Jaynes Own - Catch up
Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Time to see what Jane (no Y) Cobbs can do


Jayne’s Own – Catch up

Disclaim: Bad punctuation and gramma are ripe, not my characters, just havin' a play ('cept for Jane Cobbs) Critique: Welcome, but please be kind

................................................ Jane paced the small room she had been given, she checked her watch, 5.00am, but no-one was even up yet, she thought back to only the previous morning. She put on the best dress she could find, and brushed her hair and teeth excitedly, she was going to meet her father for the first time. Her mother said how he was a dirty mercenary, and lived on the fringes of space, constantly being arrested and getting into fights, her mother had tried to make him sound filthy and mean, but Jane loved the idea of her father being a heroic space pirate, robbing from the rich, and giving to the poor. She imagined him standing up to the man and giving him what-for. She put on a nice clean pair of her walking shoes, she didn’t get much fun clothing, and her mother had been trying to make her into a proper lady since she was 7 and swore at a little boy who teased her. Jane wasn’t a happy child growing up; her mother always avoided her, and treated her like the plague. It didn’t help that Jane was scared of almost everything there was to be scared of. But strangely enough, the only things she wasn’t afraid of was people, the dark, and the thought of Reavers. Her mother often scolded her for researching Reavers and trying to learn about them, especially the amount of times Jane played the mystery signal, with the woman explaining the Pax. The evening Jane was on board her mothers freighter, on her way to meet her father, she had been nervously tapping her foot, was her father tall, short, fat, skinny, her mother had never shown her a picture, had never even mentioned him until she was 12. “Little Jane, you ready to come t’breakfast?” a voice at the door said quietly. Jane snapped out of her train of thought and glanced at her watch quickly, 7.00am, she had been daydreaming for two hours. “Little Jane, you in there?” the voice said again, Jane quickly went to the door and opened it. Her father was standing there with a small bag under his arm. “Well you aint run-away, you commin to breakfast?” Jayne asked. “Uh, yes sir” Jane said quietly, looking to the floor, she wasn’t scared of people, but people she didn’t really know made her feel slightly nervous. “Now you aint needin’ ta call me sir” Jayne said as they walked along the pathway. “What do I call you?” Jane asked quietly, looking at her father “Well, I guess until we get to know each uther, I spose you kin jus’ call me Jayne” he replied as they walked into the mess. “Mornin’ little Jane” Kaylee said happily, causing Jane to smile. “Mornin’ Miss Kaylee” Jane replied “Now come on little Jane, you don’t gotta call nobody Sir or Miss, you just as much this crew as me” Jayne said, placing a saucer like hand on Jane’s shoulder. “Come sit down next to me” Kaylee said warmly, pulling out the chair Jane. Jane sat down, she had instantly taken a liking to Kaylee, and she reminded her of the house keeper back on Lonix, who was just as kind.

“Now then little Jane, how bout we talk about what your good at” Mal said as they finished up breakfast. “Well Mal, I aint never done nothing but school, and im pretty average at that” Jane said, waiting for her father to explode and say that she needed to try harder, she looked at him and he just kept on eating the apple in his hand with the large combat knife. “I was wondering something” Simon said, pulling his legs under him as far as possible to stop any kicks in his direction. “Why haven’t we heard of you till yesterday?” Simon said, wincing at the kick he received, he couldn’t tell what direction it came from. “Well, my mother always said that Jayne was probably dead in a gutter of some whorehouse, cause he lead a dangerous and bad life” Jane said, realizing quickly she had said something wrong, “I didn’t think that, she always said he was a rough mercenary who always ended up in fights, and doing illegal things, but, I thought it sounded shiny” Jane added, receiving a proud look from Jayne. “But didn’t you ever meet him?” Simon said, knees folded in front of him. River turned and punched him in the leg, hard, causing everyone to laugh. “Well, my mother thought that meeting you would set me straight so that she could send me to Ariel Girls Academy, she also thought it would stop me researching, stuff” Jane said, muttering the word ‘stuff’ quietly. “What stuff?” Kaylee said, getting a kick from Simon, who got a kick from Mal. “Reavers” Jane said quietly, waiting for the tutting and the disapproving looks. “Well, what do you know about them?” Simon said, glancing sideways at Mal and Kaylee who nodded in approval at the question. “Well, there’s a lot I know, and I don’t think the breakfast table is a very good place” Jane said, looking around the table, waiting for someone to tell her to explain. “Well, how about we get started on findin’ out what your good at” Mal said, standing up. “Ok, what do we start with?” Jane said, standing along with everyone else. “Well, how about we all meet on the Bridge in 15mins” Mal replied, walking out. When everyone left, Jane and Jayne sat there, “Jayne, I don’t have anything to change into” Jane said, looking at him. “Alright then, follow me” Jayne said, standing up and leaving the table.

Jane climbed down the ladder and stood by the ladder as Jayne sorted through his cupboard. “Here ye go” Jayne said, handing her a pair of pants and a yellow shirt. “Thank you” Jane said, holding out the shirt “No need fer it, you’re a Cobbs, time you dressed like it” Jayne said jokingly. “Jayne” “Mmm?” “What about that woolly hat?” “Wha, the red one?” “Yeah” “You want it?” “Yes please” Jayne walked over to the cupboard and grabbed the red woolen hat, with the puff ball and sides that went down. He tossed it to her and grinned at her pleased face.

Jane walked onto the bridge to find everyone already there; Mal turned and dropped the clip board he was holding. “Jayne, what’ve ye done to Jane?” he asked in a mock rage “Err…who’re you talkin’ to?” Jayne replied “You go se for brains” Simon pipped in; Jayne swung his large foot and kicked him in the shins, causing the doctor to double up in pain. “Is this Jayne’s daughter?” Inara said “Yup, Jane, this is Inara, Inara, this is Jane, no Y” Jayne said proudly “Nice to meet you” Jane said, holding out a hand, which Inara took warmly. “Inara’s a whore” Jayne said, smirking “Really?” Jane said as she was sat in the pilot’s chair “Companion is the word” Inara said, smiling “Fancy whore?” Jane said confused, causing the whole crew to burst into laughter and Inara’s grumpy face, “Well she’s your daughter all right” she grumbled to Jayne. “All right folks, lets see if Jayne Junior can fly this boat” Mal said, flicking a switch above Jane. “Alright Jane, see if you can steer this baby for a while, it’s on manual, so, just try keeping her steady” Mal said, gesturing to the steering. Jane took the control, and steered straight ahead, really, she didn’t move the steering at all. Mal ticked a box on his sheet, “Alright now, that’s good, I want you to try turnin’ now” Mal said, pen poised above the clipboard. Jane turned the steering slightly, when suddenly, Serenity plunged down, and begun spinning, River leaned over Jane gracefully and flicked the same switch Mal had flicked earlier, instantly, the ship righted itself and stopped spinning. Mal stood up shakily, clinging to the back of the pilots chair tightly, “Well, that rules out flying”. “Well, maybe she’s more likely a mechanic” Kaylee said, leading the group off the bridge. Jane reached into the engine, trying to find some strange thing Kaylee had told her to try and find. She grasped something, and pulled it out quickly, holding it up for Kaylee who said, “Jane, that’s a boot”. Mal put a cross on his clipboard and paper and said, “Maybe she’s a buddin’ doc” “No, I am not letting her anywhere near my tools” Simon said huffily. Jane finished bandaging Zoë’s arm and stood back to admire her work. “Jane Junior, I think that’s actually Zoë’s leg” Mal whispered in her ear. Jane’s shoulders slumped in defeat, “There’s nothin’ im good at” she said miserably. “Now come on Jane Junior, don’t be sad, im sure there’s something your good at” Mal added, lightly punching her in the shoulder. Jane shrugged and followed the rest of the crew out, she walked, looking at the ground until she bumped into someone, she looked up and saw Kaylee staring at something. She followed her eyes and saw her father standing there, holding a very large gun. “Little Jane, you may not be able to fly a boat, fix an engine or bandage a arm” Jayne said proudly, “But im as sure as anything you can clean a gun” Jayne said, holding out the gun. “Err…I’ve never even fired a gun” Jane said, taking it. “What? Gorramit kid, how’s that possible?” Jayne said in shock “Well, my mother always had a pistol, but, I was never allowed near weapons” “Gorramit, that woman sure did screw you up, no, no not like that little Jane, I mean that she didn’t do a good job” “Can I fire this gun?” Jane asked hopefully “Well…..I don’t see why not” Jayne said. Once he had pried his daughter off of him, Jayne led her to the top of the walkways “Alright now little Jane, you shoot that target up there” Jayne said, pointing to a faded target on the wall opposite them. “I’ll try” Jane said, leveling the gun. She fired and was thrown back by the recoil; she stumbled backwards, over the railing, and onto the floor. “Jane!” Jayne bellowed, running down the steps 3 at a time. Simon was already by her side, checking her vitals, “Get outta the way” Jayne grunted, pushing Simon, sending him sprawling onto his back. Jane suddenly sat up and yelled, “Aaaaah! Oh, huh, well, at least im not dead”. Jayne enveloped the girl in his arms, grinning, he didn’t know what it was about this girl, but somethin’ in him always felt odd when he was near her, like when he was around his sister, or mama. He let her go and helped her up, “How in th’ ‘verse did ya survive that?” Jayne asked incredulously. “Well, I don’t know, I just fell, and then…Gorram it doc, get off my leg” she said suddenly, she clasped her hands over her mouth, then she moved them slowly away, “Sorry Doctor Tam, I don’t know what came over me” she said with embarrassment. “Well, we got ourselves another gun for hire” Kaylee said cheerfully. “What’re you talkin’ about?” both the Ja/yne’s said at once “Look at the target” Mal added They both looked up, and both heir jaws dropped in shock, the target had a smoking hole through the exact centre of the target.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006 8:08 PM


that was darn right fun! i like the idea of Jayne having a's sweet.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 8:23 PM


I'm liking it. A different approach. Keep it up, I'd definitely read more.


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