Sierra (Chapter 14)
Monday, June 18, 2007

LAST CHAPTER: Continuation of 'Stang'. Regardless of a rocky trip, Serenity lands for a well needed vacation just in time for repairs and the winter holiday... However....


Last chapter until the new story gets put up. Annd I just realized that I actually had put Stang instead of Sierra on some of the chapters lol, they're fixed. As always I just want to thank everyone for reading as well as commenting. And remember, this is your last chance to comment before the third story comes out, so comment away on how you felt about Sierra ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Malcolm, awoke with a soft groan.

He felt hazy, somewhat sore, but mostly drugged out of his mind as the crisp puff of oxygen was being supplied to his body via the breathing tubes by his nose. Slowly, gingerly, he ventured to open his eyes, and was hit with a blindness of sterile white light. Shutting them, wincing, he waited for the spots to fade that were dancing on the insides of his eyelids before turning his head to the side and opening them again. While not as bright, everything was blurry, like an oversaturated watercolor painting. Slowly though, things came into focus, blobs became shapes, and detail crept closer until the captain realized there were two figures on one of the ledges. Furrowing his brow, knowing he had been shot he realized it was Simon, and that the body in his arms was River. After a few minutes, the picture became clear and he absorbed the entire scene. An utterly despondent trauma surgeon cradling the lifeless frame of his little sister. Simon’s eyes looked simply blank, lacking of any emotion as he stared into the distance with a frown while absently fingering a long lock of his sister’s dark brown hair.

“Wo de ma…” He uttered in a raspy voice.

Simon looked up and saw the captain alive and alert.

“Is she…?” Mal asked with concern.

“It’s the Byphodine.” He explained to the injured captain in a low and guilty tone. “She made me give it to everyone but us… the whole crew… they’re drugged…”

Malcolm’s mouth opened slightly as his mind did its best to wrap around the fact that everyone was medically dead. Saffron had really planned revenge for the Lassiter. No one was apparently immune to her wrath as Malcolm tried to sit up.

“Careful.” Simon set River down and went over to his patient, easing the table up at an incline so he could sit.

“Saffron come round?” he asked, wincing as it hurt to breathe.

“Yes, she found the Lassiter and she’s very keen on making sure you’re able to see what she’s done to the ship and the crew.” Simon took his stethoscope off of the hook on the wall and fitted the ear pieces into his ears. “Let me listen to your lungs.” Huffing some air onto the end, he pressed it onto Malcolm’s chest. Maneuvering it a few times, Simon nodded his head in satisfaction and put the stethoscope back. “You sound good. How’s your pain?” taking a pair of latex gloves from a box on the counter, he snapped them on and carefully peeled back the dressing on the captain’s chest. His body language showed his mood, every movement was precise as usual, but stiff. Head down, mouth pulled into a taunt line, shoulders slightly hunched as he studied the sutures.

“Sore in the lungs. Sorta painful ta breathe.” He watched the doctor check for blood, and make sure there was nothing wrong with the sutures.

“That’s to be expected.” Pressing the dressing back down, he took the gloves off and tossed them into the trash, walking over and opening up a cabinet. “Try to work on your breathing, one of your lungs isn’t inflating to full capacity because it was punctured.” He pulled out three vials of medication and turned to see Mal fiddling with the oxygen tubes in his nose. “I wouldn’t take that off if I were you.”

“It tickles.”

“That may be the case but it’s helping you breathe.” He pulled the protective sealer off of the vials before setting them on the counter and opening a drawer to get out three empty syringes. Pulling the cap off of one, he measured the correct dosage, then placed the safety cap back on. He repeated the step two more times to the other medications, then grabbed a syringe of saline before walking over to the IV line. Taking the line in his hand he found the port, flushed it with the saline, then took a needle with medication, pulled the cap off with his teeth and inserted the needle, pushing the plunger to dispense the drug. Once that was done he capped the needle, stuck it in his pocket, took another and duplicated the process.

The captain twisted his neck around and watched “What’s that?”

“Immune boosters, an anti-inflammatory and something to kill any infection.” Finished with the second he capped it, dropped it in his pocket and worked on the third syringe.


Simon arched a brow. “You are by far the nosiest patient out of the entire crew.” His voice sounded tired, aggravated as he finished the medication and re-flushed the line with more saline to make sure his patient got all of the medication.

“Well sooorry. But I like to know what the hell someone’s doin’ ta me.” He shot back with a raspy, slightly slurred voice.

“If you must know it’s common for an infection to settle in your lungs.” Simon explained harshly while making sure everything was working properly in the IV.

“Don’t take this out on me.” Mal retorted weakly.

“I’m not.” Grunting he decided everything was alright as he disposed of the syringes in a hazardous waste bin before going back over to River and gathering her lifeless frame back up.

Malcolm sat up, scanned his surroundings and saw there was no guard. “Ain’t watchin’ us well are they?”

“They took all of my sharp instruments, locked us inside and check every thirty minutes.” Muttering as he rested the back of his head against the wall. “They also told me if I was to try anything with a hypodermic needle they’d gut my sister open and make me watch. You have a lovely wife by the way, truly a warm and caring soul. I think one of her hobbies just may be drowning kittens in her spare time”

The wounded captain sneered at the quips. “Well let’s plan…”

“Did I mention they took the Heprosenodine that counteracts the Byphodine?” Simon raised his voice to show how sick he was of plans and hope. “Or that everyone is not only drugged, but locked in the cargo lockers and handcuffed? That they collected all of the firearms? That they have no problem killing anyone? That there’s four of them including your feng wife against the two of us? I, who you tease about having no real experience fighting, and you as you lay bedridden with a hole in your chest being held together by some thread while you’re doped on pain medication?!”

Mal pursed his lips as it all sunk in.

“There is nothing for us to do. Trust me, I spent most of the time patching you up thinking about a plan.”

“So you’re just gonna hold her like’a security blanket?”

Simon looked away from him, scowling. “Do you have anything better planned while you’re hopped up on morphine? I’m sure your mind’s as sharp as a tack right now, let’s here you conjure up a way to get us out of this.”

“You know you’re a real cod when you’re all stressed ‘n what not…”

“You try to give everyone a dose of Byphodine and watch their vitals stop.”

Mal shut his eyes and let out a deep breath. “This is why we don’t getta ‘long.” Swallowing his eyelids slowly reopened and he watched the doctor.

“Please don’t go into your ‘rim’ and ‘core’ song and dance.” He uttered under his breath.

“Nah, ain’t that… you’re jus as…”

Saffron opened the door and smiled. “Feeling better?”

Malcolm looked at her and scowled. “Ya know darlin’, I’m gonna have to have a chat with you. Shootin’ ain’t exactly the right thing to do when you see your husband fer the first time in months. A kiss would’ve done just fine.”

“Missed you too baby.” She snarked, showing him the Lassiter in her hand. “Nice hiding place, the vent in your room.”

“You weren’t supposed ta find that… that’s for our fiftieth anniversary.” He quipped in a slurred voice as his body felt sore. “I hear first year’s paper, fiftieth’s priceless relics.”

“Glad you haven’t lost your sense of humor, cause we’re going to get you up and let you stay up in the bridge.” She went over and began to disconnect the vital pads and IV.

Simon stood up, moving in to stop her. “He just had major surgery…”

Saffron pulled her pistol and aimed it for Simon’s head. “Don’t worry, I’ll let him keep the oxygen.” Looking to the door she called out. “Danny, I need you to put the doctor in some handcuffs.” She finished unhooking Mal while one of Simon’s wrists was handcuffed to a piece of equipment next to River so he could be with her. Prodding the captain, she got him up on his wobbly feet. Taking a hold of the oxygen tank she kept it in one hand with her gun in the other. “Let’s go.”

Mal weakly shuffled out of the infirmary, bracing himself on the wall as they made their way to the cargo bay. She made certain that he got to see his crew, caged, cuffed and drugged. Seeing everyone in such a state made the captain’s heart sink, as he felt he had failed them. It stung even more as they all looked dead, murdered even. Saffron pressed him towards the lockers and made him study each face, Wash, Zoe, Ru, Gambit, Kaylee, and Jayne who looked like he had been scared to death. Supressing the lump in his throat, eyeing Zoe, his trusty first mate before looking around the cargo bay as he was marched off. The Christmas tree had been toppled over, the decorations destroyed as he was forced to go up the stairs and leave his crew behind. The kitchen was thrashed, some large man was at the counter eating their food, the food they had bought for their vacation. Finally, they made their way into the bridge, and Mal was glad as he felt weak from the walk. Sinking into the co-pilots chair with the realization that they were in fact not going to get out of it by the skin of their teeth while Saffron handcuffed him to the chair.

“There we go, the captain at the helm, just like he should be.” She told him with a vicious smile.

“You gonna tell me all about your intricated plan and what not?” He refrained from groaning as the pain killers had worn off and he was beginning to throb with a dull ache in his chest.

“Not too much.” She sat on the console and glanced over her shoulder to take in the black. “I’ve just been planning all this since the time since I broke out. And I’ve married a grand total of three men. Prison guard, Alliance Scientist and a business man.”

“Well ain’t that what every man wants to here, his woman bein’ a well rounded polygamist ‘n all.” Malcolm winced.

“Oh, don’t feel cheated Baby.” She feigned a pout to him. “If it’s any consolation they ain’t as handsome as you. One was bald and fat even.”

“I’m sure that made it a bit difficult ta service them…” A screen beeped to life before he could finish his quip, and she turned and pressed it for the wave to pop up. On the screen was a very familiar face, a face that Malcolm gawked at, then began laughing, causing himself such pain in his chest he thought he was going to pass out. “BADGER?...” He caught his breath, smile wide. “You… you married Badger?!... what’s it like hittin’ the bottom of the barrel?”

Saffron rolled her eyes and looked to the screen with a false smile full of equally artificial joy. “Hi Badge.” She sang.

“’Ello Luv,” He flashed his crooked yellow teeth. “Everything work out ta plan?”

“Picture perfect. Everyone’s out solid ‘cept for the doctor and the captain.” Saffron reported. “Just one more step and I’ll see you at the docks.”

“This was a brilliant plan, Poppet.”

Mal composed himself enough and leaned in to see the screen better. “Sorry to disturb the twisted love chat of thieves, but WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” He shouted as loud as his lungs would allow at the microphone. “Badger you turned on me?!” Coughing as it pained him to yell, feeling dizzy he weaved a bit in his seat and watched the screen. Blinking several times as everything seemed a bit fuzzy.

“That Mal?” Badger asked as he squinted and saw the injured captain.

“Yeah…” He had to catch his breath as he felt his body begin to cold sweat. “It is… and I wanna explanation as to why you’ve decided to have me humped.”

“Economics, Mal.” The other man explained. “One point five million in platinum is more than what you’ve ever pulled, was a better business deal.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Course I’ll have the feds sniffin’ ‘round after I get me tidy sum, but I think early retirement is worth it…”

“Ni hun go-se chi shu.” Malcolm hissed, wincing to the pain and refraining from passing out.

“See? Now that’s why I did it. You got no respect f’me, can’t keep dealin’ with people such as you.” Badger explained. “Sorry Mal, fate jus never seems ta favor ya does it?”

“That seems ta be the workin’ theory.” He mumbled under his breath.



He had been kept on the bridge the entire time.

Twice a day Simon was hauled up to check up on him and give him medication, he was fed decently, but for the most part they hardly talked to him. Just allowing him to watch the stars as well as let it all sink in. It was day three though, as the planet that looked golden approached faster and faster. Mal was asleep, yet when Serenity let out a groan as her belly hit the atmosphere and jostled in resistance, the captain stirred to life.

“Wakey, wakey.” Saffron near-chirped, pleased about her plan as she unlocked Malcolm from his seat.

His eyes reluctantly opened to see her face that so easily covered up the sinister with the sweet. Glancing over, he saw Zeke guiding the ship down into the rather barren looking planet, the planet he didn’t know about. She made him stand though, and walked him out and to his bunk. There, she opened the door and took off the handcuffs.

“And what do I owe the pleasure of free wrists?” He asked while rubbing the red lines on his wrists.

“You want to look your best today,” The captor quipped. “so you get to bathe, shave, dress in the clothes laid out and come up for some breakfast.”

“How nice, does this spa day come with a back rub?”

“Well Danny’s down there to make sure you don’t pull anything. Since he’s sly I don’t think he’ll mind giving you a back rub during your time in your little metal tub.” She gave a mean little smile in retun.

Malcolm’s face went blank. Danny was at least three hundred and fifty pounds.

Saffron pushed him down the ladder. “Have fun.”


Thankfully, Danny didn’t touch him.

The bath however was fast, as Malcolm was uncomfortable with the large man watching. He changed into his clothes, fresh trousers and suspenders plus his red shirt, boots and brown duster. After that, he was fed at gunpoint and handcuffed again. Taken to the infirmary, he sat on the table as Simon fixed the latest round of drugs.

“I see you’re dressed up.” The doctor, looked horrible. His eyes were bloodshot with dark circles under them from lack of sleep, hair was a mess and greasy, clothes rumpled and three days worth of facial hair making him look rather mangy. Simon had been kept in the infirmary for all three days, with meals consisting of whatever Saffron’s crew hadn’t eaten off of their plates as his rations.

“And I see you’re… a bit worse for wear.” Mal had his wrist up as the sleeves were rolled back and an IV line was in his wrist.

“Yes,” He pushed the needle into the port and injected it. “and the fact that I’ve been living in a room for three days with my sister who looks like a corpse has absolutely nothing to do with it. That and the other fact of which I’m going to be handed over to the authorities in a few days.”

“If it’s any consolation, you’re still a smart ass.” The captain paused, mulling over how it was probably the last time they’d ever see one another before adding. “And the finest doctor I’ve ever known.”

Simon’s red-rimmed eyes glanced up at Malcolm’s face, somewhat taken back by the sincerity at the end. “Thank you.” He muttered, capping a needle before administering another medication. “Before you go, I want to give you something.”

“And what would that be?”

Flushing the IV, removing it and patching the tiny hole up with a cotton ball and some tape, Simon disposed of everything properly before opening up a drawer and taking out a small nylon pouch. Knowing someone was outside guarding the door, he discretely handed it to the captain. “From what I heard they’re not going to kill you, they’re going to leave the crew for dead though.” He whispered. “I put together a survival packet, it’s not much, but there’s some supplements, painkillers, saline, a general antibiotic, C-3 packets, a tourniquet and some bandages. I figured you could use a little help.”

“Thanks.” Malcolm made sure the coast was clear before reaching down and tucking the kit into his boot. There was a pause in the air, it was taken up by the rattle of the ship as the landing gear touched soil, but neither captain nor trauma surgeon could form the right words. “I’m.. um… well I’m, sorry it ended this way… With you and your sister ‘n all.”

Simon nodded his head sadly, his jaw set as he refrained from any real emotion. “So am I.”

The doors opened, and Saffron went over to Malcolm and grabbed him by his handcuffs as one of her men trained a gun on him. “Said goodbye?”

“Not quite, didn’t git ta kiss ‘im goodbye.” The captain deadpanned, eyes moving to Simon, looking him up and down and scrunching his face. “However he smells a bit, as he has let himself go, so I don’t think I’ll regret missin’ a kiss.”

Simon sneered at the joke, although he knew that it was told with some fondness. As much as they seemed to butt heads, Mal was ending it all on a joke as his way to show he cared.

“Well then since your male bonding is over, it’s time for you to meet your next adventure.” Saffron walked him out, Simon being locked back into the infirmary after being handcuffed. When they reached the cargo bay, Malcolm was met with the site of his crew being uncuffed and dragged outside while still drugged. Focusing more on the world then them, he saw before him a desert. Flat, red, hard ground as far as the eye could see, with a few shrubs dotting the landscape. As he was led out into the habitat, he was suddenly overwhelmed with heat. The sun, pounded down on his frame, and immediately he began to sweat profusely as Saffron positioned him next to the lifeless bodies. “It’s a hundred and fifteen degrees if you were wondering.” She explained, watching his eyes move down to the faces of his crew. “Don’t worry, they’ll be awake in an hour or so.” Taking off his belt, as she had been wearing it, she put it back on Malcolm and fixed the holster, then took out his old service revolver and opened the chamber. Removing all of the bullets except for one, she slipped it back in the holster, then hung a canteen around his neck. “There you go baby.”

“One shot and a canteen of water?” He reiterated with a mixture of disbelief and anger.

“Well, you’re gonna haveta share the water, won’t last too long with six people.” She explained with a smile. “As for the bullet, I expect you to be the gentleman and put the first girl out of her misery so she doesn’t suffer long. Now you can be greedy and use it for yourself when you’re desperate enough, but with the first body you can always get a little sustenance out of it.” Straightening the collar of his jacket, she ignored his scathing blue eyes.

“Ki yi zu dao ni, ni ji nu, he ke mo bu lian tai ling-hun zi di-yu.” He growled.

“Love you too.” She patted his chest and took the handcuff key out of her cleavage. “Now I know you want to shoot me, but that’s a waste of a perfectly good shot and as soon as you do the boys’ll kill you and your crew.” Taking the cuffs off she smirked.

He rubbed his wrists, looking down at them as he knew her face was gloating. And without warning, Malcolm punched her.

Saffron fell backward, but picked herself up, touched her bleeding nose, scowled at him, and walked back to Serenity. The doors closed, the engine roared as she lifted off of the ground. Malcolm Reynolds in turn tilted his head back and watched his boat rise up into the sky without him. His crew still drugged at his feet, and he standing there with a gun with one bullet, a small canteen and a kit Simon had thrown together. Standing out in the desert, in an unknown planet, with murderous heat.

Left to die.





***** TRANSLATIONS *Wo de ma: Mother of god

*feng: insane

*Ni hun go-se chi shu: You dirty crap eating rat

*Ki yi zu dao ni, ni ji nu, he ke mo bu lian tai ling-hun zi di-yu: may a curse fall on you, you sick woman, and may the devil not pity your soul in hell

*Kao: F***


Thursday, June 21, 2007 4:41 PM


Dayum...Saffron is one stone-cold pofu! I mean, there are revenge plans and then there are revenge plans...but this one takes the cake!


Never fear, TuJiaoZuo...even when everybody else is too busy to comment, know that I will sacrifice sleep or personal time to make sure you get a comment;D


Thursday, June 21, 2007 6:45 PM


Aww thanks, that means alot BEB. I know it's not the best fic in the world, but it helps me write when I know I have someone reading ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010 6:09 AM


Just read this and I love it is there more and Im just not seeing it?

Thursday, June 10, 2010 6:09 AM


Just read this and I love it is there more and Im just not seeing it?

Thursday, June 10, 2010 6:09 AM


Just read this and I love it is there more and I'm just not seeing it?

Saturday, October 8, 2011 11:40 PM


I know this is a few years old, but are you going to continue this? Pretty please? I mean, you CAN'T just leave it like this!!! I mean, Saffron's still among the breathing!


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