Stang (Chapter 9)
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pre-BDM, still pulling less than legal jobs, Mal adds an old friend as a new crewmember while someone else stows away. Someone River knows. Mal/Inara, Simon/Kaylee, Zoe/Wash


THanks for all of the feedback :D Annnd I'm gonna quit being lazy and start translating the chinese as of now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


“He has information I might…”

“No.” Mal raised his voice as his arms were crossed and he gave Simon a stern look. “Listen doctor, I don’t care if he’s got the formula for turnin’ rocks into gold…” he paused and mulled that over. “Scratch that, I don’t care if he got the cure to cancer, that fella nearly killed all of us and went crazy all night. He ain’t bein’ freed on my boat.”

Simon set his jaw. “He promised to be civilized.”

Mal snickered. “Is that a fact.”

“You know Captain, I understand you enjoy degrading me to a certain extent. Like this morning? And…” He lifted his chin up and frowned as he stood up to Malcolm. “And how you hurt Kaylee in the process…”

“Hey…” His muscles tightened. Opening his mouth to say more, Simon was in a worse mood than he was and cut Malcolm off.

“But don’t take this away from me. What he knows could cure my sister, allow her to feel normal again. Let me to talk to him,” Pausing as he didn’t want to finish it “please.”

There was a silence that cut through the area as they stared one another down.

“I haveta say no, I can’t risk it.” Mal shook his head slightly and moved away.

“Ni zhi xi can wu tain he shi wu sheng ku... dai bang dong." Muttering as he turned around and stormed off, Simon already had a plan b. Or at least a rough outline of one, all that mattered was finding out what John knew.


Mal walked into the infirmary and watched as the man studied him. How aqua eyes paid attention to his every detail, every step, every exhale. Fingers curled in a form of anticipation of how to kill, Malcolm could see it, their prisoner was coming up with various killing scenarios in his head. Yet after those first initial seconds, the blonde in chains seemed to check himself, relax. Still looking like a hunter, but one at ease and less of a threat.

“Little birdy wearin’ a stethoscope told me that you wanna be let free in exchange for some information.” He huffed as he leaned against the counter and folded his arms, smirking. “Which I find some hystericalness in considerin’ you nearly took out my crew.”

“I apologize for my outburst.” He said calmly, with an air about him that was noble predator. “I just wanted to escape, when I attacked you like that… don’t know why that happened, but I assure you, when I’m lucid and wanting to kill, that’s when you need to be worried."


"However I don’t take much fancy to murdering innocent people, and I like you and your crew, so you’re safe.”

“See, all I really stuck on was that part where you’re more dangerous when you’re like this.” His face kept calm as they stared one another down. “Which I find hard to believe that, son, cause you sound like you’re all manners ‘n principality right now. But then again I’m probably wrong, and you’re probably wei-xian jus like this. Which, doesn’t make releasin’ you very appealin’ to me.”

“Like I said, you’re safe..."

"Then when are you dangerous?" Malcolm pressed.

"You show me anyone in a grey uniform and you’ll see the real me.” His voice was lower and raspy as it showed his hatred towards the Alliance. “All of my murders have been Feds if that’s any help to you.”

“I just don’t trust you.” He rolled his shoulders, shrugging them. “What’s to stop ya from doin’ that again? Killin’ us in our sleep, cause it looks to be that you’re programmed to kill. You make it sound like that, goin’ crazy, nearly killin us, now wantin’ out and say you only kill feds. Don’t sit right with me, cause either way you kill and that means you could turn on us. And you kill in a trained way to boot.”

John was silent.

Malcolm took that as an answer and stood up. “I’ll have you taken ta the brig.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

“Probably dump ya off at the next planet. If you behave.” He said over his shoulder while leaving the room.


Simon went into the engine room.

He was extra quiet as blue eyes roamed around, looking for a tool that would cut through handcuffs. However, as he tried to creep about, the floor creaked and her head popped up. That head he had been trying to avoid, because he felt horrible, and she was still going to be pissed. Freezing, watching as her eyes locked onto him and she appeared to be a wounded soul from the morning. Simon stopped his quest to steal some tools and went over to her.

Kaylee turned her back to him.


“I don’t really wanna talk ta you right now.” She forced while getting back to work.

He took a step in and opened his mouth.



“Hui-lai shi ni jiang wo."

Feeling defeated, he turned to leave, yet saw a large pipe cutter and sidled over, picking it up. Coming to the conclusion he could free John with it.

Kaylee turned around and gave him a miffed look. “What are you doin’?”

“I um… need this?” Simon was hardly convincing. All that he could suddenly think about was how big of an idiot he was. Why hadn't he just stayed calm that morning? Why couldn't he had just pretended they weren't there? But why, why did everyone have to do that to them?! Couldn't everyone have just left them alone and allowed them to wake up alone together? Now Kaylee was looking at him like she was either going to cry or hit him with her wrench. He hated being on the receiving end of her frustration, and his face launched into a guilty expression that made him look like a puppy who was getting yelled at for chewing a slipper.

She got up, marched over and took it. “Go play with your doctorin’ tools. I’m sure ya can busy yourself in the infirmary.” Kaylee watched as he seemed somewhat dejected from her jab, however he composed himself to hide his wounded heart and walked out.


River crept into the brig.

She found John there, in a corner, shackled. Her face was sorrowful as she lithely moved towards him and crouched next to him.

John gave a ghost of a smile. “I met Simon.”

“He needs to help.” She said tearfully while taking his hands and pulling at the cuffs. “Simon needs to make it better,” Her voice squeaked as she scratched at the metal. “he did with me, took me out, tries to put me back together when the pieces don’t fit. Takes me here… gave me Serenity… he makes it better…” She frowned at the bonds. “Why won’t they turn to water?”

“It’s ok Riv,” He reached out and touched her cheek, showing his more gentle side. “I’m just glad I didn’t hurt anyone badly.”

“You turned into a lion, your skin peeled off.” River’s long hair spilled into her face. “As a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” her round brown eyes suddenly looked guilty. “We both devour…”

“I more than you.” He told her softly.

“They made you it. Made your eyes change so all you see is blood.” She looked to the door and sighed in a depressed manner. “He cannot help.”


Just then, Simon came through the door with a defeated look. “Well…”

“No way out.” She finished his sentence.

“Yeah, I can’t get your free.” Voice depressed from not only that, but everything else as the day just was not his, yet he paused and looked at them. At his little sister who was crouched next to a man who had nearly snapped his neck off. “What’s…”

“John is our brother too.” She scoffed. “Silly Simon, doesn’t know family when he sees it.”

Simon’s face was utterly confused. Along with the man chained.

River narrowed her eyes and focused on her big brother Simon’s thoughts. “You want his tongues, yet you cannot give freedom.” Her face was hurt as her chest heaved and she stood up, walking over to him, nearly inches from him she looked up into his blue eyes. “But you have to set him free. Make it better.”

“River… I want to..”

“MAKE IT BETTER!” She took off, leaving them there.

Simon shut his eyes and gave an exhale of exasperation. He listened to her head for her room, and decided that since she was in there, he wasn’t going to waste time chasing her. Opening his gaze, it landed on the prisoner. “Long lost brother, I presume?” He said sarcastically.

“Only if I’m getting out of here.” John reiterated.

“I’m sorry….” Putting his hands behind his back and wetting his lips, not wanting to say it. “I can’t free you, trust me, I tried…”

“Then I’m sorry I can’t tell you want you want to hear.”

John turned his back to Simon.

Just then, Ru came in with a food tray. The doctor left in frustration, and she walked over to the prisoner and set it down next to him. “There.” It was all she said, in a rather miffed fashion as he was still breathing.

He looked up at her and smirked. “Thank you. And hello by the way, even though I know you don’t want me here.”

“Yeah, well life sucks fer me cause I gotta watch you.” She took a seat in a chair and folded her arms, glaring at him.

“I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere, considering the fact that my ankles are chained to the wall.” He watched her body language carefully.

“You’re awfully chatty.”

He shrugged his wide shoulders. “I usually don’t like to talk, however I’ve been on this ship for close to two weeks, and I’ve been around you for nearly two months, so I feel comfortable with everyone. That, and I hope by talking you’ll figure out I’m not that big of a danger.”

Ru smirked. “Nice joke, but you’re not the first prisoner to say they’re not a danger.”

*** *** *** *** TRANSLATIONS

*Ni zhi xi can wu tain he shi wu sheng ku... dai bang dong: "you just enjoy ruining my day and making my life miserable.... stupid asshole"

*wei-xian: "dangerous"

*Hui-lai shi ni jiang wo: "Come back when you won't drop me."


Wednesday, May 30, 2007 10:48 AM


Oh why do I get the feeling that this situation will get worse before it gets better? Cuz I am getting the feeling that Simon will have to piss off both Kaylee and Mal even more than they are now to get things back on a manageable track:(


Wednesday, May 30, 2007 10:54 AM


O dear, Simon had put himself in quite the rut hasn't he? I also have the feeling that his situation will only get worse. I'm feeling more than a little sad on Simon's part.

Saturday, October 8, 2011 1:07 PM


hystericalness is my new favorite word... Awwww poor Simon:(


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