Trans-U History
Monday, October 18, 2004

In a recent conversation with another Firefly fan, the topic of the Reaver ship, the Trans-U was brought up. We started talking about the origins of it and its history since then. Here is what we found.
The Trans-U Was originally called something else when it was first built around 2100. The company that built it was Boeing (just before they branched off into many smaller companies). The Reaver ship we see is actually about ¾ shorter than the original Trans-U used to be. When it was first built, it was used for space tourism, and little bit of exploration. And so it remained, evolving along with the space exploration, going to other planets. Then around 2230, space cruise ships (like in the Evesdown docks) started to take over the Trans-U jobs, so it was set to use for mining and other transportation of goods. They played a key role in the Tera-forming of the outer rim planets. But better and better ships started to push the Trans-U out farther and farther from the core. The time now is about 2315 C.E. at about this same time, you start to see the development of space smuggling and piracy. These bandits are what will become the future Independence faction. From these bandits sprung a small group of extremely ruthless mercenaries, who took whatever ships they could, and got as far out as possible where there were only mining outposts and orbiting junkyards. Like unsupervised children, they grew more and more ruthless, and started using less and less logic. Taking random parts from the orbiting junkyards, these Savages started to pull apart ships and create new ships which were a collection of random parts, with core containment or not. The time now is 2370. The Trans-U is now almost completely eradicated from professional and commercial use. Border moons are the prime users of the Trans-U. Only two were documented to be used in the war between the Aligned Planets and the Independent Factions (and those were for blockade runners). The border mercenaries now known as Reavers took a liking to the hulks of Trans-U’s that were being dumped into the orbiting ship yards, because of their rugged construction, their size, and the ability to easily modify them.
This is the history that we came up with.
what do you think of it?



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