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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hi, everyone!

Just blogging to let you know I haven't abandoned the 'verse (as if I would - or could!) but I'm elbow deep in my inter-hiatus Castle story at the moment, and what with work being busy too I find I can't write two stories, not if I want to keep my sanity! But come September and the start of the new Castle season (and, hopefully, the end of my tale) I will be back to Firefly.

And, as a taster, here are the opening paragraphs from the next exciting episode ...


The drop off had gone well on Jubilee, with Zoe standing in for the captain, who had managed to get a small infection in his wound, and had bitterly complained about being sidelined as Simon used up yet more of their dwindling supplies of antibiotics.

“If you hadn't insisted on getting up when you did, you might not be in this position now,” the young doctor said.

“It’s my ship,” Mal said, then winced as the drugs were pumped through his skin. “I have to be doing things.”

“Like what?” Simon looked down at him, his cool demeanour almost giving off frost. “What exactly are these captainy things you like to talk about so much?”

Kicked in the pigu by one of his own aphorisms, Mal blustered, “Things.”

“No. Specifically.”

The older man gaped, his jaw working as his brain tried to catch up. “Uh ... well ... there’s ...” Something came to mind and he held onto it. “There’s making sure everything’s working the way it should.”

“I think Kaylee does that.”

“And what with Hank not being able to fly at the moment someone has to have their eye on the ball when it comes to where we’re headed.”

“River’s enjoying herself.”

“And any cargo we get, well, I have to make sure it’s secured properly in the hold.”

“Jayne seems to be more than capable of tying a few knots.”

“Gorramit, doc, she’s my ship!”

“And she’s all around you, and somehow you’ve managed to collect a crew who love her as much as you do.” Simon put his hand on Mal’s shoulder. “And what’s more to the point, if I let you get up Freya is going to make sure I never have any more children, ever again.”

Mal stared at him, then had to laugh, even though it hurt like hell. “Yeah, Simon. I guess that’d be it.”


Not enough to keep you going, but believe me, I haven't run out of ideas yet!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012 4:42 PM


Rock on, Jane. :)


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