Shadow War - Chapter Eleven
Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Wandering around. Seems to be a lot of that in this fanfic.


Mal, Kaylee and Wash were looking about the other ships. Wash was in a mood. He was obviously feeling guilty for something, but Kaylee didn't know what it could be. She had been with him most of the afternoon, and she hadn't seen anything. As for Mal, he was trying not to rush to judgement. He didn't like seeing Zoe with her feelings hurt, now that she finally had some. She had opened up to Wash more than anyone else he had ever seen, and he didn't think Wash understood what a gift that truly was. They had been warned away from a number of ships, and Mal understood this. He knew Zoe was doing the same right now. He realized too late after leaving the ship that he had not made clear to Jayne that the doctor and his sister could leave the ship. He realized it because Kaylee pointed it out. For someone so good with machines, she was clearly the most humanistic of the group. But, since he hadn't told Jayne that they could leave the ship, he was certain Jayne was making them stay there. He would deal with that later. Of all things, the Contessa was unguarded. Raydor seemed to be getting stupid with old age. Mal was about to lay a hand on the side of the ship when he heard the unmistakable sound of a lever action carbine being cocked. He slowly raised his hands in the air and turned to see Fiona Raydor leveling a gun at him. She looked past him to Wash, smiled, and lowered the gun. "Twice in one day, Wash...trying to tell me something?" Wash tried to smile, but evidently whatever Zoe had said to him had made sense. He mumbled a greeting and tried to walk off. Fiona called after him. "Wash, honey, what's wrong? We always got on well in flight school. What's the matter. Did I upset your wife? She seemed very nice. A little stoic. Actually, not your type at all. But then again, most people don't get Zilan and me either." "Fiona, I have to go. It was nice talking to you again." Kaylee and Mal took that moment, while Fiona was distracted, to put a homing beacon on the side of the ship. Wherever it went, now, they would know. What Mal couldn't know was at that moment, there were two such beacons on Serenity. One on the hull, courtesy of Raydor, and a microtransmitter on Simon's vest. Sepia had put it there. As far as where she was, Mal couldn't see. He had looked around, but had come up empty. * * *

Red Veil's anger was growing. The buffet he had laid out had cost him a small fortune. But, it was necessary to place everyone at ease. If his little plan was to work, he had to gain a little trust. He didn't dare show his true face. Too many of these people knew it. But, he was more than happy to use the current situation to his advantage and begin building a reputation. He had found that reputations meant a great deal amongst criminals. Shang Yu had returned from his interview with the ridiculous hooker. Red Veil had seen several companions amongst the various crews of the ships, and all of them were gorgeous. He wondered if Shang didn't have a purpose with employing the one aboard Malcolm Reynold's ship. Because he had chosen to leave Red Veil out his dealings with her, he had no idea. Red Veil had never met her. And, frankly, didn't want to. "You were very vocal today, Shang. More so, I am thinking, than I have ever heard you before." Shang merely nodded. It was infuriating, but, to a certain extent, this was Shang's caper. Within certain parameters. Red Veil was certain he could find a way to turn things to his advantage. Shang eyed Red Veil's bodyguards with apathy. He would have to walk a fine line. It had been a long time since he had to kill anyone barehanded. But, it was not the kind of thing you forgot.

* * *

Sepia had slipped off to access the Cortex. In the small viewscreen of her handheld, a familiar face revealed itself. The handsome, if somewhat craggy face of Chief Dobson filled the screen. "Have you made contact yet?" "Yes, I have. You won't believe who I found here. You know those pair of fugitives that Lawrence was looking for when he was killed? They're here." "Sweet music to my ears, darlin'. Looks like I might be a bit delayed in getting there, but, it won't be too long. Remember what your job is, okay sweetheart." "Okay, Daddy."


Thursday, July 22, 2004 4:37 AM


Possible goof here. As I understand it, with Chinese names the surname comes first. So a descendant of Shan Yu would be Shan whatever and not whatever Yu.

Thursday, July 22, 2004 11:38 AM


Very good and wish this bit had been longer, are the chapters getting shorter by any chance? Can't wait to see what happens next. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, July 22, 2004 12:20 PM


I'm coming to the surname thing, but I may have possibly made the goof. I'm going to go with Shan Yu's name being anglicized. Shang is going to state his full name in the next chapter.


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