Tuesday, March 25, 2008

...still got plenty more after this one, enjoy



Wednesday, March 26, 2008 3:42 PM


OMG to funny

Thursday, March 27, 2008 3:47 AM


Hysterical! I love that episode.

Thursday, March 27, 2008 10:41 AM




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here's my 2nd Exaggeration...well we always wondered what kind of relationship Mal and Inara would have if they ever got togheter so here's what I pictured. I'm gonna try and do everyone, I have Kaylee done & half of Jayne, but they're not as exaggerated so I might re-do them or post them last. [*notes*: on the end of the paddle the gold letters are part of "BAD, IN THE LATIN", the heel on the left side isn't missing it's thucked behind the foot, and please zoom in on it since the camera doesn't pick up the led too well]

They're not all prison tats because I didn't want them to be all black. The triangle things are a Hawaiian pattern I ran across, the pin-up girl was just something I thought he'd have and if you can't tell those are supposed to be shadow puppets he's holding up.

Seeing River
I take less credit for this than my usual posters, but I thought I should share either way. There's a site called it's a pretty simple set up where you pic one of their pre-determined effects/images and drop in one of your own, then they sort out either a face or the center of the image and apply it very photoshop like to theirs. I'll only post this one and let you all make your own since it's pretty basic.

River's Kittens
[evolved from Nathan's story at Dragon Con 08' about the wild dogs]

[at 1st I thought it'd be hysterical to own neon colored dogs then I realized this is something River would do]

"basically a litter of ALL BLACK kittens stow away on Serenity, Kaylee finds them and fights to keep them...wins...River starts playing w/ them and someone...prob Mal, unintentionally mentions 'black cats are bad luck' and the next day they find the whole litter dyed bright neon"

-I did copy the branch from a screen cap of River's hand

Firefly on Blueray
saw this on amazon a few weeks ago, and I finally made my poster for it...I never came up with something [drawing, poster, etc] trying to convey or incorporate any sort of message, but this time I am and I don't think it could be clearer...

Inara "!"
you can guess what I was watching when I came up with this one...

Warrior Cries...they have varying outcomes

It's great to hear about them plotting to escape, telling Mal how it was intricate, and Wash comes back with..."I was Going To Watch It"

...I was supposed to post the 32 images I have left, but I haven't since April 26th [mostly, because I didn't come up with the others I wanted]

anyway back to i won't post all 32, out of these 32 here's a few and I'll post the ones I think you all will like, and then gradually add more as they come to me... [if you want to see the ones I won't post shoot me a message, mainly they're just variants or ones I too find a bit dull]

Mule Won't Run With 5
I'm watching Serenity on HBO [dunno why I'm not putting in the DVD]...when that scene went by I remembered the commentary with Joss and the cast...well..."Serenity is about to come through the Ion cloud with the Reavers in hot persuit"..."and there it goes"...well here's the Poster