel tanker had arrived early during the rescue and now Serenity was filling her fuel tanks while Zoe and Kaylee gathered parts and supplies. Jayne supervised the water tanks being filled while Allan gave the ship a once over before they left the dock.

Three hours later, Serenity was in the black, burning for Belepheron.


“Durin, this is a pleasant surprise,” Richard Farnsworth replied.

“How are you Richard?” Durin Haymer asked over the wave.

“As well as can be expected. Sometimes I wonder why I ever left the military and entered politics.”

“You love it and you know it.”

“You know me too well my old friend,” Richard replied, “To what do I owe the honor of your call?”

Durin got a stern look on his face, “Go secure, code three echo delta.”

Richard nodded and could be seen typing something on a keyboard, “We're secure Durin.”

“I'm sorry to use the super encryption but I fear it's necessary.”

“Quite all right,” Richard replied in his Londonium accent,” What is wrong my friend?”

“Remember when you spoke to me about your suspicions that Blue Sun was operating outside the law?”

“Yes,” Richard replied, his face darkening.

“Well I have some proof.”

“You do?”

“Not me personally. There's some people I want you to meet. They have the proof. One is actually the proof herself.”

“The rumors of experimentation?”


“Where can I meet these people?”

“They will be arriving at my home in five days, can you be here?”

“Parliament is on holiday break. I can get away.”

“Good, try to keep it low profile if you can Richard.”

“I'll just be visiting my old military academy roommate for the holidays.”

Durin smiled, “Just be aware, some of these people fought for the Independents.”

“How did I not guess that,” Richard chuckled, “Next you will be telling me they are the one's who released the wave about Miranda.”

“They are,” Durin replied.


“It's true, I've seen the original recording.”

“Then I will surely want to meet these people. If only to have them arrested.”

“You won't do that after they tell you their story. I believe that after hearing it, you'll be giving them medals.”


“Don't be too sure,” Durin replied.

“You had better not be wrong about this Durin.”

“I'm not.”

“All right, I'll see you in five days.”

“I'll be expecting you old friend,” Durin replied as he cut the connection.


Allan sat in the pilot's seat, absently fiddling with one of Wash's dinosaurs. It was after midnight and he couldn't sleep. The sight of all those women and girls locked up like animals made his blood boil.

“Baby? You okay?” Zoe asked from the doorway.

Allan swung the chair to face his fiancé, Allan couldn't hide the grin on his face when he saw what she was wearing. Zoe stood before him in nothing but one of Wash's old Hawaiian shirts and panties.

“I'm better for seeing you,” he replied.

Zoe smiled and knelt in front of Allan, “The slave ship?”

Allan sighed, “I can't get those girls out of my head. Just when I think I have humanity figured out, someone throws me a curve ball. Sometimes I really regret building the ark ships. If I had only known.”

“Lot's of if's in the 'verse Baby. Can't be responsible for em' all”

“I know,” Allan replied, “I guess my faith in the human race gets walked on from time to time. Then I see you or hear Kaylee laugh and I realize there is still good out there.”

“I ain't so good,” Zoe replied.

“Yes you are. You're a soldier. A soldier can kill but isn't a killer. I'm the same way. All of us on this ship are. We do what we have to to survive. We protect our family and help those we can. That offsets the things we sometimes have to do that aren't so good.”

Zoe smiled at Allan, she couldn't have been more in love with this man than she was at that moment, “Come on, you need some sleep, I'll keep the monsters away tonight.”

Allan leaned forward and kissed the top of Zoe's head, “Okay Baby. Let's go to bed.”

As Allan stood, the incoming wave chime sounded, “Damn,” he said as he sat back down to answer the call.

“Go for Serenity...”

“Hiya Allan,” Yo-saf-bridg said from the screen, “Oh, hey Zoe... nice outfit.”

“What do you want Saffron?” Zoe said tersely.

“Nice attitude, did I interrupt something?”

“Almost,” Allan replied, “What's up?”

“Durin wanted me to call, seems the entire board is going to be here at our little floaty island for the annual Yuletide gala and board meeting.” Yolanda/Saffron replied.

“Is that so,” Allan replied, “That makes things interesting.”

“I thought so myself,” she replied.

We'll be there in five days, I'll wave when we're closer for the exact ETA.”

“Good enough,” Yolanda replied, “Now I'll leave ya to whatever you were doing before I called. Now Zoe don't be going an doin nothin I wouldn't do.”

“That would be hard since you do everything and everyone.”

“Thats what I do darlin,” Saffron replied unfazed, “See ya in a few days.”

Zoe hit the call disconnect angrily.

“You sure don't like her do you?” Allan asked.

“Well since she tried to kill us on a couple of occasions I think I got the right.”

Allan chuckled, “Okay Zoe, pull the claws back in. Like it or not, we're probably going to need her help.”

“I know, I just don't have to like it... or her”

“Point taken,” Allan replied. “Let's head for bed.”

“Okay Baby.”


“So he called Richard Farnsworth?” the CEO asked the man on the cortex screen.

“He did sir,” the man answered nervously.

“What did they discuss?”

“I don't know sir.”

“And why is that?”

“They used a Parliament level encryption sir.”

“I see,” the CEO replied, “Were there any other calls?”

“His wife called someone about the gala.”

“That is no consequence. Yolanda is just window dressing. She is less than nothing.”

“Very good sir. Will there be anything else?”

“Not at this time, thank you Mr. Johnson.”

“Thank you sir.”



Monday, August 11, 2008 2:14 AM


Allan's right - they do what they have to and protect their own. I'm looking forward to the fun and games of the gala!


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