Meanwhile in the Firefly universe, some secrets stopped being secret
Saturday, December 25, 2010

After about four years of complete "fandom" inactivity I just read up on the current state of the Firefly/Serenity canon, mostly by sifting through firefly.wikia.com. Much to my surprise, the mysterious stories of Book and Inara are not quite so mysterious anymore.

In the case of Book, the character backstory has been told in complete detail in form of comic books, and from what I read it's not as intriguing or inventive as I hoped and it doesn't really add up for me in terms of believability. Of course, I haven't read the actual comic books themselves(yet), so my initial impression could be completely off here.

I also followed a link to a youtube video from 2008 in which Ms. Baccarin more or less openly spills the beans on Inaras big secret, at least partially. If this is indeed considered canon (it's "Joss approved", they say), I regret reading and watching it because a) it's a big fat bummer and b) the magic of “not-knowing” is gone now.

This is what you get for spending years completely out of the loop, I guess.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010 9:07 AM


The video I was talking about:

As for Book - I knew the about the theory that he was some sort of Alliance higher-up at one point. What I find hard to swallow is his quick rise through the ranks because of his especially brutal beatings and such. I just don't think that would fly in any military construct - such behavior would get you psycho-analyzed and ultimately expelled, unless it's a really rotten army. Of course the Alliance is eeeevil and all, but it's not the Star Trek mirror universe where dudes casually stab each other to advance their careers.

Secondly, I doubt that any torturer - spy or otherwise - could switch back to a coherent peaceful preacher identity that smoothly. That's just too extreme a shift for me, seeing how Book supposedly spent years beating up people for a living. That's gotta traumatize you deeply.

But, as said, could be that the graphic novels explain everything I just brought up and I am just way off.


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