Broken Trust: 1/3
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The rest of the crew finds out that Jayne turned Simon and River in on Ariel. *Takes place Post Objects in Space but before the Movie*


I don't see too many of these out there. But I've always wondered what the rest of the crew's reaction would be if they found out what Jayne did on Ariel.

This is my version.


Chapter 1


“Weren’t my fault!” Jayne insisted as Mal stalked into infirmary and planted himself on the infirmary chair. Simon circled the man, ripped at his shirt, and began to take a look at the wound, poking and prodding to determine its severity.

“We’ll discuss it later, Jayne.” Mal grit through clenched teeth as Simon poured a generous amount of antiseptic over the wound to thoroughly irrigate it.

“Why delay the inevitable! You’re gonna yell so’s everyone can hear anyway. Might as well do it now.” Jayne crossed his arms and waited for the tongue lashing to begin.

Simon studiously ignored Jayne as he worked to extract the bullet out of Mal’s arm. Zoe sat in a nearby chair, waiting to have her much more minor injuries looked at and cleaned. Wash stood protectively over her, fussing in his normal, husbandly way.

Kaylee, Inara and Book waited outside the infirmary, concerned looks written all over their faces. River simply peered into the window, her eyes set firmly on Jayne.

Mal glanced at everyone in turn before his eyes settled back on Jayne. “I’m sure you don’t want to discuss this now.”

Jayne didn’t get the hint and pressed on, determined to make it clear that the job going south had not been his fault.

“I told you not to bring ‘em. But you didn’t listen. Again.” Mal declared, his annoyance evident. “Ow!” He shot a glare at Simon, who stopped his work and stared at the Captain.

No one messed with Simon while he was working. No one was allowed in the infirmary and absolutely no one was allowed to upset his patients. “If you don’t stop fidgeting I may shove this scalpel into your arm instead of using it to extract the bullet from it.” Simon then glared at Jayne. “You’re distracting him. Get out.”

Jayne scowled at Simon and instinctively clutched the knife sheathed on his thigh. No one told Jayne what to do. Certainly not the prissy doc.

Noticing the gesture, Zoe fingered her own weapon, set her jaw and said firmly. “Out Jayne. Now.”

“Whoa!” Kaylee raised her hands and stepped into the doorway. “What’s goin’ on? Jayne just wants to explain what happened. Why ain’t we lettin’ him?”

Jayne gave her a grateful nod, happy that someone was at least defending him. Upon further reflection though, Kaylee’s support probably wasn’t the best he could get, clouded as she always was with her ability to see the good in every little thing.

“I messed up. I did. Shouln’ta brought out the big guns. But they was gonna shoot ya, Mal!”

“They did shoot him, Jayne.”

Wash agreed with his wife after glancing over at the hole in Mal’s arm. “Yeah, looks like a bullet hole to me. Definitely shot.”

“Well if I hadn’t –“

“If you hadn’t been so trigger happy wantin’ ta kill somethin’, we’d be fine!” Mal growled through the haze of pain in his arm. Hadn’t the doc given him any pain medicine?

“But –“

Having heard enough of bickering, Simon slammed the scalpel onto the table and glared at each one of them in turn, including Kaylee. “All right. That’s enough. Get out. Every one of you.” He pointed at Zoe. “Except you. Stay.”

Mal raised his eyebrows as a little pout formed on his lips. The pain in his arm was growing. Nope. Simon hadn’t given him any pain medicine.

Simon rolled his eyes. “Yes, and you, Captain.”

“Somethin’ for the pain might be nice at some point soon, doc,” Mal hinted very strongly as Simon reached down to grab the hypo.

Filling it, he glared at Jayne, who still had not moved. “Jayne.” Simon’s tone left no room for argument.

Jayne sneered at the smaller man. “We’re gonna have words when you’re done, little man.”

Kaylee stared at Jayne. “Ain’t no need to be threatenin’ Simon, he’s just tryin’ ta help the –“

Jayne whirled on her and snapped, his temper frayed with the expectation that he would be getting a stern dressing down as soon as the Captain left the infirmary. Why was everything that went wrong lately his fault? “Girl, save your words for someone who’s wantin’ ta hear ‘em. Everyone on this ship knows you been tryin’ ta bed the doc for months. Gonna say anythin’ ta make him notice ya more.”

Kaylee’s eyes grew wide and Inara was at the mechanic’s side instantly, glaring daggers at Jayne.

Book, overhearing Jayne’s hurtful words, stepped forward. “That was uncalled for, Jayne.”

Simon set his scalpel down very, very carefully and turned toward Jayne, an angry fire burning in his eyes.

“That’s it,” Mal said as he tried to slide off the chair. Zoe stood too but Wash had inserted himself between his wife and the door.

Simon’s hand on his shoulder stopped him. “Your legs won’t hold you if you try to stand.”

Mal glared at Simon, who simply shrugged. “You wanted the pain medicine.”

“Tired a bein’ blamed for every little thing goin’ wrong on this boat!” Jayne admitted under the Shepherd’s close scrutiny. “Can’t do any legal jobs ‘cause a our fugies here an I can’t bring guns on jobs less than legit ‘cause we might offend someone’s delicate sensibilities! We’ll I ain’t here ta get dead! I’m gonna defend myself I get a gun shoved in my face”

“Apologize to Kaylee,” came Simon’s soft, but firm voice.

Jayne glared at Simon. Twice in as many minutes the little man had told him what to do and that didn’t sit well.

“You don’t tell me what to –“

“Do it, Jayne.” Mal ordered, his eyes narrowed, his hands clenched into fists. His arm was still bleeding but with the pain medication, it didn’t matter. Nothing hurt anymore – except his head from all this bickering.

Wash glanced down at Zoe, whose hand was clutched tightly around her gun. “Don’t go shootin’ anyone else, Zo. Doc’s got enough patients for the day.”

With one more sneer at Simon, Jayne turned to Kaylee, his eyes softening. “Sorry lil’ Kaylee. Didn’t mean nothin’ by it. Jus upset is all.”

Kaylee forced a bright smile to her lips, more worried about the anger circling the room than having her desires so blatantly voiced for all to hear. “People’s hurt right now. Let Simon take care of ‘em then everyone’ll listen. I’m sure of it.” She took his arm and led him away, casting a pining look over her shoulder at Simon standing in the doorway as tense as she’d ever seen him.

Book and Inara followed Kaylee and Jayne, while Simon turned back to his patients and efficiently took care of their wounds.


“You should tell her.” River stood in the doorway once everyone was gone, watching Simon return the infirmary to its formerly immaculate state.

“River, please.” Simon didn’t want to talk about this. Not now.

“Can’t keep things all bottled up.”

“And what do you want me to tell her?” Simon whirled on his sister faster than anyone would have thought possible. The pain and confusion in his eyes made River stagger backwards.

She knew why he never said anything. Because of her. He had his noble goal and he worked hard toward it. He wanted to save her. To cure her. But it wasn’t fair to him. Not fair to let his own life, and happiness, pass him by while he single-mindedly worked to fix something that may already be too irrevocably broken. “The truth,” River said gently, her eyes betraying her sadness at consigning her beloved brother to this fugitive fate.

“I can’t.” Simon turned back to his work angry with himself for being weak. He’d successfully kept Kaylee at a proper distance for a long time. He would just have to continue on that path. He had his very sick sister to care for.

“You won’t.” River said sharply. “There’s a difference.”

He watched over his shoulder as she walked out of the room, his heart heavy.


“I ‘spect you’ll listen to me next time I tell you not to bring your full arsenal of assault weaponry?”

“If I hadn’t, we’d all be dead!” Jayne didn’t understand why Mal didn’t get this little piece of fact.

“Ain’t true, Jayne. Deal was almost done, then you gotta drop that clip outta your pocket.” Dent an his boys deal with the Feds all the time. We needed to be clean on this one, Jayne.”

“They was gonna turn on us an you know it,” Jayne insisted, slamming his hands onto the table.

“Didn’t. And neither did you.”

“Weren’t gonna take no chances,” Jayne said stubbornly.

“I don’t like to take chances either. ‘Specially with two wanted fugitives on board.”

“Well, that we still got ‘em is your fault. Coulda been gone by now.”

Mal regarded the mercenary with a hard, skeptical look. “You really think remindin' me of that little stunt is a way to win this argument?" Scowling at the implication, Jayne grumbled, "I ain't implyin' I'd try an' turn the doc an moonbrain in again, Mal."

Having come to the galley for a cup of tea, Kaylee had stopped outside, not wanting to interrupt. But when she heard Jayne’s admission, she inhaled sharply and stepped into the room.

“Again?” Kaylee asked slowly, her eyes darting from Jayne to Mal, trying to understand what she’d just heard.

“We’re havin’ a private discussion, li’ Kaylee, I don’t think –“

Kaylee ignored the Captain and turned her full attention to Jayne. “You best start explainin’, Jayne Cobb.”

“Aw hell,” Jayne groaned.

Kaylee’s bottom lip trembled. “You did, didn’t you? You tried to turn ‘em in!”

Wash and Zoe stepped into the galley at the opposite end of the room and stopped when they heard Kaylee’s pained exclamation.

“Ain’t proud of it.” Jayne admitted, staring at the table.

“When?” Kaylee asked, resolutely trying to keep her voice steady. That one of the crew would go so far as to try to turn in Simon and River was unconscionable. She knew Jayne didn’t like the siblings, but she never thought he would try to turn them in for the reward. “When!?”

“On Ariel, okay?!” Jayne snapped, pushing himself to his feet.

Wash gaped and turned to Zoe. “You know about this?”

Zoe’s eyes never leaving Jayne. “Suspected.”

Kaylee didn’t notice Book standing behind her until she turned and ran smack into him. Mumbling an apology, she hurried out of the room, needing to be alone.

“If ya ain’t gonna trust me no more, let me off at the next stop.” Jayne said to no one in particular.

“You do make it rather difficult,” Zoe said, glancing at the Captain.

“It’s his winning personality,” Wash contributed, trying to lighten the mood. Things were much too tense for his comfort.

“I didn’t botch the job, Mal. You gotta believe me. Just had a feelin’ things would go bad.”

Mal nodded and glanced toward the passenger dorms, figuring Kaylee went to see Simon. “I want you to sit right here and take whatever he comes at you with, hear me?”

No one needed to question who he was going to be.

“He already knows, Mal.”

Zoe and Wash took their seats at the table and stared at Jayne, eyebrows raised.

“Knew when he patched me up on Bellerophon.”



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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 6:06 AM


Oooh, I love the tension and everyone's reactions so far!

The scene in the infirmary was perfect, each character was completely within their realm and it was great! Jayne's indignation at getting yelled at for what he feels was the right thing to do is also perfect.

Can't wait until Simon finds out that Kaylee knows ... what will this do to their fledgling relationship. And River's right - Simon WON'T tell Kaylee what's happening and my guess is it's because he's scared too death ... poor guy.

I'm eagerly anticipating part 2!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 6:16 AM


Interesting and rings true.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 6:22 AM


I love that we are finally going to see everyone else's reactions to what Jayne did though I suspect a few of the crew will get tetchy with the Captain for not telling them at the time. Thing is, Jayne never can keep his mouth shut when it would do him the most good. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 7:06 AM


Intersting, and quite well written, although i think the characters, wern't quite right (Simon and Kaylee mostly, little too angry for the doc, and too cute for everyones favorite mechanic).

Other than that, preatty good. The premises is a good one, and a nice building block to start for some crew tension.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 7:35 AM


Well now...this is gonna be the start of something interesting;)

Definitely can't wait to see what part 2 brings to the table, though I too gotta wonder how Kaylee's gonna react when Simon tells her he's known about Jayne's actions for a while. Could actually go either way, though I would lay money on Kaylee getting upset at all the secrets being kept from her:(


Wednesday, September 27, 2006 8:23 AM


Yeah...Kaylee's going to be less angry about what Jayne did, and more angry that Simon didn't say anything to her. Not that he was required to, but she likes to be involved in all aspects of life and won't like being the one who didn't know.

Perhaps Mal should look into sewing Jayne's mouth shut. Save everyone a lot of trouble.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 8:42 AM


I think you caught Jayne perfectly in this, not tryng to make him seem to nice.
And I can really feel the tension between some of the characters, look forwards to the next part.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:34 AM


Wow! You go girl. I'm impressed. I can feel the tension and hear the tone of voice. So when can we film this scene?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:41 AM


Interesting idea, I haven't seen it done before.
Very good read, I'm eager for the next chapter!

I think Jayne is a bit too tetchy here with Simon: he's wary of him after Trash and we don't see him picking on Doc anymore, while Doc still gets at him in small ways, like making Jayne clean up Tracy's vomit. But mostly they have a truce after Trash.
And Jayne is wary about Mal too, like in OiS he stopped pursuing "fugies" topic after one word from Mal.

But I see how it's necessary for the story here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 12:27 PM


A very interesting concept, and off to a good start.

It's tricky, since I always believed that after Ariel, Jayne felt ashamed of his actions, at least subconciously (doubt he actually would KNOW what shame felt like...) But at the same time, I can see how the rest of the crew would find it hard to forgive and trust him.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 1:13 PM


nicely done...when can we expect the next installment??

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 4:13 PM


This is awesome, bring on chapter 2!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 4:50 PM


OOO Jayne's in trouble! Not only are Kaylee's feelings hurt but I am sure he has lost some respect in her eyes....although Kaylee puts too much faith in some people. I can't wait to read the Kaylee/Jayne, the Simon/Kaylee convo, and maybe Kaylee will have a conversation with Mal as well. Been gone for awhile but this was a great story to start off reading again with! I give it a 10!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 7:38 PM


I love this story, because I think that this'll open the gate to something I don't think we've ever seen before. We've seen her mad at Simon for him making simple mistakes, but she always seems to give a pass to Jayne for saying really horrible stuff to her. But this situations opens the door for her being so angry at Jayne that their relationship might be damaged for good, which is something we've never seen before.

I hope you can follow up on that.

Thursday, September 28, 2006 4:55 AM


Good choice of topics! Just one of the many things I would have loved to see play out! I'm enjoying your take on it, and I like seeing you really dig into Jayne's character.

Bring on chapter 2!

Thursday, September 28, 2006 5:18 AM


Leiasky, I love how you wove the confession of Jayne into this story. The idea is very unique and interesting.

Mal glanced at everyone in turn before his eyes settled back on Jayne. “I’m sure you don’t want to discuss this now.”*Perfect Mal voice here, it was easy to see his face as he said it, slightly grimaced.

Jayne scowled at Simon and instinctively clutched the knife sheathed on his thigh. No one told Jayne what to do. Certainly not the prissy doc. *Leia.....I know how you feel about the doc...and I'm really proud of you for allowing Jayne to speak exactly as he would in the circumstance.

Jayne whirled on her and snapped, his temper frayed with the expectation that he would be getting a stern dressing down as soon as the Captain left the infirmary. Why was everything that went wrong lately his fault? “Girl, save your words for someone who’s wantin’ ta hear ‘em. Everyone on this ship knows you been tryin’ ta bed the doc for months. Gonna say anythin’ ta make him notice ya more.” *Again, wonderful Jayne voice here, especially when he's getting frustrated.

I can’t bring guns on jobs less than legit ‘cause we might offend someone’s delicate sensibilities! *I cut this part of this line out because it is one of the most perfect original Jayne lines I've seen someone put to type. :)

I was getting a bit parched not having any stuff like this from you. I'm looking forward to the story continuing.

Thursday, September 28, 2006 3:40 PM


With out a doubt, one of the best things you're written....and I dont agree at all with choo1701 and MRSU as the characters are all in excellent voice here! great stuff!!

Thursday, October 5, 2006 8:29 AM


“It’s his winning personality,” Wash contributed, trying to lighten the mood. Things were much too tense for his comfort.
~ Yay for Wash, always wanting to lighten the mood

Yay also for the whole crew pretty much being in the same place at the same time (except Inara) so the story doesn't have to be told over and over again. Can't wait to read the other 2.

Wow, look at all the feedback.

[sarsacm type=heavy] It's so good, you got our favorite writer in all the known 'verse to respond. [/sarcasm]


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