One More Reason
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

part promised, the space monkeys are back in their cages....Thanks to all the wonderful people I usually thank....Cat to the rescue.


One More Reason ------------------------------------------ based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

Something wasn't right, there was something she had missed, and for Cat, that was unaccepted. She had played the events up 'til now in her head so many times. and each time, the feeling got worse. It was just one more reason for her to be distracted. What was this nagging in her gut that wouldn't let go?

"What's on your mind, Babe?" 'Ski spoke beside her, something only he could pick up on.

"We missed something." She said matter of fact. Her eyes gazed above her as the shadow of an enormous metal door loomed above them. It seemed a silent guard for the room they approached next. Light, bright as the sun itself flowed over each facet of the prstine white walls and decorative tiled floor. It was still circular, but bigger in size. Cat's foot rested on the sizable multifaceted star, which was inlaid in the middle of the floor. "Welcome to the crossroads."

She spun on her heel and pointed down the first hallway. "To our left, we have the north wing, housing offices and housing for Academy staff. To our right, the south wing, aptly named the Education Wing...yes, this place actually does have students and teachers."

"Well, I'll be damned." 'Ski shook his head.

Cat turned to 'Ski and smiled. "Not all parents ditch their kids. Creating a cover for their work keeps noses out and profits in. For them, it's a win win situation. You would be surprised who went here."

"Behind us is the east wing, you got a good idea what goes on there and then, there is the West WIng. We have prisoner quarters and where I once was roomed."

"So why no students? Or no one for that matter?"

"Students are on summer break, at least their summer. Other than that, they are watching us and waiting. Remember they like to watch their experiment take shape, watch it grow. Soon they will expose it to another batch of problems and see exactly how it will handle them."

"Was that the hardest part in all this?" 'Ski looked into her eyes. "Is that what drove you into Mal's arms?"

"What?" Cat snarled, but calmed as 'Ski continued to stare at her.

"Because he was the first to notice you as a she and not an it." Of all things her partner was, the one that most amazed her was his ability to take whatever she threw at him. Nothing about her past or her creation seemed to bother him, even when she was not altogether herself.

"Part of it, maybe. Mostly, he didn't kill me and he could've. My gun was in the dirt and we all knew the Browncoats had found out about the killings. Mal knew who I was, but didn't fire. He was the first one to see me as a human and not a lab rat."

"Seems to me like you found yourself a good man." 'Ski smiled at her as he began to walk off.

"I actually found two." She whispered under her breath, so he couldn't hear her. Many times she wondered where she would be if it weren't for the dark man before her. He had been there when most would have told her to go to hell and he had been there when even she would have left. Her fingers clinched as she shook her head. Not, but two years ago, they had been covered in his blood and Cat had stood over him ready to take his life. Why? Because he hadn't run when she cried for him to leave her. Cat had never understood Zoe and Mal's relationship until now.

"Babe, I kind of need you to guide us. I sure as hell don't know where to go." He looked back as she returned to walking, her mind clearing and getting back to the matter at hand.

"Sorry, I was...." Cat began to explain, but 'Ski, with his wild sense of humor, interrupted her.

"Staring at my ass. We are on a mission, Babe, try to concentrate."

Cat smiled at him and then began to walk again, down past the large metal door, suspended above them like it was ready to drop. She watched it for a second, then resumed her walk as voices broke the silence.

“Do they really think anyone's going to come and rescue these worthless smugglers?”

“I don't know. They just told us to guard them and I would rather obey than get fed to those creatures in the East Hall.”

“Don't talk about them. I hate the way those creatures stare at you, like you're their dinner. Danner still has scars on his arm from a close encounter.”

“At least, we have easy duty and they took the girl. She was one of them, not human. You could see it in her eyes.”

Cat knew the guards well. Her kind had termed them as fresh meat, since their life expectancy here was only but a few months. Most either went completely crazy, or were mercifully killed. Strangely, she might have given them a chance to run, but after the goushi coming from their mouths, death was imminent.

She motioned to 'Ski, who withdrew his long curved hunting knife as they stepped softly into the room. The three guards were standing near the observation window, which overlooked the crew. 'Ski grabbed the first one as his blood covered the glass.

Cat wrapped her arm securely around the next guard, anchoring her hold so he couldn't free himself. The third reached to help his comrade, but this move would cost him dearly. Her left hand swung , slicing his throat with almost claw like ease. Blood dripped from her hand as she wiped it on her pants.

The last guard, still captive, stared in horror as his friends died before him. 'Ski brought the knife in front of the kid's face and was amazed at how young he was, maybe twenty. His lower lips trembled as he tried hard to avoid 'Ski's stare.

“What's the key code?” 'Ski asked.

“I...I don't know.” The boy shook against her hold, but it didn't matter. She leaned into his ear and whispered something. Whatever it was said sent the boy to his knees in a crying fit. “God, please no. It's 77637.”

“Now go tell your boss' what I told you.” Cat growled, an unearthly sound that made even 'Ski a bit nervous. He had heard it before, but it didn't cease to creep him out a bit. Something so beautiful should never sound like something so evil. The boy nodded and took off running, the entire back of his pants soaked in urine. 'Ski couldn't help, but chuckle a bit.

“Scared the piss out of him anyway. So what did you say?”

“I asked him if he believed in the Devil and then I explained to him that I was worse.”

“Your exact words?” 'Ski questioned.

“Maybe not those exact, but he got my point.” She grinned and typed the code into the door. It snapped open as she heard Mal telling everyone to get behind him.

Cat entered first, followed by 'Ski. “Not a nice way to treat your rescuers.”

“Cat,” Mal smiled and wrapped her in a large hug while the rest of the crew seemed to share a common sigh of relief. Zoe walked toward her, the room slightly larger than it appeared on screen with a small sink in the corner and a curtain separating what appeared to be a toilet. The warrior woman just stared at Cat for a second or two before speaking. “You left me with him, you know that. Tore up his heart and then skirted off leaving me with the remains. Should kill you right here and now, but I know only one person can get us out of this nightmare.”

“Nice to see you, Zo,” Cat replied. “I like her.” 'Ski whispered in her ear as Mal cast a look his way. 'Ski grinned and the thought to grab Cat's ass seemed to linger in his mind, but only for second. “I'm the hired gun.”

“Got a name?”

“ Most call me 'Ski.”

“Browncoat?” Mal asked.

'Ski smiled and stretched out his hand to the Captain. “Is there any other color?”


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 12:12 PM


Wa-haaa!!! Let the serious can of whoop-ass be opened. :D

I kinda figured 'Ski would eventually start wondering about Cat and Mal's past. Also figured some interaction between 'Ski and Mal would be interesting. But let me clue you, that one conversation 'Ski and Cat had, about Mal seeing Cat as a person....boy did it hit close to home.

Now let's get our BDHs out kicking pi-gu, shall we?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 4:43 PM


I like how Cat is scary, damn well frightening at times, but she's with the good guys. And I hope Zoe doesn't rough her up too much after the escape.

I'm loving it, can't wait to see the next.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 9:25 PM


>“You left me with him, you know that. Tore up his heart and then skirted off leaving me with the remains. Should kill you right here and now, but I know only one person can get us out of this nightmare.”

Yes, that's our Zoe! And I foresee lots of fighting, a little blood maybe on our side, a lot on theirs ... I like Cat - she's my kind of woman!

Thursday, May 8, 2008 2:00 AM


Loved Ski's comment, "Is there any other colour". I'm not sure it was wise of Cat to let the young guard go though, he's like to raise the alarm and all hell will be set loose but then maybe that is Cat's plan? And how the good gorram are they going to get River out of there? Really good, wish you could write faster but I know how Real Life has a tendancy to chew up days and even weeks at a time. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, May 8, 2008 8:17 AM


Yippee! I love your story. Waiting in anticipation for the next bite! :)And that's all.


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