Update 4-18-12, Z
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good morning Browncoats! Just a little blog update and add-on.

Went to the theater yesterday to see “Cabin in the Woods” . Very enjoyable. If you haven’t seen it yet, then check it out. I found it to be a cross between Tucker & Dale vs. Evil…Hunger Games…& Wrath of the Titans. Also I’ll say that I have several stories of fiction in the works. It’s been a while, but before long I will be looking to attempt a wrap up of the Firefly fan-fic “Trigger Finger” , but before that I think I will be trying a one-shot FF project called “Avelene’s Diary”.

Firefly : Trigger Finger (2 chapters) can be found here on this site

Also I am continuing a couple other works of fiction, Hunger Games & The Thing.

Hunger Games : Hunger Hunted (10 chaps) can be found here;

The Thing : Cries From Outpost 31 (2 chaps) can be found here;

Waiting on Joss’ Avengers movies May 4. Stay well & keep holding. See ya, Z



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