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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Maya. Post-BDM. Simon and Kaylee and the results ... First in three short pieces to follow AFTERMATH and before the next arc. Please let me know if you like, and please leave ratings!


It was late, but Simon wanted to check in on Bethany before he joined Kaylee in bed. He was still amazed at being a father, and after the events of the last weeks he found himself wanting to just make sure his daughter was okay every so often.

As he opened the door to her room, he realised, yet again, how odd it was that he had seriously considered leaving Serenity to take up Andrew’s offer on Corvus, because he thought it was safer. Now he knew it was like Mal had always said … best to be always on the move. Still flying.

“Daddy.” Bethany rolled over to look at him.

“Hey, sweetheart, you’re supposed to be asleep,” Simon said, going down on his knees next to the bed and looking into his daughter’s beautiful eyes.

“Can’t,” she said sadly. “No Ethan.”

“He’s in with his own Daddy and Mommy,” Simon explained, brushing her hair away from her face.


Her father looked around the room and saw the baby doll Freya had bought for her just after Ethan was born. “Will this do?” he asked, picking it up.

She nodded and he tucked it next to her, smiling as she put her little arm around it. “Jayne,” she said.

“I thought his name was Ethan?” Simon was slightly confused.

“No, daddy,” Bethany laughed. “Jayne.” She pointed to the huge toy Mal had won her.

“Well, sweetie, it’s too big to be in bed with you, but how about we just leave him here?” He propped the stuffed animal at the foot of the bed.

“Rabbit,” Bethany agreed.

“Whatever you say.” He lifted the cover a little higher.

“Auntie Frey be okay?” his daughter asked.

He smiled. “I think Auntie Freya’s going to be fine. Now, you get some sleep.”

“’Kay, Daddy. Play tomorrow?”

“Yes, we’ll play tomorrow.”

She grinned, looking so like her mother, and put her head back down next to the doll, her breathing slowing almost immediately as she slipped quickly into sleep.

Simon watched her, amazed at his good fortune at having such a wonderful and beautiful daughter. Then he stood up to go find her wonderful and beautiful mother.

Kaylee was leaning over the chest of drawers, her backside looking ripe and firm in a very small pair of pink panties, and nothing else.

“You keep doing that and I’ll ravish you right there,” Simon said from the doorway.

“Gotta keep my husband interested in me somehow.”

“There’s no need to worry about that,” he said, moving up close behind her and pressing his hips into hers.

“Not even when you’re slumming it?”

He stopped. “I didn’t say that.”

“Isn’t that what you think?” She turned to look at him.

“No.” He gazed into her upturned face, seeing the little lines of stubbornness at the corners of her brown eyes. “I’ve never thought that.”

“But if it wasn’t for your sister, you’d be back in that hospital making lots of money, being eyed up by all the pretty nurses -”

“A lot of nurses are men,” he pointed out, trying to lighten the mood a little.

“So? They were prob’ly lusting after you too. And you could be with them, going to those fancy parties, talking about stuff I don’t even begin to understand …” She was working herself up, and two fat tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Kaylee, what brought this on?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“Well, you could.”

Xin gan, I don’t want them. I want you.” He pressed the tears away with his thumb, cupping her face.

“But I ain’t elegant like them.”

“No, you’re not,” he agreed, seeing her eyes widen in shocked surprise. “You’re so much better.”

“Wha … what?”

“I know it worries you. When Freya was projecting, I know it amplified all of our fears, worries, emotions … and believe me, I would never, ever, hit you.”

“I know,” she said in a small voice.

“But you don’t believe it.”

She moved away from him to sit on the bed, her arms crossed protectively over her breasts. “My aunt Carla, my Momma’s sister, was married to a man who hit her.” She spoke quietly. “Got drunk once in a while and just hit her. Always apologised next day, swore it’d never happen again. Used to cry ‘cause he was so angry at himself. And everything’d be all right for a few weeks, then something’d happen and he’d take a drink and it’d start all over again. ‘N’ she always forgave him.”

“What happened?”

She looked up at him. “In the end he broke her jaw so bad she had to go to the hospital. My Pa and some of the other menfolk of the family went and … well, they gave him a taste.”

“That wasn’t the answer.”

“Nope, don’t suppose it was. ‘N’ Aunt Carla was mighty angry with ‘em for doing it.”

“It’s a disease, Kaylee. He could have got help.”

“’N’ admit there was something wrong?” She shook her head. “Not the way things’re done in the real world, Simon.”

“Did she leave him?”

“No. Soon as they were outta the hospital they left together. Took a transport off Phoros and just disappeared. I think Ma got a letter or two, but …” She shrugged. “I still don’t understand why she went with him.”

Simon sat down next to her. “Meili, I’ve never understood it myself. But some women seem to be able to ignore it until it happens again. And they just carry on forgiving.”

“It’s wrong.”

“Yes. Oh, honey, yes.”

“She should’ve left him, something. Not just stayed.”

“And you think I might be like that? That I’ll take it into my head to hit you?”

“You were going to.” She was trembling as if she was cold.

“Do you really think Zoe wanted to hurt Hank?”

She looked sharply at him. “Of course not.”

“Kalee, if I ever hit you, I’d be the one Mal put out of the airlock. No arguments, nor forgiveness, Just … whoosh.” He mimed a body being sucked into space. “And I’d walk in quite readily.” He put his arm carefully around her. “I will never hit you. Not because of Mal, or Freya, or Zoe … but because I’m not that man. I’m not your aunt’s husband.”

“’N’ if you do can I hit you upside the head with a wrench?” he asked, leaning into him.

“You have my permission to knock my brains all over the engine room.”

“Wouldn’t do that,” Kaylee said. “Be a hell of a job to get the bits outta the compression coil. Be easier in the kitchen.”

He smiled. “Fine. Kitchen it is.”

She snuggled closer. “Still think you’d be better off with one of those rich girls River said you went out with.”

“So if I hadn’t come out here, you think I’d be happier?”


“Well, let’s see.” He lifted his free hand, using his fingers to count. “There was Marianne, who was a nurse I went out with exactly once. By the end of the evening she’d got our whole lives planned, down to the names of our children.” He felt Kaylee giggle, and, encouraged, went on. “Then there was Mei. She was the sister of a patient of mine. We actually had three dates until she dumped me. Said I talked about nothing but the hospital.”

“Did you?”

“Probably. I was very boring in those days. I’m much better company now I can talk about crime.”

“Who else?” She nudged him. “Who else did the great Dr Tam go out with?”

He sighed. “Honestly, not that many. And none of them compared in any way favourably to you.”

“What about Sylvie?”

“Sophie,” Simon corrected without thinking.

“Sophie, then.” She pouted. “You were going to ask her to marry you.”

“Yes, I was.” Inwardly Simon cursed his sister and her predilection for letting out his secrets. “And you said yes to Drayton Buchanan.”

“Point taken.” Kaylee slid her arm around his waist.

“Good.” He peered down into her eyes. “Because the point actually is that I love you. I love the grease under your fingernails, the metal shavings in your hair. I love the way you wake up all happy in the morning, and the way you make me feel when we’re making love at night. I love the way your eyes wrinkle up when you laugh, and the way your lips make me want to kiss them all the time. I love the sunshine of your smile and … basically, what I’m saying in my very heavy-handed way is, I love you.”

“Mr Top Three Percent,” Kaylee sighed happily.

“So are we okay?”

“Okay.” She leaned over and kissed him.

“Oh, and I love the way you taste of strawberries even when you haven’t had any for months.”

She licked her lips. “Strawberries,” she murmured.

“I’ll buy you some, next place has any. I’ve still got some ideas on things to do with them.”

“Really?” Her eyes were shiny.

“Mmn. I was thinking -”

There was a knock at the door.

Instantly Kaylee let go of her husband. “Do you think there’s a problem?” she asked.

“Only one way to find out.” He got up and opened the door. “Mal? Are you all right?”

“That Counsellor? You find one?”

“Mal, do you know what time it is?”

“Not asking you for the time. Just if you’ve found a good man.”

“Good woman. Dr Yi. Mal, why’re you naked?”

Kaylee pricked up her ears.

“Where’s this doc live?”

“That’s slightly more tricky. Ariel.”

“Afraid they might come after you for planning the raid on St Lucy’s?” Mal sounded like he was having a good time, and Kaylee tried to see around her husband.

“No, of course not.”

“Fine. Make the arrangements.”

“Mal, couldn’t this have waited until the morning?”

“Nope. Strike while the iron is hot, as my Momma used to say.”

“Yes. Sure. Fine.” He shook his head, closing the door quickly.

“Cap’n was naked?”

“As the day he was born.” Simon looked at her. “I thought you’d seen him naked before?”

She waved a hand airily. “Long time ago. Maybe he’s changed.”

“A few more scars, perhaps. Why, do you want me to ask him to come back so you can check?”

“No, that’s fine. It can wait.” She grinned.

“Why, you little …” He advanced on his wife. “You deserve a spanking.”

“You said you’d never hit me,” she pointed out, sticking her chin into the air.

“Spanking isn’t hitting.”

“Not the way you do it, neither,” Kaylee agreed, squirming slightly. “Always ends up doing something else anyway.” She smiled again. “So Freya’s gonna see a Counsellor?”

“Seems like it.” Simon sat back down. “I think it’s a good idea. And Dr Yi is excellent.”

“You know her?”

“By reputation.”

“But Ariel … it’s a Core planet.”

“That it is. But …” He considered. “Maybe I can persuade Mal to let me take you out. Show you some of the things you think I’m still yearning for.”

“I know you ain’t.” She put her chin on his shoulder. “’N’ I’m sorry for ever insinuatin’ you were.”

“And I’m sorry for saying all you ever thought about was babies.”

“Yeah, but that’s almost true.” She sighed. “Still, I’d like to know why I ain’t -”

“I know,” he interrupted gently.

She sat up. “You do?”

“I was going to wait until tomorrow to tell you.”

“You found out?”

“It took less time to analyse the results than I thought, since I had an idea - I’m sorry, Kaylee. I could have done it sooner.”

“That makes no never mind. Just …” She took a deep breath. “We gonna have any more kids?”

He looked into her hazel eyes, almost pleading as they were for the right answer. “We will. Not for a while, but …”

“So what is it?” She took his hand.

“It’s an infection. From its pathology it’s something I probably picked up from one of the Reaver victims on Corvus.” He felt her hand grip tighter.

“Is it … can it be passed on?”

“Do you mean has it affected the rest of the crew?” When she nodded he went on, “No, they’re fine. I ran their samples too. Even Bethany and Ethan. It’s just me.”

“Oh, Simon.”

“I’ll need to start a course of regenerative therapy, keep an eye on … At least I’ll be on a good planet to use decent medical facilities since we’re heading for Ariel.”

She hit him lightly. “Don’t joke.”

“We can, Kaylee. It’s not permanent, just … inconvenient.”

“And it ain’t gonna … I mean you’re gonna be fine? No … you ain’t …”

“I’m not going to die, Kaylee.”

She relaxed a little. “How long?”

“The therapy takes three months. Then … it’ll probably be a year. Maybe more.”

“A year?” She almost squeaked. “We don’t get to have sex for a year?”

“I’m not infectious, Kaylee,” Simon said, trying not to laugh. “That passed a long time ago. This is just the after effects. We can have sex whenever we want.”

“But no babies yet?”

“Not yet.”

Kaylee glanced towards the door. “Good job we got Bethie then, ain’t it?”

“Good job,” her husband agreed.

“Is it … is it gonna be painful? This therapy?”

“It … won’t be pleasant. At least not at first.”

“How not?”

“Some sickness. Cramps. Headaches -”


“What?” He looked at her.

“No. You ain’t gonna do it.” The stubborn look was back on her face. “I ain’t putting you through that just so I can fulfil some biological urge.”

“Kaylee -”

“I said no.” She pulled his hand into her lap. “I ain’t making you sick.”

“Well, that’s something of a pity. Because I took the first injection before I came to bed.”

“You did what?” Now she was angry at him. “Without speaking to me first?”

“I thought you -”

“Not if it makes you sick!”

“Kaylee, bao-bei, I can cope with that. Relieve the symptoms. I’ll be fine. And I know how much you want another baby.”

“Oh, Simon.” She pulled her to him, locking her arms around him. He held her close, feeling her soft skin under his hands. “When does it … the …”

“Throwing up?” He smiled as she winced. “Probably not until tomorrow.”


“Why? And what are you doing?”

One of her hands was heading south. “Just thinking we’d better get some practice in before you don’t feel like it.”

He rolled her onto her back, laying between her thighs and looking into her face. “My wu jia zhi bao, I always feel like it.” He ran his fingers up her leg and under her pink panties, gratified to see her eyes widen.

“Gonna hold you to that,” she murmured. “Gonna definitely … Oh.”



Saturday, March 3, 2007 7:42 AM


Thank God it's not permanent ... I think this is absolutely perfect and I can't wait to read the other parts. I really do like your S/K. I loved the way you resolved Simon's violent outburst and how Kaylee feels about it. I also love the way you resolved him deciding to just start the injections to clear the virus so that they can have children. I can't wait to see Kaylee nurse him through the symptoms. Yay for S/K goodness!

Saturday, March 3, 2007 12:55 PM


Ooh...why do I get the feeling that this argument over Simon's decision to start this disruptive treatment for the infection isn't over? Cuz I was so expecting Kaylee to rail a lot more than she did about Simon's perceived rashness to put his health in jeopardy to fulfill Kaylee and Bethany's wish for more children;D

Still...this moment was totally brilliant and totally in-character, Jane0904! Especially loved how you had Simon actually tap dance his way through Kaylee's concerns while still dealing with the underlying issue of their repressed fears:D


Saturday, March 3, 2007 1:16 PM


I thought you came up with the perfect answer for Simon and Kaylee. An infection while being convenient is not the end of the world and a little patience won't do Kaylee any harm at all. Think of all the fun she'll have practising in the meantime? Loved Simon in this one too. Ali D :~)
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