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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good morning Browncoats

I’ve been gone a while so I’m doing a little update on my blog here. First of all I want to say that someone sent me a PM a few days ago about story ideas and I’m sad to say that it was deleted so, my apologies and please send it to me again. I’d love to hear from ya.

Now secondly, I want to say that I have a bad habit. Well maybe that isn’t totally correct. I will say that I have a tendency to analyze things, things of interest to me. If it’s something I like I will tend to study the issue in detail. My wife and I talk about this frequently, so I guess you could say that it’s good and bad. It does have me siding with the conspiracy theorists with the idea that nothing happens without purpose.

Anyway,…… DETAIL, this is something that helped me really become a browncoat. I’ve studied nearly every episode of the Firefly series and found it to be as near perfection as one might ask for. There is no wasted dialogue, no overly obscene focus on one character or another, no bizarre storyline that is just beyond imagination and no “ no guts-no glory …we work for a higher purpose” feel. It’s just 9 individuals looking for the meaning of what their time in the universe is meant to be. I can watch the series a thousand times and this is the feeling I always come away with. Moreover I think it’s the feeling the cast and crew of that fine structure of work came away with.

Still in all, there is no more. Wait! I am getting a vibe that there may be some hope in the works. Be that as it may I won’t kill myself waiting….but….I will still HOLD if that makes any sense? I guess that why I consider myself a browncoat. We fought in the battle of Serenity Valley knowing the war was near over and the outcome looked bleak….still we were there, and we did it. It’s been nearly 10 years since they killed Serenity and Firefly, yet the embers are still glowing. Such is the way if you really enjoy and love something. My hat is off to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms…..we are still HOLDING!

Z, out


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Cant believe it's been 10 years,I know I got here late but 10,anyhow still fresh to me and I still enjoy the journey as much now as I did then.I'll stand behind you and hold as well.Stay shiny.


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