Labyrinth [Part 9]
Thursday, October 12, 2006

Going to 'Narnia'. Tour of part of the same, near the beach. Intimate stuff involving Jayne's personal snaps. Sexing up. Serenity goes to investigate the tower and River finds almost what she expected. Parts of this are most definitely in the NC17 bracket.


PART NINE Close your eyes, can you see? It's the land of Secret Dreams Take my hands. Follow me where Time escapes from Reality Can you feel the loneliness burning in my heart? I would need an Angel to teach me again to fly Fly to me and save me Heal my broken wings Close your eyes and kiss me 'cause tonight It's The night of Dreams and your crystal - eyes could drive me to the light * The night of dreams – Labyrinth

In orbit around Narnia * “How are things going, Hori?” “I made contact, Mal. Spring thaw's in full flood – figuratively and literally. They're all feverishly planting crops down there, refilling the underground reservoirs and enjoying the sunshine. We've got permission and indeed an invite to come and join in their 'new year' festival; the beach at Paravel is huge, very wide and long. They say Serenity will be perfectly safe near the dunes.” “And the tower?” “Pretended we'd spotted it from orbit, eh. They're saying the headland it's on is separate from the mainland now, has been for about ten years. No-one goes to the tower; no reason for it and it's considered structurally dangerous.” “Ten years – again. I'm thinking that's highly significant. Any talk of a maze or labyrinth?” Hori nodded, “Used to be an underground maze as part of the tower complex, built long ago, much older than the rest. It was one of several attractions, now all fallen into disuse and abandoned.” “And I'll bet the maze connections to the tower have gone.” “Maybe not all, eh. They said that some of the maze passages *supposedly went under the sea.” “Best way to approach the top of that tower is from outside, in any case.” Hori considered, “Get a closer look first, eh.” “Indeed; very carefully. We are after all, invited guests. Don't want to offend our hosts.” * Vera had put in three waves whilst they flew to Narnia. The first was to Bryan Williams asking him to act as a kind of post restante for any official correspondence and to keep half an eye on the house. He'd promised to do his best. The second was to Cliff asking him to send the remaining box-full of her personal effects to Avalon. The third was to the agents, informing them of the arrangement with Bryan. They agreed to let him have special access to the house in her and Jayne's absence. Jayne wasn't too happy about having anyone poking around the site, but agreed that Bryan was discreet and would at least look after the place. The bonus was that he'd do so practically free because of being a personal friend. * Jayne and Vera were getting ready in her bunk. “Might be a good while afore we get to enjoy bein' in our house again.” “I know. Don't get many holidays out here in the black.” “Even missed Yule last time around.” “Maybe Mal well let us put up some greenery or something *this year.” Jayne chuckled, “Prefer the snugglin' under the mistletoe.” “Thought that was 'kissing'?” Jayne's grin widened, “Depends where I'm kissin'!” Then he suddenly changed the subject, “What're you wearin' to the party down yonder?” “Depends on the temperature. Early Spring could be a bit parky. I've got a stretch green velvet thing that might do if we're dressing up.” “Toolin' up?” “Always got a gun and at least a knife on me unless we're sexing each other; you should have noticed that by now, sweet wan nao.” “Just checkin'.” * Jayne went to get a selection of weaponry from his own stash. His wave terminal was flashing. He checked the messages. Back along, when Vera had readily accommodated him in modelling just her knife for him, he'd taken some covert snaps for his own later inspiration. The last snap before he'd finally pounced had been a classic. She'd been sitting sideways on a chair, naked all apart from that knife strapped to her thigh, which was closer to the camera. That leg was raised just enough to hide her mound, her back was arched, emphasising the generous curve of her bottom and her breasts. She had her head flung back, face in shadow. He'd logged on incognito to a highly secure 'mercs only' site and submitted the snap into a contest of merc's squeezes and now Vera [under a pseudonym] had unknowingly won the award of 'most beddable woman'. Well, the title was a lot earthier than that, but that was the gist. The messages about the image had been largely unrepeatable in polite company, but very complimentary. There were even a couple of waves that said something like, 'Merciful Buddha; that looks like Vera Samuels; my goodness, she was wild in bed'. Jayne had grinned and simply sent back, 'Yeah, she's wild; she's my wife!'. The responses had advised him he was a lucky rutting bastard. Okay, Vera would probably have a fit if she ever found out, but he had everything he considered private locked down under serious password access. He looked at the picture for the umpteenth time and grinned. Fermenting plans for later. * Hori and River guided Serenity down onto the beach, near the dunes at what was local mid-afternoon. Amongst those waiting was Ola and the two children, who'd both grown in the last six months. Despite being early Spring, the air temperature was really quite warm, with a gentle breeze blowing. She smiled at Mal, “Welcome to my home, Mal. Thank-you again for delivering these precious ones safely to me.” “Glad to be of service, Ma'am. Had a couple of additions of our own since then.” Kaylee and Simon were cradling a baby each. Ola smiled, “So I see; and newborns too. Come and have tea, Malcolm Reynolds; all of you.” There was a circular wooden structure on the dunes which looked like a bandstand or gazebo. River regarded it, “'We meddle'. Looks like one of the open air class rooms at school.” Simon looked at her, “You okay, mei mei?” “She was a very pretty teacher, even if she did peddle Alliance propaganda. I went too fast for her brain to keep up!” Simon reckoned River was just fine. * Ola's two charges broke away from her and went either running or toddling over the dunes amongst other children, laughing in the sun. Vera sat on the left of Jayne as he was handed a cup of tea. She could tell by the furrow between his brows and his body language that sitting out here having a 'polite' cup of tea was absolutely not his idea of fun. She gently rested her left hand on his thigh, just above his knee. She felt Jayne notice and relax almost immediately. Vera knew that part of his mind would be willing her hand move up his leg, even though they were in public. He bent his leg deliberately to facilitate any wandering hand thoughts she had. She let her hand drop an inch or two nearer his crotch by 'accident'. Jayne's tension took on a whole new flavour immediately. So, he wanted to be teased a little bit? She could play that game; the pay-off would be worth the wait. * After tea, Ola offered a tour of the nearby countryside. Simon and Kaylee elected to stay put with the newborn twins, especially as Kaylee still needed to rest. Everyone else got into the open motorised wagon. Mal was hoping for more clues, plus getting an intimate local lay of the land was a bonus. Behind the dunes was a flock of goats, grazing the scrubby vegitation. Further on, the plain was planted with fast growing rice and hemp, with vegetables of all sorts due to come up in fields further on. “We're lucky,” Ola commented, “Winter may be harsh, but the Spring and Summer are very fruitful. We put the goats out first; they are hardy enough to deal with the end of the snow. We divert the meltwater from the snow into underground bunkers for purification and storage, plus some to the rice fields you just passed. We don't have time to grow things like apple trees, but there will be fruiting bushes soon enough. We eat some, we store the rest.” “Are your niece and nephew going to be okay?” “They aren't on their own, if that's what you mean. All the adults take turns watching and teaching the children; they belong to everyone. We're coming to the river now. Until the meltwater subsides, this is where land based vehicles must turn back.” * The river was certainly in full spate; heaving and churning its chaotic white and brown waves pell mell across the landscape. Ola turned to the right and took them to one of the bunker entrances nearby. The cart kept going into the relative gloom. Once everyone's eyes had adapted to the change of light, they could see that the underground access road was lit by oil lamps set in the ceiling. Further on, into the main living caverns, fluorescent rock lichens supplemented the oil lights. The caverns were divided between animal and human occupancy, with natural stone floors and walls. In some places the roof or floor had produced stalactites or stalacmites. Sleeping and living areas were sparsely furnished, with most furniture being carved out of the bedrock and softened with skins and fur rugs. Eventually the underground ride turned upwards again towards the light. Back near the beach they were, reasonably close to Serenity. “It's a fine set up you have here,” Mal commented, committing the route and the details to short memory storage, just in case they might come in handy, “What's next?” Ola smiled, “If you fancy a bracing experience, the sea here is safe to swim in. We'll be setting up for the Spring party very soon; you can mosey around hereabouts until dusk. We'll have roast goat and all the trimmings later. Grog as well, brewed over Winter underground.” * Much later, getting towards dusk * “Is that the green velvet thing you were talkin' to me about?” Vera smiled, twirling, “Yes.” The dress was fitted at the waist with a kind of wrap-over top and a swirly skirt. Vera had a matching over-corset at the waist which ended just below her breasts. Under the dress, the vee of a pale, translucent biscuit-peach blouse could be seen. “Does nice things to your breasts, but everythin's covered up,” Jayne looked bereft. Vera grinned, undoing the wrap-over part, “Thinking you'll like this feature!” She slowly peeled back the top of the green dress, holding it open. The blouse underneath was subtly patterned, but the translucent properties were uppermost. Jayne had a good look, his lips curving into a salacious grin, “Why Mrs Cobb, you ain't wearing a bra! I can see your nipples!” “Thought you'd approve! Fuel for later?” “Damned rocket fuel, darlin'! Put the sweet puppies away fer now; I'm definitely primed for celebratin' Spring privately!” Vera redid her dress, “I was hoping you'd be...inspired. You don't want a quickie now?” His eyes heated, “Hell, yeah; but oftimes the waitin' t'ween us makes the lovin' more...explosive.” Vera put her hand on his arm, “Yes, please; and let's go to supper!” * Jayne had Vera in a fireman's lift, descending to his bunk, “Okay, sweet cuz; time to rumble!” Vera laughed, “I'd gathered that! Put me down already!” Jayne chuckled and set her on her feet, near the bulkhead, “Dress open like before, darlin'.” Vera did as she was asked, whilst Jayne shed the guns he was carrying. Then he came closer and his mouth went straight to her breasts, kissing and suckling. Vera gasped with pleasure. After some time, Jayne stepped back and peeled off his boots and teeshirt. “Seem to remember you're wearin' stockings.” Vera nodded, “Yes; black, thin woollen ones.” “And one of those gorgeous teeny tiny thongs o' yours.” “Yes.” Jayne grinned, “Okay; skirt up, nice and slow and peel that thong off.” “Wanna peek of the contents?” His grin widened, “Just for a second or two. Tease me a bit!” Vera complied and threw him the thong, “Jayne; I'm going crazy wanting to touch you.” “I know; plenty of touchin' very soon and lickin' and kissin'. Gonna pleasure you long an' hard very soon.” He began to flick open his pants, “But first I wanna show you what you'll be gettin'!” * Vera knew very well what Jayne looked like naked and riled up, but they were both aware that the first sight of him all ready for action had a way of accelerating her desire to fever pitch. His pants hit the floor and there was Jayne, naked and swiftly rising to full attention. Vera silently admired the spectacle; glad that she hadn't been entirely truthful with River in regards to the remarkable size of Jayne's favourite weapon. Vera had deliberately downsized him, deciding in an instant that River wasn't going to be party to the full extent of the truth. And fullness there certainly was, in both length and thickness; enough to warrant it being of considerable note, at least from Vera. And, best of all, Jayne knew how to use it. Some men, gifted with such magnificent equipment, might have stupidly thought that its mere beingness would do the trick. Vera had silently thanked Jayne's first teacher, the one who had quite literally taken him in hand – more likely both hands - at the tender age of fifteen and shown him the way. Plus the other women since; they'd all contributed to the mix and now she was benefitting from it. Putting in her own not insignificant contribution as well, underlined and underpinned by something no other lover had ever shared with him; real love. * Vera smiled in welcome and freed her long hair from its ponytail, slipping off the top bit of the dress to around her waist and tightening the corset a little as she went. Jayne's eyes darkened with desire and he strolled over, doing his best to try to look nonchalant despite his arousal. Vera upped the ante and began to raise her skirt. Jayne was starting to breathe really heavily and his hands were twitching with the effort required not to touch her. Vera stopped the skirt of her dress just below the apex of her thighs; knowing Jayne was, like her, riding the knife edge of desire. “See something you want?” Jayne grinned, knowing full well that Vera was racking up the tension. They'd honed the mutual tease to a fine art, till they could both drive each other with maddening slowness to satisfaction. He reached out a finger and slowly traced around one very erect nipple, “Could be, darlin'. See something you like?” Vera deliberately ignored what was happening from the middle of his belly downwards and focussed on his chest, freeing one hand to tease his nipples right back, eliciting a gasp of desire, “These look good to me!” “Vera...” It was a low moan of need. She looked him straight in the eyes, “So give me what you *know I want, sweet wan nao.” His grin widened, “Ask me; no, dammit, beg me!” Vera decided to give in, using one of their previously agreed 'trigger' phrases, “Please Jayne. I'm begging. Fuck me slow and hard; fuck me all night long!” “Oh God, Vera!” * His hands were on her in an instant, he was lifting her and shoving the skirt right up, then feverishly thrusting even as she plunged sweetly down to take him all the way inside. They both gasped; this was what they needed almost as much as they needed to breathe. The fingers of one of Jayne's hands moved to the aching need of her and Vera yelled as she came long and hard. Jayne settled her against the wall, pulling off that maddening translucant blouse and cupping her breasts, flesh to flesh. Vera wrapped her legs around him, pulling him tight against her. The delicious curve at the base of his John Thomas fitted to her perfectly; as if it'd been designed specifically for her. When he moved, he slid against her in just the right way to bring her maximum pleasure. The sexy wan nao knew it, had figured it out right from the first, and frequently employed himself in doing his best to drive her helplessly from one peak to the next. And the next peak was already blossoming in her hopeful plans and here he was, holding still inside her. Not that this was a bad thing; he filled and stretched her to a delicious tension right on the edge of orgasm. Vera could tell he was close to the edge himself and he loved every second of being inside her. Often she used that knowledge to*her advantage, teasing Jayne with forays towards intense pleasure until he was driven half crazy with wanting. Then when his finish line was finally reached, it would be long and intense. She looked up at him, gauging the intensity of his current need, “Jayne?” His smile was lazy with confidence and the certain hope of personal imminent fulfilment, “Mmm... Sweet goddess. Now for the first main event, hmm?” Then he was moving, with Vera in sweet counterpoint. He crested with her the second time, then carried her over to his bunk for more once the mutual shockwaves had died down. * Next morning * “So,” Mal began, “Plans?” Hori started, “Had a good look at that tower from the beach. Thinking getting in at the top is our best bet, eh.” River looked at Mal, “It's going to be me. I'm going to be the only one who'll fit through the access panel.” Simon was agast, “On your own? It could be suicide!” “Remember the Reavers, Simon. Dealt with them. Anyway, it's my turn for some thrilling heroics.” Mal came in next, “Like to know how *you know about a panel we ain't seen yet.” “It's there,” River grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil. She closed her eyes and drew the domed cicular top of the tower without using her eyesight, then opened them again, “Glass all over; special glass, with a metal skeleton. Maintenance hatch here.” She indicated the very top of the dome. “Any idea what's inside?” “Viewing windows, now whited out. Computers, old elevator shaft. But most important, my prince. He's in a self-induced deep medative state, like hibernation. Got to wake him up, like Sleeping Beauty.” Jayne didn't even try to stop himself, “You gonna kiss the guy; a guy you ain't met yet?” River looked at Jayne without even a blink passing over her face, “Actually, in the original, the prince sexes the princess awake. But I'm not going to need to do that.” “River!” A mischeivous grin was directed at Simon, “At least, not straight away!” Simon groaned, “I swear, I'll go grey!” “Not yet, Simon. Not till you're really old, like about sixty.” Mal decided to draw things to a conclusion, “Looks like we have a plan. Don't like the thought of you going in without backup, River. But I remember you playing slice and dice with a room full of Reavers. We'll give you an extra safety wire and harness.” He put his hands up to ward off protests, “We'll be right overhead, guns at the ready.” “Grenades?” “Yes, Jayne; you can carry some grenades.” * River drifted down to the hatch, poised and alert. She used a small charge at two corners to release the hatch, then went inside. It was light and spacious. She dropped slowly to the floor and unhooked herself. Sitting in the Lotus position against the wall nearby was a thin but lithe young man with dark chestnut hair on his head and bare chest. He was lightly tanned in the way that suggested a reasonable dose of Oriental blood and he had major cheekbones. “Zhang? Zhang Avon?” His eyes opened and he smiled. River caught her breath, his eyes were deep green like summer leaves. “River Tam!” He got up fluidly and took her hand, kissing it on the back, then turning her hand over to kiss the palm and wrist, “I've been waiting for you.” “You blocked my mind.” He came closer, “Didn't mean to; I felt you were getting closer and I called to you.” “I heard, Zhang. That's why I'm here. My friends are helping me rescue you.” His smile widened, “I know, princess. I have much to tell them and we have a long way to go, you and I, but here is a pledge...” He cupped her face tenderly in one hand and his lips delicately caressed hers. River kissed him right back. It was the perfect first kiss. River broke contact with regret, “We need to leave.” “I know, princess.” River gestured to Jayne through the open hatchway, then turned to Zhang, “Stand back!” The hatchway burst wider open and River helped Zhang into his harness and buckled up hers. They ascended towards Serenity.


Saturday, October 14, 2006 2:53 PM


Well...that was all kinds of short! Hope the next part is a bit more...descriptive and verbious;)

Definitely gotta wonder what Vera will do when she finds out about Jayne's little act of pride. Cuz she will find out...even if the discovery isn't "chronicled" here;D



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