FAITH SERIES: 12. "Intervention"
Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Zoe panics over Joshua. Simon and Kaylee try to find out what is wrong. River sets her plan in action but doesn't tell the crew. As the Alliance creep closer to achieving their goal the unexpected happens."



SUMMARY: "Zoe panics over Joshua. Simon and Kaylee try to find out what is wrong. River sets her plan in action but doesn't tell the crew. As the Alliance creep closer to achieving their goal the unexpected happens." The usual disclaimers apply. The characters and 'Firefly' are the property and gift of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No infringement of copyright is intended.


"Firefly" story

Written by Alison M. DOBELL

* * * * *

He was so close, so rutting close he thought he might pass out if he didn't come. Kaylee's smile was etched into the inside of his thighs, a happy notion that made him want to giggle except he couldn't do that. Laughter took breath he didn't have, energy that was building for something far more important that humour. Oh God, she was killing him! But gorramit if he cared.

Sweet suction and that wicked tongue then fire shot through him and his spine snapped as he came, Kaylee drinking him down while her tongue flicked out to catch the drops that escaped her greedy mouth. Her bright deep throated laughter rejoicing in the choking sighing sounds coming out of Simon as his body spiralled out of control. It seemed to take forever before his senses came drifting back down to conscious thought. Slick with sweat and naked as the day they were born, Simon hugged his far too energic wife and gave her a weary kiss. Kaylee raised her face, smiling so brightly it was blinding him. He was completely and utterly shattered but so content it made his heart ache with the depth of love he had for this amazing and beautiful woman.

Kaylee loved him so much. Wondered how in the nine hells she had ever deserved to be so happy. Her heart sighed with content. She had only ever wanted Simon since the very first time she had laid eyes on him. Kaylee felt tears prick her eyes, the joy almost too much to hold in. Then the weak moment was gone as Simon rolled her onto her back and leaned over her, his smile gentle, his eyes a weary tease. "Think you can sleep now, *ai ren*?"

"Ya wanna sleep?"

The look on Simon's face was comical. He looked so startled, then stunned and kind of horrified. Laughing, Kaylee took pity on him and kissed him.

"Yeah, I can sleep now."

Simon was about to lean down and grab the blanket from the floor when the door opened and Zoe rushed in, her words hitting them like rounds from a gattling gun before she realised what she was interrupting. "Simon! Somethin's wrong with Joshua. He woke up with such a loud cry an' I can't calm him down or settle him an'...."

Zoe stopped mid-flow. A look of horror on her face turning to embarrassment. "Oh, *duibuqi*, I didn't realise...."

She started to back up but Kaylee jumped out of bed and reached for her arm, oblivious to the fact that she was still naked. Didn't matter a good gorram, all Kaylee heard was that something was wrong with the child. Nothing else mattered. Simon at least grabbed a pair of sweat pants and pulled them on then padded over to join his anxious wife and the first mate. Joshua was no longer yelling his lungs out but was still crying, his little face flushed but sombre, tears on the boy's cheeks and a look of such unhappiness on his face that Kaylee gulped and felt inclined to want to cry with him. Didn't matter that she had no idea what was wrong. Could never stand to see a critter unhappy let alone a child and this one was all kinds of precious to everyone on Serenity.

Simon led the way to the infirmary, his voice calm. "What happened?"

* * * * *

Inara and Mal were sitting up in her big luxurious bed. "We can't do this, Mal."

The Captain was gently carding his fingers through her hair. "No, we can't."

That gave her a moment's pause. Inara didn't look at him, wouldn't, couldn't. Knew if she did her resolve would crack. "It was a mistake. I was weak."

"Absolutely." The Captain dropped a soft kiss on her neck, the touch of his lips making her tremble.

A small frown appeared on her beautiful face. Was he mocking her? "The Guild would never stand for it."

"Can't have that." Another snowflake soft kiss landed.

The frown deepened. Inara turned her head and tried to hide the way her heart beat that much faster when she looked at Mal. It did something to her stomach seeing him so relaxed in her bed, looking at her like she was the only star in the firmament. "Mal, I'm serious. The Guild will have a fit and you have no idea of the power they wield."

"I'm serious too, *bao bei*."

His words were quietly spoken, eyes glued to her, and full of commitment. Inara was not sure how to make him understand how dangerous this could be. "We can't do this again."

"I love you, darlin', but have to agree with you. Can't go on like this."

Inara raised a beautifully sculpted eyebrow and stared at him. "You're agreeing with me?"

A little grin flitted across his face. "What? With the lovin' each other or the not goin' on like this?"

The frown returned to Inara's face and the Captain's grin vanished. Totally serious now.

"I agree on both counts, *dong ma*? An' as for the Guild an' the whole sneakin' around to be with each other hopin' the good gorram they never find out, you're right. It can't go on."

Inara didn't know whether to be relieved or cry that he wasn't putting up a fight. It was what she wanted after all, wasn't it?

"Way I see it that leaves us on'y one alternative, *bao bei*."

Her mouth was dry, her heart stuttering as if it had a leaky valve. The breath in her body felt old, laboured. "What do you mean?"

As she watched, a big beautiful smile blossomed on Malcolm Reynold's face, all the love he held in his heart shining for her to see. Eyes so full of love it made her breath catch. "Marry me."

Stunned, Inara could not speak but just stared at him. He was *shenjingbing*. A mad, impetuous fool. Then her heart stumbled back into rythym, captivated by his smile, the look of love so shamelessly flouted before her eyes that she had no defence. A smile teasing her own lips as she tried to fight the urge to fall into his arms and damn the Guild.

The Captain caught her hands in his and raised them to his lips, his eyes never leaving hers. "Marry me," He whispered, his lips brushing her knuckles. "Not no place nor nobody can defeat us if we stand together, 'Nara."

Her eyebrows rose again, this time amusement danced in her eyes. "Are you rewriting the wedding vows again?"

Now his laughter rang like merry bells in her ears. It was so rare she saw him so carefree. She liked it. "I'll rewrite whatever the good gorram you want, *xin gan*, just say you'll be mine."

The sincerity touched her just as the truth that she loved him just as passionately did. She remembered something River had said to her, *who will love you when you are old and grey?* Looking at Mal she now had her answer: he would. And she knew with certainty that if she never dyed her hair nor painted her face with make up or chose to dress in rags instead of fine silks and cottons he would still love her. As constant as the stars that shone in the Black. Malcolm Reynolds might be a crazy, mad, impetuous fool but he was her crazy, mad, impetuous fool and she loved him. Inara shook her head gently, her eyes glittering with the building of unshed tears. "I am probably going to regret this..."

"Prob'ly." Murmured Mal gently.

"Yes, Malcolm Reynolds, I will marry you. And may Buddha have mercy on my soul."

With a whoop of joy, he gathered her up and hugged her close. So full of happy he did not know how to express it except to kiss and touch and murmur endearments over and over again until Inara was dizzy with happiness. Clutching him tightly to her, for the first time in her overly structured existence Inara Serra determined the Guild could go to *diyu*. They would deal with whatever complications followed together. Right now she held her heart and her happiness in her hands and she wasn't about to let go for anyone.

* * * * *

Normally Jayne slept the sleep of the dead. Not nothing could rouse him less his gut woke him, and right now the quiet whispered voices had all his senses screaming an alert. The good thing about being a mercenary was the ability to wake completely alert and ready for action. Jumping out of bed he made little sound. Didn't bother with his boots, just threw on pants and a t shirt then grabbed Vera. Quietly he crept up his ladder and eased the hatch open, wincing when it made a slight creak and pausing to wait to see if anyone had heard him. No. Nothing except that that gorram whispering was a little louder though he couldn't tell who it was or what was being said. Jayne crept carefully towards the voices, gradually making out Simon and Zoe's voices as he reached the infirmary. Putting his gun up he stepped inside and scowled at them. "What in the nine hells ya doin' sneakin' about?"

No one answered him right off. Simon busy with something on the infirmary bed, Jayne's view blocked by Kaylee and Zoe. Zoe. Jayne blinked, his stomach falling like a gorram stone. His voice when he next spoke was quieter, hushed almost, like he was praying in a house of God.

"*Shenme shi?"

Zoe didn't look away from her son, watching intently as Simon did a thorough exam. "*Wo bu zhidao*, Jayne, just somethin' wrong with Joshua."

Jayne stepped closer, his mood subdued and cautious now. Anxiety in his eyes that he didn't even try to hide. He was right fond of the boy even if he never said so. Would be a gorram shame if anything happened to him now especially with Wash being gone. Kaylee turned her head to look at him and Jayne could see where she had been crying. Felt all kinds of wrong to see anything but a rutting smile on that face.

Silence stretched for a minute or two longer then Simon straightened and looked at Zoe, a little smile tugging at his lips. Zoe glared at him then her features softened when she realised what it meant. "He gonna be alright?"

Simon's tentative smile turned to a real one. He took a step back and began to peel off the thin surgical gloves before throwing them in a bin. "Joshua is perfectly healthy, Zoe. I could find nothing physically wrong with him."

"But he was cryin' somethin' fiercesome, doc."

"Zoe, he's fine, really. I've done every test I could think of and they all come back clear."

"Ya mean he ain't gonna die?"

Three pairs of eyes locked on Jayne's. The big man felt uncomfortable but he wasn't backing down. "*Wei*, can't blame me for thinkin' the worst with ya all sneakin' around an' whisperin' an' such in the dead of night."

"There is no night in space." Said Simon automatically.

"Ya know what I gorram mean!"

Jayne's testy tone actually helped add to Zoe's relief. The mercenary was not known for his tact and sometimes just blurting things out got past the need to tip toe around a fear or two. Right now she was just grateful her son was going to be alright. She looked at Simon, one hand gently brushing the hair out of Joshua's eyes. "What was it?"

Simon shook his head, Kaylee threading one hand through his in silent support. "We'll probably never know but my best guess? Could have been some trapped wind or maybe he was just having a nightmare." "Nightmare?" The disbelief in Zoe's voice made Kaylee laugh.

Disgusted that there was no emergency and nothing for him to shoot at, Jayne turned and started to head for the door. "Huh, might as well go back to my bunk. Ain't right disturbin' a man's sleep for no gorram reason."

"Yes, nightmare." Simon paused, looked at Kaylee and exchanged a sappy smile with her. "Children dream, have nightmares, the same as we do."

Nodding, Zoe gathered Joshua up in her arms but was still concerned by the sad look in her baby's eye. "I don't know doc, he still don't look happy."

"Believe me, he just needs a little soothing. In a minute or two he'll be either fast asleep or demanding to be fed."

Kaylee smiled. "That reminds me, Charlotte'll wantin' a feed about now so you actually did us a favour Zoe."

"You want me to get you up at four in the am every mornin'?" Zoe quipped.

"No, no, that won't be necesary." Said Simon quickly.

Zoe grinned, thanked them both then turned to go. Joshua began to squirm and Zoe stopped. The boy was wriggling round, trying to reach out to Kaylee. Her eyebrow rose. While Kaylee and Joshua had made fast friends, he didn't really want to be with anyone else when he was in his mama's arms. Kaylee stepped up to them and smiled down, dipping her head to plant a kiss on his forehead. To her surprise, Joshua raised his arms to be held. Kaylee looked at Zoe, Zoe nodded. "*Wei*, you're gettin' to be a big boy now, Josh." Joshua was coming up for six and would not be a toddler for much longer.


Kaylee smiled and Zoe found herself amused too. Joshua never called the baby Charlotte. "Well what d'ya know? He wants to see Charlie."

Simon peered over her shoulder to look down on Joshua, a tolerant look upon his face. "Now what did I say about calling Charlotte Charlie?"

"That it was sweet an' adorable?"

He laughed and kissed his wife's upturned face. "No, I said don't."

"If I was you Simon," Said Zoe following them out of the infirmary. "I'd quit while I was ahead."

* * * * *

Just a few more minutes, an hour at best, was all the time River had left before one of the crew would come traipsing up to the bridge but she was almost done. The long swerving arc to change vectors from Carousel to the new destination was not severe enough to register in the crew's heads as the ship turning, nor so abrupt as to arouse any suspicion in those that were tracking them. Subtle. That was the name of the game. Plus River had a surprise for them.

* * * * *

*This is going to be awfully close*

Wash was not in the slightest bit peturbed by his friend's caution. Caution was good. *Trust me, this'll work*

*We aren't supposed to interfere. Or more correctly, you aren't*

That stopped Wash in his tracks. *What's that supposed to mean? You're dead too*

*Wo zhidao but I'm still working Wash*

*Do I even want to know what that means?*

Wash could feel the Shepherd's smile colour his thoughts. The weirdest thing about this whole having no body caper was how quickly he acclimatised to what felt like being a thought form. Book had tried to explain it to him, all about the refinement of vibrations, the excitation of energy into various forms of matter, heat, light, vision, sound. It was all a bit too esoteric for him but not nearly as confusing as the discussion they had once had about religion. What a mess of worms that was and yet here was Book - wherever Here was - still acting like a Preacher. Go figure.

*It means we are bending the rules*

*Thought we already did that?*

He felt the hrumph more than heard it, as if a little wave had pushed against whatever passed for consciousness Here. Maybe Book was right, maybe it was all connected. That zero point field the Shepherd had tried explaining. Wash wasn't stupid but all his knowledge was in things he could see and touch and take apart then put back together again. The closest religious experience he had ever had was flying. That and making love to his Zoe.

*So tell me how this works again?*

*Imagine everything is water, it isn't but just for a moment imagine it is. Now imagine every conceivable lifeform is a single drop in that vast endless ocean. You know what happens when you skim a pebble across a still pond?*

*You get ripples*

*Exactly. We are going to be a ripple*

*How precisely is that going to help the others?*

*The enemy will not give up, they are fixated on capturing River and Simon. River in particular. Fortunately River's mind is far more open than theirs ever could be and though she can't hear us now she can sense THEM*

*Okay, I've got that. Woah, what just happened?*

*We accelerated through time and space*

*We can do that?*

Book sounded amused. *I thought you were a hot shot pilot? A leaf on the wind?*

*Not funny, this leaf was still attached to the branch. Oh, that's...*

*Yes. That is them*

The sleek dart like ship was almost invisible to the naked eye due to the black exterior merging into the ocean of space.

*Now,* Said Book. *Remember what I told you, merge your determination with mine then let our will be done*

Wash would have closed his eyes if he had any but did as Book instructed, the power of his thought multiplied by joining with the Shepherd's and then expended in a laser sharp burst that rocked the ship with millions of minute shudders. Wash really couldn't see how that would help. Book admonished him sharply. *Concentrate! Do not stop until I tell you, dong ma?*

The pilot did not reply but redoubled his efforts, the ship in their view seeming to tremble and then shudder in larger and larger increments. He remembered what Book had said about a wave but this was something even more incredible. *I'm doin' this for you baby* His thoughts murmured. *For all of you*.

* * * * *

The Captain dressed leisurely, reluctant to leave Inara but needing to be up and about. Boat didn't run itself and there were some things he wanted to discuss with Zoe after relieving River up on the bridge. Inara reached out and snagged his arm as he was slipping on a fresh shirt. "It's still early, Mal."

He smiled and dropped a kiss on her lush lips, having to steel himself against the desire to just climb back into bed and let everything else be damned. But he was the Captain and was not a man to shirk his duties. "Won't be long 'til we can be doin' this whenever we gorram choose, *bao bei*."

"Then shouldn't we be practising? To get it right?"

That amused him into a chuckle. "You sayin' we ain't been doin' it right, 'Nara?"

"*Bu qu*, Mal, I just don't want you to go."

Mal leaned down and kissed her properly, neither able to stiffle the groan of loss when their lips parted. He looked at her lips, shining and tempting. It took him a moment to kick start his thoughts back to his original purpose. Inara liked the husky sound of his voice as the Captain straightened and regretfully stepped just out of reach to finish dressing. "Got a ton of captainy stuff to do, 'Nara, an' the on'y thing we're gonna make if I stay is more babies."

The look on Inara's face was priceless. Smirking, Mal stole a kiss before she could recover then let himself out.

It was odd the way the ship was murmurming up through the deck plates as he walked but Mal figured it had more to do with being in love than being in the gorram Black. As soon as he stepped on the bridge he knew he was wrong. *Tian Yesu*, what in the spincter of hell was that?

* * * * *

CHINESE GLOSSARY: (Mandarin - Pinyin)

*ai ren*/*xin gan* = sweetheart *duibuqi* = sorry *bao bei* = precious/treasure *dong ma* = understand? *shenjingbing* = crazy *diyu* = hell *shenme shi* = what's the matter? *wo bu zhidao* = I don't know *wei* = hey! *wo zhidao* = I know *bu qu* = no (lit. no go) *tian Yesu* = sweet Jesus


Wednesday, July 12, 2006 5:56 AM


ROTFL! I love that Zoe just barged right into Simon and Kaylee's room and then stopped when she realized what was going on!

>Disgusted that there was no emergency and nothing for him to shoot at, Jayne turned and started to head for the door.

That is SO Jayne! Excellent!

The ghostie thing is still real odd to me, but I'm trying to get used to it!

Glad Mal and Inara finally just gave in!

Thursday, July 13, 2006 8:15 PM


Oh...ya gotta love it when Zoe's the one getting all embarassed after (presumably) all the times she and Wash were interrupted;)

Have to admit though...I am wondering what's going with Joshua. He's had his consciousness separated from Wash's, but I wasn't expecting this kind of reaction:(

And I really wanna know where River had Serenity end up...cuz ya gotta know it ain't Rainbows and Puppies Land:D



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