Eve's Garden: 1
Friday, April 6, 2007

Post BDM, Set immediately after Miranda, Original characters dealing with the fallout and new characters adding to the mix.


Characters and 'Verse property of Joss Whedon, I'm just borrowing them!


Also Thanks for your time and patience, comments and suggestions appreciated!


“Mal” Simon hurried attempting to keep up with the taller man. “Can’t talk now Doc, busy doing important Captainy things” “Mal, I need some things for the infirmary, we have to make a stop!” Mal stopped abruptly, causing Simon to overtake him; when Simon realized Mal had stopped he turned and scowled at him, annoyed enough to let his composure falter. When he saw the smirk on Mal’s face, he forced himself to smooth out his features, but before he could say something Mal’s face took on a serious cast, “How badly do’ya need these supplies doc? And what ‘all do’ya need? Cause we need to be steppin’ light just about now. We stuck a thorn in the Alliance’s paw with Miranda, but they ain’t dead. And they may still be lookin’ for us.” “Do you think that I don’t know that? Do you think that I would be coming to you if it was something we could do without?” At Mal’s smile, Simon held up his hand saying “No, don’t answer that, it was a rhetorical question. I need some antivirals, antibacterials and weaves.” Mal cocked his head to the side, his face and tone deadpan “Now doc, I ain’t never graduated in the top three percent of my class but ain’t that stuff small potatoes? Can’t we do without it?” “If we could do without it I wouldn’t be here telling you about it! True they are the most basic of medical supplies but they are the most necessary! Without the antiviral or the antibacterial I can’t guarantee that a wound won’t go septic or an illness won’t kill. I suppose that we could do without the weaves, but as we have to have the other, we may as well stock up on them; especially with the speed through which this crew goes through them. Any world with a half-way decent doctor on hand will have them, so we can go somewhere where the Alliance isn’t. ” The smile Mal favored Simon with sent chills down his spine, it was altogether to much like the smile Mal had given him when he had offered Simon the job as ships doctor. Turning on his heel Mal headed towards the bridge saying over his shoulder “A world with a half-way decent doctor…that’s a pretty tall order doc, but I’ll see what I can do.” Sighing Simon headed back to the infirmary, he had a lot more work to do.


“This is your Captain speaking….”

Simon looked up from the article on Cardio Myopathy he had downloaded recently from the cortex, when Mal’s voice echoed through the ship.

“We’re making a small stop on Huār, the Doc and Jayne, and ONLY the doc and Jayne will be leaving the ship to pick up a few needed supplies. We will be hitting atmo in about an hour; we will be planetside only as long it takes. If’n you need something let me know in the next half hour and if it’s important they may pick it up. Doc, Jayne, be in the cargo bay in an hour and a half.” “Awwww Mal, why’d’ I have to go? Can’t Zoë go? Or Kaylee? She’n the doc are all lovey dovey can’t they go?” Simon, like Jayne had been less than pleased to find out who would be going on this little shopping excursion, he however knew that nothing he said was going to change Mal’s mind. He was wearing his “Captain” face; any arguments were futile when Mal was in that frame of mind….he might still have made them if Jayne hadn’t beaten him to it though. At this point he was simply enjoying the sight of the big man whining like a child. Rather than responding to Jayne, Mal continued checking over the list of items that the crew wanted picked up. Besides, he’d already remained unmoved through Kaylee’s pleas to accompany Simon; Jayne wasn’t anywhere near as good at it as she was. He figured that if he sent them two, the trip would be accomplished in record time. Finally satisfied that only the necessary items were on the list he handed it and the money to Simon…no point in giving it to Jayne; he didn’t want to contemplate what Jayne’d spend it on. Still without saying anything Mal walked over to the bay doors and opened them up. Then he waited, face impassive for them to get in the mule and get going. He smirked when Jayne scowled and jumped into the driver’s seat, Simon, face expressionless climbed in. Before Simon was completely seated Jayne engaged the motor and raced from the ship, eager to get the trip done.


The conversation was rapidly going downhill; in point of fact she’d have to say that it wasn’t possible for it to yi gei di yu much faster. She ducked convulsively when another shot rang out, she wondered if she should have just let them rape her…they usually let the girl live, after. She shuddered at the thought then realized that letting them rape her would only have delayed the inevitable, Mother would have had to patch her up after (They weren’t gentle about it after all) and make sure there weren’t any little ones as a result and she’d would have told her father. And he’d have done something stupid and ended up dead, as dead as he was now…all letting them rape her would’ve done was add rape to the list of things she’d have to endure. She still felt as though it was her fault, another shot rang out as she felt a tear roll down her cheek.


Thursday, April 12, 2007 3:22 PM


Well now...that was two vastly different sides to the same coin. Though I gotta admit that it would have made one hell of an opening teaser for an episode;)

Really can't wait to see who the mysterious female is and why she's been forced to think that getting raped would have been better than her current situation. We need in-for-mation!


P.S. Bad Johnny 5 impression, I know;D

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 12:03 AM


I'm guessing the two stories will interlock at some time. I did smile at Mal pairing Simon with Jayne so that they would actually get the needed items and be back aboard Serenity quickly. If Kaylee had gone with Simon they would have taken all day. Ali D :~)
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