Stang (Chapter 13)
Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pre-BDM, still pulling less than legal jobs, Mal adds an old friend as a new crewmember while someone else stows away. Someone River knows. Mal/Inara, Simon/Kaylee, Zoe/Wash


The hovercraft neared Serenity at full speed.

Zoe had heard from her husband that the Alliance had opened fire on the crew, so when Ru saw a lone fed standing in the cargo bay she kept going fast all the way into Serenity, where she aptly ran him over and slammed on the brakes. They all jumped out and charged into the ship, guns cocked and ready.

“Preacher!” Zoe went over and studied Book who had a nasty gash on his head. Crouching down as everyone else made sure the perimeter was safe, she holstered her piece and applied pressure.

Book groaned.

“Stay still, you got quite a knock on the head.”

The preached opened his eyes and squinted. “They gone?”

Mal saw someone struggling to get up in the hall wearing grey, and quickly shot him. His face taunt, furious that someone had invaded and attacked their home as he quickly walked down the halls.

As he kept moving, Ru opened each room and inspected it.

Simon was in the corner with a terrified, screaming River in his arms and a very pale Kaylee with a tourniquet on her leg. Upon hearing the door open he pointed the gun at her. Seeing a familiar face though, the doctor let out a breath of relief that had been stuck in his throat for what seemed an eternity.

“We’re back.” She told him, holstering her gun she went in and looked at the doctor. “What happened?”

“She got shot but she’ll be ok.” He explained, gingerly setting his sister down, watching her curl into a tight ball. “I need to get her to the infirmary though.” Looking to River he touched her back. “River….”

“Blood’s no longer warm now…. He had his fill… did his job…” She muttered with wide, crying eyes.

“I’ll be right back mei-mei.”

“No needles.” She squeaked.

“No needles,” He gathered up Kaylee awkwardly as she was slightly heavier than his ninety pound sister.

Ru nodded her head and helped him pick Kaylee up.

Kaylee groaned.

“Easy there ‘lil one.” She told the injured mechanic while holding her legs. “You had quite a day.”

“I got shot…” She groaned. “Simon… he fixed me up though.” Smiling as she was drugged out of her mind on painkillers he had given her. “Right sweetie?”

Ru raised her brows as she glanced over at Simon who appeared stiff.

He stared at her, but pursed his lips and looked to Kaylee. “That’s right, you’re going to be fine.” He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze as they set her on the exam table. Looking back it was obvious who he was still worried about though.

“I’ll go fetch your sister.” Ru went off to get River.


When Malcolm rushed to the kitchen, he was in awe at what he saw.

There had been bodies everywhere, however he counted thirteen all in that one room, with his prisoner standing on the table in an fashion that said he was relaxed yet ready for more, the broom handle broken down to a short club with splinters, blood and hair spiking from the end. John’s face, chest, and hands covered in blood as his chest heaved rapidly and his lips curled back into a snarl.

He looked up at the captain.

Mal gripped his pistol tighter. “Shen-me kao zhe di-yu….”

Tossing his club to the side, jumping down, he went over and walked past Malcolm in a brisk, adrenaline pumped fashion. “Everyone’s safe.” He uttered while leaving the other man to comprehend the fact that he had killed twenty five men all by himself.

Malcolm watched him leave for a moment, then absorbed the bloodbath in the kitchen before taking off to the bridge. “WASH!”

The doors opened, and he found the pilot slumped into his chair with his arm bleeding. Wash looked up wearily and let out a sigh of relief as he was putting pressure on his wound. “We’re still land-locked.”

“I know, but are you ok?” He asked worriedly.

“Felt worse.” The pilot hissed through his teeth.

“Well the doc’s still gotta look at ya.” Malcolm helped Wash up as the other man was pale from blood loss, and carried his weight on his shoulder as they slowly made their way to the infirmary. “RU!”

“Ahh!” Wash flinched and groaned. “Not so loud!”

The auburn haired woman jogged over. “Yeah Capin?”

“You think you can do your special thing with the cortex and get us out of land-lock?” He asked.

Ru nodded her head. “I need to get on the Alliance ship cause that’s probably where the signal came from, but yeah.”

“Go do it.” He watched her race off before dragging Wash to the infirmary. Hearing Jayne trot in with the horse, he thanked the universe the goods were ok and kept walking.

“Wash?” Zoe’s voice hit a worried note.

Wash put on a weary smile. “Hey Baby. You get the goods?”

“Here, why don’t you take him to Simon.” Malcolm handed the spouse over to his first mate.

"What happened to you?" She asked him while nearly carrying his body.

"Don't you see the little hole in my arm? I got shot."

“MAL!” Jayne hollered as he ran through the ship. “Mal they’re comin!”

“Ya la-shi.” The captain swore under his breath as the heist just kept getting a little bit too interesting for his taste. “Who?”

“Figgur it’s that Jackson fella. He’s comin’ in a hovercraft an’ he’s strapped to the nines.”

“Jayne, there’s some sealed boxes in our hovercraft, load ‘em up and hide ‘em good.” Mal turned around and tracked down Zoe and Wash. “I need him on the bridge right now.”

“Sir, he’s shot.” She protested.

“We gotta get off this planet before things get worse, Wash’s the only one who tell Ru how ta take her up fast.” He said gruffly.

“I’ll do it.” Wash nodded his head.

“Let’s get Simon to give you somethin’ to stop the bleeding and we’ll haul you on up there.” The captain walked quickly to the infirmary where Book was being checked out and Kaylee was already laying on a ledge with a bandage on her leg. “Doc, you gotta give Wash somethin’ so he can help us fly out NOW.”

Simon stopped and immediately paid attention to the pilot.

"Someone's gotta take Kaylee to the engine room…”

“Kaylee’s doped.” The surgeon clarified as he set up a quick tray for Wash. “She’s in no condition to work in the engine room.”

“Hiiii Capin’.” She sang, as high as a kite. “Whadayaneedmefor?”

“You think you can tell someone how to run the engine room?” He asked quickly.

Kaylee blinked a few times as her hazy brain worked that equation out. “Um… yeah.” Sloppily nodding her head she looked up to Simon and immediately her attention span evaporated. “You know he’s a great guy? One heckuva human pillow too if I dosaysomyself…”

Mal smirked through the moment of stress looking into her less than lucid eyes, then glancing over to Simon who was working efficiently, yet with a beet red face. “You ain’t gonna remember a thing of this mei-mei.”

She screwed up her face. “Yes huh I am… I really, reeeaaallly like ‘im… he’s good lookin’, all smarts and… and he’s comfy.” Looking over to Simon she grinned and giggled. “Hey Simon… I love you.”

“OW!” Wash yelped as Simon’s fingers had slipped into his wound upon Kaylee’s drugged declarations.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, telling himself to be professional as he gave a local anesthetic.

Looking to Mal she giggled again. “I love ya too, Capin’ Tightpants…. I love Zoe… and Wash… ‘n River… ‘Nara… Ru…”

“We get it, ya love the whole ‘verse right now.” Mal straightened himself up and looked around for help.

John was standing there, blood stained yet calm.

Hesitating, he signaled for John to come in. “Just take her ta the engine room, hopefully she might be able to help.”

Kaylee’s round, glassy eyes stared up at John as his briskly took her towards her engine room, and she smiled lazily at him “I love ya big guy.”

“Ok, he’s good for now.” Simon told everyone.

“Let’s go Hon.” Zoe helped him up and the walked as quickly as possible up to the bridge.

“We can fly! Land-lock’s off!” Ru panted as she raced in. “Cargo doors are closed.”

“Ru, go up to the bridge with Wash, he’s gonna tell ya how to fly us out.” Mal ordered her.

“Xie ke sha!” Jayne’s voice bellowed.

The captain darted out and saw that Jayne had a gun muzzled on their prisoner. The blonde was seemingly collected, his muscles were tense, and Malcolm could see that regardless of what Jayne thought, John could kill him in an instant. However, their prisoner looked to him for his decision, whether it was to live or die, or possibly kill Jayne.

“Jayne…” Malcolm took a step in.

“This feller’s wooly.” The mercenary rumbled as the shotgun was pointed at the other man’s bloody chest. “Killed all them feds, went ape shit and such, ain’t safe around people.”

John tightened his fist, being wordless, staring down the captain.

After battling himself, Malcolm walked over and pushed the barrel down. “He stays.”


“You’ve flown a firefly before?” Wash asked as he was slumped in his chair and flipping switches.

“First time for everything.” Ru explained while taking the helm.

“She’s a bit squirrly the first time you take her up, so take it easy on the thrusters and keep a firm handle on your steering.” He took the com and pressed it. “Kaylee, you got her keyed up?”

“Monitors say we’re ready to fly.” The makeshift pilot explained.

Wash blinked a few times as his eyes were fuzzy. “Right.” Taking the com he pressed it again. “Whoever’s running the engine room, give us a little more burn.” He motioned to Ru. “Go.”

Serenity shook as she uneasily jolted into the air, unable for the hovercraft to reach her as she picked up speed quickly and soared.


Mal briskly went to the engine room.

“Who’s responsible for doin’ that engine work?” He asked. Freezing as Kaylee was fast asleep in her hammock.

And River was standing there with her trademark blank face.

“You?” The Captain asked in disbelief.

The girl shrugged her shoulders, her eyes still puffy with tear stained cheeks from the hysterics she had been in just a few minutes before. “Easy as being in the dance recital.” She began to sway to the music in her head, shutting her eyes, her feet gracefully stepping. “It’s gone, no more needles..”

He raised his brows, feeling uncomfortable as she was back to being in her own little world. “Well um… good job… You’re useful yet.”


John received a rather unsettling look from the good Shepard as he prowled into the infirmary. It wasn’t something foreign to him, so it rolled off his back easily as he took a seat on the exam table. The blood had been wiped off of his body via a wet rag, however his pants were dark red as Simon came over.

“Are you ok?” John asked the doctor as he snapped on a pair of fresh gloves.

“I’m fine.” He saw that the stitches in the bare back were ripped open. “And thank you, for protecting us.”

"It was an interesting feeling." Holding still as Simon went over to get some glue to seal his wounds instead of stitches, he watched the reaction and elaborated. "Protecting, I'm programmed to kill as soon as someone lets me off of a chain, now that I'm free I've only killed Feds out of vengence... it was interesting though to kill and actually have a purpose. Protecting the crew."

"I'm sure if you stayed you find a greater purpose." Walking back over he took a small, gunlike intriment and squeezed the polymer adhesive onto one of the gunshot wounds to seal it. "You're intelligent and you obviously have the will to break away from your training."

The blonde, smirked. "You just want me on board so I can help you with River."

"Is it that obvious?"

"Everyone, besides you and River, is afraid of me. I even think the religious man on board's convinced I'm a demon or something. But, River's not afraid of me because I'm back to my normal self, and you want answers more than anything else in the world."

"So," Simon finished sealing up the other wound, then stepped around and gave his patient a look over to see if there was anything that needed tending to. Other than a few scratches and bruises though, there was nothing wrong with John. "Are you going to give me an answers?

Jumping off of the exam table he turnedf to Simon and nodded his head. "I'll let you relax first and get over today before I give you information that'll have you searching the cortex day and night."

He left the infirmary.

"Thanks for fixing me up."




*Shen-me kao zhe di-yu….: What the f***ing hell

*Ya la-shi: Duck shit

*Xie ke sha: Blood thirsty killer


Saturday, June 2, 2007 7:14 PM

BLUEEYEDBRIGADIER's highly ironic the only people who didn't get serious injured in this little escapade with the Feds are the ones who got injured the most during the series...Mal, Zoe, Jayne and Simon;D work here, TuJiaoZuo! Definitely can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter:D


Sunday, June 3, 2007 2:45 PM


Nice... I like that you actually go into the aftermath of a big fight like that, however short it may be. Most people just have a small paragraph summarising it, then jump right back into the action. It's nice to read it in detail.

Saturday, October 8, 2011 2:54 PM


Very good! I loved all the Simon;););) Bwahahahaha druggy Kaylee... Lovin' the whole 'VerseXDXD


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