Wedding - Day
Thursday, January 4, 2007

Maya. Post-BDM. Simon and Kaylee's big day is almost here, only one of Serenity's crew wont be able to make it ... Feedback, please, as always!


“I can’t do this!” There was a crash.

“Sweetie?” Inara was passing by Mal and Freya’s bunk but hurried down the ladder instead. “Are you all right?”

Freya was lying in bed, a pillow over her face. On the floor was a china bowl in fragments, mixed with the remains of the rice they’d had for dinner. “Go away,” she said, her voice muffled.

Inara bent down to collect the broken pieces. “What happened? Did it leap up and attack you?”

Freya threw the pillow at her but missed. “Three weeks. Twenty-two days I've been here, being good, not leaving, not even going for a shower.” She stopped and sniffed under her arm. “Do I smell?”

“No,” Inara assured her.

“Good. I mean, Mal’s sponged me down and everything, although we do tend to get sweaty again after … but I want to get wet properly. All over.” She closed her eyes. “I’d sell Mal for a bath.”


Freya paused. “Well, maybe Jayne.”

“If it was per kilo you’d certainly get more.” Inara put the broken bowl on the table and stepped delicately over the spilled food. “Getting a little cabin fever?”

“Little?” She stared at the Companion. “Little?”

“You’d better lower your voice before Simon comes in and sedates you.”

“It’s his fault!”

“I thought Mal was the father.”

Freya raised an eyebrow at her friend‘s dry tone. “I meant it’s his fault the food’s all over the floor. He brought me something to eat and then decided, at the same time, to tell me I can’t come to his wedding!”

“Why?” Inara sat down and took her hand.

“Because the four weeks aren’t up yet and he doesn’t think it would be good for me.” She lay back, staring into the superstructure. “Good for me.” She shook her head. “Does he think this is good for me?”

“Calm down, mei-mei,” Inara urged. “Take a deep breath and try using some of that control you learned.”

“Inara –“

“Just do it.”

Freya did as she was told, taking a breath in and holding it, imagining all the tension being absorbed by it, going from clear to red and brown and purple, then releasing it slowly, the colours dissipating into the air above her.

“Better?” Inara asked.

Freya shrugged. “I guess.” She sat up. “But I still don’t get to go to Kaylee’s wedding.”

“Is Simon being that pig-headed?”

“Ha!” Freya crowed. “Exactly what I said!”

“And what did he say?”

“Well, he … he muttered something about … kinda said …”

“That if you went he wouldn’t be held responsible for the consequences?”

“If you were listening in –“

Inara held up a hand. “No, not listening. But I know what he was talking about. And so do you.”

Freya collapsed slightly. “I know. And I do understand. But it’s his wedding. Two days to go and he waits until now to tell me!”

“I know.” Inara patted her hand. “And they’d love you to be there. But we can tell you all about it.”

“It won’t be the same.” She lay back and put her arm over her eyes. “They came to mine, and I didn’t want it any other way. Now I want to be at theirs.”

“Perhaps we can rig something up, so you can see it on the vid screen.” She nodded towards the large portable screen Hank had installed at the end of the bunk so she could watch the Cortex.

“Still isn’t the same.”

“We’ll bring you back cake.”

“Cake doesn’t cut it.” She paused. “What kind of cake?”

Inara smiled. “It’s a week. Just one more week. Then you can come out from hibernation and start annoying everyone again.”

“Do I annoy everyone?” Freya asked, suddenly worried. “I don’t mean to.”

“I was joking,” Inara said quietly, remembering how the hormones of pregnancy could make you susceptible to all sorts of worries. And, of course, this was Freya. “You know you don’t. Why do you think everyone’s been coming down to see you so often? Do you think they’d do that if you annoyed them?”

“I thought it was so they could watch the soaps.” Freya nodded towards the screen. “Do you have any idea why they call them soaps?”

“None, I’m afraid.”

“I think it’s because they wash any sense out of your brain.” She waved her hand. “It’s amazing the absolute and total rubbish you get on the Cortex, and quite how … addictive it can be.” She sat up. “Did you know Jayne is a fan of VMD?”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a daily serial about a virtual doctor who uses his programming to solve crimes.” She shrugged. “I found it one day when I was more bored than usual.”

“And Jayne likes it? Our Jayne?” Inara shook her head, laughing. “Now I know you’re joking.”

“No, honestly. He came down one time whilst I was watching it, and I happened to mention that I didn’t know who a particular character was, and he practically gave me chapter and verse on them. Swore blind after that he just happened to catch it once or twice.”

“And are there any that you enjoy? Or will at least admit to watching?” Inara asked.

“Well …” Freya looked embarrassed. “I’ve kinda gotten into One Life to Live. It’s so … surreal.”

“At least you’ve got something to keep you company.”

“Maybe, but there’s only so much I can watch without my brain exploding.” She gestured towards a pile of books on the floor. “And I seriously can’t take much more of Hank’s library. They’re all … I’m kind of on saccharine overload.” She lay back, one arm over her forehead. “Why did they have to arrange it for now? Surely it could have been when I was actually up and about?”

“The date was set before we all knew you were pregnant, Frey. And Kaylee‘s family have been arranging it for weeks.”

“I know.” She sighed. “And I don’t want them to put it off. But Simon was so insistent …”

“Let me talk to him. Maybe I can persuade him.”

“You think?” Freya covered her eyes. “Because if you don’t, believe me, cake isn’t going to be enough.” ---

“Simon, I need to talk to you.” Inara stepped into the infirmary.

“Let me guess. Freya.” The young doctor turned from where he was recalibrating some piece of equipment.

“Freya.” The Companion gazed at him. “You know, you’re not doing her any good.”

“I have her - and the baby’s - best interests at heart.”

“Not from what I’ve just seen. And had to clear up.”

“Ah. Did she throw the rice at you?”

“No. Luckily I arrived just after.”

Simon sighed. “It’s for her own good.”

“Simon, you have got to let Freya come to the wedding. I mean, it’s only another week.” She stopped at the look on his face. “It is only another week, isn’t it?”

Simon glanced back to his equipment, as if he would rather be working. “Not quite,” he admitted. “I haven’t told them yet, but I think Freya should stay in bed for a while longer.”

“Why? Is she …” Inara couldn’t finish.

“No, she’s fine,” Simon said quickly. “And so’s the baby.”

“Then -”

“I just think …” He stopped and pulled out the stool from under the counter, sinking down onto it.

Inara stepped closer, putting her hand on his. “Are you afraid?”

He looked up into her eyes. “I can’t lose this child, Inara. I can’t let Frey lose, not this one.”

She smiled. “You won’t. You’re a good doctor. You got Kaylee through her pregnancy, and you have a beautiful daughter to prove it. You’re going to do the same for Freya.”

“And if I don’t?” He gazed at her. “What happens then?”

Her smile switched off. “Simon, do you have any reason to think Freya’s going to … You must tell me.”

“’Nara, Freya’s body isn’t exactly …” Simon stopped, not sure what he could say.

“She’s been through a lot.”

“A lot. Not just the miscarriage before, but -”

Inara put her hand on his arm. “I know.”

“When I told them about the scar tissue, I wasn’t joking.” He picked up a scan, all bright yellows and reds. “I don’t know what she’s been doing, and it has been improving, but … she still has to be careful.”

“And you think Mal’s going to let her put herself at any kind of risk?”

“I’m not sure he could stop her,” Simon admitted.

Inara smiled. “Mal is as anxious to meet this child as you are. More so. He will do anything to see that Freya carries to term. And so will she.”

“Then why is she acting like this?”

“Because it’s your wedding!” Inara shook her head with good-humoured annoyance. “Simon, Kaylee is the sister Freya never had. And you’re family too. She wants to see you get married, to wish you all the love and luck in the ‘verse. Surely you can make an allowance for that.”

He gazed at her. “Inara, I do understand. Honestly. I’d just feel more comfortable if she stayed in bed for another couple of weeks. Until the scans are clearer.”

“Are you really concerned that leaving the ship, coming to your wedding, might put the baby in danger?”

Simon didn’t answer for a long moment, and Inara began to feel uneasy again.

“Right now … yes,” he said finally.

Inara took a deep breath. “And did you explain this to her?” she asked softly.

“I tried. But I don’t think she was listening.”

“Then maybe you didn’t try hard enough.”

“She threatened to shoot me, Inara.”

“That’s just Freya. And Mal’s made sure her guns are out of reach.”

“That … somehow … isn’t very comforting.” ---

Mal was staring out into the black, giving Hank a break on their way to Phoros. Their last job had been profitable, for once, and even better had gone without a hitch. Now they were due some down time, and he was looking forward to meeting the Fryes again. And that was apart from celebrating a marriage.

“Can I come in?” Inara asked, leaning on the doorway.

Mal turned and smiled at her. “Sure. Could do with someone to talk with for a while. Long as it’s not about wedding dresses or Zoe’s favourite brand of perfume.”

“Kaylee and Hank?” Inara sat gracefully into the co-pilot’s seat.

“Mmn.” Mal shook his head. “If they weren’t both quite so necessary I’d be considering throwing the pair of them in the hold for a month.”

“Is Hank still a Zoe-virgin?” Inara asked mischievously.

Mal grimaced. “’Nara, I know as a Companion you ain’t quite got the same view about sex as the rest of us, but that was entirely uncalled for.” He shook his head to try and clear the mental image. “And as far as I’m aware, yes. Although I don’t think they’d either of them tell me if that wasn’t the case.”

She hid a smile. “I thought Zoe told her captain everything.”

“Now, that ain’t ever been quite true. Took her more than a while to tell me about her and Wash. Least I’ve kinda been in on the ground floor with the Hank affair.”

“And how do you feel about it?”

He glared at her. “You intending to psychoanalyse me, woman?”

“My, my,” Inara teased. “I didn’t know you knew such long words.”

“I ain’t Jayne.”

“I only meant that it’s another example of your rule about shipboard romances being broken.”

Mal managed to look sheepish. “Well, it ain’t as if I can preach one thing and do another. I got a wife back there in my bunk, Inara, carrying my child. I’d say that was one rule that was well and truly in tatters, wouldn’t you?”


“And as for Hank and Zoe? If he can make her happy, then … I’m okay with it.”

“You don’t have to sound quite so enthusiastic about it.”

“He ain’t Wash, ‘Nara.”

“I don’t think he’s trying to be.”

Mal laughed suddenly, sitting back in his chair and staring out at the stars. “I got me a boatful of people I’m not sure I know any more.” He shook his head. “Just when I think I’ve got everyone sussed, they turn around and confound me.”

Inara smiled. “People don’t stand still, Mal.”

“I guess.” He glanced across at her. “Much as I’ve always wished they would.”

“Even now? With Freya?”

He turned the pilot’s chair to look down the corridor. “No. I guess not. She’s changed me more than I thought was ever possible.”

“For the better.”

“Not sure about that sometimes.”

“You should be.” Inara took a deep breath. “And that’s why I wanted to have a word with you.”

“About Frey?”

“Yes. I’ve been speaking to Simon.”


“He thinks Freya should stay in bed a while longer.”


Inara’s eyes narrowed at Mal‘s seeming nonchalance. “Did you know?” she asked.

Serenity’s captain shook his head. “Nope. But since that young man has been avoiding me for a couple of days now, I kinda figured some such was on the cards.”

“And you’re not worried?”

Mal leaned forward. “If there was a problem he’d tell us. So I assumed it was him being overly protective.” He paused. “Unless you know different?” There was concern in his blue eyes now.

“No. He’s …” Inara smiled. “I think he’s worried you might throw him out of the airlock if you suspect he‘s not doing his best.”

“I ain’t yet.”

“No, but Freya threatened to shoot him earlier today when he told her she couldn’t come to his wedding.”

Mal’s lips lifted. “Did he now. The doc’s braver than I thought.”

“Freya did not take it well.”

“No, I guess she didn’t.” He took a deep breath then exhaled loudly. “You think she might be needing some support right now?”

“I think she might.”

“You think you can keep us flying true?”

Inara smiled. “I can always shout for Hank if I come across something I can’t handle.”

“Shouldn’t think that happens very often,” Mal said, getting up from the chair and heading off the bridge.

“Almost unheard of,” Inara agreed. “And when it does, I have family to look after me.”

Mal turned from the doorway and smiled. “That you do.” He headed for his bunk and his wife. ---

Someone was stroking her back.

“If that’s Jayne, come back tomorrow,” she said.

“Why, what’s happening tomorrow?” Mal asked in a fair impersonation of the big mercenary.

Freya smiled. “My husband will be busy all day.”

“Want to bet?” Mal said into her ear.

She turned over and looked into his eyes. “Knew it was you, all along.”

“So I should hope. If I’m gonna have to fight Jayne for your womanly affections, I need some warning.” He stroked her cheek, feeling it somewhat warm. “I gather Simon told you the bad news.”

She nodded and closed her eyes. “I think I threatened to shoot him.”

“Happens a lot.”

“I didn’t mean it.”

“Probably not.”

She looked at him. “I want to go to their wedding!”

“I know, honey,” he said, leaning down to put his arms around her, pulling her into his embrace. “And they want you there. But not at any risk to our baby.”

“Nothing would happen,” she protested, holding him tightly.

“You can guarantee that?”

She was still a moment, then he felt her go soft in his arms. “No.”

Releasing her a little he looked into her dark eyes. “You know he’s right.”

“That doesn’t make it any better,” she complained, but there was no real heat in her words.

“We’ll set something up so you can watch.” He glanced over his shoulder at the vid screen. “Be like having your own personal viewpoint. Right at the front.” He smiled. “And you won’t have to dance with Kaylee’s brothers. From what I can tell, everyone has to dance with everyone else. And you know how you feel about dancing.”

“I like to dance.”

“With me, yeah. But all those folks you don’t know, holding you in their sweaty arms, breathing down your neck, talking about things you don’t want to know about …”

Freya couldn’t help it. She laughed. “You make it sound positively enchanting.”

“I don’t think that’s how Simon’s looking at it.” Mal moved around a little so he could lie next to her, moving her into her normal position with her head on his chest. “Not sure he wouldn’t prefer to be in a little room somewhere watching it on a vid screen.”

“He wants to marry Kaylee.”

“Course he does. I can’t help feeling he’d rather do it without all the fussing, though.”

“Nothing wrong with fussing,” Freya said, snuggling against his shoulder, her hand on his shirt. “You gonna stay long?” she asked, apparently idle in undoing one of his buttons.

“Inara’s watching the ship,” Mal pointed out. “Shouldn’t really leave her too long.”

“She can cope.” Freya slid her fingers inside and ran them down his skin towards his nipple. “Good experience for her.”

“Is this all you think about?” he murmured, turning enough so he could slide a hand of his own under the blanket and up her thigh to her belly, feeling the slight swell of his child in her.

“Well, Simon did say I might get some unusual cravings …” Freya smiled and lifted her lips up to be kissed.

“Not sure he meant this.”

“You’d rather I wanted coal? Or raw onions?”

Mal smiled. “On second thoughts …” He leaned over her. ---

Kaylee stepped out of the shuttle. “Thanks, ‘Nara.”

The Companion followed her. “You know how, now. You just need to practice.”

“I know. It’s just I ain’t got time to do it anywhere else, and I want it to be perfect.”

“I’m sure he won’t mind.”

“I mind!” the young mechanic insisted. “I want to do it right.”

“You will.” Inara touched her cheek. “You’d better be getting to bed, otherwise that fiancé of yours will be wondering where you’ve got to.”

“Ain’t gonna be a fiancé for much longer,” Kaylee giggled.

“Mrs Kaylee Tam,” Inara said, enunciating carefully. “It sounds nice.”

“It surely do. Just a few days and I’ll be able to call myself that.“ She grinned. “I can’t wait.“

Inara smiled. “Well, you were the one not saying yes.”

“Ain’t saying no any more.” Kaylee reached up and put a kiss on her friend’s cheek. “See you tomorrow.”

Inara squeezed her hand. “Sleep well.”

“Always do,” Kaylee smiled, and scampered off down towards their room. Simon was still in the infirmary as she looked inside. “You coming to bed?” she asked.

He looked up, his face tender. “Just finished. What were you up to?” He switched off the light and closed the door.

“Talking to Inara.”

“Wedding plans?”

Kaylee nodded, slipping her arm around his waist. “Girlie stuff. Bore you rigid.”

“Probably. But if there’s something you need me to decide on … flowers, music, something like that …”

“My ma’s got it covered,” Kaylee assured him, walking past their room and into the nursery.

“I’m sure she has.” Simon followed her, standing close as she looked down at their sleeping child. He smiled. “She looks so happy,” he said softly. “Just like her mother.”

Kaylee grinned, reaching out and tucking the comforter in a little more. “River put her to bed tonight. I had a couple of things I had to … I missed her.”

Simon put his arm around her. “So did I. But we’ve got years yet.”

“River thinks Bethany’s going to get married young.”

Simon shuddered slightly. “My sister doesn’t know everything.”

“She knew about Freya and Mal, and their baby.”

“She read it, I’ll admit,” Simon said. “But the future? She doesn’t … can’t know about that.”

Kaylee patted his hand. “Of course not,” she said reassuringly.

“You think she does?”

“I wouldn’t like to guess.” Bethany screwed her little fists into her eyes, and her mother stepped back. “Come on, we don’t want to wake her.” Kaylee went to the door but turned back. “You know, if River weren‘t here, I don’t know if I could stay being the mechanic,” she said thoughtfully. “She looks after Bethany so much, sometimes I feel like she ain’t really mine …”

Simon squeezed her waist. “Doing this, looking after Bethany …it helps River. Grounds her a lot. That and talking to Freya. But if you want me to …”

Kaylee shook her head. “No. And I guess I’m just nervous about the wedding.” She smiled up at him. “I know River does it because she wants to, and I see Bethany as much as I can, around tweaking the compression coil or cleaning the atmo feed. And I know what you mean about her and Freya … almost like she’s her momma.”

“I think Frey’s becoming more of a mother to River than she’s ever really known.” He slid the door to the nursery closed. “And that’s sort of a reason why I need to speak to you.”

“About what, honey?” Kaylee asked, stepping into their room.

“About the wedding. And Freya.” ---

“You sure about this, little Kaylee?” Mal asked, standing close to her. “If you’re not, we can -”

She put his hand on her arm. “I think it’s perfect,” she said, smiling hugely. “I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before.”

“But your family -”

“Will have a great time. But this is the right thing to do. And I want it so much. So long as you’re okay with it.”

Mal smiled. “Anything to make my mei-mei happy.”

“Shiny. Now, go get your wife, Captain.” ---

Mal stepped down into the bunk. “Hey,” he said softly. “Whatcha doing?”

“Getting my Cortex fix.” Freya smiled at him, then went back to watching the screen.

“Well, I think you’re gonna have to go cold turkey.” He switched the vid off.

She sat forward, the blanket falling to her waist. “I was watching that!” she protested.

“Something better to do.”

Freya glared at him. “Like what?”

“Come on,” he said, pulling the blankets off the bed.

Freya grabbed at them but was too late, and lay back. “Don’t be mean,” she said, her naked body pale in the soft light. “You know I’m not allowed to go anywhere. Simon says -”

“You’ve got special dispensation.”

She hitched herself up onto her elbows. “For what?”

“Come on.” Mal smiled at her, opening the drawer to run water into the small sink. “You need to freshen up.”

“Why?” She hadn’t moved. “Do I smell? What the tyen shiao duh is going on?”

He tossed the towel at her. “You’ll find out, but only if you actually get up.” ---

“Mal, what’s going on?” Freya asked for the hundredth time as he led her towards the galley.

“Just need you as a witness,” he husband replied cryptically.

“To what? My murder of you?” She glared at him, but he just smiled back. “Although I think I’ll be pleading justifiable homicide.”

“Come on.” He stepped down into the dining area.

Freya stared. The table had been pushed back and the chairs set out in a rough semi circle, and everyone was there. Everyone except for Kaylee.

“Sweetie,” Inara said, hurrying over, a smile on her lips. “Just in time.”

“For what?” Freya asked loudly, her increasingly annoyed voice cutting across the soft hum of chatter.

Simon strode over. “It’s okay,” he said. “Don’t get too anxious.”

“Then will …” She stopped, her dark eyes wide. “Simon, how come you’re wearing your best suit?” Indeed he was, the one he’d worn when she and Mal had got married. “Will somebody -”

River interrupted. “She’s ready.” She jiggled Bethany from her left to right hip and came and sat down.

“Come on,” Inara said, taking Freya’s arm. “Before Simon changes his mind.”

The young doctor glared. “As if I’d -”

“Simon,” Mal said, putting his hand on the younger man’s shoulder. “Don’t want to keep her waiting.”

Simon’s mouth opened and closed a couple of times like a fish, but he nodded and allowed Mal to lead him to the front of the chairs.

“Freya,” Inara said softly, pulling her to a seat.

“Inara, please, what’s -”

“Shh,” the Companion said. “Just watch.”

Hank and Zoe sat down, Jayne taking the other available seat next to River, while Mal turned to face the crew.

An inkling of something was beginning to smoulder in Freya’s mind, and she turned to Inara, about to speak, when Kaylee walked through from the engine room. She was in her best dress, slightly flushed with excitement, her hands grasping a small bouquet of silk flowers. She was grinning from ear to ear, and came to stand next to Simon who took her hand, the adoration on his face almost tangible.

Mal tried to look serious but his lips were twitching. “Well, if we’re all ready now …” he said, glancing at Freya before turning his attention back to the couple in front of him. “It’s been the privilege of captains since the days of Earth-that-was to marry those as wished it. As I was reminded just recently when little Kaylee here expressed a desire for me to do just that. Marry her to Simon, that is.” He smiled with true affection at his young mechanic. “And about time too,” he added in a low tone and was gratified to see the girl colour a little. “So, we’re all gathered here to witness the wedding of Miss Kaywinnet Lee Frye to Dr Simon Tam.” He looked from one to the other. “Ain’t that so?”

They both nodded.

“It is,” Simon said, his voice carrying in the silence.

“Me too,” Kaylee added, sounding almost breathless, and Mal smiled a little.

“Good. Kaylee, do you take Simon here to be your husband?”

Kaylee grinned. “I do, Captain.”

Mal flashed her a grin then turned to the groom. “Simon, do you take Kaylee to be your wife?”

“With all my heart.”

“Just say ‘I do’,” Mal said, stifling a chuckle.

“I do.”

“You got the rings?”

Hank jumped from his seat and held out two gold bands in the palm of his hand. “Here.”

Mal nodded. “Simon, best place one on your bride’s finger ‘fore she comes to her senses.”

Simon picked up the smaller of the rings and slid it carefully onto Kaylee’s finger. “I love you,” he said clearly. “I always have, and I always will.”

Kaylee did likewise with the larger ring, holding it in place for a moment as she said, “Simon, since I saw you, I ain’t never wanted anyone else. I love you with every part of me.”

Mal had to cough slightly to clear the lump in his throat. “Then as Captain of Serenity, and by all the traditions that entails, in front of witnesses and family, I pronounce you joined in matrimony.” His grin broke through. “You may kiss your bride.”

Kaylee smiled widely, tears of happiness on her cheeks. “Xie-xie, Captain,” she said, leaning forward for Simon to do as ordered.

Everyone broke into applause, on their feet and crowding around, little Bethany waving her little arms as her newly married parents kissed.

Mal moved through his crew and went to stand next to Freya. “Happy now?” he asked, taking her hand.

“You planned this?” she asked.

“Not me.” Mal shook his head. “I think it was something of a group effort. ‘Nara spoke to Simon who came up with the idea and suggested it to Kaylee, and she came to me.”

Freya smiled, her eyes bright. “Thank you.”

“They wanted you to be happy.”

“And is this legal?” She glanced at the young couple. “You performing this marriage, I mean.”

“Hank checked it out on the Cortex, and it seems so.” Mal put his arms around her. “Didn’t even know it myself ‘til Kaylee mentioned it.”

“And the words?”

“Well, they were something of my own concoction. Didn’t seem to be a set form. And that’s all marriage has ever been, just a declaration of intent in front of witnesses. So I just kinda … put something together.”

“I think they were sweet.” She kissed him gently.

“Glad you liked them.” He grinned and pulled her around so she was leaning with her back against his chest. “They look kinda happy, don’t they?”

“Did we look like that?”

“I think maybe we did.”

She smiled and stroked his left hand. “You know, I kinda like the fact Simon’s gonna wear a ring too.”

“You want me to?” Mal was surprised. Freya hadn’t even suggested it before.


“You sure you don’t want to put one through my nose too?”

She laughed. “I’ll have to think on that.” She glanced over her shoulder at him. “Could look quite the thing.”

“No,” he said firmly. “I’ll consider wearing a wedding band, but I ain’t piercing any other portion of my anatomy, even for you.”

“And you said you loved me,” she joked, shaking her head.

“Not that much.” He nuzzled her ear lobe.

“So now what? When we get to Phoros, what happens?” Freya asked, closing her eyes a little to enjoy the feeling.

Mal grinned. “According to Kaylee this ain’t gonna change anything. The family wedding goes ahead. Although I figure Simon would rather it didn’t.”

“And let her family miss out? That won’t happen.”

“Exactly,” Mal said, leaning down a little to kiss her neck. “That’s what family’s all about.”

“Do I have to throw a bucket of cold water over you two?” Hank asked, on his way back to the bridge. “Honestly,” he muttered to himself as he left the galley. “This boat gets worse. And I don’t seem to be getting any of it.”


Part II to follow


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Absolutely perfect! I was hoping someone would come up with a way for Freya to be at the wedding and where better to hold it than on Serenity? Ali D :~)
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This was so much fun to read!

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Is was truly exquisite.


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Monied Individual - Part V
“Well, let’s see. Hank and Kaylee are off seeing if they can get that generator back to strength, and Zoe’s watching out for ‘em. I ain’t letting Simon or River in the same room as Badger if I can help it, and as much fun as it could be seeing Inara trying to buckle on a gunbelt around that pregnancy of hers, it ain’t gonna happen. That leaves Sam, and I ain’t even gonna try and warp his sensibilities by suggesting he wear one.”

[Maya. Post-BDM. Badger holds a tea party, Hank works for his living, and the results are in. Enjoy!]

Monied Individual - Part IV
“Pleased to meet you,” Hank said, having to stop himself from wiping his hand down his pants. The touch of the other man’s hand had been like old paper, dry and brittle. It reminded him of one of the vids he’d watched recently, about a mummified corpse coming back to life. Except that was ridiculous.

[Maya. Post-BDM. It's time to meet the enem- sorry, family.]

Monied Individual - Part III
“You two really need to get a room.” Simon’s voice drifted through from the rear of the cargo bay.
“We had one,” Mal growled. “And you shouldn’t be listening in to private conversations.”
“Why not?” the doctor asked, walking towards them. “It seems to be the major preoccupation of this crew. When we’re not actually doing crime, of course.”
[Maya. Post-BDM. The crew get their first sight of the Triskelion mansion, and Simon stirs the pot.]

Monied Individual - Part II
“I don’t know what you all have against me being rich. I’d share, you know that. But you seem determined to keep me poor!” He stormed out, the door crashing closed behind him.

[Maya. Post-BDM. The crew learn more about Hank's good fortune, and try to come to grips with the Triskelion family tree.]

“After we deliver the goods we can set Serenity down somewhere cold. See some real snow.”

Merry Christmas to everyone! Just another in my occasional series of Mal/Jayne conversations, this time with a season theme. Enjoy!

Monied Individual - Part I
Hank’s parents had died when he was young, and his grandmother had brought him up. Mal considered it was her fault he was the way he was, but that was unfair – Hank was who he was always destined to be. Or possibly he was meant to be someone else entirely.

[Maya. Post-BDM. A new story for your delectation and delight. Persephone, Badger and lawyers ... what could possibly go wrong?]

Secrets - Part XXVIII - Conclusion
River shook herself, turning from the rabbit hole. She didn’t feel like being Alice, and while Jayne’s grin sometimes made her think of the Cheshire Cat, the dormouse was asleep and likely to remain so. Of much more interest were the secrets. So many, some old, some new, some borrowed and some blue. And for once she didn’t care if she was referencing the Earth-that-was marriage ceremony. That wasn’t the point. Inara, the Bodens, Harper Lecomb and the Culver diamond, Randall Lecomb and his homicidal tendencies … all secrets, overlaid with the flavour of the Alliance and their need to control.
[Maya. Post-BDM. Secrets comes to a conclusion, but some are still waiting to see the light of day.]

Secrets- Part XXVII
“I don’t always trust him when he’s operating on Jayne. A slip of the scalpel, too many drugs, too little oxygen, and I would be a free woman. My worries. Not his thoughts. But he is my brother. For better or worse. For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. And we have experienced them all.”
[Maya. Post-BDM. Home stretch now on Secrets, with the crisis passed for now and decisions made. Thanks so much for those of you who have stuck with this!]

Secrets - Part XXVI
"Have you never done that? In all those times you were treating someone in the hospital, when you were the great Doctor Tam, didn’t you once tell less than the truth to someone if it made them feel less desperate?”
[Maya. Post-BDM. Inara's fate, and what follows. My apologies for the wait!]