Tick, Tock, Clocked!
Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Post BDM, Mal/River, after Do You Know Who I Am? Mal gets decked.


Disclaimer: All rights to Joss the Boss and Mutant Enemy.

Sorry it took so long to post this. In answer to your questions and demands, yes, Mal confronts Simon himself. He didn't do it before because River told him not to.


His insides squirmed. He was dreading what he was about to do. Simon by no means scared him, but they did have to live together. And Mal was rather found of not having black eyes.

Of course he was going to let Simon punch him. It would give the boy a certain satisfaction that only clocking someone could bring. He had to let him do it, or else the anger would stay pent up inside and would eventually reach a boiling point.

He found Simon in the infirmary, his back to the door, viciously checking over a piece of medical equipment. It was surprising that Simon had not come looking for him, nor was he waiting for him.

Mal decided it would be prudent to knock. His knuckles had barely even wrapped on the door frame when Simon said, without turning, "I hadn't expected you for a while, captain. If I were you, this would certainly be the last place I would come." he turned his head to look at Mal, "Shouldn't you be off hiding in your room and touching children?" he asked before turning back to the equipment.

"I don't run from a fight, son." Mal said, then he reconsidered. "...At least not one that questions my honor. You spent so much time on my boat, you still don't know me." he went on, "I won't hide because I know I'm gonna get slugged, either. If I'm going to have a relationship with your sister, I'm gonna give you a chance to clock me if you feel the need."

Simon turned to face him, "Sounds fair." he said. Then, without warning, his fist slammed into Mal's face, knocking him back into the door frame. Shaking out his hand as Mal whiped the blood off his lip, he said, "That feels a little better." Then he punched Mal again. "It doesn't change how I feel though."

Mal cracked his neck, "I ain't touched her." he said, "And I ain't done nothin' she didn't want me to. I didn't even start this, she did. Very persistent, your sister."

"You're a grown man and she's just a girl. Surely you could have talked sense into her." he said vehemently.

"She ain't a girl. She's a young woman who knows what she wants, and I think it's about time you saw her as such. Besides, have you ever tried to argue with her? Girl talks you in circles and won't take no for answer. She could argue with a brick wall 'bout where it cast its shadow and win."

"It's not right. You shouldn't be sleeping with my sister." Simon said, in a slightly calmer tone.

"Is that what you think? Do you think I see River as a toy that I can play with whenever I want and throw away?" He paused to calm down and catch his breath, "She ain't a plaything and I won't treat her as such. What I feel for her is genuine, and I mean to do things right. Take my time. I ain't slept with her yet, but you can be damn sure that when I do it's what she wants."

This was greeted with a shocked silence. "Well..." Simon began, "I can see that you respect River, but it doesn't make it ok." Most of the anger was gone, now that he had vented, but Mal was sure that it wouldn't all leave for quite some time. "I know it's her decision, but if you hadn't noticed, she's not completely right in the head."

"She's getting there. Besides, she knows what she wants. Knows what makes her happy. And I know she ain't happy when the two people she loves most are at each other's throats." Mal said.

Simon sighed, "She probably isn't." he agreed. He sighed again, this time heavier, waving his hand at Mal as he turned back to his medical equipment, "I don't like it, and don't expect my blessing, but I don't suppose I can stop you."

Mal stared at Simon's back for a moment, then he turned and left, figuring the good doctor needed some alone time.

It was still a few hours until dinner, but he figured he'd go up and have a snack or a drink or something. Possibly something with a kick to it.

He found a bottle of St. Albans Rum in one of the cabinets, and as he turned around to pour a glass, he saw River. She startled him, he hadn't heard her come in. "Ahhhahhhaahh..." he said jumping, "That sneaking thing has definitely got to stop."

She smiled at him, "You're a good man." she said.

"So I've been told... mostly by you." he replied, returning the grin. He poured himself a cup of rum, but she pulled it away from him, holding her hand over it. He stared at her.

"Don't need alcohol." she said. She reached up to his bloodied lip, examining it. "He got you good. You just took it. Not many would've. 'Course, not many can change my brother's mind."

He winced as her fingers brushed the cut on his lip, "Sometimes it's better to let them hit you."

"Speaking from experience?" she asked, her eyebrow raised.

"Maybe." he said obstinately, managing to get the cup from her grasp and drinking it before she could snatch it back.

She laughed, "All that can come of that is a headache in the morning." she said, putting the bottle away.

"Yeah, but at least I feel better now." he said. Then he leaned down and kissed her, the pain in his lip barely noticeable against the softness of those lips.

When he withdrew, she said, "You better wait 'til you're sober to kiss me."

"Takes more 'an a drink to make me dizzy."

"If you say so."

When you're around, I'm dizzy anyway. he thought. She smiled as he took her hand and they walked up to the bridge, they'd be landing soon.

Sitting down, he said, "Just you, me, and the stars, darlin'."

She sat down as well, "Never thought there could be so much beauty in one place."

"Never was, 'til you came along." he said, and they flew on in silent happiness.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007 7:03 PM


Yep...Mal's got his foibles and all, but this is the kind of stuff I know he would take with little more than a stoic grunt cuz he knows it's better for Simon to vent now and not let things get too fester-y;D


Tuesday, February 6, 2007 7:19 PM


very VERY VERY interesting

'specially since I'm not normally pro Mal/River

Tuesday, February 6, 2007 9:29 PM


A good take on the Mal confronts Simon issue. And I like River's reaction as well. I can't wait to read more of these ... maybe some that are a bit longer (hint, hint)?


Wednesday, February 7, 2007 2:06 AM


I loved the way Mal seeks Simon out even though he knows that the doctor will not understand or want to, knowing he will get a punch or two and just letting Simon get some of that rage out of his system. Simon has jumped to all kinds of conclusions, imagining that the Captain has already violated his sister and in his mind consigning her to the level of a vulnerable victim rather than a girl grown to womanhood and with a mind of her own. I'm thinking Simon's journey is going to be the most painful because letting go is going to be like a near death experience but somehow I think Mal will help him through it as much as River will. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 10:38 AM


First, I especially made sure to sign in before reading your fic.

I love it. Love Mal doing what he knows is the right thing and going to confront Simon himself and taking that punch.

Love it, love it, love it. Can't wait for more.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 11:33 PM


very nice work!


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