Crazy day and a brief rant
Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm severely busy for these next couple of weeks (got a new client and am also covering for another therapist while they are on vacation) and I got a frantic call from the mother of one of my clients (3 1/2 year old nonverbal boy with autism and ADHD) saying they were taking her to jail and no one was going to be at the house when the bus drops off her child. I had a music class and lessons to teach that day an hour away, but I can't in good conscious leave a small child with special needs alone. I called and canceled my class/lessons (a shame, they don't happen often enough to be primary income but they do pay twice as well by the hour as my therapy gig) met a staff sergeant to get the house keys and was able to look after the little boy until the grandmother (who lived 4 hours away) could make it there. The father is currently deployed.

Anyway, back to the mother. She's a good parent, retired air force (enlisted I think), not exactly a trouble maker. Apparently at some point in time, a $60 charge or ticket or some such got attached to her license, did not get paid and her license was suspended. She says she was never made aware of the charge or the suspension. She also mentioned she needs to be at home before her child with special needs gets their at 3:30 and her husband is deployed.

The cops of course don't care, because they are douche bags with brains almost as tiny as what probably passes for their penis. I mean the badge of course... She has a suspended license for failure to pay a $60 something she was not aware of. Off the jail! That's our motto, "To Protect and Serve (our interest/revenue)." I mean really policemen? You can bend the rules to speed, run red lights/stop signs, let fellow police and firemen out of DUI's and tailgate me on highway 84 but you can't let a mother see to her children before complying with whatever bullshit fine she'll be paying you?

So I'm at the house and the bus shows up, there's a para-pro their to walk the little guy to the house. I tried to explain the situation without mentioning the mother was 'arrested' so of course they thought I might be a sexual predator. That never gets old... if you are a male who works with small children there must be something wrong with you apparently. I'd call it sexism but I don't have the authority to make that accusation. I am a white male, everything is somehow my fault. My first days in his school were like that, though it didn't help that the office sent my paperwork to the wrong school. Finally I managed to convince them to let me look after the guy by dialing the grandmother (lucky I had her number from working extra hours a couple weeks ago) and having her explain things were shiny.

So if there is a moral to this story, it must be

1.) Check every now and again to see if you have a bogus ticket aimed to get your license suspended and earn some po-dunk county revenue. Check your credit cards too, I hear they do something similar.

2.) Policemen are not human, they do not have hearts and they do not care about children with special needs

3.) Don't work with children with special needs if you are male. In fact, don't work with children if you are male. Better yet, don't work anywhere where women outnumber men, if your are male. If you do, something is wrong with you and they will assume it is predatory in nature and/or you intend to screw the military wife while the husband is deployed rather than wanting to help children with special needs and trying to make the most of an expensive music education that has more often than not shown itself to be worse than useless.

But, soon as that was over with, everyone was okay, the little boy never had a clue anything was ever wrong and I lost a little money that day from canceling the class/lessons. The mother returned home later that night, I didn't press her for details, I could sense it wasn't a good time. Still, I'm glad I was able to be there for them. I know I did the right thing, but I'm a little worried that canceling those classes will eventually bite me. I mean, I've never had to cancel before, and this was for a good reason, but this dog eat dog job market has me feeling like I could always be 1 step away from losing work. I know it's irrational (that would be the first day I've missed anything work related) but damn if that fear ain't persistent!

EDIT: The mother of course was very grateful and let me work a couple hours to cover some of my loses.


Friday, May 13, 2011 5:55 PM


I know how you feel. the majority of cops are jerks, making it impossible to take the few genuinely nice ones I know at face value.

Friday, May 13, 2011 5:55 PM


I know how you feel. the majority of cops are jerks, making it impossible to take the few genuinely nice ones I know at face value.

Thursday, May 12, 2011 5:45 PM


Seen it time and time again,your cop buddies probably started out with the best of intentions but the bullshit system wore them out over time,happens in most systems when your dealing with the public.Dont be kicking yourself for doin something right,fact is you shold be giving yourself a slap on your back.Big believer in Karma so its all good.Stay Shiny.


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