Indigo - the story so far
Wednesday, December 28, 2011


As I suggested a few days ago, here is the story so far ...

On a visit to Wayborn Skyplex to pick up a cargo to take to Jubilee, the Serenity children are almost forced into being ‘tested’ in a gaming arcade. Having successfully – if somewhat violently – got away, the crew head to their rendezvous, but take a detour when Jayne is informed of the death of his friend and mentor, Indigo McCready, shot in the back in the town of Cason’s Point. In the town Jayne comes face to face with Wes and Brad Tanner, sons of Medea Tanner who virtually owns the whole town, and it transpires they were two of the men who had come to kill him the time he acquired Vera. Jayne also goes to see Mallory and her son Josh, an ex-working girl who now lives on a smallholding outside town. While Kaylee is fixing Mallory’s water pump, Jayne and Hank go hunting for food, splitting up, the latter heading for an old Alliance camp they’d heard about. Hank is shot, his armour saving his life but still badly wounded. Simon works on him, and he will survive, but Jayne discovers the bullet came from a Sharps rifle, a rare gun that was in the ownership of Indigo. Jayne and Freya go to see Mallory to ask some difficult questions, but come on Indigo at her house, very much alive. Taking him back to Serenity he leads them to believe he shot Hank, but Freya feels someone outside in the blizzard and goes out to find Sara, Indigo’s daughter, who had been kidnapped by slavers when she tested as a potential psychic. Hank recognises her as the person who shot him, while Mal realises the camp is once again home to slavers ...

And just to be clear, the children of Serenity are:

Ethan and Jesse Reynolds
Bethie, Hope and David Gabriel Tam
Ben Mills
Caleb Cobb


Thursday, December 29, 2011 10:39 AM


Thanks for the backstory Jane :)


Wednesday, December 28, 2011 11:09 AM


Thanks! Nice summary, that really helps. :-)


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