What Stays in Vegas
Thursday, May 29, 2008

Part 31....thanks to all for reading and feeding me their wonderous comments....thanks to 'Ski and to Stormwind for the loan of their characters, please make a special trip to read their fanfics. As always, it is time to move on. Cat star gazes......


What Stay in Vegas -------------------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

On a hill overlooking Serenity Valley during the War...

“The stars here are so perfect.” Cat stated as she nestled closer to Mal his chest as warm as the night wasn't. They lay in the sweet grass, Mal's brown coat as a pillow. “Looks like an ocean filled with diamonds. And the moon is one big pearl.”

“Think you been in that liquor Dash's been offering around.” He smiled and moved his arm as she hit him.

“You know I don't get near anything she's pedaling. Okay, may be a drink or two. We womenfolk need to stick together.” She grinned like a cat up to know good before settling back into the crook of his arm as he continued.

“If I ever make it through this war, I'm gonna buy a boat and sail her through those stars, through that ocean of yours. Get a crew, make her a home, do some odd jobs, maybe even take some passengers where they need to go. Maybe even pull some diamonds out of that sky for you.” He sounded like he was somewhere else instead of laying in a field with mines all around ready to go off if someone so much as sneezed.

“Never knew you wanted a ship.” He laughed and kissed her head, letting his finger run over her silky red hair.

“Always thought I'd go back and work the ranch, but the more I think on it, the less I want it. Sky's where any man can be somebody and nobody all at the same time. No law if they can't catch you. Brings a man closer to his god. “ He lifted the cross from the chain on his neck and looked up at it.

“I could see you as a captain. You got the leadership skills and the back bone, plus you'd look hot at the helm of some fast ship.” She rolled and propped herself up on her arms, as he looked in her eyes.

“Transport ship. Not some fast speedster.” His blue eyes sparkled when he talk about it, something that only happened when he was killing Alliance troops or fucking her. “Not that a little speed won't hurt when it comes to outrunning some hun dan wanting my cargo.”

“Still think you'd look good. Makes me hot.” She teased him as he rolled her over and pinned her under him. They kissed, his tongue playing with hers as she inhaled his deep scent of grass, guns, and sweat but also the smell of sex. It made her feel wanted in ways that no one else had wanted her. His lips left hers with a small nibble on her bottom one. Cat smiled up at him, her green eyes sparkling like the stars they had been staring at. She whispered as he smiled down at her. “Could stay like this with you forever and never want for anything.”

“So, Bao bei, will you come fly with me?” he whispered in her ear, just as a missile hit about 100 yards from them.

* * * * * * * *

Santo...six hours later

"Malcolm Reynolds, I haven't seen you in a star's age." Jerry Forthright was an older man, much more so than anyone on Serenity and old enough not to give a shit about the Alliance. Thankfully, he was very clever, which kept him in business and the location of his little space dock a secret.

"Hey, old timer. How's business?" Mal clasped hands with the man, who looked over his crew and smiled when he saw Zoe.

"You still hangin' 'round this fool, Zoe. Thought you'd find someone better by now."

"You never offer," Zoe smiled and gave the old man a hug. It was unlike her and Cat, with her dark brown hair, new dyed and still bearing that horrible smell, watched as Jerry continued to observe the crew.

"Seem trustworthy?" 'Ski leaned over to ask her, his breath stirring the hair at the back of her neck.

"If Mal trusts him, then we'll have to make do. Just keep an eye out. Never liked Santo." She shivered slightly. "And don't breathe on me. It's hard enough keeping her still without you adding to the mix."

'Ski leaned over and blew gently across her earlobe as her red hair streaked the brown paint. She growled at him, exposing her fangs before he smirked at her and walked away. "Bastard."

“looks like you got yourself a fine crew, Mal but what's this I hear about you having property on board that ain't yours. Not that I'm pryin'.” He held up the paper and shifted his eyes toward River, who was looking around her and watching both 'Ski and Cat.

“You know me, Jerry. “

“Could never turn your back on a woman in need.” He ran a hand over his mostly salt beard and chuckled a bit. Man reminded Cat something fierce of the legend kids called Santa Claus, but maybe not with the rosy cheeks. “Well, Mal, your secret's safe wit me. Sammie's got you rooms in town, if you would rather stay there. Ship'll be in good hands.”

“Might take you up on that. Got shot awhile back and could sure use a hot bath and a good soak.” Mal smiled at his friend, but turned as Inara came down from the ramp. Cat could feel her other side bristle as more of her brown hair returned to its normal color.

“Mal, I have a client on the other side of this planet. They would like me for the week, if it's possible.”

“You're not usual for askin' me.”

“I know, but with the Alliance trailing us, I didn't want to endanger any of you.”

“No, 'Nara. Go. At least one of us will be bring in a profit.” He smiled at her in her gorgeous navy blue dress. Her creamy skin glistened in the sunlight as her soft face glowed. Cat almost wished she was that beautiful, that delicate and soft. She could be gorgeous, sexy, but soft and delicate meant weakness, to show you needed someone to continue living. Something that Cat couldn't comprehend, let alone do.

“Thank you, Mal.” Inara went to turn away, but Mal's voice stopped her.

“Make she Kaylee looks over that shuttle. See that it's safe to be riding in.”

“I will.” Her half smile and hypnotic eyes could make any man swoon. It had in the Academy even before she was a registered companion and now the effect was ten times stronger. She smiled at Cat, placing a hand on her shoulder, filling her nose with the sweet smell of lavender and chamomile. It was meant to relax.

Cat moved toward Mal, Zoe watching as she approached. Her hand might not have reached for her gun, but the assassin saw it twitch. Would she ever be able to win the warrior women's trust, probably not, but it really wasn't her desire. In a way, Zoe's lack of trust was comforting to her. At least, someone knew how much of a danger she really was.

The old man stared at her a bit, running his coal eyes over her body as she remembered a time when the guards would do the same. At first, just to see what they might like, but then to mentally undress her. She knew it was nothing personal, gorgeous girl dressed in nice tight fitting clothes deserved a once or twice over, but for Cat, memories always held the key.

Mal caught her tension and wrapped a stray arm around her, pulling her against him and breaking Jerry's line of sight. He chuckled a bit and wiped his hand on the old overalls before sticking it out for Cat to shake. “You must be property number two. Name's Jerry Forthright.”

Cat reached out and took his hand, its leathery feel confirming what she already knew. He was a man who did things for himself and hard work was one of them. “I'm Cat.”

“Must be a Cathryn or a Catlin. You could easily pull off both.”

“Just Cat. My parents weren't real creative.” She lied to him, but then 'creators' sounded horrible even if one knew where she came from.

“Well, how do you know this man?” He smiled at Mal.

“Fought with him in the war.” She could tell her answer surprised him, even though she didn't mean to. At least, one thing she told this man would be the truth.

“You're shitting me.” Jerry cussed as Mal shook his head. “Got to be one tough cookie to keep up with this man. Must be a lot like Zoe.”

At this, Zoe stared at Cat before leaving the group and walking back to Serenity. Cat wasn't sure whether the second was angry or frightened to have someone compare her with a monster. Sadly, she actually felt sorry for Zoe, a woman who she had seen do things in the war no other man would do.

'Ski walked up behind them as Cat caught his smell before he had even made his presence known. She could tell he was anxious, her husband was never one to stand around and if she could truly read thoughts, it would have been to the effect of let's go now or at least let's go somewhere with liquor, women, and maybe a cigarette or two. No, one right here. Cat laughed when the smell of tobacco reached her nose. They had so been together way too long.

“So, who are you, Boy? New hire?” Jerry stated over Mal and Cat.

“I'm the husband and don't call me boy.” Her partner handed her the smoke over her shoulder and she took it from him. A deep breath pulled in the calming drug and it soothed the beast just a little. Mal looked at her funny as she handed it back over her shoulder to 'Ski's waiting hand. “Whenever your ready, Wife, I'd like to get the hell out of here and on to some liquor and maybe a whore or two.”

Cat tried to stifle the laugh that crept up her throat after 'Ski's last statement, but it failed miserably. She giggled a bit before turning to Mal and speaking. “Got to admit I wouldn't mind some liquor and maybe a roll in the hay with you.”

Mal grinned at her and pulled her even closer. “Think I could go along with that.”

Jerry sputtered a bit, pointing his finger toward the leaving 'Ski and the happy couple of Cat and Mal. Cat smiled back at the old man with that million dollar smile of hers. She knew as well as the rest of her little band that eventually things were gonna get bad again, but for once, they needed this and she for one wasn't going to get in between 'Ski and his liquor. Instead, she spoke to Jer one last time before being carted away. “What can I say? We have an interesting marriage.”


*to all my readers and to those who have kept commenting on every chapter..LOL...I thank you from the bottom of my all fuel this fire...

*feedback always welcome and appreciated :)


Thursday, May 29, 2008 1:32 PM


I really love the fact that Zoe is wary of Cat as if she knows the woman is not entirely to be trusted in some way. I do not think she is jealous of the woman or feels that her place is threatened by her being there. I imagine that Zoe knows a hell of lot about Cat and that is the reason for her reaction, good to see her staying alert. I liked the flashback to Mal and Cat during the War and is it just me or do they seem that much more mellow and better suited back then? It felt almost as if Cat was a different person, one much more stable than the version we are seeing here and now. I can't help feeling that Cat's control is going to start unravelling at a hectic pace and worry for our regular crew when the time for fallout hits. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Thursday, May 29, 2008 3:03 PM


Another stunner. A thrill to read. I too enjoyed the flashback. Hope to enjoy many more chapters 'ere too long.

Thursday, May 29, 2008 4:14 PM


I love it how Mal and Cat's relationship during the war is somehow more harmonious. Institutionalized, much? As always, a fine job! (Alright! go Dash and her illegal booze peddling!)


Saturday, May 31, 2008 5:22 PM


Jerry sounds curiously familiar. ;) Keep it up!


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