Way of the Lotus
Thursday, June 8, 2006

This is River/Kaylee smut. No plot, just sex. If you don’t want to read about sex, then go read another story. It’s NC-17 for a reason kiddies. Takes place after Ariel, before Simon and Kaylee have done anything besides silently yearn for each other.


- - - - -

River sat on the floor in her bunk, legs crossed in a full lotus position, drawing on a small piece of paper. She smiled slightly, putting the finishing touches on some beautiful Chinese characters. She knew that her boob of a brother had messed up once again with the ships beautiful young mechanic, and that she would need to vent. Inara was already asleep, and Zoe was busy having her clothes ripped off by Wash, so the knock on her door hardly surprised her.

“Come in Kaylee,” she called softly, not looking up from the drawing.

Kaylee entered the room, shutting the door softly behind her. She had a flustered look on her face, still streaked with grease from some engine part or another. River looked up to admire this woman that her brother had so far been unsuccessful in courting. She was beautiful. Her brown hair, framing the creamy skin of her face, was accented by her dark eyes. Her lips were plush and full, and she had thousands of freckles running from her cheeks and neck down to her chest and arms. She wore a plain pink camisole, the nipples of her bare breasts pushing through slightly from beneath. The mechanic’s jumpsuit she wore covered her lower half, the arms of which were tied and riding low on her supple hips. Her exposed tummy was the same perfect creamy color of her face, sprinkled with a few more of the intoxicating freckles. Even her small feet, bared before she entered the room, were perfect, more creamy skin covering perfect bones, ending with toes that curled slightly as she walked across the room.

River liked looking at Kaylee as the men on the boat saw her, well, two of them at least. It awakened feelings in her that she had only known by proxy, sharing the feelings or others as they engaged in acts of passion. She wanted to experience those feelings firsthand, and she decided that learning from her best friend would an excellent way to do that.

“Sit down sweetie, tell me what my moron brother did this time.”

Kaylee sat on her legs on the blanket that River had spread on the floor, laying her head on River’s shoulder. “I don’t know what to do with him, River. He likes me well enough, and I really like him, but he can’t seem to get over his manners and proper upbringing and all. I really just want to take him down to the engine room and have my way with him, but the chances of that happening don’t seem to be very good right now. Has he always been this frustrating?”

“Well, the only girls he has ever tried to woo had the same ‘proper upbringing,’ so that’s all he knows how to do. Given more time out here in the Black, and adding the fact that he now thinks he knows how to make me better, he will come around. He really does like you.” River hesitated a moment, looking down at her drawing while her mouth formed the words that her brain wanted it to. “Why...why do people like, um, being with each other so much?”

“Oh sweetie, it is the most wonderful thing in the ‘verse. The feelings from enjoying each other’s bodies, sweaty and pressed together, mmmmmm…” Kaylee’s thoughts turned to her first day on Serenity, though River noticed that whomever the tattooed mechanic was in the original memory was replaced by her brother as she felt the warmth of passionate feelings erupt from Kaylee.

“I want to feel that way,” River blurted out quickly, trying to get out the next part before she lost the nerve to do so. “I want you to show me.”

Kaylee’s eyes widened, a sly smile coming to her face. She had been asked for the same thing from her best friend back home, and it was one of her happiest memories before she had been found by Serenity.

“You sure about this?” Kaylee asked, pulling her body closer to River’s as her hand moved to cradle the younger girl’s face. “I am all for it if you really want to know.”

“Yes Kaylee, I am sure. I want to know how it feels, and I want you to be the one to show me. Take it as slowly or quickly as you think you need to.”

When River finished talking, Kaylee raised her head up with the hand that was already on her cheek. She smiled at the beautiful, tormented young girl, then pulled their faces together. Their lips met, River’s thin line being completely overtaken by the mechanic’s fullness. River closed her eyes, savoring the intense feeling as she brought her own trembling hands up to Kaylee’s face. They remained connected, Kaylee lightly biting and sucking on River’s lower lip. Her hand moved down River’s long neck, caressing playfully. River’s hands explored Kaylee’s face, running into her hair as the older girl kissed the corners of her mouth.

Kaylee’s hand trailed down from River’s lithe neck to her arm, then slowly over to her chest. Her hand brushed across the hardening nipple as she cupped River through the thin nightshirt she was wearing. She felt a shudder travel the length of River’s body, and felt the young girl’s teeth close softly on her lip, perfectly mimicking Kaylee’s own ministrations. River’s hands clenched in Kaylee’s hair as sensations filled her body that she had never felt before, which caused Kaylee to pull herself even closer. The mechanic’s thumb played lightly over the hard nub of her nipple as River moaned into her friend’s mouth.

“Wuh de ma, that feels so good Kaylee.” River’s hands traveled down Kaylee’s neck, stopping to softly pinch her earlobe. River had an advantage here in that she could tell exactly what Kaylee wanted done to her, and she hoped the swai mechanic would reciprocate those actions as she taught her about these wonderful sensual feelings.

Kaylee kissed River’s lips softly once more, then stood up and walked over to the door. Locking it, she turned back to face River with a look on her face akin to a lioness in heat. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted, her perfect breasts falling out freely as the fabric was pulled over her head. River looked at her, thinking that she was even more beautiful than she could have imagined. Kaylee crossed the room slowly, knowing that River was watching her every move, and enjoying showing herself to the girl.

Kaylee reached down to lift River to her feet, pulling her close as their lips found each other once more. River’s hands started at Kaylee’s waist, slowly creeping upwards. The tension was almost too much to bear as River’s hands closed on their destination. Kaylee let out an audible gasp as both of the small hands found her erect nipples, fingers cupping and caressing her full breasts. Kaylee’s hands moved to cradle River’s face again, her mouth kissing and biting and sucking. She kissed down the jaw line of the younger girl, softly biting her neck as she attached her mouth to an earlobe and sucked hard. The sensation caused River’s fingers to squeeze the rigid nubs she was caressing, a soft moan escaping her lips.

Kaylee’s hands moved quickly down River’s body, stopping to playfully tweak her hardness through the material of her shirt. Her hands found the bottom of the shirt, and shit lifted it up and off of River’s small body, making sure not to tangle her hair in it. She had not seen River emerge from the cryo unit on her first night on the ship, and this first view of the bare young girl almost took her breath away. Just like her brain before she was in the academy, her body was perfect, at least in Kaylee’s mind. Her breasts were pert, with hard little nubs of her nipples pointed directly at her. The smooth skin of her flat tummy made Kaylee want to pounce on her then and there, but she restrained herself in deference to River’s inexperience.

River smiled, seeing the images in Kaylee’s head and hoping that those things would happen before this was all over. As Kaylee tossed River’s shirt aside, she pulled her close again, kissing and biting her neck. She kissed her way down the lithe chest, causing a sharp intake of breath from River. Kissing the firm mounds, she flicked her tongue over one of the hard nipples, causing River to moan again and grab Kaylee’s hair. Knowing exactly what sensations she was invoking in the young girl, her mouth closed over the solid hardness. River pulled Kaylee into her, hands still gripping her hair. These feelings were more intense than she could have imagined, and she wanted more. She knew Kaylee wanted to move a bit faster, which would be fine with her.

Crossing her chest slowly with her tongue, Kaylee took the other nipple into her wet mouth. After a moment, she kissed down River’s ribs to her perfect tummy. Her fingers worked themselves into the top of her friend’s skirt, slowly pulling it down to her feet. She leaned back, taking in the sight of an almost-naked River, then returned to her tummy, kissing and flicking her tongue over it. She looked up at River, whose eyes were closed in pleasure, then looked to the sensitive area that was at her eye level.

Kaylee reached up with one hand, caressing one breast before slowly moving down her body to the only scrap of fabric still attached to the girl’s body. River knew what she was going to do right before it happened, and she threw her head back with a smile on her face as Kaylee’s thumb found the responsive bundle of nerves. She slowly rubbed, feeling River writhe in pleasure as she increased the tempo. She wrapped her other arm around River’s backside, squeezing slightly as she supported the small frame. Kaylee increased the intensity of her rubbing, causing River to arch her back against the young mechanic’s grip. She pulled River down to her, pressing her soft lips against hers again before laying her back upon the floor.

Kaylee removed the last of River’s clothing, stopping again to marvel at this young prodigy’s perfectly formed body. It amazed her that throughout school she hadn’t done anything with it, but then again, she had left for the Academy right as her body would have been becoming interesting to the young boys on Osiris. Taking one delicate foot in her hand, she began kissing up it. She ran her lips over the small ankle, then on to the somewhat athletic calf. She kissed the back of her knee, causing a shiver to travel the length of River’s body. Kaylee continued kissing up River’s thigh, her hand going to rub the sensitive nub again. River arched her back again, looking down her body at Kaylee’s beautiful smile. Kaylee came closer to the top of her leg, then stopped, her fingers continuing where her mouth left off.

“Does it feel good, mei-mei?” Kaylee purred, her fingers caressing the outer folds, already wet with anticipation.

“Yes. Please don’t stop.”

Kaylee’s fingers played outside for a moment longer, then she delicately inserted one into the moist confines of River’s most intimate area. River instantly groaned, her hips involuntarily rising and falling ever so slightly. Kaylee pushed her finger in as far as she could, meeting with a slight resistance once it was mostly inside. She decided that she would spare her the pain of breaking the membrane there, so she pulled her finger out slowly, touching the sensitive nerves along the roof of the opening. She moved her finger in and out, increasing the tempo, and making sure her thumb hit her clit with every thrust. After a few moments, she added a second finger, which caused River to moan loudly and buck her hips severely.

Kaylee continued to increase the cadence with which she entered her young friend, her mouth now attached to the responsive nerves above her opening. River arched her back once again, hips bucking against Kaylee’s face and hand, then cried out in a loud, low moan.

“TYEN SHIAO-DUH, KAYLEE!” River cried. “That was amazing. Now it’s my turn to work on you some.” She sat half way up, a sweat-soaked strand of hair clinging to her face.

“All in due time, little one.” Kaylee said quickly, pushing her back down as she lowered her mouth to the gap that was wet with River’s release. “We are just getting to the best part.”

Kaylee’s tongue snaked out, darting over wet skin to penetrate as deep as it would reach. River moaned again as Kaylee’s mouth covered her intimate folds, tongue delving deep to excite the hidden nerves within her friend. River’s hips rose and fell in rhythm, her hand reaching out for one of Kaylee’s. Kaylee grabbed her hand as she licked and sucked, her other arm reaching up to tweak an erect nipple. She knew River was close again, so she relentlessly applied herself to bringing her to fullness. A minute later, River squeezed Kaylee’s hand so powerfully that the mechanic hoped that nothing was broken. Her thighs squeezed Kaylee’s head as her juices flowed into her mouth, tremors shaking her body for a moment before every muscle in her body relaxed.

Kaylee crawled up to lie beside River. She propped herself up on one arm, the other caressing her face. River closed her eyes, enjoying the afterglow of what had just transpired. Kaylee’s hand left River’s face and returned to her own body. She pinched her nipples hard, smiling at the thought of what had just happened. Her hand traveled down her own stomach, finding its way into her coveralls. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as her fingers started the job they had performed so many times recently.

Suddenly a sensation of pure pleasure shot through her body as River took one of Kaylee’s upright nipples in her mouth, her hands caressing and playing all over her upper body. Kaylee’s hand left it’s workings to hold River’s head to her breast, intertwining her fingers in the girl’s long hair. Without looking or removing her mouth from its pleasuring endeavors, River’s hand skillfully untied the arms of the jumpsuit her friend was wearing, pulling it down as far as she could reach. Kaylee kicked them off, pulling River’s hand in-between her own legs to resume the actions she herself had begun moments before.

Kaylee moaned loudly as River’s hand touched her in exactly the right spots, her hips bucking, her hand holding the girl’s head to her breast still. River kissed her way over to the other breast, her hand below increasing its rhythm. Kaylee moaned again, her other hand moving to give River’s breast some of the same attention that hers were getting.

River felt the fire building inside of her friend even before she felt the wet muscles clenching. Escalating her pace to a fever pitch, she bit down on her nipple as the rush of fluid covered her hand. River continued for a moment, giving Kaylee exactly the feelings she wanted, then suddenly grabbed the flimsy, soaked material and pulled it down her legs, tossing it aside with the other discarded clothing. Her mouth left the breast it was attached to, licking her way down to reciprocate what Kaylee had just done for her.

River’s tongue and fingers played around the outside of Kaylee, aftershocks from the previous release still wracking her body. River slowly inserted her tongue into Kaylee, probing and exploring this brand new sensation.

“River, that feels amazing.” Kaylee moaned as River applied herself to the new skill she was learning. The young mechanic smiled a sinful smile as an idea occurred to her. River was almost to preoccupied with the task at hand to notice the images in Kaylee’s mind, but they became more apparent as Kaylee’s hand moved from her breast down to her hips, her other hand joining it and grabbing the other side. She pulled River around so her legs were at her own head. River saw the mental picture of what Kaylee wanted to do, and was confused at first. Comprehension dawned on her face as she realized the benefit of this position, and she placed her knees on either side of Kaylee’s head, lowering herself onto the older girl’s mouth and redoubling her efforts below as her concentration was broken by a warm, strong tongue entering her.

The immense pleasure filled River’s body as she both gave and received the gratifying stimulation. Kaylee thrust her hips up to River’s mouth over and over again as she pulled the younger girl down to her own.

“Ta ma duh River, you are a fast learner!” Kaylee moaned around her friend’s thighs. “I am almost there again!”

River knew she was close as well, and both of them intensified their efforts. River’s moist muscles tightened around Kaylee’s tongue, spilling herself onto her friend’s face. Seconds later, Kaylee exploded into River’s mouth, her body violently shaking. After a moment, River crawled off of her, reorienting herself so that she was lying beside Kaylee, face to face.

“Thank you for that Kaylee,” she said, still panting. “If my brother doesn’t do something soon, I may just have to claim you for myself.”

Kaylee smiled, staring back into River’s face. “Who says I can’t just have both of the Tam siblings?”

- - - - -

Translations ( from ):

wuh de ma – mother of god

swai – cute

mei-mei – little sister

tyen shiao-duh – name of all that’s sacred

ta ma duh – fuck me blind


Thursday, June 8, 2006 8:36 AM


There wasn't supposed to be any characterization, only the smut, but I am glad that you liked it. :)

Friday, June 9, 2006 12:04 PM


Sweet Yesu, River! This was some mightly hot slash! Definitely two "GUHs" way the diyu up:D

And there's nothing wrong with having a bit of characterization. PWP doesn't need tons of plot or character evolution, but honestly? This could have been fixed with a slight tweak to have it set after the BDM. River would be saner (hence the more coherent dialogue) and Kaylee could still be bictching about Simon's inepititudes (cuz sex doesn't prevent guys from being stupid *wink*)


Friday, June 9, 2006 5:01 PM


LOL, nice remebrance of, "Sir? I need this man to rip my clothes off." Well-done, River. "..and Zoe was busy having her clothes ripped off by Wash,.."

And this: "She felt a shudder travel the length of River’s body, and felt the young girl’s teeth close softly on her lip, perfectly mimicking Kaylee’s own ministrations." Yep, would be enough to send me to ask Kaylee to show me how, as well.

As for the comments on adding plot to a lovely bit of "porn without plot," what's the point of that? This is fine, plays very well as it is, and I've never seen any writer give girl-on-girl as well as this.

As far as River's displaying more sanity when talking to Kaylee, why not? They're the two closest females on the ship, and it seems to me they understand each other enough for River to trust herself to dig deep and find enough of her old brilliantly ordered mind to speak more coherently to her friend than to anybody else.

Sunday, June 11, 2006 10:23 AM


In the beginning it says that it is set after Ariel, which is when SImon gets the brain scan and the drugs to help River. She is more cognizant because of that. I'll point to the example at the beginning of War Stories when she is playing with Kaylee with the apple, she is plenty coherant there.

Saturday, July 15, 2006 4:36 PM


Ok here goes again (didnt let me post it last time).
Loved the work RIMG, brightened up my somewhat unshiny afternoon. I loved how cycnical you made river sound, still she probably would be after all she's been through. still one question...dont you think it's a bit greedy giving Kaylee two Tam's? Lol
great work man.


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