A NEW LIFE, ch. 28: Faith, Hope & Trust
Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Post-BDM: Simon and Kaylee's big day arrives. Happiness and joy ensue. Fluff - you have been warned!


A/N: Again, this is unabashed fluff, and it's a bit shorter than normal. Also, the next to last chapter of this first Big Damn Series!

Thanks to all for sticking with me and I hope you continue to enjoy.

Big thanks still goes to Leiasky for reminding me to write what the characters would do, not what I would do!


A NEW LIFE, ch. 28: Faith, Hope & Trust


The wedding day approached almost silently. With Inara in charge of the final details, and Marie, Winne and Millie to help, there was very little Simon or Kaylee needed to do to prepare, giving them plenty of time to focus on their son and their life together. With the women firmly entrenched in catering decisions, guests lists and music, Simon was able to sneak off and make some plans of his own, enlisting the help of Mal, Jayne, Walt and Thom.

With the money he’d acquired from working in the hospital and even after giving pay-outs to the Everetts and Thompsons, as well as Mal to go towards upkeep of Serenity, Simon still had plenty of money left for his new family as well as his sister. Working with the men, who between them could probably build a totally new ship from scratch with their bare hands, Simon was able to commission them to work on his wedding gift to Kaylee. The men insisted on performing all the labor for free, only taking the money they’d need for supplies. When Simon pushed the issue, each man gave him a stern look and told him it was their wedding gift to the couple and he should get over it. Simon dutifully obeyed.

So with the wedding on the horizon and Serenity’s crew getting ready to lift off just a few days after the big event, Simon made a final set of preparations. He was almost giddy, too giddy and on more than one night, Kaylee almost managed to get him to tell her what had him grinning with such delight. But with a kiss or maybe a little bit more distraction, he always managed to take her mind off of it and he was glad he could keep the surprise.

Simon and Kaylee’s wedding day dawned, bright and sunny, as they had known it would. Having spent the night in the Everetts new home as part of tradition, Simon woke early, feeling nervous, excited and deliriously happy all at once. He showered and dressed, although he avoided putting on all the layers of his three piece suit for as long as possible, as the temperature was already starting to rise.

He was not surprised when two hours before the ceremony there was a knock on his door and his sister entered. He smiled broadly at her, amazed at how beautiful she looked. Kaylee had picked out very traditional Sino-inspired dresses for her bridesmaids, who consisted of Zoe and River with Inara acting as Maid of Honor. The dresses were a deep blue with a pattern of golds, greens and reds and the colors set off River’s dark hair and wide eyes beautifully.

Smiling at her, as he moved to embrace her, Simon breathed, “Mei mei, you look beautiful.”

She returned his grin and gave him her own cursory glance. “So do you. Handsome, I mean.”

He returned the smile and then moved back to study his form in front of the room’s mirror. River sat on the edge of his bed, watching as he fussed; same old Simon. “She already thinks you’re handsome, you don’t have to try so hard.”

Giving her his best annoyed big brother look, he shot back, “Brat.”

Grinning widely, she said, “It’s part of my charm.”

He chuckled softly and then turned to regard her, his arms over his chest. Noting his serious expression and demeanor, River affected a similar look, trying to mock him. Furrowing her brow in an exaggerated manner, she said in a deep voice, “Is there something bothering you?”

Laughing at her again, Simon moved forward and took her hands. Looking into her eyes, she saw his concern there and it brought a smile to her face, a real smile. “Mei mei, are you all right?”

She nodded once, and she meant it. Since she and Jayne had reached an understanding a few weeks ago, an understanding that they were basically in love with one another, River had felt more normal, more happy than she had in years. It was still new and slow going, but everyday for her was a revelation, a new life experience and she loved it. “Yes, Simon, I’m fine.”

“And you’re happy,” he asked, still having a hard time comprehending that Jayne could be the person she chose to love.

Smiling again, she brushed off his concern, “Yes, silly, I’m happy. I’m very happy.” Thinking on it for a moment, she thought of the joy radiating off of her soon-to-be-sister and amended, “Not as happy as Kaylee, but I don’t think there’s anybody in the ‘verse as happy as Kaylee.”

Simon grinned at that assessment, agreeing. He knew that Kaylee was the brightest ray of sunshine any one would ever see. And he was humbled and proud that she had agreed to shine on him everyday of their lives.

Rolling her eyes as his thoughts turned sappy, River stood and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. “Duty calls,” she told him as she headed for the door.


She turned back as he called to her and saw the ever present concern in his eyes. “I love you,” he said quietly.

She returned the smile even as she felt tears threatening to fall. “Love you,” she told him and with that swept from the room, before she started crying and ruined the make-up Inara had so painstakingly applied.


Simon stood at the end of the altar, waiting. Waiting for Kaylee to appear; waiting for her to take his breath away, as he knew she would. The music had just started and Simon watched as first Zoe, also looking ravishing in the dress that Kaylee had selected, came down the aisle towards him, giving him her trademark cocked eyebrow before taking her place at the other side of the atlar. Next came River, who seemed to float down towards them. She beamed, looking truly radiant and Simon risked a look to Jayne who was standing up with him. With a satisfied smirk, he realized that the mercenary’s mouth was hanging open in awe – good.

Inara came last, before Kaylee, her dress, a dark green reversed with the pattern from the others. Against her dark skin and hair, she looked amazing and Simon felt Mal inhale a sharp breath at the sight of her. Giving both men a winning smile, she took her place and turned back to look for Kaylee.

Simon’s eyes swept the length of the church, passing over Millie’s kids, sitting in the first few pews on what was designated the groom’s side. He knew that the Everetts and Fryes felt terribly that he didn’t have any family or friends attending, and so they had each split their families right down the middle, forgoing the usual traditions. Simon watched with a smirk as each of the eight kids wiggled in anticipation, trying to be so proper in their Sunday best, but finding it difficult to not talk or move. He let his gaze drift over to the opposite side of the aisle and beamed even brighter as he saw Winnie, his mother-in-law, holding Daniel with practiced ease. The baby boy was now just over five months old and had already doubled in size since Simon had first met him. Kaylee had ordered a beautiful outfit for him that matched the blue colors she had chosen for everything else and Simon’s heart felt as though it would burst – it was so full of love and contentment.

He refocused his eyes to the back of the church and waited. Then, with the sound of all their guests rising to their feet, the doors to the church opened, spilling the bright sunshine of the day into the small building and allowing Kaylee to enter on her father’s arm. Simon had known she would look amazingly beautiful – she did everyday even when she wasn’t trying, so he knew that with all the extra effort that had gone into making today special, she would look gorgeous. And he hadn’t been wrong.

He felt the tears forming behind his eyes, and he blinked them away quickly. As the fanfare started and she began to walk towards him, he focused on her bright big smile. He knew that if she could she would run to him and get this formality over with so they could be husband and wife. But with a controlled step that she had been practicing, she slowly walked at her father’s side.

The closer she got the more nervous and excited Simon became. Her dress was radiant. He had not seen it before now of course and he had to admit she had unbelievable taste. The top was fitted, hugging her curves in all the right places, and showing off her bare arms. There were a row of tiny, dried blue roses at the waist, sitting above a skirt with two layers of sheer fabric, falling down the sides and parting in the middle to reveal another layer of satin, imbedded with the same small roses. She had fashioned a wreath of wild flowers, again mostly blue, that sat in her hair, with a long flowing veil falling down behind her.

And then, she was before him. It was only his own inborn propriety that kept him from sweeping her up into his arms and kissing her, right then and there. Smiling to Thomas as he gave Simon her hand, the man clapped him on the shoulder and whispered, “I am trusting you with my most precious gift, son. Treat her with care.”

Simon smiled at him and watched as Kaylee kissed her father on the cheek, her own cheeks already shining with tears. As the congregation sat, and Kaylee and Simon finally turned to face one another, he whispered, “You ready?”

Nodding once, she whispered back, “Have been my whole life.”


Everyone was so happy, River couldn’t believe it. As the music continued, the local musicians that Kaylee’s parents had hired playing song after song after song, River was surrounded by the overwhelming emotions of joy radiating from everyone.

Even as Jayne, whom she had somehow managed to guilt into dancing with her, spun her around, River could feel the happiness coming off of her family. They spun past the captain and Inara who had never smiled wider in their whole lives, River was sure, and then past the children, who were enjoying their new home more and more. The Everetts and Millie and the Fryes all could be seen laughing and talking and dancing and River smiled at them, smiled at the light they brought to those around them.

The only person who River worried about was Zoe. While the woman was definitely enjoying herself, twirling around the dance floor with Ellie, there was something else going on with her, something just beneath the surface that River had yet to pinpoint. As the music slowed and Jayne pulled her to him, all other thoughts disappeared as she turned her full attention to the man holding her.

His blue eyes were a little clouded from the ale he had imbibed, but she could feel him struggling to put what he was thinking into words. Pressing a light kiss to his mouth, she rested her head against his shoulder, and whispered, “It can wait.”

Sighing, he leaned his cheek against the top of her head and held her close, amazed at how right everything in this very moment felt.

Across the way, Kaylee and Simon were lost in their own world of bliss. They had never been so ridiculously happy in their whole lives, and nothing had ruined their day. It had been full of friends and family and food and love. It was all they could have hoped for. Now, as Simon again drew his bride close for a kiss, he knew it was time to spring his last big surprise on her.

“So,” he said quietly, whispering into her hair as he drew her close. “What would you like to do first as Mrs. Tam?”

Giggling at the sound of her new name, Kaylee looked back to him with a mischievous gaze and brushed up against him just bit harder than necessary. “I can think of a few things.”

Simon realized his mistake in asking such an open-ended question and tried to re-phrase it. Kissing her again, he said, “What not involving the bedroom would you like to do?”

With a twinkle in her eye that at once made his heart flutter and his mind stop, Kaylee leaned forward and whispered hotly against his cheek, “Don’t have to just be the bedroom.”

Simon shook his head slightly, and chuckled at her, feeling her return the laugh as she again squeezed herself against him. He really did want an answer to his question, although he was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on anything other than loving his new wife.

Noting his look of glazed over passion and knowing it was only fair to stop teasing him so mercilessly, especially when they had to stay at their own party for at least another couple of hours, she looked at him, and sighing said, “I don’t want nothin’ special.”

Frowning slightly, Simon questioned, “Nothing? Not even maybe a honeymoon?”

Grinning wickedly from ear to ear, Kaylee finally caught on. “Simon Tam, what have you planned?”

Giving her a look of feigned innocence, he stalled, “Me? Would I be so devious as to plan something for my new bride without her knowledge?” Looking back to her and delighting in the grin that had consumed her features, Simon said, “Really, Mrs. Tam, I’m shocked.”

Loving him more than she ever thought possible, Kaylee wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, hard and deep. Simon stopped their movement, as he worked his hands along her back, pulling her tight. He would never normally express such passion in the company of others, but it was his wedding and if his new wife wanted to kiss him then he was going to oblige, wholeheartedly.

They parted to the sound of clapping and realized with a bit of embarrassment, that everyone else had stopped to look at them. Resuming their dance, Kaylee asked, “So, you gonna tell me what you’ve got up your sleeve or are you just gonna torture me?”

Simon chuckled and then whirled her around, dipping her and pulling her back to him in one easy move. “I was hoping to torture you, but,” he teased, placing a light kiss at the end of her nose. “Let’s just say, we’re taking a trip, to a very nice and relaxing place where we’ll be able to enjoy some time alone.”

Kaylee squealed in delight at the thought, but then instantly her face fell. “But what about Danny? We can’t just leave ‘im on the ship.”

Simon smiled at her and said, “Do you think I would make a plan without looking to all the details? Your parents have agreed to watch Daniel and I’ve arranged for us to come back here to get him before we rendez-vous again with Serenity.” Pressing a kiss to her cheek, he whispered to her, “We leave day after tomorrow.”

Throwing her arms around him, Kaylee squealed again, unable to believe that she was finally getting everything she had ever dreamed of and more. Sighing heavily, she rested her head against his shoulder and continued to dance in the arms of her new husband far into the glorious night.

*** All right, even though it was fluff, leave me some comments!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006 6:04 PM


I like fluff. We need more fluff. Well, in between all the angst!

Just love Simon's conversation with River. They're so close, I just love it.

Kaylee's dress was so well described, too, I could picture it easily.

One more chapter until the end of this one! Will it be fluffy or angsty?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 6:07 PM


Ok. So I'm not so "yay" as I was.. mostly because I know this storyline is coming to an end. Selfish brat that I am.

Still, this was a beautiful chapter, yes very fluffy, but well deserved fluff. I'm actually rather glad that you skipped the vows and all... the timing and movement was perfect.

Just really curious, if not a wee bit sad at the next chapter. I really hope you manage to post the next story as fast as you did this one. It's been one hell of an incredible ride!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 10:47 PM


This was just perfect! I am intrigued as to what Simon's present is for Kaylee, especially as Serenity's men gave their labour free - so what did they build? Very shiny. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, July 13, 2006 12:37 AM


Fluff is good, and as Leia said, you have to have something to go in-between the angst.

Giving her his best annoyed big brother look, he shot back, “Brat.”
Grinning widely, she said, “It’s part of my charm.”
-After everything they have been through, it is good that they can still have little exchanges like this.

When you listed all of the men helping Simon to build whatever he wanted built, my first thought was 'Bachelor Party!'

Thursday, July 13, 2006 6:59 AM


I'm gonna to steal that dress for my wedding.

Thursday, July 13, 2006 5:16 PM


This was a nice piece of fluff. I thought the wedding scene was beautiful. Very good fluff. I look forward to the last chapter of this saga and am getting ready for your next epic.

Friday, July 14, 2006 6:01 AM


What a lovely wedding, YAY! Fluff is great, it cushions the soul for all the angst that you heave upon us! Simon calling Kaylee Mrs.Tam! AWWWW!
They parted to the sound of clapping and realized with a bit of embarrassment, that everyone else had stopped to look at them.
I could just see this image in head when I read it! It was so sweet!
Aain, sorry for the late commenting but WOW, this was great! I see the end approaching with the next chapter but am patiently awaiting the next series! Great Job!

Friday, July 14, 2006 10:39 AM


Oh...this was beautiful, TamSibling...and perfectly paced for what was needed to convey the story:D

Can't wait for the wrap-up (much as it will pain your loyal fans) and your new series;)



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