Cancerland Departures-Peter Freundlich
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

just a minute ago, I received an update to a blo I had subscribed to. It was/is called "Esoph's Fables" and was written by Journalist Peter Freundlich. Cnn's Anderson Cooper recommended the blog, something, he says, he normally never does. But Peter was a friend and an interesting character, as I was to find out and so I looked the blog up and subscribed.
Peter labeled his Blogentries as "Letters Home from an American expatriate in Cancerland" as he was suffering from cancer of the Esophagus.
He dealt with his ailment with humor and sarcasm and a bit of the crabbiness of an old man thrown in.
Despite the serious reason that prompted them to be written, they were a joy to read.
He wrote when he could, for a while he lost interest but returned to his dispatches after a breather. Then he moved to what he called "Radiation City"
This mornings dispatch was written by one of his sons, as Peter departed Cancerland and America from his New York home, the door to the pavement garden wide open and his cat with him.

I had never met this man, had to google who he was, but I loved reading his blog.
Now I sit here crying over an old man from the other side of the world who never knew I existed but had become a sort of friend over the course of a year.

If I ever were to become a citicen of cancerland myself, all I can hope for is to bear my stay there the way Peter Freundlich did: with humor and sarcasm and a dose of crabbiness.
From the way he sounded in the last dispatch about a month ago, he had hoped to be around a while longer and maybe make it back to the "robust and healthy United States".

Today's Blog entry ended with the words:

"Don’t unsubscribe yourselves from Esoph’s Fables just yet. We’ll let you know when next we hear from him."



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