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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hello Ya’ll!

Hey, I’ve been gone from the site for a while, but I remain diligent in my quest to see that we get more FF in the future. I’m hoping fan-fiction and fan artwork from every loyal browncoat on the planet will convince someone out there (someone with money) that Joss’ space adventure should return to tv. That being said I do have other interest other than Firefly. One being in expressive Science fiction adventures in general.

I am about to submit an off-topic bit of fiction called “The Thing : Reanimated”, and yes it is a fan driven story arch that continues “ The Thing” plotline. John Carpenter’s “The Thing” will forever remain a favorite of mine and it is a movie that I can almost watch over & over again. Windows, Childs, Palmer, McReady and all the others made that show one of the all-time best Sci/Fi flicks ever IMO. Just like Firefly… it was not only about the dramatic and stressful situation that people find themselves in, it was also character driven.

Then came “The Thing 2011” prequel. I actually like this movie. Went to see the theater to see it, and got my dvd copy several days ago. Since that time I’ve watched it a few. My hat’s off to the writers for addressing every main concern from JC’s movie, and Doc’s & McReady’s venture to the Norwegian camp. As difficult as it is to come up with an original story, it’s nearly as difficult to weave into a story-arch so well established.

My fan-fic will pic up where Kate Loyd ended her adventure. Just as a heads-up, if you haven’t’ seen “The Thing 2011” then you’ll likely be lost trying to follow this story. As always I’m open to theories and opinions no matter what, and if you want to say or ask something before I post the fic (Sunday or Monday) I’m ready to listen & answer if I can.

Also my latest FF fan-fic “Trigger Finger” chapter 3 is about 2/3 complete. Hope to be finishing it soon too. As always, stay loyal to the FF cause, and WE HOLD!

See ya fellow coats! ZBP


Saturday, February 25, 2012 8:23 AM


Howdy Dun! Thanks for posting!

Although I’m an older guy…. (I’ve got a couple of 20-something year old sons that make sure their old dad stays in tune with video games and the like) I still like to stay abreast of the latest Sci/Fi advances and entertainment.

Thanks for posting on my blog! I never know if folk don’t care, or are just plain uninterested.

The THING prequel, I made a point of watching at the movie theater (as I will John Carter of M) then acquired the dvd a couple weeks ago. After reviewing it several times I was more imprested with the writing than I originally was at the movies.

I noted that the writers tried to accommodate every point that was expressed in the short segment of the Norwegian Camp in “John Carpenter’s “THE THING” and thought it highly commendable. It is very hard to write stories with boundaries! I think they did an excellent job.

I truly enjoy JC’s rendition of “The Thing”. One of his better works! While watching John Carpenter’s movie, I didn’t know if Windows would go berserk, or if Blair would get back his sanity and save the day! It kept me riveted to my seat (no bathroom breaks…lol)

Appreciate the feedback, thank you! ZBP

Saturday, February 25, 2012 6:20 AM


Always been a big fan of the Thing, haven't watched the prequel yet,though I've heard good things about it.pThey made a playstation2 sequel which was pretty good also.


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