Good Myth - Part I
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Maya. Post-BDM. River takes Simon on a literary flight into an AU. First of three parts. NEW STORY


River sat on the stairs in the cargo bay, her dress moving gently in the breeze from the air units, scribbling furiously in a notebook.

“What are you doing, mei-mei?” Simon asked, looking up at her.


“Oh? What, a diary?”

“No. A story. Only it doesn’t come out the way it should.”

Simon smiled. “Well, you’re writing it. It can end how you like.”

She glared down at him. “You tell the story that.”

He walked up the stairs. “Okay, I will.” Sitting down carefully next to her, he leaned forward. “Story, come out the way River wants it.”



He grinned at her, looking much younger than his years. “So what’s this story that won’t behave?”

“An alternative ‘verse. One that keeps poking me in my brain when I'm asleep and won’t let me alone. So I thought I’d write it down, get it out of here.” She tapped her temple with her pen.

“River …”

“You know my hormones are within acceptable parameters. Checked them this morning. Pincushion.” She sighed, and glanced down at her belly. “But the story won’t write properly. Should be a happy ending.”

“So tell it to me.”

She glared at him. “It’s not finished.”

“You used to tell me stories. When we were children. All about soldiers and pirates –“

“Cabbages and kings.”

He leaned back, resting his elbow on the hard metal of the staircase. “So tell me a story now.”

She bit her lip, trying to decide, then nodded slowly. “But you mustn’t laugh.”

“Is it funny?”


“Then I won’t.”

She let her feet run through his mind a moment, and, apparently satisfied he wouldn’t burst into heated guffaws, said, “Once upon a time …”

“Once upon … is this a fairy story, then?”

“No. But all good tales begin once upon a time.”

“I suppose they do. Sorry.”

“Forgiven.” She touched his forehead in benediction, and began again. “Once upon a time …”

Freya strode up the steps to the bridge, buckling her gunbelt around her hips.

“Wash, what the good gorram is going on?” she demanded.

Her pilot glanced over his shoulder, his shirt almost blinding her. “We’re landing, Frey.”

“And we’re shaking like fleas on a wet dog.”

“That’s not my fault.” He flicked a couple of switches above him, then a third. “I’m having trouble with the burn through …”

Freya tugged down the com. “Kaylee, there’s stuff in the hold that’s likely to explode if it gets shook up. Can you tell me why we’re in danger of landing in little bitty pieces?”

“Transfer linkages need realigning, Captain.” Kaylee’s bright voice filled the bridge.


“Told you last week.”

“And I thought you’d done it.”

“Need a new matrix stabiliser to do that.”

Freya closed her eyes, controlling her temper. “Can you at least stop us shaking to pieces?”

“Working on it.” Even as she spoke the juddering was growing less.

“Good girl. And I’ll see what I can do about that part.”

Xie xie, Captain!”

Freya hung the com back up. “Can you get us down in one piece?”

“Hey, you hired the best.” Her pilot grinned at her, his moustache almost but not quite hiding his top teeth.

“Prove it.”

Wash changed Serenity’s attitude to landing configuration. “Don’t I always?”

She sighed and walked down the steps, heading for the galley. “One of these days I’m going to say I told you so …”

“If it comes to that you won’t be able to say it, on account of being vaporised …” Wash’s voice followed her along the corridor.

Freya stepped into the dining area and sat down in her chair at the head of the table. She dropped her head onto her folded arms. “Why did I want to buy a ship?” she asked, her voice slightly muffled. “Anyone got any ideas?”

Zoe, a cup of coffee in her hand, watched her, an amused look on her face. “So you could order people around.”

“I could have stayed in the army and done that.”

“Working for the Alliance?”

“Wash your mouth out.”

Zoe laughed and put her cup down on the counter. Crossing to behind her friend, she started to massage her shoulders. “Hey, you got some real knots in here.”

“I know.” Freya sighed heavily, then groaned in pleasure. “But that’s helping.”

“I could help more.” She moved Freya’s shirt down a little so she could get to the clear skin at the top of her back.

Freya laughed. “If you’re that desperate, why don’t you try out our pilot? He drools every time he sees you.”

Zoe squeezed a particularly hard muscle, smiling at Freya‘s moan. “You know I lean towards womenfolk.”

“So does he. You have something in common.” She shook her head. “Besides, we’re picking up Inara in a little while. She won’t be too pleased to find you’ve been trying to seduce me again.”

“Is that what I’m doing?”

Freya stood up. “Hope so.” She smiled. “And thanks – that feels a whole lot better.” She shifted her shoulders inside her shirt. “And you’d better get your gun. As much as I’m pretty sure the delivery’s going to be fine, I don’t want to take any chances.”

Zoe nodded. “But I still think you should come to the shuttle when Inara gets back.”

“A threesome?” Freya laughed. “That would make Jayne’s day.”

“I wasn't inviting him.”

“What, not feeling exhibitionistic?”


“Really? That didn’t seem to be stopping you last time Inara came home. I’ll never look at that mule again in quite the same way.”

If anything Zoe growled, and Freya’s grin grew as she headed down the stairs to the infirmary, seeing the young doctor inside busy with something. He was always busy, although sometimes she wondered if it was all show.

“I don’t suppose you fancy a roll in the hay?” she joked, stepping inside.

He turned to her. “Right now?”

“Well, I can make time if you can. I’m captain.”

“Sorry.” He grinned. “Maybe later.”

“I’ll probably be tired later.”

“Then you wouldn’t notice my bad technique.”

“Body like yours?” She chuckled. “I doubt it. Everyone else inocked?” she asked as he injected her forearm.

“Good to go. You don’t really need it, not here, but –”

“Better safe than sorry, yeah. Shiny.” She smiled at him and turned to leave the infirmary.

“You know, if you really want to have sex …”

She glanced back. “You finally seeing sense?”

“No. I was actually suggesting Jayne.”

“You know, I’d probably be appalled if I wasn’t so knotted up inside.”

“Then I prescribe a short course of mercenary.”

“You want me to shoot you now or later?”

Simon held up his hands. “Later, please.”

“Fine. Remind me.” She grinned as she headed out into the common area, checking her gun as she stepped into the cargo bay. “Loaded up?”

Jayne stood on top of the hover mule, fixing the last of the crates into place. “Yeah. Only it means there’s only room for two.”

“That’s why I’m only taking Zoe.”

“How come she gets to go and I don’t?” he grumbled.

Freya looked up, and realised he’d stripped to the waist. For a moment she was mesmerised by his muscles, then brought herself back down to earth. “Because she’s less likely to shoot ‘em. I know how you feel about Gilpin and his men.”

“Yeah, well, getting beaten up does that to a man.”

“You threw the first punch.”

“He was hitting on Kaylee.”

“And she didn’t need you to defend her.”

Jayne climbed down from the mule, and the scent of hot, sweaty man reached her. “Didn’t hear her complain.”

“Nor did she thank you.”

“Might’ve, if that prissy doc hadn’t come on board. And he ain‘t even looked at her twice.”

“Yeah, well that prissy doc saved your life, and mine. So you leave him alone.” She gave him one of her looks, and he wandered off, muttering to himself all the way. “Kaylee!” she shouted.

“Yes, Cap?” The mechanic appeared on the top gangway.

“Get us some passengers.”

She scampered down the stairs. “What do I say’s our destination?”

“Shadow first, if they’re paying. Then Boros. Got a pick up there.”

“And the matrix stabiliser?”

“Can you get a secondhand one?”

“Marcus’s got one in stock. I checked.” Her eyes were bright.

“Tell him to send it over. We’ll pay him later.”

“He won’t like that,” Kaylee pointed out.

“Then Jayne can go get it.”

“He’ll like that even less.”

“Kaylee, persuade him. Marcus knows we’ll pay. Always do.”

“I’ll see what I can do, Captain.”

“Good girl.” Freya turned to Zoe coming out of the common area. “Ready?”


“Then let’s go get paid.”

“So Freya’s captain?” Simon tilted his head. “Where’s Mal?”

“Wait and see.”

“And Zoe and Inara are a couple?”

“Why not?”

“It just doesn’t seem likely.”

She glared at him. “Don’t blame me. I told you, this is writing itself.”

“Okay, okay.” He held his hands up in surrender.

“Do you want to hear more?”

“Actually, yes. You’ve got me intrigued.”

“Then sit still and listen.”

“Did we get paid?” Jayne asked as Zoe manoeuvred the mule into the bay.

Freya looked down at him as she stood up. Thankfully he’d put on a clean t-shirt, this time the one with the naked geisha on it. “That we did.”

“Good. Got me some things to do with my share.”

She climbed down. “Well, it won’t be here.”

“Hell, Frey, I ain’t been laid in over a month! My John Thomas is gonna start thinking I’m dead.”

“When we’ve got the work, we do it. Maybe we can take a break after Boros. Unless you want to try Shadow.”

“There ain’t no whorehouses there,” Jayne complained. “Least, none worth the trying.” He crossed his arms, the muscles on his biceps bulging. “And you’ll just get another job and we’ll be off again ‘fore we can blink.”

“Then you’re just gonna have to keep it in your pants.” Freya turned to the young mechanic who was lurking in the doorway. “How’d you do, Kaylee?”

“Marcus sent the part over after I threatened him with Jayne.”

Freya smiled. “Come on, girl, you know that man has the hots for you.”

“Marcus?” Her voice almost squeaked. “He’s … he’s ancient!”

“He’s my age,” Jayne put in, scowling.


Freya held up her hand. “No fighting. So how long to put that part in?”

Kaylee wrinkled her nose at Jayne but said, “’Bout an hour.”

“Shiny. How much did it cost?”

“Fifteen. And that was a good deal, ‘cause I batted my eyelashes at him.”

Freya laughed and pulled the bag of coin from her pocket, counting out the money. “Jayne, go pay Marcus. And see if you can get us some more supplies.” She glanced at Kaylee as the big man ambled out of Serenity. “I take it we have passengers?”

“Yes, Captain, Ma’am, Sir!” The bubbly young woman indicated the people waiting outside the ship. “This here is Shepherd Book.”

Freya raised her eyebrows as the dark-skinned man wearing a white collar stepped forward. “A Shepherd?”

“I’m from the Southdown Abbey. Is it a problem?” he asked, his voice deep, friendly.

She smiled. “No. Just been a while since we carried one.”

“And it’s been a while since I’ve been on board a Firefly. And never an aught-three” He looked up at the old vessel. “She’s interesting.”

“She’s home.”

Kaylee grinned, moving on. “And this is Mr Reynolds. He’s a rancher from Shadow, just heading home.”

A tall, dark-haired man stepped forward, holding out his hand. “Captain.” His blue eyes startled her.

“Mr Reynolds.” They shook, and she felt the dry warmth of his skin infuse through her.

“Malcolm. Mal, to my friends,” he amended quickly.

“Hmmn. So what was a rancher from Shadow doing in the Core?”

He let go. “Business.”

She smiled. “Fine. You don’t want to talk, that’s shiny. I’m not going to make you.”

“Sorry.” He suddenly smiled, and she felt a stab of lust strike through her, pooling between her legs. That hadn’t happened in a while, and it took a moment for her to regain her composure. Must be those blue eyes. “And this is my wife, Maddy.” A petite woman stepped out from behind him, her light brown hair bundled up on the top of her head, held in place by two decorated sticks.

Freya didn’t react, even though she wanted to. Wanted to shout out that it wasn’t fair, getting her even more knotted up inside like this. Instead she just inclined her head slightly. “Ma’am.”


“Kaylee, would you show these good folks their quarters? Thank you.” Freya stepped back.

“Course. No problem. If’n you’d follow me?” Kaylee smiled brightly.

to be continued


Thursday, November 29, 2007 3:06 AM


Well, this started out - strange - and orgyish - but got real interesting real soon. Looking forward to more musings from the hormone ravaged brain of River Tam.

Thursday, November 29, 2007 3:59 AM


This is going to be an interesting tale that River's telling. I'm intrigued to see just exactly what's in that genius head of hers! :D

Thursday, November 29, 2007 4:53 AM


Not sure what to make of this truth be told. It being MAYA I was expecting something else. Not sure whether you're intending to turn this into a pornfest, femslash or just want to yank everybody's chains. Me, I just miss the MAYA you used to write. Ali D
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, November 29, 2007 7:45 AM


I'm thinking this story just wrote itself didn't it? Looks very, very interesting. I can't wait to see what River comes up with.


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