Story or possible novel idea
Saturday, May 10, 2008

A little plot outline for a story maybe even novel I'd like to write


Just an idea thought you guys would shoot me straight

A teenage boy - might be early 20's is an insomniac, he is about to fall asleep for the first time in a long time but he is awoken by yet another fight next door. enraged he goes next door and slaughters the whole family and sets the house on fire. Returning home he falling asleep.

when he waken he's cold and naked, it turns out the government have him and he has a choice either work with them and hunt down physchopaths like him and die a hero to the world or be tried for the crime he commented.

After agreeing to do so he gets a two day crash course in weapons and combat training. However nothing is as it seems, on the last night before the mission begins the government introduce him to a girl from his past, she is missing to the world and unless he completes his mission will never be seen alive again. She must also accompany him on his mission.

This story will deal with themes such as death, rape, killing, reality, living with the choices we make in life, sanity and if there is a difference between a murderer and a killer.

It will be an action adventure story set in Europe and the UK.

I know its brief but I'd like your thoughts.


Saturday, May 10, 2008 2:50 PM


Once fleshed out a bit, it could be pretty good. Need a good developement in your character though, if you want people to forgive him and cheer him on.

Sunday, May 11, 2008 4:40 PM


Me again. Your message gives a good point, but you can sometimes use that to your advantage. The big thing is you must have a good reason why he killed or that he is overly hung up on the deaths. He wants to repay the world because he killed so many good people. It can be a good angle. Mostly, you want your character to have depth and a lot, but slowly bring aout his past, not quickly. Keep the mystery and you keep the readers. Also make sure you have a good editor to clean up your writing.
I always have a hard time with my brain getting ahead or my fingers so a beta reader is an awesome additon to have. Just some tips.

Sunday, June 21, 2009 4:17 PM


KInd of a "La Femme Nikita"meets "The Bad Seed"or some other murderous progeny...or you COULD make the protagonist "redeemable"in another way-
Did he ACTUALLY murder his family?Or was he simply CONVINCED that he did the deed???...You could work in a heavy weekend of drug&alcohol abuse with him;coiinciding with some family drama situation sthat woul dget him labeled"at risk" over the years leading up to th enight in question...making him a candidate for the "selection"-a sort of personality index assessment test/inventoy where the agency actively seeks out/crates "borderline personality "types for use and disposal.


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