V - The cheese, it burns ... [spoilers]
Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I feel like we need to talk about V, the show that seems to try jumping the shark every week, but never quite succeeds.

Watching the latest episode (2x07, I guess) over a cup of hot chocolate, it occurred to me just how random this show has become lately. We are now really deep in the sci-fi cheese. Characters are handing other characters glowy things and women are hitting each other because nothing says awesome writing better than fisticuffs. Two scenes were particularly cringe-worthy this time - first, the "Lisa making out with other dude" sequence. He said the ship is nice, she said he looked handsome and swiftly proceeded to stuck her tongue down his throat. Sure, whatever (though I have to say, that was one lucky guest actor).

But what took the cake was the uber-clich├ęd "erotic tension moment" during the safe opening scene which came out of nowhere and cracked me up, given that Mitchell and Mesure have zilch on-screen chemistry. That was something straight out of an awful romantic comedy. If the writers are really going to push this insane notion, I'm gonna be sick. Also, the whole bit about the vitamin pills containing alien crawler things was a complete throwaway. The what do what? Alright then ...

And how about that brilliant solution to the baby issue? ("The baby annoys the audience and is difficult to work with on set - okay, here's an idea, let's make it older WITH MAGIC!"). Riveting stuff.

But then again, sometimes the show has an interesting weird poetry about it. Take the scene where Lisa reluctantly embraces her grandmother, thereby embraces human emotions (sort of). I wish they would stick to those basic concepts instead of Jack Bauer shenanigans in not-actually Hong Kong.


Friday, February 25, 2011 7:01 PM


Them making the baby older actually holds with the original series story. Sort of.


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