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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Because eating time comes before sleeping time...or is it after? I can never remember...

So the Halo Reach BETA ended today. I wish I could be talking about how awesome it was, but since I didn't actually have an xbox at the time when ODST came out I didn't buy it...ergo did not play the beta ergo blah blah blah. But I've seen the cool screenshots and gameplay videos, many of them on bungie's site.

Lots of them. In fact, there are probably more screenshots on there than paparazzi vomit in the checkout line. People magazine, take note. You've been pwned like a nub, and need to increase your output.

Which leads to another philosophical question: the...(I must not speak it's name, but I will)... . Since the beta is over,and the game's slated for release in the fall...where is the trailhead for this game's maniacal little follow-the-leader?
I'm an arg noob. Which hopefully doesn't translate to "Beam sword! Beam sword! I gotthebeamsword!"

But I did start to wonder why there was a huge sponsored contest for the uberest screenshots and video. Whatever their motive, Bungie wants us to spend lots and lots of time looking at their darn game. So I'm thinking if there is a clue in the beta, it's IN the beta. They want us to have lots of videos and piccies if this isn't just like a little "extra cutscene gives you an area code in Switzerland" sort of thing, I'm hoping those of us who didn't beta aren't excluded entirely.

Seems pretty dark out n the black there lately. Anybody live?


Friday, May 21, 2010 6:57 AM


I always live. Beginning of time to end of it. My molecules have memory, imprinted on them before and after my brief time of respiration, that will endure long after the world is dust and scattered. Insert biblical reference here.

Anyway. Don't know if there's anything in particular they want people looking for, besides a "oh, look at all these people who think the game is cool, and look at all these cool screenshots."

Also, you play FPS? Much respect for a lady who plays FPS. I lack skills. My main tactic consists of jumping over banshees and dropping grenades as they pass below. They get frustrated, because jumping is about all I'm good at, until eventually they see it as a taunt that they can't hit me, and become obsessed about doing so. No, it's not what they think. The truth is, I haven't quite mastered the camera controls.


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