Not Completely Gone Yet
Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you ever notice that when you start one project, another one pops up and then another and another and another and then suddenly you stumble upon a fan fic you scribbled out in pieces, unsure of where it was going and now you've completely lost the thread because you work so hard on this other thing?

Yeah. It happened to me.

I started a blog-thing a few months ago and keeping that updated and fresh and all is really hard work. And I keep forgetting how to switch voices from that to this. And when I find I have time to sit down and watch "Firefly" again, someone else has taken that time and filled it with their needs and I can't say no, because enough people think I've become a hermit in an unhealthy-ish way and so I have to prove to them I do leave the house sometimes. And, no, not JUST for conventions.

So, I'm trying to piece together the last threads I had started to weave into a story so that I don't disappear entirely from one of the most fun sites I ever joined in my whole internetted life...but if you feel desperate enough to find what else I've been doing when I'm not here...there is a place to visit. It's not your typical blog - it's a series of fictional conversations between two characters I made up years ago.


But I promise I'll make a stronger effort to come back here and check in more frequently than once a year.



Thursday, May 24, 2012 10:23 AM


Oh hi. We can always use more fanfic here, at whatever pace you can write, and whatever you really want to write.

I agree with you channeling the characters voice is really important - it's something I've felt like I've been deteriorating in as time goes on - but I've also found that my writing doesn't always have to be perfect.


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